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  1. Was sort of expecting it. On war room photos and videos he was looking weird. By far not as happy as in the Grigson era. I imagine lots of scouts already feared that changes will come, not really any handshakes, fist bombs or anything on the photos. By the way even Pagano looked quite shy. Also, Ballard didn't go together with him to the Presser, isn't it telling?
  2. His play was pathetic last year. You see, in some cases even PED can't help...
  3. It's time to start a thread for Chris Ballard complaints and pin it, just in case...
  4. I'm not sure I like this signing. But it's maybe because I got scared every time the Colts sign a WR since the 2015 draft day nightmare.
  5. Marvelous job with this post Superman, congrats. I couldn't stop digging into the options until I found the ultimate Colts defender, our almighty Bob Sanders :-))
  6. Actually it's quite informative: if you just always assume the exact opposite of what Bred Wells is writing you are pretty close to the truth.
  7. I fully agree with the conclusions of your analysis. It's easy to blame the receivers for not getting open but oftentimes the concept just isn't right. That's why I don't understand how Luck is not given a bunch of plays to call the best one at the LOS? He always seems to give a lot of effort to execute the play just as called from the booth but he doesn't really seem to have the freedom to check out of play calls if the defense would require a different one.
  8. My problem is that Pagano is superficial in terms of football knowledge. A lot of talk, a lot of Paganoism but no profound concepts. Some say he's a good motivator but I'm not so sure, I never get goosebumps by watching his victory speeches. However for a HC it's not enough to summon even the most brilliant coordinators and assistant coaches because by definition they are mostly interested in their craft and they don't necessarily see or care for the overall picture. The HC must have a crystal clear vision for his team to coordinate the coaches and align all activities accordingly. He must have attention to the smallest details while not getting lost in details to forget about the big picture. Can you imagine Pagano having such management skills? He doesn’t really seem to have long term enhancement concepts for the teams but he rather seems just reacting to the mistakes of the previous game week after week. I'm pretty convinced he's just running for his life since the lost AFCCG and he's just trying to save his job. That’s the most secure way to mediocrity, which would be to lose a game due to insufficient preparation, to correct your mistakes, to win a hardly fought next game, to become very happy about your win so that you relax and then to get outcoached and loose again.
  9. I just hope that by now he paid back all karma for the luck he was granted by the Football Gods in his first 3 years so that he and the Colts can be lucky again for the remainder of his career.
  10. The mighty Bob Sanders of course, who else???! His return alone turned around our usual suspect defense in the playoffs during the 2006 SB run.
  11. Don't count me as a believer. Each year we were filled with hope for the project players Grigson found under the stones he turned but then we were left wondering how other teams didn't pick them up like Adongo, Carter among others. Just look at our current starting ILBs, what are the chances they'll start another NFL game after week17?
  12. My God, this is the core of the problem exactly. If you want a championship team you simply can’t settle with average coaching and average play. Pagano proved enough times that he unable to coach the team to play on a consistently high level and his inability to game plan against the Patriots and Steelers is just too obvious. He just simply lacks the brains, the smarts and the guts to be competitive in the Playoffs so we have to get rid of him.
  13. If you really take responsibility then you resign after you failed to meet the expectations. Chuck have had more than four years to build the monster but he built a mediocre team instead, time to move on.
  14. I truly believe that some winning records can be dangerous for the long term success of a franchise as it tends to conserve the status quo by making everyone believe that we are on the right track and that we are close. But the painful truth is that there's a huge difference between being good and being great. This regime proved several times that they are able to send a good team on to the field that can compete with anyone but in the past years they didn't show me any proof that they could build or coach a team to greatness. If our owner keeps this regime for any more seasons then we are once again settled with mediocrity.
  15. We are not closer to the title and that's a huge omission by the management. They have to be held accountable. In a normal business the consequence should be that those responsible resign. Can't wait for black Monday to come by.

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