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  1. I think Ballard trades back if he’s there at 6 to the Bears for a plethora of picks. So zero chance.
  2. Aluckiswolverine

    Cowboys release Dez Bryant

    I think Ballards past has shown he is not afraid to take on “problem” players. I think if the money is fair or in favor of the Colts. I don’t see how anyone besides the “classy” Colts fans could be against this.
  3. Aluckiswolverine

    Cowboys release Dez Bryant

    Yeah that’s cool brother, I just know this guy gets a bad rap for his attitude and his sideline antics. He and Jason Witten do the exact same thing but no one questions Jason Witten.
  4. Aluckiswolverine

    Cowboys release Dez Bryant

    This team needs all the talent we can get. I think with the new regime he would work well. With that said we won’t sign him. Also guy is a competitor so I don’t want to hear all that locker room cancer nonsense.
  5. Aluckiswolverine

    Reggie Bush says it's time to hit the PANIC BUTTON (merge)

    I think Luck will come back and tear the league up like Drew Brees did after his surgery.
  6. Aluckiswolverine

    Reggie Bush says it's time to hit the PANIC BUTTON (merge)

    Why is no one talking about the weighted balls he was throwing? I read an article which said they were heavier than a football. I’m no expert but if he is throwing balls heavier than a football in not to worried about it.
  7. Edmunds is a great consolidation prize at 6. Big rangy playmaking linebacker
  8. Aluckiswolverine

    The Film Room: Roquan Smith

    Edmunds at 6 he’s not small like Smith. I think Ballard would love a young Urlacher on our D. I think he’s only 19.
  9. Aluckiswolverine

    TJ Green released? (Speculation)

    How crazy would it be if TJ Green turned into a pro bowler. I would eat so much crow for all the bad things I said about him.
  10. Aluckiswolverine

    Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    Apple is locker room Cancer. I believe his mom is his money manager. Could be wrong on that but everything I hear on him is he’s a head case.
  11. Aluckiswolverine

    Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    Good lord Grigson had Luck! Ballard has Brissett. Luck carried this team and got hurt under Grigson and Paganos watch. Ballard is stuck fixing this giant turd of a team Grigson created.
  12. Aluckiswolverine

    Move over come the Colts!

    Please MODS bring the ban hammer and lock this thread
  13. Aluckiswolverine

    I don't understand all the doom and gloom

    Welcome to the Colts fan forum. If your looking for sound logical post I suggest waiting until after free agency and the draft.
  14. Jesus #%*ing Christ dude chill out. Do really think the Colts don’t want to win. I know people are frustrated but every year we get these overreaction threads. I’m just sitting here here snacking on popcorn laughing reading some of the post on this forum.
  15. Aluckiswolverine

    Moncrief to the Jags too [Merge]

    I don’t think Moncrief loves football. He doesn’t play with passion. Just goes through the motions. Not upset about this loss.