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  1. He is no longer wearing a sling, so I'd say that is a good sign.
  2. It was confidence, and momentum, sparked by some big plays. Luck was only directing the offense during the comeback, which started with a da'rick rogers jump ball and a fumble advanced by Luck for a TD. That being said, I was there and I was playing games on my phone at halftime, and constantly checking the weather because we had a flight that was leaving in the AM and also an impending large snow storm. We made it out on the last Delta flight out of Indy, 75% of the plane was crew.
  3. I think he's doing a good job, but it's kinda early to judge don't ya think? He hasn't even had a draft yet. Can't really evaluate until 2018.
  4. I'm very happy about this, we will have a decent safety tandem in the back, if we can sure up the opposite side of Davis we will be good to go.
  5. He is bringing in guys who are going to compete for a starting job, That in itself is light years ahead of Grigson signing people like RJF and declaring them as starters and giving starter money. I feel like we are getting decent value on contracts and we're getting players who are trying to earn a bigger payday down the line if they start. We still have some huge holes on this roster, but I won't judge until we start playing real football games. There is a long way to go, draft, still some good FA left, and of course a trade is always possible.
  6. Why isn't there an option for "TBD" Because, you know, we don't know, if you know what I'm saying.
  7. Eh, you just don't know. I love making money, but i wouldn't make it if I didn't have to, so ya know.
  8. I'm not sure why this is relevant.
  9. I find it hard to believe that in year 2 of retirement Manning wants a new job.
  10. upsetting to say the least, he is one of the best slot CB in the league, but he is 30.
  11. I do wish I knew what Ballard had in the pipes that hasn't been announced yet, I'd have to imagine he is going to bring in someone who can potentially start at CB. Plus we still need a safety.
  12. say what! Deal!
  13. So you're telling me I can trade the #1 overall pick for 3,000 7th round picks? I think I'd do it. Imagine the phone call, hey Seattle, I'll give you #1 overall for your n ext 3,000 7th round picks, deal? lol
  14. Why did the Texans let him go?
  15. i like the deal, cheap, and prove it.

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