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  1. I'm intolerant to people who assume the worst
  2. I somehow knew these reports of missing the first month were exaggerated.
  3. The point being not everyone is checking this thread, It is hard to get a hold of everyone.
  4. I want to see a dominant offense with 3 consecutive long touchdown drives to start the game.
  5. The low win totals in this thread make me literally laugh out loud. Much crow will be served and consumed here by the end of the season.
  6. Not bad...
  7. Just a reminder, the draft is this SUNDAY, at 8:00PM EASTERN TIME!
  8. Cromartie was playing for a new DC last year and it showed, he's coming back to the same defensive philosophies that he thrived under in 2014. I wouldn't be so quick to write him off.
  9. I voted, 16-0, Win Superbowl 1st round bye And I'm serious.
  10. Kinda looks like it!
  11. Two to four weeks from the injury. It makes sense now why he is in a full cast, the more you move a sprained ankle the worse it can get, they seem like they are trying to fast track the healing process by setting it in a full cast.
  12. Might be a tad overblown at 1st month of season, he hurt it last week....
  13. This is going to be great....
  14. Who would win in a fight, Hitmonchan or Hassan Ridgeway? Discuss!
  15. Might as well bring back Jacob Lacey while we are at it :)

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