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  1. It's really no different then doing contract work for someone like Microsoft, publicly criticizing Bill Gates, and then when your term is over you can't find employment anywhere else in the industry. It's not rocket science. People have known to not tick off their employers forever. Employment is not a right.
  2. SilentHill

    Hankins Released

    There is def more to this than meets the eye, the switch to 4-3 is probably something, but maybe Ballard didn't like his locker room attitude? Seems kinda like a "statement" release if you ask me. Like, maybe he was mouthing off in the locker room, and Ballard is showing everyone that no one is safe if they don't fit the mold. That's my hope anyway, It would be very Belickick esque.
  3. SilentHill

    Hankins Released

    Never gonna happen.
  4. It was reported by Ian Rapoport literally 2 days ago... Here's a fun read from 2015...
  5. I think this article is a complete facade. Suh is a locker room cancer, 100% does not fit what Ballard is preaching.
  6. SilentHill

    Free Agency Good Colts News Thread

    I think FA is going great! I'm happy with what we've done so far, and I'm 100% OK riding into the season with Ballard's band of misfits. He has a vision as to what kind of person should grace our locker room, and I agree with him. The "me me me" players like Moncrief will never last here anymore. People need to understand, this is a CULTURE change. On Ballard's introductory press conference he even said that the most important thing is having a great culture in the locker room. Riddle me this, Vegas had the eagles at 8 wins for 2017 during the pre-season. Yes, you heard me... 8. They were 40-1 to win the superbowl. They were projected to lose every single playoff game they played, even home underdogs...Anyone have any idea why they won? Are they a team full of mega stars? Nope. They are not, they were guys who gelled together and each player made everyone around them better. It speaks volumes as to why we hired Frank Reich as the HC, he just came from this scenario, he knows the blueprint, him and Ballard share a vision, and IMHO it's the correct vision. We might not be world beaters this season, but rest assured we are moving in the right direction.
  7. Campbell is going to be Pagano v2.0 as would Toulb Reich is the best name ive seen listed.
  8. SilentHill

    Dan Campbell to get Interview

    hard pass on Campbell
  9. I'm not sure how you can give up 40+ points and not "fall apart" but, ok.
  10. I want to see a great showing from the NE offense, but i wouldn't be mad if the defense fell apart like a wet napkin.
  11. Playoff caliber, yes. SB caliber? prolly not, not unless Luck ascends into PM type status where he instantly raises the value of everyone around him by 10x.
  12. SilentHill

    Fantasy Football 2017

    I posted this within the elite league, but I wanted to post it here so Joe's players can know as well, especially @Colt92 I have officially stepped down from the commissioner role of the elite league and I will not be returning next season. @chad72 has taken over as the commissioner. I have no doubt he will be an even better commissioner than I was. My reason for stepping down, is that I will not have the time to dedicate to this very competitive league, and even this season I can admit I didn't do enough research pre-draft. I will really be devoid of time next year as my wife and I are expecting our first child in April! It's a boy and I fully expect that he will be a second generation Colts fan. In closing, I just want to thank everyone for a great season and a great few years as the commissioner of this league. I wish everyone the best of luck in their fantasy playoffs and hope that someday I will return to the league. - Jason