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  1. 2017 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 3

    "2027 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 3" Either I have fallen into a 10 year coma, or I don't think that is the correct year. I dont even think this is the correct section of the forum.
  2. Beth Mowins

    I have no idea why you keep telling yourself that everyone else starts these arguments with you. You never learned to own your responsibilities and mistakes did you? I will not give you the credence to put you on ignore. If you cannot handle it then ignore me. And you saying that I am the hot head who looks for any opportunity to fight is adorable. That's called projecting, and you do it all the time. You've never met a person on this board that you did not become abrasive towards. Child please! LOL
  3. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    You have to quit it with all this logical crap!
  4. Beth Mowins

    Actually what has happened yet AGAIN, is you make incorrect accusations, then get called out for it, then you call people names, pretend to believe you just proved something that you did not, and walk away. You Nailed It! I don't think there is a person on this board you haven't been heavily into it with. What's the constant in all those examples? yeah..... I could have typed your response for you. That is how predictable you are. Buh-bye!
  5. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    Don't you think that giving this rumor any credence is a little over-the-top? Isn't that why these types of unsubstantial rumors continue to be created in the first place? We allow someone to get 15 minutes of fame because they made up an elaborate story. What will the next rumor be? Maybe Andrew was hunting Bigfoot and hurt his shoulder falling down a mountain. Are we going to ask his agent, coach, and family about that too? Maybe Andrew tried to put away too many books at once, in the library. Maybe he fell in a manhole while walking at night in the downtown streets of Indianapolis. Maybe we should use our collective brainpower, and believe it's highly more-plausible and highly more-probable that the guy got his tail kicked for nearly 5 years (in several football games) by the worlds best defensive football players. Personally, I am going to side with logic.
  6. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    Okay. You guys caught me. It's true. It wasn't the beating I took because my line could not protect me. We faked holding me out of practices last year, because we knew I would eventually get hurt snowboarding. Surely we thought we could let the linemen know about it and they would keep it a secret. Wow, were we wrong about that! And we would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those Super Uber driver investigators.
  7. Frank Gores future

    Maybe his are made from Ammarnäs potatoes. The worlds most expensive potato chip sells at $56 for a set of five ($11.20 apiece).
  8. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    We live in a world of out-of-control media. What else should we really be expecting? Tune in next week when we reveal that Andrew Luck secretly had a bionic arm installed back in January.
  9. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    I found the proof. Busted!! Snowboarding... So easy, even a cave....
  10. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.
  11. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    Oliver is from the Andromeda Galaxy. I am not sure if that makes Andrew half alien or if maybe he was adopted.
  12. Beth Mowins

    LOL. You know I disagree. But funny is funny.
  13. Beth Mowins

    That's not sound logic at all. You're saying that your accusations must apply to someone in this thread. I can see where you might need that to be true. How else could you justify your process to falsely accuse people? Maybe you should consider that your thought process is wrong, and that your labels do not apply to anyone in this thread. Wouldn't that be something? Just maybe you using labels, tells a story about how you think of others. Some might say a person who thinks in those terms also puts himself on a pedestal. Sounds about right.
  14. Beth Mowins

    Why does some knucklehead always have to mention diversity in these situations? I like skittles, so it's only logical to conclude that anyone who doesn't must be a bigoted, backwards thinking, homophobic, chauvinistic, racist. I mean how and the hell can anyone not like skittles, right? We have to peer pressure all of them into liking skittles, and until they do we will publicly shame them with scary labels. I won't be listening to you, Beth. And it's not because of your gender. It's because I think you suck as an announcer.
  15. Beth Mowins

    I thought about doing that too. However, then my RedZone TV shows the Colts big plays before the "live feed". The only way to make it work perfectly is to find a way to delay the live OTA audio feed. I have some ideas, and have given it quite a bit of thought.