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  1. Mack at 100%

    If that is all you see in Mack we won’t see eye to eye on him. You get the ball to your playmakers. I think most coaches know that even Pagano said it about Mack after a game. But being Pagano he chose to do the apposite of what he said. I think Pagano used the Colts 2017 season as the Frank Gore HOF campaign. Mack obviously doesn’t have the experience and knowledge of Gore. But he was the more explosive and dynamic RB on the team. Coaching staff should have taken advantage of his skill set.
  2. Mack at 100%

    I wouldn’t say he deserved more carries nobody deserves anything it’s should be earned. With that said he should have been given more. He has the chance to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. Everyone wants a playmaker at RB and doesn’t realize Mack is one. Just my .02 cents.
  3. Why do I feel we are going to get Pagano 2.0 with our next head coach? Was as hoping for Luck and McDaniels.
  4. We are not getting McDaniels. TN is supposedly his favorite. Colts lose out on another coach...
  5. How to fix the colts for 2018

    We don’t need another injury prone player on this team.
  6. Colts interview requests and confirmations (merge)

    Oh man...why do I have a bad feeling about our next HC? Media is making it look like no one wants to coach the Colts. Hope i’m wrong but preparing to be dissapointed.
  7. Quincy Wilson tops PFF grades for Colts rookie class

    No he he needs to learn special teams I think another year sitting in the bench can do wonders for this kid. (Sarcasm)
  8. Generational seems to be the catchy phrase this year to describe a really good RB. Seems like everyear year there is generational, can’t miss, playmaker RB in the draft. Look at all the best rookie RBs from the last few drafts. They all have very good Olines to run behind.
  9. Gore was forced the ball due to the inability of QB play. Pagano was all about the 2017 Frank Gore HOF tour.

    TL;DR Ballard was paired with a coach he didn’t want. Ballard Did pretty good IMO with what/who he was stuck with. Ballard is not the problem.
  11. I understand the fascination with Barkley but we need to protect 12. I think Ballard realizes this. Look at us this year. If if he fixes the line during free agency then awesome. If he gets oline in free agency and still drafts Nelson with the 3rd I’m ok with that. Best case senario, 12 has a wall of an Oline come the beginning of next season. We can get a good Rb in later rounds.
  12. We draft Nelson with the 3rd he would be the most talent olineman on the team. He grades out better than Kelly. Nelson is a day one impact starter.
  13. Caged Animal

  14. Caged Animal

    I call it like a see it. He was a turd coach. You must be one of the “classy” Colt fans. FYI nobody likes you guys. Its ok to not think highly of a football coach who stunk up your favorite team. Get out of here with that classy and mature crap. Im a Colt fan for life don’t care if I’m not classy or mature enough for you or anyone else on a football forum.
  15. Caged Animal

    Yeah one of the many Pagano mysteries. Also when did Pagano become untouchable? He was a turd of a head coach, seemed like a great guy but real crappy head coach. He must have a lot of family members on this forum because if you say anything negative out come people upset. 4-12 folks that’s on the head coach.