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  1. TonyHose

    Baker Mayfield

    Just wish we could fast forward to the draft tomorrow
  2. I really see the colts or brincos doing exactly what was said with NCF and DLH )or whatever top 8 prospects of ballard were left on our board)
  3. TonyHose

    Baker Mayfield

    Alright I pick mayfield... we refer back to this in 2-3 years lol... just for fun
  4. TonyHose

    Baker Mayfield

    Everything right now is GMs just trying to throw everyone off
  5. TonyHose

    Baker Mayfield

    For the last couple weeks, some big analyst picks a new qb at one, but IMO see mayfield being the one that should be #1
  6. TonyHose

    Luck will not be throwing at minicamp

    Good lord people, he is atleast out there and working drills and handing off to RBs. If he wasn't gonna be ready to before the year they wouldn't even have him risking someone pulling his shoulder outta socket handing it off.
  7. I really think Mayfieldwill be the best of them
  8. TonyHose

    Baker Mayfield

    Just to put myself on blast in later years or a pat on the back but this will be the best qb out of this 2018 qb draft class :)
  9. Sorry top 4... browns twice but you know what I mean
  10. Every top 5 picking team has been linked to every qb (allen,darnold,mayfield,rosen) Its gonna be an exciting draft there is no absolut clear cut #1 pick. This type of draft hasn't happened in quite awhile
  11. Of course, like all draft wishes I hope we can get chubb, nelson, or even barkley @ 6... but in my dream scenario where we trade back. I would like us to pull off a 1st rounder for next year, that is so much capital next year we are trying to grow and having 2 first rounders next year is huge, but with most of the teams we would trade with would definitely be at minimum a top 15 pick next year and still get the youngest and highest ceiling linebacker in tremaine edmunds (hopefully in this years pick) just my thoughts
  12. Right now we are @ #6 pick... we already gained 1 early and 1 mid 2nd round pick. (Of course dont forget our super early 2nd rd. Pick next year... thx jets) Ballard really did do good on this, he got way above the asking price. We now are at 6. This is repeat prolly from everyone on here one way or the other, but either way where we are is a win. We have a GM that really does know how to grow and sustain. I of course have my favs at 6 as I did at 3. But whatever ballard does I think is gonna shock us and make us better, just like last year. I didn't even think of hooker. Sorry not really a discussion topic just saying.
  13. This is what Im hoping for, a possible early first next year would be nice
  14. TonyHose

    Colts sign mewhort
  15. They signed him to a 1 yr deal