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  1. The reasons Osweiller chose Houston

    I'm glad he went to Houston, it was about time we had another Blaine Gabbert in the division, it was starting to get crowded.
  2. 2016 Fantasy Football Leagues

    Hello again all, 1. There will be no keepers from the previous season and the draft order will be randomized. We can discuss keepers going forward, but this is something that needs to be determined pre-draft, so who's for it? 2. Currently there are 6 bench positions and 1 IR position. I think bench positions are extremely important for bye weeks, and handcuffs in case your star player goes down. I'd entertain lowering the bench numbers if a majority are in favor. I think down two is a bit much myself, I'd be much more comfortable with one. 3. I have no problem extending the return yardage points to players, again majority rules. 4. I don't like the idea of having another flex RB position, There are not that many quality RB's in the league and I think doing that will have all of the RB's coming off the board very early in the draft, with the ability to start 4 RB's on gameday. Current Flex are WR/RB and WR/TE. The WR/TE was an experiment last year and I think it worked out well. Just a reminder, we also have QB's at 6pts per passing TD, just throwing that out there. I've asked @Colt92 to chime in, he was the commissioner of the Joe's league last season and he could provide some insight on Joe's hopefully. Here is who I have as returning (Bold), haven;t heard from the others as of yet, if you know them ask them to check in! 1. IndyD4U 2. AxeIF 3. SilentHill 4. Out of Bounds 5. God Hates Jags 6. The Forever Unclean's 7. ? 8. The Mythical White Cornerback 9. Broosters 10. Bodacious Mantises 11. Fresh4Life 12. ?
  3. Game Of Thrones Season 6...

    I know I tried to edit it but it was too late
  4. Predict the AFC South's finishing records

    Colts 13-3 Jags 9-7 Texans 8-8 Titans 6-10
  5. Which one most likely to happen...

    4,500 yards are pretty low by today's standards. I hope he doesn't have to throw for over 5000.
  6.  Out Of Bounds--- Are we going to be able to have any players we can keep. I know when we started this was a keeper league. What are the plans for that?

  7. It's starting to become that time of the year again! I've "renewed" the Elite league for this season on barring any objections. Last year's standings are: 1. IndyD4U 2. AxeIF 3. SilentHill 4. Out of Bounds 5. God Hates Jags 6. The Forever Unclean's 7. Btown_Colt 8. The Mythical White Cornerback 9. Broosters 10. Bodacious Mantises 11. Fresh4Life 12. Blackhawk. If we could get the standing's from Joe's league as well that would be great. Here is the plan for this coming season, Blackhawk and Btown_Colt in the elite league were mid-season fill in's for people who dropped out so they will be the ones dropping down to the Joes league (csmopar & Btown_Colt here on the forums) Btown is already in Joe's so at least one new member would be needed as a pickup. The first thing I need to do is confirm all of the people listed above (aside from cs and btown) will be back playing for next season, so if you could send me a PM or reply here with your team name so I know who you are we can get this rolling. If someone decided to not come back, then more people could move up from Joe's. I've tentatively set the draft for Saturday Sept 3rd at 1:00 eastern time. I know it's far out, but any objections or concerns now would be great. Thanks and looking forward to another fun season!
  8. Jalen Ramsey suffers small meniscus tear in knee

    The amount of bad ju-ju associated with the Jags is amazing.
  9. This airline incident was amusing

    I was with him until he went political in the ninth inning.
  10. Game Of Thrones Season 6...

    true, and i am also looking forward to that. As well as maybe finally doing something with Podrick instead of having him squire for Brianne, as you know he is
  11. Game Of Thrones Season 6...

    The night is dark and full of terrors..... POTENTIAL SPOILERS That being said I think this season is going great and we will find the true answer soon. The first episode had me mad without resolving the death of Jon Snow, but ever since the second episode I've been more than content, can't wait for this Sunday!
  12. Ota observations

    they have the edge now, but Clark has RT written all over him and he is far more talented than anyone competing. It's just a matter of him actually picking it up, working behind one of the best O-line coaches in the league will help.
  13. Is Luck even 'teachable'?

    Having Luck behind a solid and what should be consistent O-line should be like night and day, I think the 40TD two seasons ago is just scratching the surface of his potential. The installation of a bootleg pass downfield has me frothing at the mouth, the talking heads aren't speaking about it but id wager millions there isn't a DC on our schedule who isn't seriously worried about how they are going to defend the Colts offense this season.
  14. Will Frank Gore reach 1000 yards this year?

    That depends, is chuck going to start the season by saying that they are saving Gore for the playoffs again? It turned out great last time. I'd 150% sign Bradshaw to a vet min deal, and not even let him see the field until January.
  15. Ota observations

    Id be shocked if we didn't start two rookies on the O-line this season.

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