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  1. Hankins Released

    I'm struggling to understand this move. We're already talent deficient. We haven't been active in FA. We're flush with cash. Why create more holes to fill during a rebuild? Hank is young, talented, effective, and the biggest contract the colts put together last offseason......can anybody help me wrap my brain around this?
  2. Pugh to Cards

    Can't believe we're so incapable of addressing the o line. With all the holes we need to fill, and all the cap space.....i know we're not "win now mode" but damn......take 1 position group off the table. At least send a message you're semi serious about protecting Andrew. +/- 100 sacks in the past two years but "overpaying" in FA for 1 piece on the OL is considered unthinkable (talking Norwell)? What's Luck gotta be thinking? Instead of a helmet next season, march him onto the field with a blindfold and a cigarette........
  3. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Given your knowledge of the position group is there anyone left in FA that you have your eye on? And did you think the jags "overpaid" for Norwell?
  4. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Better you than me.......nuance has never been my forte......
  5. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    I hate to contribute to a non football tangent but Jane's Addiction is clearly the greatest band of all times.
  6. What if Denver calls?

    I think Colts fans are hoping for the "triple lindy". Where in the Browns select Barlkey, Giants do what they do. Then the Browns, Jets, and Broncos all trade up, in a bidding war, for their QB of choice. Allowing the colts to draft Chubb/Nelson at 6 whilst acquiring many additional 2nd and possibly 3rd round picks......far fetched but fun.....
  7. What Would Luck Do (WWLD)

    If Andrew iisn't screaming for O line at this point, ol' boy's got a death wish. And not the 1974 Charlie B kind. I'm talking about a legitimate disregard for his own personal heath and safety....
  8. Lots of former Colts want Barkley to be drafted

    I'm not going to complain: Barkley, Chubb, Nelson, or trade back as late as Miami (for picks plus landry). We need so much at this point that virtually anything, short of an outright bust, will make us better, and make Ballard look like GM of the year.......
  9. Ballard on the Herd

    Time will tell but I like the feel of Ballard's colts. He's a collaborator, seems to welcome input from all levels and his coaching hires reflect that. Varied and overlapping experience, this is a braintrust. It feels open and honest, the fact that we don't even have a specific "qb coach" signifies to me that this is a going to be collaberaive regime. Conversely, Grigson seemed a petty tyrant who confused input with dissent. His coaching staff reflected that. Tight, conservative, ever changing, and incapable of growth or adaptation. Like I said, time will tell but I like where we're headed......
  10. Ballard on the Herd

    I agree with your assessment. With the way Ballard has been talking/smirking, I think (hope) Andrew is farther along in his progression than we know.
  11. It actually happens all the time PT. But fret not, there's this dude out there that constantly reminds us that "everything will be ok". As long as he's out there.......we'll be ok (although I wonder sometimes how he can be so sure). All forum discussions are a "take it with a grain of salt" type affair. As I'm sure you well know.......
  12. With Ballard's luck I'm surprised Vinny's leg didn't get a cold foot and return to New England........
  13. Warning: wild speculation mixed with optimism, may not be suitable for some fans.......I think Luck is fine, he's out of the woods working on rebuilding his throwing mechanics from the ground up. They have the luxury of time so why minimize the returns by "skipping a step"? I also believe it serves the organization to project doubt up until draft day. So they're walking a line between trying to keep us positive while projecting to the rest of the league that the Colts may be forced to take a qb at 3. Tangent: How cool would it have been if, while the media was focused Reich's intro speech, the doors behind them burst open. Luck entered and yelled "hey coach" and threw a bullet pass to Reich (which he caught of course).......then confetti rained from the ceiling. Irsay gets to his feet, raises both fists, and screams "ummm, uhhhhhhh!" as the room erupts in applause.
  14. I think they all understand the business they're in. I'm sure Luck has the utmost respect for Pagano as a friend, a coach, and a man, and rightfully so. I don't think chuck would hear that comment and be hurt by it.