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  1. Did you really just try to equate trusting a Football GM to betrayals of indigenous in the past? Seriously?
  2. In my mind, anything less than winning the AFC South is a failure for 2017. Barring catastrophic injuries of course...
  3. This is a tough one, with so many needs... I don't know enough about the RBs to know if the Colts would be smart to draft one in the 1st... but I wouldn't be upset with just the BPA strategy... or, if there is a player they are specifically honing in on, trading back in the first to accumulate more pics in the 2-4th rounds... It will be fun to see what our new GM does. Please god just not another WR...
  4. Doyle. He's a fellow Cathedral grad (10 years apart or so LOL). But I also like Simon and Sheard as well. Excited to see what we get out of them!
  5. I mean really when you think about it, all everyone's days are numbered with any team they play on... no one can play forever...
  6. I think someone needs to explain to you how building a team works and how to work within the cap structure... The Eagles went all out and tried to buy themselves a superbowl a couple years ago... How did that work for them? 2 stars aren't going to win you a SB. Throwing money at a problem is what got the Colts in the predicament they are in now... Overpaying in FA and missing in the draft 3/4 years in a row... If you think about the pieces the Colts already have in place on the Offense, even if the Defense comes out and plays at an average level, as opposed to complete crap last year, then the Colts stand a much better chance of taking a huge step forward and at least winning the AFC South... That's where it all starts. Sorry to say but this year is not going to be the year the Colts field a dominant team... Not unless some key pieces fall into place through sheer luck and good scouting, scheming and coaching (which is a very long shot). Ballard is trying to get the pieces together for more than just a quick flash in the pan run at success... Which is exactly what Grigson gave us. So just cool your jets and enjoy the ride... besides, its not like its your money he is spending...
  7. Locked and loaded baby! Not a flashy singing, but how flashy can you get when signing a punter?
  8. Doyle produces. In a time when the Colts need to really focus on building their D I don't think it would be smart to let the number 2 offensive producer on the team walk...
  9. I am renewing mine. I was going to sell the rights if they didn't fire either Pagano or Grigson. Now I have renewed faith... Plus I am splitting 2 of the 4 away from the ex wife this year so it will be less awkward. LOL
  10. Haven't really ever watched it honestly... but I do have one question: Are you single!? SHAZAAAAAAM!!! Pretty pretty lady!
  11. I'm pretty sure I peed a little I laughed so hard there!
  12. Wow... totally did NOT see that coming. McAfee was one of my favorites and is a cool cool dude. Does a lot for the veteran community in Indy. Surprised at all the haters on here. The guy has had 3 surgeries and is going into his 4th. At some point you start to look beyond football. I wish him the best and hope he succeeds!
  13. I actually thought the play calling was too horrible last season... we saw some direct snaps, and if I am not mistaken even some flea flickers... I think execution is more the issue as opposed to play calling. Drops, wrong routes, bad throws, crappy protection (which usually resulted in the bad throws), and at times bad vision by the RBs really hampered the offense. Hopefully another year under the same scheme will help and if some of the younger players develop that will help improve things. I really like what Rogers and Swoope showed. I thought Turbin proved his worth both running and catching out of the backfield. Maybe Gore has one year left but if not I wouldn't mind seeing what Turbin can do as our premier back with a younger RB behind him. Its the Defense that I am concerned about... We need help in all 3 levels... D-Line, LB and DB. Hard to address all of those areas in one draft/FA period. All in all, I think things are looking somewhat up as long as Pagano and the new GM can work together to improve the team. Lord knows I have been critical of Pagano and his staff... but lets see what he can do in 2017.
  14. Employment status is irrelevant.
  15. Wow... for someone who likes to preach on their soap box about NFL players being classy on Twitter you sure don't practice what you preach...

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