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  1. Ross Travis

    attested to the edgy mindset usually associated w the character ... pseudo psychology
  2. may be due to coaching Marvin Lewis strikes me as Paganoesque
  3. Manusky vs Monachino

    larry coyer ??
  4. Desir and Hairston

    dnt understand the 'imagine the depth' implication. When that's literally what we have today.
  5. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    delusional smh
  6. He's good as gone. Deal w it
  7. Has anyone thought about Derwin James DB FSU
  8. What Do We Do With a Top 5 Pick?

    Amari Cooper is so avg
  9. I Believe in Malik Hooker

    im talking madden bruh
  10. I Believe in Malik Hooker

    na online once they go to IR they're done
  11. I Believe in Malik Hooker

    I love Malik Hooker, upset I can't use him online en madden now lol. He's a real pro
  12. Any news on hooker yet?

    I knw this is about Malik but this is how I knw Chuck is gone ... the amount of negativity surrounding this team is too much for him to survive. This injury albeit nothing to do w Chuck is the football gods delivering a message to Irsay. Almost a physical manifestation of divine revelation of Chucks crippling existence to this Franchise.
  13. former colts prospect ... So every NFL player is relevant to the colts by this moniker? I dnt understand some ppl
  14. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    1. He doesn't have to convince them to tank, the coaches functioning as Is ensures these results. 2. Luck probably isn't 100% tbh he's been beaten up since he got here. 3. This sways the argument neither here not there. 4. This team mostly due to coaching is garbage why don't yu understand common sense ? 5. We've had oline problems for 10 plus years. It ain't getting better no time soon *It's like you & Pagano work on the same frequency