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  1. RGIII will start somewhere next season, in no way shape or form is he a backup next year.
  2. one word

  3. Matt Forte?

    we have enough old RB's
  4. Hasselbeck is a great guy, but for what we get from him, he costs WAY too much money. It's time to move on.
  5. Yahoo Survival and Pick Em leagues

    Final Standings for the pick'em league!   Standings Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L 1 SilentHill 167 4 167-86 2 shecolt 164 5 164-89 3 GramzBlueCrew 159 3 159-94 4 Passepartout 159 4 159-94 5 Istvan 158 5 158-95 6 Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo 150 5 150-103 7 Bruce 149 3 149-104 8 teganslaw 147 5 147-106 9 Spoonfish 91 0 91-160 10 Bob 84 0 84-167 11 Jvan73 32 0 32-219 12 Bluefire 0 0 0-251
  6. 2016 NFL Meme thread!

  7. Irsay promises Luck will receive a shocking contract

    i hope it's shocking too... 10yr 20mm per
  8. The next team for Peyton manning????

      You may love Peyton, but you are highly delusional when talking about Manning's release.... Irsay did Manning a favor. Do you think he'd even remotely have the same success here if we had kept him?
  9. The next team for Peyton manning????

    Next team for 18 is the Indianapolis Colts
  10. Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview

      In my eyes, no. Getting paid millions to play a game? I know it's literally a real job.
  11. Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview

      If he doesn't like it he can always go and get a real job in an office somewhere, Then he wouldn't have to deal with the media.
  12. Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview

    I'll pile on Cam... because he deserves it. You can't want the spotlight when you are doing well and then lay in a fetal position sucking your thumb telling the cameras to go away when things go wrong. I mean the unprofessional display by Cam Newton during the press conference was pretty damn disgraceful, is this what he wants to teach his role models? The thousands of kids that look up to him? That it's OK to be a sore loser?
  13. Cam Newton fumble reaction

      Let's be real, a cake without icing is just wrong.
  14. Denver (+6) at Carolina (2-7-16)

      He is over rated anyway.... he shouldn't have won OPOY either, MVP imudnerstand, but OPOY? Those AP writers were drunk.

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