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  1. It's crazy. I played from Ice Age until Apocalypse. I stopped because they ramped up their set releases to what seemed like only a few months apart, when previously there were 1 to 2 sets released per year. It kinda payed off though, I threw all my cards in the closet and now they are ridiculously expensive, I have Lotus, and moxes and and that good stuff lol.
  2. Ahh Pokemon TCG, I played a little back in my day, but by the time it came out I was already too heavily invested in MTG, and it didn't make sense to invest in another expensive TCG. Still got some cards and a deck somewhere.
  3. It's crazy to think that the Colts play the Packers top kick off the pre-season in 11 days.
  4. This Cowherd guy seems pretty smart....maybe too smart....
  5. I added John Dee and Spoonfish to the league, as soon as they accept we will hash out all the changes, I have tentatively changed the draft to August 28th at 8:00pm
  7. This league is going to be full, as we have a rolling system where the winners from Joe's league move up and the bottom two teams form this league go down, I'd suggest joining Joe's league as they have a few open spots, if you win you can be in this league next season!
  8. Yea i'm fine with changing the draft date, as long as it's after the 3rd pre-seaosn game.
  9. I always thought this made the most sense, but it is what it is.
  10. I wish the best to Gordon, i suspect this is his final chance. Hope he does great things!
  11. He stated, and I quote "If they ban me, It will be good because it will give me a reason not to play the game". Whatever floats his boat I guess.
  12. Lets look at the bright side. He will probably be healthy heading into week 5 this season... lol
  13. what a fool.
  14. My friend jail-broke his iPad and uses a GPS spoofer to catch pokemon from all over the country, from his desk, lol.

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