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  1. Chris Ballard’s Moneyball (BallardBall)

    Agreed. What Ballard is doing is building a "base" of home grown, drafted players so in years 3 and beyond then a splash free agent can be signed that would be plug and play. Free agents are meant to supplement with, not build the foundation with. If that's "Moneyball" then I'm all for it....
  2. Chris Ballard’s Moneyball (BallardBall)

    I just revived the thread by Warren Sharp....give it a read
  3. Here you go NDColt....revived frim the dead just for you!
  4. Chris Ballard’s Moneyball (BallardBall)

    Actually a third party did the analysis and it was posted on this forum a few weeks ago maybe and it was literally pop warner coaching in the second half....
  5. Chris Ballard’s Moneyball (BallardBall)

    That was proven to be wrong. It was coaching and play calling. In 100% of 2 WR sets in games we were leading in the second half were runs. 100%. That is middle school offensive play calling. It was NOT moneyball. To take it a step 3 WR sets we passed at an equally staggering percentage. Our offense was stagnant in the second half due to telegraphing virtually every play.
  6. Two WR's that make sense

    Except that both of the guys I mentioned are younger and have had better production - insinuating that Brice Butler is better and saying the other two are horrible when film and stats don't bear that opinion out.....well that's why we all have opinions.
  7. Brandon Coleman at 6-6 and 225 can go up and get it and 3 solid years with the Saints.....25 years old Jordan Matthews at 6-3 and 225 who actually played in the slot too with 3 solid years in Philly beforeva "meh" year in Buffalo last year......25 years old Young, could be had on cheap 3 year deals and provide solid production ESPECIALLY considering who will be throwing to them!
  8. While I agree that the line could use an upgrade......however, there are BIGGER holes to plug. Such as: A starting WR opposite TY A starting DE opposite Sheard unless you're running with Basham A starting MIKE unless you're running with Walker A starting WILL unless you're running with Grace A starting CB unless you're running with Moore We currently have 70 million in cap space and I would be frugal and spread that amongst those 5 notable holes AND THEN use the draft to find the young talent to continue building the foundation upon - including a lineman or two.
  9. Am I crazy, no.....I may suggest you keep the name calling to your friends.....thank you. Nowhere in there did I say I was fine, however, that line is serviceable with better coaching (OL coach, offensive play calling, QB getting the ball out quicker, unique schemes instead of Gores 3 yard dive plays, etc., etc). Would Norwell have helped, not signing him the end of the world, no.
  10. When healthy and with a quicker tempo offense this line could be at least middle of pack, if not better. Lets not forget Clark excelled in pass pro in a spread offense in college. LT - Castonzo LG - Haeg C - Kelly RG - Glowinski (here's your in-season FA signing) RT - Good/Clark
  11. MUCH of this....
  12. Has everybody forgiven Crowell for his social media post of a police officer being restrained and having his throat slit.....? Hard pass on that kind of potential locker room cancer.
  13. I'd add two under the radar defensive ends to that mix in Marcus Smith and Aaron Lynch. I'd also add a couple corners in Jeremy Lane and Deshawn Shead - mainly for thier size, press man capabilities and experience in the Cover 3 of Seattle.
  14. At 12 and 22 we could get one of each: DE Davenport or Landry LB Edmonds or Smith I would take one of each over Chubb....