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  1. I really needed the bye and I just missed it. or maybe I didn't the standings are weird. I don't know what to do at QB. I'm going to have to trot out Black Bortles at home vs MINN? My only other option is Simiean @ TENN / Flacco @ NE / Petty @ SF (Intriguing) or / RG III vs CINN
  2. I thought this was like the price is right, lowest without going over? lol
  3. suspensions don't care about injury
  4. meh it's not a big deal.
  5. has anyone else seen this? lol
  6. Loved this win, especially since I live in NY, lol It was about time we kept on the throttle and blew someone out, it wasn't till they pulled the QB and were not running the hurry up aka giving up that we let up a little.
  7. That Jets team was painful to watch, I'm not sure what happened to them they look like they want to stop playing football.
  8. Nice! Really competitive here too!
  9. nah it's too cold for that nonsense, lol.
  10. Those teams had defenses that carried the offense and then the offense got hot. We don't have that level of defense. The colts have a very good passing attack, but that just isn't enough to get past the bad defense and lack of running game.
  11. I want to attend a SuperBowl for sure. I also want to visit Hawaii and Australia. If I had unlimited funds, i'd def visit all of the 7 wonders on these "lists" plus Easter Island:
  12. I'm not going to pay to watch two bad teams play football when it's 32 degrees outside. I'm only about 45 min from the stadium and I won't be going.
  13. How is everyone doing in this league?
  14. Decker is out for the season

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