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  1. They probably want to keep distractions at a minimum until the season is over. I suspect we'll hear from Andrew in Jan.
  2. Where's the Chuckster?

    Nfl app had a clip. Paraphrasing here: just keep grinding and things will eventually turn. Hes out of answers, has been all year. It's past the point of being hard to watch and approaching pitiable.
  3. Chuck's Presser Today

  4. Chuck's Presser Today

    I mean he's built this coaching staff, these are his guys. He's coached this team for six years. It is what is because of him, not in spite of him. Not expecting him to win with the team that he himself has built is absurd. I dont know any other way to say it.
  5. Chuck's Presser Today

    It's professional football, missing the playoffs is a losing many 8-8 banners you see hanging from the rafters?
  6. Chuck's Presser Today

    Uh, this is HIS team, he's coaching in his 6th year.......
  7. Chuck's Presser Today

    Why bet on any of them? With this staff this IS colts football. Its year 6, just my opinion, but I say let Ballard have his guys and try to salvage what is left of the "Luck era". Ballard should be allowed to sink or swim on his own merits, not tread water mired in the baggage of the past. Its why he was hired afterall.
  8. Chuck's Presser Today

    Let's not fight people. The fact is since 2012 the colts have one of the lower, if not the lowest, draft retention in the league. Part of that is poor drafting under Grigson, but it is equally on the coaching staff to develop the talent. The argument that Pagano should keep his job based on poor talent is actually an indictment of his own performance as a head coach. Even with a new gm: 2nd, 3rd, 4th rd (Banner) picks all invisible..........6 years of this, I have to look at the common denominator. GM, position coaches, coodinators, players have all been fired and the product on the field has gotten consistently worse. Like it or not, and by his own doing, Chuck is the last man standing.
  9. This is what Andrew Luck being in Europe means

    Neither one of us commented on his long term prognosis. You may be right, he could be done. What I was saying (as I will not speak for Coltfreak) is that travelling to Europe, which by some accounts, is decades ahead of the U.S. in sports medicine does not indicate a last ditch effort. He's not grasping at straws, he's taking the next logical step on the road to recovery. But we can agree wholeheartedly that time will tell....the mystery shoul be solved somewhere around draft day.
  10. This is what Andrew Luck being in Europe means

    Exactly, taking what basically amounts to unlimited financial resources and seeking the best care on the planet isn't "grasping at straws".
  11. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    Yea honestly, who's to say.....maybe I should have phrased it as a "potential generation talent" but i'd challenge you to think of a QB that has done more in his first 5 years, surrounded by the organizational and roster mediocratey that we've seen since 2012, than Andrew Luck. Dude is proven, just look at our record and consider: zero protection, inept coaching, lowest draft retention since 2012, torn labrum, lacerated kidney, shoddy defense...who else would you credit the relative "success" too?
  12. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    I know, it's one of my many shortcomings........
  13. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    With all the heat on the organization, it's possible he went across the pond, not only for treatment/rehab, but to quiet the "Luck must speak with media" narrative the local hosts have been pushing. The end of the season is the appropriate time for such interviews. As much as we all want it, now is not the time.... I have the same concerns we all do, but the bottom line is: either he'll play in 2018 or he won't, either he's a Colt in 2018 or he's not.....we, as a fan base, will be the last to know. And we won't have a say in it one way or another. If he never plays again, history will hold Irsay, Pagano, and Grigson (mostly the latter two) responsible for taking a generational talent and reducing him to a 5 year blip on the radar...... In the plus column tho, regardless of outcome, young Andrew is a multi-multi millionaire and will be able to live out the rest of his life in any way he sees fit. And if I have to, I will personally consider that a happy ending to a messed up tale.
  14. Ouch......just ouch......didnt even know this was possible. P.s. don't Google it, I did a deep dive, it got grizzly....
  15. I listened to the interview. It was trash. DD taking cheap shots, treating unnamed sources as fact, asking the same tired questions I've heard Ballard answer multiple times. Heck, Ballard answered them all in a much more civil discourse with JMV the day before (which Dan claims not to have listened to). Just garbage.....Colts have said officially, over and over, that they expected andrew to play early this year, no timeline for his return, not going to put him out at less than 100%.....and to Irsay, news flash guys and gals, he's not the most eloulquent human on the planet....parse his words, take them with a grain of salt, say it however you want.....Dude didn't lie, he was just wrong in his estimation and probably spoke too soon.........NBD. Season ticket holders *? Sell your seats, the internet exists......