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  1. what kind of defense would mcdaniels run? a 4-3?
  2. Morrison

    Morrison sucks
  3. Colts defense is getting better. No, really.

    go to a 4-3 defense
  4. Mingo

    go back to a 4-3 defense, find linebackers at the end of the draft that are just fast.
  5. Twitter Action on TY

    thought maybe a player and a pick?
  6. Brissett is terrible

    What WR can he count on?
  7. How many yards will fournette have.

    I think they might give more carries to Ivory, since Fournette got banged up some last game.
  8. If i see doyle play one more game like that

    Can't blame the way Doyle played on coaches tonight. He didn't seem to care and he is the one dropping passes. The only thing blame the coaches on should have benched him early in the game.
  9. Colts Inactives

    what happened to silberman?
  10. Colts Inactives

    clark at rg? not sure how that will go
  11. ballards new defense

    go back to 4-3 defense, with fast linebackers
  12. Good, bad and ugly of the game

    Get a new coaching staff already, would be a better oline when kelly returns.
  13. Ballard and New England

    KC has a better oline than we do