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  1. Reidm

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Great news ! I'm assuming if hes doing drills like this then he's thrown the last few days off camera and it has felt ok.
  2. Reidm

    True Or False: Week 3

    I'm looking at this differently than you If he says he gives Walker a 30-40% chance to start then he is giving a 60-70% chance that he will not start. Combined the three have better odds that one of them will start than Walker. Thats all
  3. Reidm

    Colts OTA’s 5/23/18

    One thing I liked from the Reich Interview was him talking about eventually the offense will game plan against our defense and our defense will game plan against our offense. Most of us know we didn't do that enough last year and had some stupid tendencies because of it.
  4. Reidm

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    look at the first post in this thread. He updated his first post with the tweet from Ian raporport. That's all its based on
  5. Reidm

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Gotta wonder if having his mother as his agent and manager was a good idea. I feel bad for the young man
  6. Reidm

    NFL Network Improvement

    GMFB did a mock draft of the first round today and they didn't have Edmunds going in the first round. How laughable is that. They had three other linebackers going ahead of him. But i do enjoy the show, more so for the entertainment than the sports analyses.
  7. hopefully this isn't coltsman1788's podcast because you guys just % on him
  8. Reidm

    Colts hosting a visit with DL Benson Mayowa

    Yeah I meant that in a joking way not a confrontational way. Apologies I should have worded it better. But I agree. I don't like labeling anyone before they even get a chance.
  9. Reidm

    Colts hosting a visit with DL Benson Mayowa

    I thought you said everybody is a camp body
  10. Losing a great personality and more importantly a great leader on a very young team. sad news for the browns
  11. Actually you referenced the playoffs. He played 3 Playoff games not one. In those three games he had an average Completion percentage of 57.6% He had an average QBR of 72 and a passer rating of 91. So overall in the playoffs he played pretty darn good. Some people will say anything to get a cheap laugh though
  12. Seriously?! Bortles played a great game against the Patriots. Obviously either you didn't watch it or don't know what you are talking about.
  13. That's because they are letting him test the market to see what he is worth
  14. Problem is at this point we would still need to draft an edge rusher, LB, O-Lineman, WR and RB. We at least need to get some depth from free agency if we don't go after some big names. We can't go into the draft having all these needs bc then we will have to draft for need rather than BPA
  15. I like the part where he says "Tremaine Edmunds has no * idea what he's doing yet and he's still the best player on the field"