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  1. We’re not exactly loaded with all-pros there either.
  2. ...and no WRs or CBs signed either..... Get ready for a 4 or 5 win season at most.
  3. Shaping up to be another poor season this fall. They pretty much have no CBs or WRS.....a bad oline, weak LBs and a big question mark at QB. But it other than that....
  4. I trust Ballard, I really do...

    He better be a draft wizard this year (and likely next) to take advantage of the high draft position. i don’t envy him.....this team right now has soooo many holes.
  5. CB Phillip Gaines to visit Colts

    This is why it might have been a good idea to over pay to keep Melvin or sign someone else before we had to scrape the bottom of the CB barrel.
  6. At this point you just need options....they need at least 3 more WR to go with Hilton and Rogers and will probably get at most 1 guy in the draft.
  7. They need multiple WRs...so they best get to signing somebody.
  8. Props to Cleveland.....making all sorts of moves to bring in guys and should still get 2 studs in the first 4 picks of the draft. Nobody can accuse them of standing pat.....it will be inetsrting to see if this team can make it to .500 next season.
  9. guessing this team will be in a position to draft highly again next year. The lomg list of issues this team has won’t be fixed in one draft...and Ballard doesn’t seem to want to overpay for players to improve the team. That strategy may work out long term, but it will likely make for another poor season this fall.
  10. I’d much rather see Ballard overpay for a few very good/great players of need.. then sign 6 mediocre guys to “value’ contracts. I get not wanting to spend like crazy, but am tired of this team being average at best. This is team has a ton of holes....the draft won’t fix them all.
  11. Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    Until I see him on the field throwing the ball like he used to be capable of ....my assumption is that he's not healthy. It's very odd (IMO) for him to have been back this long and still not be throwing. Remember -- the team said he'd be back for the opener....then a few weeks after the opener....and here we are on Feb 16th and he's still not ready. Still 5 months until camp opens, but i'm very skeptical at this point. I hope he's back at 100% soon....but wouldn't bet money on it.
  12. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Maybe all of the above
  13. Way too many variables to answer that question Ask me again in a few months once they spend their $$ in FA and have the draft.
  14. Colts Draft A QB In The First Round?

    You ride it out with Luck this fall, unless something bad changes in his prognosis by draft time and they don't expect him to be healthy again. If he doesn't play next season, they will likely be back picking top 5 again and at that point I'd go QB.