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  1. Broncos at Colts

    Tonight’s game is all about draft position....
  2. really need that loss Thursday night.... ...just lose baby!
  3. Colts vs Steelers Predictions

    Pitt wins 34-13
  4. Vontae Davis released

    This team is a total mess.....
  5. To the surprise of no one....unless you’re in the colts front office. Hoepfully he can be 100% health and ready for next season....and also hoping the colts finish up 2-14 and get a top 3 pick.
  6. let Gore play for a team with a chance to win something....no sense wasting what little time he has left on a terrible team like this.
  7. What Do We Do With a Top 5 Pick?

    The higher the pick the better.....worst thing this team can do is win a few games and finsh out of the playoffs but with a 12ish type pick.
  8. I'd like to see Gore traded or released. He doesn't need to spend what's left of a great career on this crappy team. This is isn't what he signed up for when he joined the colts and no reason to make him suffer on a losing team if he can possibly join one with a chance at the playoffs.
  9. same tolzien we saw in the preseason

    Once Luck comes back, Tolzien will be released....and likely never play another NFL game again.
  10. Good, bad and ugly of the game

    Good -- one game closer to getting a new HC. Bad - pretty much everyone not named Tolzein Ugly - Tolzein
  11. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    What a stupid freakin' trade.....
  12. Frank Gores future

    If this season starts to go south quickly and Luck is out, I'd try to do him a favor and either trade him for a late round pick or release him so hopefully he can catch on with a contender. No reason to spend what will be one of your last NFL seasons on a crappy team.
  13. If he's leaving, he's likely not signing here....once they leave, it is rare for them to come back.
  14. they should have loss the last game of the year, that had no meaning other than determining draft order..... ;)