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  1. TdungyW/12

    Kneeling and penalty

    Well as it goes .... the owners approved for them to stand if on the field ... or go back into the locker room. This is a good idea and should have been implemented all along. This is a job and the owners are the bosses ..... therefore they can say and set guidelines as they see fit ...( obviously nothing harmful or derogatory etc ...) but just like my company makes the rules and I follow them so as should be the NFL, I don’t care if they are playing a game it’s still a job. I would be fired if I went up to my boss and did what I wanted and told him I’m going to do what I want to do. Love this new rule ... I want sports keep everything else out of it!
  2. TdungyW/12

    Kneeling and penalty

    What do you think of the possibility of the idea of the NFL to adopt a plan to issue a 15 yard penalty for players who kneel during the national anthem?
  3. TdungyW/12

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Yes! This is exactly what I’ve been saying .... same with the rams. People think they are building this amazing monster for multiple runs but they are wrong .... just because you bring in 3-4 massive contracts of players who demand more money then they are actually worth ( age wise ) but because of past reputation they think they’ll win .... sometimes it just doesn’t gel. Look at grig teams ... granted we didn’t have hat caliber of talent but still .... I hate to admit it but the patriots do it right ..... gather no name talented kids who want to prove themselves and can play who have flown under the radar .... win big with a good QB then when it’s time to cash in he trades them or cuts them.
  4. He will break out this year and get 10 sacks.
  5. TdungyW/12

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    I say who gives a flying *!
  6. TdungyW/12

    Fun Research Project

    People gonna hate!
  7. TdungyW/12

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    We will sign him .... we need a second option at CB.
  8. TdungyW/12

    Malik Hooker Update

    Then the forum will complain they want Ballard fired.
  9. TdungyW/12

    Question about Quenton

    Gosh damn clip #2 is just vicious .... #1 is good as well but holy crap I’m excited now. I didn’t. Are if we had gotten Chubb or Nelson but I think we got the better pick!
  10. TdungyW/12

    Colts Sign CB Acker

    Well that didn’t last long .... he’s been waived!
  11. TdungyW/12

    Hope for Luck to stay healthy

    I agree although he does want to make the big play down the field and a lot has to do with play calling as well .... arians liked to throw it 50-60 yards down the field which required Luck to take a 5-7 step drop in that time no matter what line U have someone is going to be free to hit you. Now of the scheme has him dumping 10-15 yard passes off to the side and in the middle or bubble it out to the RB if nothing is open with the occasional deep pass I say we are going to see a reimagined Luck who can stay on his feet and the O line will look amazing ... and Mack will be a 1000 yard rusher.
  12. It doesn’t bother me I think it’s funny! The headline can be Luck throwing a football 60 yards for a TD in practice with the tittle luck 100% and back and they would still find a way to throw a fit. People have 0 faith and society needs that gratification of wanting results NOW or they move on!
  13. TdungyW/12

    Name one team

    Colts ( make it ) eagles ( miss it )
  14. This good news should bring out all the pessimist and negative nellys.
  15. TdungyW/12

    Rigoberto Sanchez 2017 Highlights

    Laces out!