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  1. Scott Pennock

    Keeping Brissett at #2

    Brissett won 4 games and had a lead going into the 4th 9 times that we lost - largely due to switching to the Pop Warner offense..... I think he's a more than serviceable backup!
  2. Scott Pennock

    Linebacker Jenga

    I know we talked about his listed weight at 218, but 226 at the combine and 230 at his pro day (most of which was probably junk weight), however, put him as the MIKE in the sub packages this year while Rusty Jones works on his diet, strength and conditioning to put the proper bulk on to start in year two!
  3. Scott Pennock

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    For what it's was the Panthers perspective when they signed him to 3/24 deal...... I was on board previously, and still am as I'd much rather have Desir/Moore as depth than Milton or DJ White.....
  4. Scott Pennock

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    That works too!!!! I figured most fans would be familiar with the term if I copied the Giants name for it!
  5. Scott Pennock

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    Agreed on Leonard! Basham, Lewis and Turay will turn into our version of Freeney, Mathis and Brock in a year+ when Sheard and Simon's contracts expire. Not, I repeat, I am not saying they will be HoF edge rushers but 8-10 sacks a year from each of the trio would be highly productive.
  6. Scott Pennock

    Linebacker Jenga

    I (may be in the minority) like the duality in the Grover Stewart, Anthony Walker and Basham draft picks. They will improve and show more in the systems they were used to playing in college. As far as "better"......time will tell, but I trust that the 3 main front office guys that built Super Bowl teams in Chicago and Seattle (focused on defense) over my opinion or any other opinion on this board. They drafted/signed these guys with a vision in their mind of how each of them would fit the scheme.
  7. Scott Pennock


    I like the mix and match, especially depending on down and distance or situation....
  8. Scott Pennock

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    Yeah our NASCAR package with a combo of Basham, Turay, Simon and Sheard on the outside with Lewis and Autry causing havoc on the inside should be fun to watch on 3rd downs this year....
  9. Scott Pennock

    Marcell Frazier - DE - Mizzou

    Thank you! We won't get every good waiver claim due to being 3rd....but, we'll get a few
  10. Recently waived Marcell Frazier could be a Colt as soon as Monday or Tuesday.....IF the FO put a request for him!??! Mizzou turns out some solid defensive ends and he had 2, 8.5 and 7 sacks the last 3 years! 2018 Pro Day Results 6'5" & 256 lbs 40 - 4.63 20 - 2.68 10 - 1.61 Bench - 25 Verticle - 33 1/2 Broad - 9'10" Shuttle - 4.47 3-Cone - 7.14
  11. Scott Pennock


    I hope so too.....but the 3 combo safety's the FO signed has me curious. Chris Cooper looks to me like a deep centerfielder type safety, while Odum looks like an in the box safety (especially since he played some OLB) and Cirino looks more like a corner to me. Hooker and Geathers are probably safe and Farley played his * off last year. That leaves maybe 2-3 spots between Green, Martin and the 3 rookies. If the 3 rookies show they can be gunners on special teams that could eliminate Milton as well.
  12. Scott Pennock


    Since we're not 100% sure what we're running defensively between a true Cover 2 with 2 deep safety's or a Cover 3 with 1 deep and 1 in the box I find it interesting what the FO brought in behind the incumbents.... We know with Hooker and a combo of Geathers/Farley we can run the Cover 3 with a centerfielder type safety. Green is "fast" enough to be Hookers back-up, but lacks the instincts to do so, though he did show good progression last year as the season wore on. George Odum, Chris Cooper and Mike Cirino all are roughly 6'0" and 200 lbs, they all lined up at multiple positions like FS, SS, CB, Nickel and even some OLB (Odum). Additionally, they all had similar pro day measurables including running 4.45 or less and showed ball skills. On top of that, much like Leonard they *looked* like the best athlete on the field on thier tape. So this begs the question....are we signing these swiss army knife safety's to play a Cover 2, two deep system? Is Coach Riech looking for his own Kenny Vaccaro or Malcolm Jenkins and possibly sliding Hairston back outside to RCB where he played at Temple? Or is this simply a way of getting fast special teams players to replace Ronald Martin and/or Green as depth as well? Thoughts....?
  13. Scott Pennock

    Linebacker Jenga

    Now that the rookie mini camp is up and the coaching staff shed a little light on where the rookies were lining up, where does that leave the incumbents? I personally think that all drafted linebackers plus Moore make the roster as they are/were drafted/signed with the switch to the 4-3 in mind - as does Walker and Goode. WILL - Leonard.....and who? MIKE - Goode? and Franklin and Moore Or SAM - Walker? and M. Adams The Rest of the Incumbents: Morrison George T. Adams Ossai I think the rest are playing for the last spot amongst each other AND whomever ends up on the waiver wire. Thoughts....?
  14. Scott Pennock

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I love Desir, but he is a 27 year old journeyman that logged his first real starts last year.... Milton is and aleays will be a special teams gunner - which he is excellent at. Moore showed promise as a gunner and as a boundary corner the last few games - TBD Wilson is our best corner who played like it when he did get on the field. Breeland has started for 4 years in a tough NFC East and done well. The Panthers certainly paid him as such prior to the failed physical. He will start for us if signed. Desir won't make it easy for him, but he'll start.
  15. Scott Pennock

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    So he listed George Odum from Central Arkansas and Chris Cooper from Stony Brook as having balled out at the FBS Tropical Bowl and that they are combo safeties (FS, SS, Nickel) plus we just signed Michael Cirino who is listed as the same. Besides thier size.....they all ran in the 4.4's as well, so they can all run. This makes me genuinely curious as to whether our safeties will be interchangeable in the future, as in 2 deep......or will we play the cover 3 with 1 deep and 1 in the box?