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  1. Darius Leonard is not someone to doubt. People can feel free to keep doubting him, but he will prove them all wrong. His DNA is different than most humans. He has intangibles that many people don’t even know exist.
  2. I think you are wrong about that. But we may never know the truth.
  3. I personally think Leonard is a better prospect than Vander Esch. I had Leonard as my 4th best off ball linebacker, for a while. I think at one time I even had Leonard as my third best LB. The top 3-5 LBs were razor thin close. The top 2; Obviously the big dog was a top 10 pick, and the freak was going top 20. The the only reason Leonard went after Evans is because of the quality of competition. I would personally choose Leonard over Evans for our defense.
  4. Mik Ditka approached the entire league when he publically stated that he would give up his entire draft for a Ricky Williams.
  5. That was strategic. I thought he would be gone before 36/37. I put him as option B in the third just in case he fell to us. Had I known he would be there at 36 then he would have been my A choice at 36.
  6. The truth is that you cannot come to good conclusions by watching highlight reels. Any player can look great if you only see their best plays. You have to to watch all the plays. Is the player always around the ball? Check! Does he make all the tackles that he should? Check! Did the player have the ability to disengage blocks and make the tackle? Check! Does the player have good awareness in coverage? Check! Can the player line up in the edge and rush the passer? Check! Can the player disguise blitzes up the middle? Check! You start with basic questions and then work into the more detailed assessments. Darius Leonard was tremendous in my evaluation. I think he is going to shine as a WILL in our system. He could possibly even play MIKE in special packages or even full time down the road.
  7. I am not trying to toot my own horn. I am making a point. I spend many, many hours scouting players every year. Many of the players in the 2019 draft, I scouted last year. Darius Leonard was an easy pick to make, and more than justified at 36. He might be the most sure tackler I have ever scouted. He doesn’t focus on laying the wood. Instead, he gets players to the ground. It’s very, very impressive to watch.
  8. Yeah. Ballard also added some clarity to last years draft too. He admitted to scouting for players in a defense (34) that he wasn’t used to. Ballard had a good draft in 2017, and when we add in the dynamics of him learning a completely foreign system then it is even more impressive. This draft was more in Ballard’s wheelhouse, and I think he hit it out of the park.
  9. There is more than enough data to justify Leonard going in the top 36. Take away everything I have preached about DL. The data is there. People who really think we reached are just not doing their homework. I don’t pound the table for every player. There are only a dozen or so I am willing to pound the table for each year. I have an excellent hit rate on the players I believe in. Leonard is one of those players.
  10. I fixed the title so it is clearer.
  11. Did you think the Colts reached for Leonard? I said he had first round potential. I was 4 picks off of his ceiling to get drafted. He went 36 overall. That’s pretty solid in my book. I honestly did not think he’d be there at 36/37.
  12. I didn’t want Ricky Williams. I felt he had too many miles on his tires. I did not second guess Polian picking Edgerrin over Ricky. However, I did second guess Polian trading Marshall Faulk away which left us with a huge hole to fill. I also second guessed Polian for not trading the pick to the Saints and Ditka (for their entire draft). It’s likely we could have traded the Saints and still walked away with Edgerrin.
  13. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, or what some rankings (from someone else) said that gave them that opinion. Have you not read read people talking about DL being a reach? That would be a surprise, because it has been a reoccurring item of discussion in several threads that I have skimmed through. It’s amazing to me that out of all the picks we made, Leonard is the one many Colts fans think we reached on. In my mind, both Nelson and Leonard were great value picks (even if both positions would not have been a need).
  14. He was 4 picks away from being a first round pick. That’s what the NFL thinks of him. I mocked him at 28 to the Steelers. I thought there was a real chance he would be gone before 36/37. This off ball linebacker class was incredible. For months, I have said the LB class was unlike any previous drafts in recent memory. People kept claiming positional value (which I do not buy into). I had 5 linebackers possibly going in the first round and post’s exist on this board where I talked about it (around mid January). 4 of the linebackers went in the top 22 and 5 in the top 36. The exact same ones I talked about possibly going in the first round. Keep in mind that before it actually happened, many people thought it was impossible. It happened, and it wasn’t difficult to see coming. It was an unusual off ball linebacker class, and we benefited from it. Leonard will play WILL, but there is no reason he cannot someday transition to MIKE. He lined up at MIKE several times in college. He played MIKE at the Senior Bowl. He might play MIKE in the nickel for us. Leonard stood out at the Senior Bowl, against higher competition than he played in college. He even surprised us all with some unexpected pop from the MIKE position. Something he is not know for. He is known to be a sure tackler. We have not had anyone on this team who is a sure tackler like Leonard since...... It’s been a very long time.