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  1. ojsglove

    Doesn't It Feel Wonderful?

    Agree %100. We are going to surprise a lot of people this year, and next year, we will be a serious Super Bowl contender
  2. ojsglove

    Simple question. How do you not take Courtland Sutton?

    Still time to sign a wr plenty of cuts yet to made
  3. ojsglove


    Totally agree. Our GM is doing exactly what he said he was going to do coming in, make this team a contender, and a team the fans will be proud of. Its time to either be a true Colts fan, and stop stirring the pot with all the negative crap.
  4. ojsglove

    Old fans compared to young fans.

    What is this young fan you speak of?? No matter the age, if you’re a Colts fan, you’re good in my book.
  5. How many times have you guys seen a marquee FA sign a big money contract and after a season or 2 become not so marquee? I personally think Ballard has a knack for wadding through the the bull and choosing the right guys for our team. We have a whole new coaching staff, this should be enough to be excited for. Why not back off, take a breath, and let our GM do his job?
  6. ojsglove

    Jacoby Brissett Evaluation

    The guy took a beating last season, but he always got up. Considering the situation he was put into, I am proud to call him a Colt. I think with better protection, and now with time to actually learn the system, he will be an excellent backup.
  7. ojsglove

    More for Frank Gore?

    I think with better blocking up front, Frank can bust 1000 yards this season. I'm in favor of giving him another year at the right price.
  8. ojsglove

    Schefter reporting campbell is the favorite

    I'm sticking with Dan Campbell, hopefully announced before the end of the weekend
  9. ojsglove

    Schefter reporting campbell is the favorite

    Its time to end this crap. No matter who we hire, someone is going to +. This guy will bring an attitude to the team that we have been missing. Time to MAN UP
  10. ojsglove

    Breaking: Jacoby Brissett named Starter

    Not sure why Colts staff chose Tolzien over Morris, probably never know, as it seems to be something they refuse to explain. All I know is what I saw in last years preseason, and this preseason, Morris was the obvious choice. But what do I know, just a loyal Colts fan who made the move with them from Baltimore, that is kind of running out of patience.