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  1. icf

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    Guessing lots of people thought the same thing a year ago....how’d that work out?
  2. icf

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    Wake me when he actually throws a football....he's been close before and after 18 months, I don't care if he's close....just that he can actually do it at an NFL QB level.
  3. icf

    We're #32!!!

    With Luck they are likely middle of the pack unless some of these rookies just light it up. Most likely will be 9-7 / 8-8 Without Luck they are a bottom 5 team. We won’t know for months which team they will be.
  4. icf

    Ballard's Draft Brilliance

    Bump this thread two years from now.... Nobody knows today if Ballard's draft was "brilliant" or "terrible" or somewhere in between. We can argue that it was one or the other but that means nothing. Results on the field will determine how good of a draft this was. All anyone is doing now is guessing...and if anyone here or elsewhere were very good at that, they'd use those talents to win Powerball.
  5. Two RB??? Thats, um, interesting...... guess they have a secret stash of CB in the roster I don’t know about.
  6. icf

    Chris Ballard on Dez Bryant

    Would be a great 1 year deal ....it’s not like we’re over flowing with WR talent.
  7. Hopefully they won’t need to draft a QB....so I’d trade back.
  8. icf

    Thoughts on Ballard's vision

    Check back in a couple of years. Having 5 picks in the first 2 rounds is a rare thing,,,,this draft will likely determine if the Colts continue with mediocrity or go back to being in the playoffs every year. Come 2020 when people look back at this draft Ballard will either be judged a fool or a genius....you can’t really label him either today.
  9. icf

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Another DE???
  10. icf

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    ESPN guys said they thought it was 12 and 2 second round picks. Not sure if that’s official or not.
  11. icf

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Colts should have made the deal TB just did.....
  12. I’d have traded back, but the o-line clearly needed the help.
  13. icf

    Colts 2018 Schedule Announced [Merge]

    They are coming off a 4-12 season, with a big question mark about Luck being able to play QB. It sucks to get the Pats in New England, again, but I don't understand why anyone would have expected more than 1 or 2 prime time games.
  14. I’d do that trade with Cleveland. 2 of the top 4 picks plus 4 more in the second.... is a lot of talent to bring in. Especially when I feel the chances of Luck being 100% are not good.
  15. I have no expectations of seeing Luck starting this September or really ever again. I hope I am wrong and he’s eventually better then ever and this team can be headed back to the SB in the next couple of years. Many here see this situation with “hometown, everything will be ok glasses”...if he weren’t “our” QB....we would have written him off by now as he’s still not throwing real footballs 15 months out from his last game and is optimistic that he’ll have no restrictions in July when camp starts. That hardly gives me a great since of optimism in his prognosis for then 2018 season. If he’s not back and healthy this fall, they’ll likely be drafting a QB with their top 3 pick next season.