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  1. To say you disagree with McAfee is one thing, to tell him that he should and i quote "Shut his mouth" is entirely different.
  2. Who are we to judge him for exercising his right to free speech?
  3. I believe he has a 1st amendment right... Also, you must not follow Pat on twitter, he routinely tells people who disagree with him to eat "%" It's just who Pat is as a person, I applaud it. This country needs more people who are willing to speak the truth, no matter how offensive.
  4. Falcons for sure, but i'll be rooting for the NFC come Superbowl Sunday either way.
  5. 38-0 That's right back to back undefeated seasons for the Texans. Colts 2-30 with Osweiler.
  6. I don't think we are at the Browns level just yet.... trending in that direction? Sure no one can argue that, but we're not there yet.
  7. I took you stating the obvious as you wanting to end the conversation, my bad.
  8. You mean like the ability to run crisp routes and get separation?
  9. I guess we shouldn't discuss it then?
  10. Ahh, if only past performance was an indicator for future performance.
  11. It's just weird to me that he wasn't retained in Houston and is currently not employed in Denver, Usually you don't let top tier DC's just walk away, Is it just the new HC wants "their" guy? Personally if I was a new HC and they had Wade, I'd be thrilled.
  12. His defenses always seem top notch, I'm wondering why he frequently finds himself unemployed? Am I missing something?
  13. If you think this is bad you should have been here during the 2011 offseason.
  14. At least they were perennial contenders starting in Manning's year #5. We just finished Luck's year 5 and we are going backwards.

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