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  1. But true. Old boy sent me a message saying how I am part of what's wrong with this country... Give me a break.
  2. Nobody cares.
  3. Maybe he failed his physical.... Too soon? #RememberLangford
  4. Welp, that didn't take long....
  5. I dunno if I would want Krapernick. Too much drama and not enough talent. At this point I would roll with Tolzien and Morris. They know the system at least.
  6. "Bring me Curtis Painter!" *said like the coach from Major League*
  7. Thanks all for the great info!!! Can't wait for some real football to start!!!
  8. #FakeNews
  9. Man, don't discount Dinky Donkadonk. The guy is a beast!
  10. Oh please hurry up training camp... I need a threat with some substance already!!! And in other news Jacksonville DL Dinky Donkadonk said "We can't keep losing to every other team in the NFL. Just can't"...
  11. Cut the leg off and replace it! Do it now and maybe he will be ready to go by Mid December!
  12. This thread makes me miss Chris Farley...
  13. I heard, from an unnamed source, that they amputated his right arm and are shopping around for replacement parts... That's why he went to OH. Also, he recently underwent sex reassignment surgery in Mexico and is having complications from that... LOL... I love rumor mills! Here's hoping all is well and he is good to go week 1! If not, well, I guess we will see just how good this roster is now won't we!
  14. I am cautiously optimistic about this season... Very excited about pre-season. It will be great to see the new faces and how the rolls develop. On paper, reclaiming the AFC South is very achievable. To me, that is the first measure of success for the new GM. Anything after that (ie playoff wins) will be a bonus.
  15. Just when I thought this post couldn't get any more ludicrous... So, you'd rather our players take cheap shots, get thrown out of the game/ suspended instead of ACTUALLY playing the game well and proving their worth out on the field? Got it.

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