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  1. Interesting Trend with our WR's

    CB has brought in a number of receivers during last off-season, during the season and now in the off-season that I think bears watching - especially during free agency and the draft this year: Kamar Aikin 6-2 and 216 lbs Dres Anderson 6-2 and 190 lbs K.J. Brent 6-3 and 202 lbs Krishawn Hogan 6-3 and 222 lbs Seantavius Jones 6-3 and 200 lbs Justice Liggins 6-1 and 210 lbs Kolby Listenbee 6-0 and 183 (smallest but fastest - also an established college returner) DeAndre Smelter 6-2 and 227 lbs James Wright 6-0 and 203 lbs Everyone of these cats are BIG receivers, and the only sub 6' receiver on the roster is T.Y..... To me that is quite telling as to what CB will be targeting to help the passing game.
  2. McDaniels Offense and FA's that could Follow

    You're missing the entire point.....I pulled from everyone's background, not just McDaniels....
  3. McDaniels Offense and FA's that could Follow

    I agree Slillington10.....first go around with a new team I still think he'll bring in familiar faces to help the transition. In future FA years sign the up and comers lime CB did last year!
  4. So now that the dust has settled a bit I'm pretty excited about the offense and even started drawing a few parallels to the Patriots. Let me preface this by saying most coaches want to bring in folks they are comfortable with, that know the system and could potentially speed up the learning process in the positional rooms. Solder (Oline), Lewis (RB) and Amendola (WR) are all free agents and would boost our talent as well. Brissett can help in the QB room... Lewis can help in the RB room as well as retain his role in the system while Mack takes the White role and Turbin/Jones can play the powerback role. Amendola can help in the WR room as well as retain his role in the system (slot) while TY takes over the Cooks role. The other wideout is likely not on the roster. Solder can help in the OLine room and between he and Castonzo would help stabilize our oline. That leaves tight end.....not sure there are any street free agents out there that can help, but, color me intrigued about Travis/Swoope/Ali-Cox in the off-line Gronk role while Doyle stays in his familiar in-line role.
  5. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    It may not be league official BUT it's definitely Facebook official. Ha!
  6. Last years big FA signings and draft picks still have a place on this team if we switch to a 4-3 Cover least from my untrained eye.... Woods (FA) and Stewart (Draft) can play the DT spot and stuff the run while eating blocks ala Booger McFarland..... Hankins (FA) and Johnson (FA) can play the UT spot.... Sheard (FA) and Basham (Draft) can play DE... Simon (FA) can play the SAM... Walker (Draft) has the skillset to be the MIKE.... Hooker (Draft) can play the single high safety.... Wilson (Draft) can play press man coverage at CB.... Hairston (Draft) mans the slot... Geathers/Farley can play the Cam Chancellor role of in the box SS.... The guys seemingly on the outside looking in would be Hunt, Anderson, Morrison..... Perhaps resign Melvin and Desir to play press man CB as well....? Perhaps resign Mingo and utilize his speed and chase ability at the WILL...?
  7. With McDaniels coming aboard as the HC he will want to bring in a couple guys to help with the transition/terminology. So let's look at a few Patriot free agents of note: Nate Solder - LT Deon Lewis - RB Danny Amendola - WR Likewise for the new DC from Dallas (who has spent most of his career in a 4-2, including the Seahawks Cover 3) let's look at a few Cowboy free agents of note: DeMarcus Lawrence - DE (If not tagged) Anthony Hitchens - LB Jonathan Cooper - OL Let's look at the Front Office connections to Seattle of note: Luke Joeckel - OL Sheldon Richardson - UT Marcus Smith - DE Byron Maxwell - CB Jimmy Graham - TE Let's look at Ballards connections to KC of note: Zach Fulton - OL Kenneth Acker - CB There are plenty of other FA's out there that could help as well: Greg Norwell - OL Ziggy Ansah - DE
  8. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    I just read an article concerning the Cowboys defensive schemes where it stipulates that Rod Marinelli modeled his 4-3 scheme after the Seahawks. So it's not a surprise that he will be the DC as the Seattle connection is strong in our front office and they know how to draft the players that fit that scheme!
  9. Nagy to Da Bears

    I'm so tired of this narrative of comfort level.....blah.....blah......blah..... The fact is they offered a contract and he married the first girl that gave him some action. Just my $0.02....
  10. OC and DC?

    I do believe that adding Assistant Head Coach as part of a Coordinators title is, in fact, a promotion in the NFL's eyes.
  11. OC and DC?

    Mike McCoy as OC and Mike Vrabel as DC / Assistant HC (since he'd have to have a 'promotion')
  12. Signing a couple stud/solid starting offensive lineman in free agency and absolutely you could draft Barkley AND add another element of protecting BOTH the defense AND Luck. A solid running game would rest the defense and effectively keep defensive coordinators from allowing thier pass rushers to pin thier ears back. A team works in unison and I'm all for getting Barkely in the draft.
  13. Re-signing Players

    Resign: AV Desir Melvin Bostic Mingo Swoope Moncrief Person
  14. Offensive Line

    I like all the feedback folks.....and I'm in agreeance with the consensus it seems. LT - Castonzo LG - *Norwell (FA) C - Kelly RG - *Hurst/Cooper/Jackson/Fulton - whichever FA comes the cheapest RT - Good/Clark/Haeg training camp battle with the 2 losers being swingmen IF this is the FA strategy then CB can go buckwild on the defensive side in the draft!
  15. Offensive Line

    That's entirely possible, but it is a well known fact that on most plays we're trying to push the ball down the field!