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  1. Fat Clemenza

    Sirianni's written tests to players

    You are correct, of course, I have no clue about his board. I only know what was said before and after the draft, and what he did during the draft. Before the draft (talking to Peter King, and this is not the only time he said things like this): "We’ll make sure we’re taking the best player in the round. Now there’s always core positions that you’re going to look for, pass rushers, tackles, corners, those are always going to be front-line positions and they’re going to go fast...But we’ll always be looking for those core positions and we’ll always, always be looking for the best player.” During the draft: Ballard drafts guards with 2 of his top three picks, and picks OL/ DL with 4 of his 5 first picks, taking 0 tackles or corners. After the draft this is what Ballard and his staff have to say: - Chris Ballard: "“Now I’m going to tell you all, I have dreamt about this, being able to be in charge of a draft and draft o-line [and] d-line. I mean, it’s what I believe." - Morocco Brown: "We were thinking about the fronts, and when we squeezed the blood out of the turnip, let’s go and pick the best guy available at each round." "We really wanted to upgrade both sides of the ball on the front. Because in the NFL, if you can’t block the opposing team, you’re in trouble. That was the emphasis we harped on...." - Frank Reich: "Chris and I share the same philosophy that it starts up front... the reason there was a championship in Philadelphia last year was because of the fronts on both sides of the ball." That doesn't sound like people trying to convince us they just followed their board and took BPA. Leonard seems likely BPA, but when talking about Smith and Turay, Ballard didn't mention his board, he mentioned how they wouldn't have lasted much longer. He was fixing his lines. Thank you NCF, really appreciate you stepping in and putting out your perspective!!! Absolutely CB gave a head fake. Personally, I'm thrilled (see my sig). I am not calling Ballard dishonest, I think he's smart, actually surprisingly up front in general, right or wrong, he at least has a well-considered philosophical approach to drafting and free agency. A refreshing change from Grigson and Chris Polian.
  2. Fat Clemenza

    Sirianni's written tests to players

    Also, I skipped the usual "IF Andrew is ok" caveat / disclaimer. I'm going with what CB says. He's been pretty honest about everything (except for his pre-draft BPA quotes, and I'm fine with that)
  3. Its been reported before on this forum, but here's an article about Colts OC giving his players written tests. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/new-colts-oc-is-giving-players-written-tests-and-at-least-one-player-likes-it/ The players are expected to understand what everyone else is doing too: "It's about knowing the responsibility of the other 10 offensive players on the field in a system that will be up-tempo and uses a number of different formations to find and exploit mismatches...." (Sirianni) And if the offense gets humming and Sirianni gets hired away in 2-3 years, Reich will find someone else but AL can continue to grow in the same system and won't have to learn yet another new one. That's why I was on board with McDaniels over Bowles, Toub, Patricia (well, everyone except Shurmur). Love what I'm hearing about the new offense, so glad we end up with Reich!!!
  4. Fat Clemenza

    Ranked #32 -- I love it

    This. Going 11-5 Luck's first year lost us a high pick the following year (Manning got Edge). Even worse, Grigson's head got so fat he couldn't even fit in the hot tub with Gosder Cherilus, Donald Thomas, and LeRon Landry.
  5. Fat Clemenza

    Indy turns down trades for Luck

    Luck will be Super Bowl MVP in 2020, or else we're picking second in next years draft.
  6. Fat Clemenza

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Barkley! i love how this draft is going for us so far
  7. In this instagram / twitter age everyone wants to label people as soon as possible. Often the labels come too early. "Goff is a bust." "He won GM of the year, he's a really good GM." I'm excited to see what CB can do with this historic, franchise-altering draft. Maybe he's gunna screw it up. But let's give him some time before the dagger come out! Hopefully he brings some playmakers in and actually figures a way to "protect 12"
  8. Fat Clemenza

    Ram's Stadium costs close in on 5 Billion.

    This underscores my feeling that the day is not far off when we will see combine prospects running on Rams logos rather than Colts ones. I wouldn't be surprised to see the draft held there some day too Sadly, I think you might be right; I have a feeling that CTE and resultant issues (lawsuits, bad press, parents including NFL alums not allowing their sons to play youth football) will knock football far from its current pedestal for most of the country. Bob Costas' said "Football destroys people's brains" and that is a powerful thought that will gain traction with everyday people, even if the media tries not to focus on it because they like the revenue it brings them This is what makes me sick; if the sport declines, the owners assets will be devalued but the taxpayers will be paying for stadiums for a generation! I love pro football, definitely my favorite sport, and I don't begrudge people for making money off their valuable assets, but NFL owners are so greedy it disgusts me. $14 B a year in revenue and they wouldn't pay for full time referees until now! They sell communities on paying for a stadium so there can be 8 or at most 11 actual games over the course of a 365 day calendar year, that it will create jobs etc, but wait we're actually going to take one of those and play it in Mexico or England so we can increase our merchandise revenue over there. Meanwhile people with jobs connected to games taken away have to make up for the lost income. <rant over>
  9. Great article, thanks! Projecting most QB's is a crapshoot- two of the best ever lasted until the third (Montana) and sixth rounds (Brady). What I thought was interesting was how the draft is important but so is matching the right player to your system, adjusting your system to highlight the strengths of your great players, and having continuity in coaching philosophy. Montana and Brady have lots of rings, but without Walsh and Belichick, would they have gotten any?
  10. Lol I remember a few months ago several in-season mocks had us taking Key #2 overall
  11. I looked it up- Bob Sanders is the only 2nd rounder who was drafted and made it to the Pro Bowl as an Indianapolis Colt. Between Quincy Wilson and three picks this year, I'm thinking Ballard might surpass that 35 year run of mediocrity in his first two drafts! Colts haven't had multiple 2nds since 1982 (Leo Wisniewski and a punter at #34 overall: Rohn Stark, who kicked off -I mean punted off- some excellence at that position that continues to this day). http://www.nfl.com/draft/history/fulldraft?type=team&teamId=2200
  12. Fat Clemenza

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    Maybe but we don't know. As has often been said, no one's musings or words, including Andrew's, mean anything at this point until he throws and gets hit. Things seem to be trending upward but we've seen that before. My personal opinion is that Andrew realized that this shoulder repair was going to be risky and difficult and that's why he put it off for so long. All we can do now is wait to see if his body responds like Chad Pennington's, or if he eventually comes back like the old Andrew Luck but smarter and with an offense that will help him and not literally hurt him. I'm for dang sure hoping he comes back and I'm excited for this season!
  13. Fat Clemenza

    Mel Kiper: Colts & Dolphins in deep discussion of trade

    I don't see this trade or any trade for #6 happening until draft day and the Colts, or whoever ends up at #5, is on the clock and one or two of the top 4 qbs is still available. Jets knew a QB they liked would be there at 3. Nobody's trading for #6 until they know a starting QB not named Jackson will be there.
  14. There's no question that good options will be available at 6, even if only two QB's go top 5. The question I'm wondering: will there be worthwhile options at 12 or 15 if we trade down, esp if only 2 QB's go top 5?
  15. This. Edmunds' high-upside skills fit exactly with our scheme. I agree with Horse tho- if Chubb is available they'll go w him, and that probably goes for Nelson too. I"m not seeing Ward though.