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  1. Jim Irsay

    He can be patient - he rakes it in even when the team sucks.
  2. I agree with this post. I also would note that it was the player evaluation culture instilled by Belichick that led to the Ravens winning a Super Bowl. He hired Ozzie Newsome, and he made the trade with San Francisco that gave the Ravens a batch of high picks. One of which was used to draft Ray Lewis. Belichick had things figured out in Cleveland. That's where he really developed his coaching method. Too bad for Cleveland that they had a stupid owner who did not recognize this. Belichick could have made the Browns the dynasty that the Pats have become. Imagine if Belichick had remained HC in Cleveland and Art Modell had not moved the franchise to Baltimore.
  3. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    On the bright side, the Packers lost today. Maybe this is the year of the Vikings.
  4. 2-7 When leading at half....

    Very true. It's difficult to make adjustments when you think you're playing the Rams and adjusting for the 49ers.
  5. I think the NFL could look askance at rewarding a player for failing. It could give people the idea the owner wants the team to tank for better draft position. We already got accused of that.
  6. Audacity indeed. The Audacity of Dope.
  7. Here are a couple typical Shazier hits. I call both dirty. You're talking about hypotheticals when the hard evidence is in. Unless you think both of those hits were accidents?
  8. Does Eli make it into the HoF?

    Eli did not make a good HOF case today. 1 TD, 2 INTs. 31 of 45, 228 yds passing.
  9. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    As it turned out, our QB was Jacoby Nobody.
  10. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Officials should have checked the ball inflation. I'm pretty certain Bills were using 12 psi balls at the end.
  11. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Yes, he's carrying a team on his back but only three yards per carry.
  12. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    I don't think Brissett can see anyone.
  13. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    You have to wonder if the defense checked out.
  14. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Colts have the better QB today.