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  1. I'd trade Pagano for O'Brien in a nano second.
  2. Hold onto that hope. It's probably in the same class as my hope that we fire Pagano and Grigson this off-season.
  3. Sounds like a plan, take your worst player and have them go start a fight with Ramsey, new NFL blue print, lol.
  4. Gotta be rooting for the Cubs here. Go Cubs!
  5. Brutal episode. It made me really disconnect with the group. Like Negan said, we were all used to rick being the leader, and the sun to which this group orbited. There was so much more lost last night than just
  6. There was a football game on last night?
  7. I have hope that he will be unemployed.
  8. I agree it's no guarantee, especially with Grigson drafting.
  9. Nice selfie, you are the guy on the right?
  10. What are you even talking about, The guys I want to tank for are not even in the NFL yet. I said as of right now, because as of right now, Dorsett, Allen, Parry and Jones are busts, sure that could change, just like the players you listed could become good, but they are not good yet, just following your lead sir. I'm glad you think it's cute, shows that you can handle the truth. Some people just can't.
  11. So because Jim Irsay knows more about football, I should just trust him that Grigson is the right GM for this team?
  12. So, what you are saying is that we should be happy they are on the field, just because they are low round or undrafted? I don't get it. They are nothing special.
  13. What does he know more about exactly?
  14. The point is they are not win's. The jury is still out on them, It's stupid to call something a win before it's a win. all of those players would not find a starting job on another NFL team, except maybe Ayers if a team was desperate for a veteran presence.
  15. I know how to do it, but why? It's pretty obvious Grigson doesn't need my help to be widely considered a failure. The only place I see any support for him are a handful of people here and Jim Irsay.

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