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  1. Typically a west coast offense will utilize a zone based offensive line scheme. I am not going to say Will Hernandez can’t play in a zone scheme, but I think he would be better served in a power scheme. I think Nelson could play any OL position in any scheme.
  2. I will give you my opinion. Mike McGlinchey is best suited at RT. He could play LT, but I think his skill set translates to a RT. I see Will Hernandez as a power guard. Quenton Nelson is one of the best interior lineman I have ever scouted. I think that in a pinch he could even play tackle. He is best suited at guard. The combination of power and explosiveness is unlike anything I have ever seen.
  3. Yeah. Nelson has been my favorite for quite some time now. I hope we can walk out of this draft with him.
  4. Ballard essentially said he would want more than the normal rate. Here are the commonly used Trade Values. I think Buffalo would at least have to give us both of their first round picks.
  5. Do you know where Marvin Harrison was drafted? How many receivers do you think went in front of him? At one time, Marvin wasn’t even Marvin yet. At the time, he was my number 1 receiver in the draft. I was excited when we called his name. I let my eyes tell me what they see. I use some measureables to confirm or deny. Production also matters, but that varies per system and what was asked of the player. I have no fear of comparing anyone to anybody. Why would I? Because some people might get upset if I do? LOL. That’s about them. Not me. We all see things differently.
  6. It might take us some time, but it could also happen quickly. A healthy Luck puts us back in contention. As long as we can protect him and run the ball a little then we will be in ball games. Look at what New Orleans did last year with those great picks.
  7. It won’t be the last time we see things differently. What fun would it be if we all thought the same way?
  8. To me, Barkley’s ceiling is Edgerrin James. Had it not been for Edgerrin’s injury, he might have been the best of this century. I look at ceilings and floors. Ridley’s ceiling is Marvin Harrison.
  9. Bingo. And that is the point of this thread. Ward’s size concerns me, but his athletic ability is just off the charts. DJ said that coaches from Ohio State call him the most gifted athlete they’ve ever coached. That’s high praise.
  10. Lance Zierlein must be completely off his rocker, right? I must be off my rocker too, right? Who would have thunk it..... A respected media draft scout and an avid Colts fan / long time NFL draft enthusiast (me) both off our rockers, because you disagree with us. Truth is, anyone can be right or wrong here. We never know exactly how these things turn out until they do. Truth also is, there is a reason we are both comparing Ridley to Marvin Harrison. We are not saying it will happen, but the ceiling certainly exists. It’s a long way to climb, but the talent is there for it to possibly happen. I would say that combined, Lance and I have about 70 years or so of draft experience. Take it for what it’s worth.
  11. The articles you’re reading are based on other people’s ideas. How did they get those ideas? One way would be to downplay Ridley based on his stats. It’s a glaring flaw people make when scouting Alabama pass catchers. And it’s why Ridley is getting downplayed. Happens every year. Anyone who actually watches Ridley play can see the talent. Did you read where I said in order to reach Marvin, it’s a long way up there? Or did you just overlook that? Keep in mind, I saw every NFL play that Marvin Harrison ever had, including the preseason games. And I watched every play live.
  12. I would take Ridley over Davis, Williams, and Ross. I don’t think it’s even close. They would all be a second to him in last years draft or this years draft.
  13. I am not writing Ridley off. His ceiling is Marvin Harrison. He has that kind of ability. It’s a long way up there though. Never fall into the trap of using Alabama pass catchers stats to determine their draft value. It would be a mistake.
  14. Because the opportunity was there and the Colts must feel that no matter how the draft plays out, they will get a player that have highly ranked at No. 6 overall. Teams don't always (probably rarely) move to the exact spot they have a player ranked. Sometimes the opportunity to do so just isn’t there and the risk of losing the player is too high.
  15. It’s possible. I had him going to Chicago in my first 2 mocks and then dropped him to Baltimore in my last mock Most people didn’t think receivers would be taken high last year either, and they were surprised when it happened. Ridley is this years best WR. That said, there are several receivers in this draft that I like. I don’t think we will take Ridley at No 6 overall, but he is in the conversation now, whereas he was not at No. 3 overall.