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  1. Jeremy Waldon

    What do we do at edge?

    Checkout the Joe Ostman link, might be a good late rd
  2. Jeremy Waldon

    Joe Ostman

    So ppl can see, hope this helps. Doesn't look to bad
  3. Jeremy Waldon

    Joe Ostman

    If Chubb is there take him and get this guy late rd, could very well be our future mathis and freeney duo
  4. Jeremy Waldon

    Joe Ostman

    He is built alot like Freeney, and in a 4-3 that worked very well. He could be a great late rd pick. Who knows we could end up with mathis and freeney teaching the yound DEs this year
  5. Jeremy Waldon

    Possible Draft Scenario???

    I would say Edmunds or Smith at 12, and trade 22 if possible. Or just take Hernandez i really think he will be a pro bowler early in his career and a great boost beside Kelly IMO
  6. I think he could have been with more playing time early, i have always been a colts guy, and it seemed alot of guys wasnt used to the best of the team last yr ( dont know if its coaches or lack of confidence)
  7. Just thinking 5 of the top 60 picks coming to the SHOE is an amazing haul and immediate upgrade to 5 starting positions
  8. I would ask for #12 and #56 and 2019 1st round, if Ballards primary guys arent there. We still get 5 guys in 2 rounds and start stacking picks next yr
  9. Jeremy Waldon

    Dwight Freeney set to retire as Colt

    Just what i was thinking, couldnt find a better duo to train the rookies
  10. I would love to see us grab Hernandez and Corbett as our new G. Very solid O line with Kelly in place as the center stone
  11. Barkley if hes there has to taken
  12. Jeremy Waldon


    I just figured we signed a vet G, but really need 2 young G's to pair with Kelly to solid up the O line longterm. And I think these 3 can be the pillar for protection. With a chance for the offense to really turn around our blocking
  13. I believe Ballard will wait as long as possible to see if any good trades come in. JMO
  14. I agree if Chubb isn't there, take smith or edmunds( if no amazing trades come this way) any of the 3 is an instant upgrade to the position