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  1. Keep an eye on Dez, he might have an issue with playing, Other than that it looks good.
  2. I'm just glad that Peyton went to Denver, this fan base would have torn him apart if he had to play on this team for the past 4 seasons. If we expect this much out of Luck, imagine what we would have expected from the best QB this team has ever had?
  3. Pick 1: Eric Decker VS SEA Allen Hurns VS IND Markus Wheaton VS KC I also have these guys, but i'm not even considering it, lol: Victor Cruz @ MIN Tajae Sharpe @ HOU
  4. The day has come... am I being irrational that I fear playing Bortles this week vs the Colts secondary that is looking healthy? Ryan Tannehill @ Cincy is my other option.
  5. Damn... I respect JJ as a player, and It's sad that his season, and potentially his career are over (He said he pondered retirement this off-season, and I'm betting he's re-thinking that now). That Texans defense is really starting to fall apart. Without Watt, and Cushing missing 4-6 weeks I'm not sure what they are going to do, I'd even venture to say after Art Jones comes back, we might have a better overall defense than Houston.
  6. week 15 is so far away, so many things can happen. I'm not going to concede that it will be a tough game either way until we get there.
  7. The OBJ catch going backwards and one handing it on the end of the ball, I dunno man, I think that is the most impressive catch i've ever seen.
  8. They haven't played our MVP quarterback yet...
  9. If Ray Rice can complete 4th and 29, Luck can throw it on 2nd and 40.
  10. I disagree I think it's perfectly reasonable, and I see your argument as ridiculous as well. I agree to disagree.
  11. And to be in line with you, I'm saying Carson Wentz can't have 36 incompletions, it's unacceptable.
  12. lol So, you know, Luck... this guy who is our QB, has never had an o-line, RB, or defense. It is 100% nitpicking when you expect the QB to do too much.
  13. I don't think you understand I'm trying to be unreasonable on purpose, because you know ...Luck...

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