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  1. You need to get much more educated on electronics, specifically mobile devices if you are going to make such outlandish (and wrong) comments.
  2. I can't wait to see this! I especially can't wait for the part where Brady texts the equipment manager to deflate the balls, and then when he finds out there is an investigation he unceremoniously smashes his phone to pieces. Anything else and this movie will be pure fiction with a "based on a true story" disclaimer
  3. Ok, so why was Rick smiling at the end of the last episode?
  4. Like last season, who was that guy on the Rams who said Dinosaurs never existed? lol
  5. I'd say No, The defense is bad and the personnel doesn't fit the scheme.
  6. Here is the list of eligible teams btw: Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens Tennessee Titans Indianapolis Colts Philadelphia Eagles Chicago Bears New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  7. You could always do what millions of people do for Game of Thrones, sign up, then cancel after the season, lol
  8. Season starts back up on Sunday, who was the man they call "boots"?
  9. Gotta love Andrew. He's a stand up guy, wouldn't want any other QB in the NFL running the Colts offense.
  10. Colts also made the AFC Championship Game in 2014. Look how far we've fallen.
  11. Regardless of how much it is, he has been signing team friendly contracts for as long as I can remember.
  12. It was$10M-Per-Year-Below-Market-Value Brady should have been setting records for being the highest paid player every year he was up for a renewal.
  13. Cool, so as long as he did his time he's a all good? When someone is a registered sex offender, so it's just like hey bro, that's cool that you were once a sex offender, let's hang out? You may think that he deserves a second chance, and I'll steadfastly disagree with you. He deserves nothing other than to rot in hell for all of eternity.
  14. And it's still not enough.

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