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  1. Colts select Joe Haeg, OL, North Dakota State

    Before or after we cut Harrison?
  2. Gregg Doyel rips Grigsons drafting BPA strategy

    So, yea the colts will draft the best player available on their board, but who's to say that they went out and evaluated Quarterbacks and WR's and then they ranked them high on their board? It's all subjective. When Grigson sits down in his office, he see's the holes in his roster and no doubt he was out there evaluating talent to fill those holes. I guess what I'm saying is, if you can't see the draft board you are probably wrong to criticize it.
  3. Colts are going to draft a QB round 1 and everyone on here will instantly panic! Ahhh the possibilities.
  4. Andrew Luck starts book club

    I'm hoping these NY times best sellers are on his list, because they are the only books I've read (actually reading now) since I left high school. The Walking Dead: Compendium One The Walking Dead: Compendium Two The Walking Dead: Compendium Three
  5. Jaguards release Sergio Brown

    I don't know how we resign him, he's already off the team... oh you mean re-sign. I got ya, lol
  6. Luck still banged up [Merge]

    TBH I'm kinda nervous... I'm not sure how many of you were around when 2011 rolled through here like a train wreck, but leading up to the season, Manning was "Fine" and no one cared that he didn't play in the pre-season or participate in training camp. Fact is, most (myself included) expected him to start game 1 of the 2011 season, and game 1 came and passed, still the Colts organization said he was progressing towards returning, and wouldn't you know it they never did put him on IR, kept baiting us along all season. I'm not saying Luck has some career altering injury, but ever since, I take that the player is less than 100% after an entire off-season as a HUGE red flag.
  7. Oh I remember, I've been to every game Colts @ Jets in the Luck era. I'm hoping my cousin's girlfriends father can get us a box. I hate being cold.
  8. At least it was replaced with a potential win (@ NYJ) lol
  9. I like the bye week it's in perfect position. Home games this year are kinda meh, I don't see any reason we can't go 7-1 or 8-0 at home.
  10. Titans trade #1 pick

    Rams receive: 1st round pick (1 overall); 4th round pick (113); 6th round pick (177). Titans: 1st round pick (15 overall); 2nd round pick (43); 2nd round pick (45); 3rd round pick (76); 1st round pick in 2017; 3rd round pick in 2017. WOAH!
  11. Rosenhaus fires Manziel as a client....

    If only we still had insane asylums.
  12. Colts 2016 Record Preseason Poll!

    16-0 until proven otherwise.
  13. The Walking Dead *spoiler alert*

  14. Safety?

    Safeties are only worth 2 points each, I doubt Grigson focuses much on them this off-season.
  15. texans

    Brock isn't a top tier QB, I don't see the QB situation improving greatly in Houston, and for that I think they finish 3rd in the AFC South.

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