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  1. Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview

    I'll pile on Cam... because he deserves it. You can't want the spotlight when you are doing well and then lay in a fetal position sucking your thumb telling the cameras to go away when things go wrong. I mean the unprofessional display by Cam Newton during the press conference was pretty damn disgraceful, is this what he wants to teach his role models? The thousands of kids that look up to him? That it's OK to be a sore loser?
  2. Cam Newton fumble reaction

      Let's be real, a cake without icing is just wrong.
  3. Denver (+6) at Carolina (2-7-16)

      He is over rated anyway.... he shouldn't have won OPOY either, MVP imudnerstand, but OPOY? Those AP writers were drunk.
  4. Denver (+6) at Carolina (2-7-16)

    Great win, I expected this, one time!
  5. Denver (+6) at Carolina (2-7-16)

      O'rly? Tell me more....
  6. Denver (+6) at Carolina (2-7-16)

        The #1 Broncos defense in the NFL is going to give up 35 points to a bunch of no name WR and an old RB? LMAO!!!!   The Broncos defense gave up an average of 18.5 pts per game in the regular season.  They are giving up an average of 17 points this postseason.    Thinking the Panthers are going to score 35 is like thinking aliens will interrupt the halftime show and abduct the players. 
  7. Denver (+6) at Carolina (2-7-16)

    Speaking to the spread, Denver +6 is an amazing spread. I'd take that every day of the week, No chance that this game is a blowout in either direction.     
  8. Is it an indictment on the Colts that......

      Apples to Oranges, Denver has a great defense.
  9. Arians on end to season: 'Nice that our fans are *'

    I'd love to stay and chat, but it's time to leave work, bye!
  10. Arians on end to season: 'Nice that our fans are *'

      No arguing that.
  11. Arians on end to season: 'Nice that our fans are *'

      It obviously matters to those posting about it, right? Why? I guess lunacy.
  12. Arians on end to season: 'Nice that our fans are *'

      I think the attitude of saying 'it's good we made it as far as we did.' is what makes other people and teams think this team and fan base are soft. Complacent with mediocrity. I don't know, you don't have to agree, but I think it says something that Arians is happy that his fan base isn't satisfied with the end result of the season, and is fired up about it.
  13. Arians on end to season: 'Nice that our fans are *'

      Ok let's not use the word achievement, if I go to the bathroom right now and drop a deuce, that is an achievement too.   People here talk about making the AFCCG like it's some great thing that happened in the season, in reality, it just means you were the 3rd or 4th best loser.
  14. Arians on end to season: 'Nice that our fans are *'

      What we need to take away from this, is that Bruce Arians likes fans who aren't satisfied with just making the NFCCG, the rest is all opinions on the matter.
  15. Arians on end to season: 'Nice that our fans are *'

    I disagree, making the AFCCG is not an achievement, Might as well hand out runner's up awards and participation awards if you think it is.

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