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  1. ballards new defense

    go back to 4-3 defense, with fast linebackers
  2. Good, bad and ugly of the game

    Get a new coaching staff already, would be a better oline when kelly returns.
  3. Ballard and New England

    KC has a better oline than we do
  4. Matt hazel

    Surprised Howard or Brown didn't make it over Hazel. But I really don't know much about Hazel.
  5. Trading Dorsett opens a spot for JoJo

    is there a updated roster somewhere ?
  6. Trading Dorsett opens a spot for JoJo

    I didn't see that
  7. Trading Dorsett opens a spot for JoJo

    Howard and Bray making the team?
  8. Josh Ferguson waived

    ferguson sucked anyway
  9. finale 53

    thought i'd see more people trying to predict final depth chart
  10. Wr choices

    wanted to see reaction
  11. Wr choices

  12. Wr choices

    trade moncrief and dorsett 1.hilton 2.aiken 4.howard 5.natson