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  1. No way cook lasts til late 1st and I'd be livid if we took christian
  2. We are trying to build a championship team. To get the best back in the draft in the 2nd round is a no Brainerd. We aren't building a church choir
  3. Mixon has the talent to be the best in the league. We need talent on this team
  4. 1. Hassan Reddick (LB) 2. Joe Mixon (RB) 3. Fabian Moreau (CB) 4. Jaleen Reeves-Maybin (LB) 4. Evan Engram (TE) 5. Tu'ikolovatu, Stevie (NT) 6. Austin Rehkow (P) I think this hits alot of needs. I took a TE because I think we are going to lose Jack
  5. Grigson having Ferguson as a 3rd rounder shows why he's not a GM any more
  6. I remember AP having fumbling issues. How has his career turned out
  7. Thanks man. It wouldn't let me do it
  8. San Francisco selects Carroll Phillips edge Illinois. @BProland85 and the are on the clock
  9. I lived in an apartment within 5 miles of where this happened. Definitely a very sad situation
  10. Jordan Leggett Clemson as a mid round pick?
  11. I know Mixon was picked a bit ago. But whose big board is that? I don't see him on it at all
  12. Kevin minter from the cards might not be a bad pickup. I believe he's an inside backer and only 26
  13. @Superman and the bears are on the clock
  14. San fran is taking Jordan Leggett TE Clemson
  15. Sorry my bad I didn't see that

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