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  1. ppl see his size & ppl follow trends
  2. do yu not have common sense ...
  3. remember butler being a subpar corner & blossomomg here ... if Mingo at ILB puts it together he's a star
  4. tired of ppl spouting non sense they knw nothing about ... drop a link or the nonsense
  5. your response was that of an adolescent given your admission of comprehension, it wasn't necessary. The only ppl governing grammar are ones that dnt bring anything substantial to the table. I see you're veiled attempt to belittle & recognize yu seek acknowledgment ... you're welcome ... this is a forum not a university
  6. yu never adequately supported you're argument ... the one yu brought to me & proceeded to whine. Dnt bring up football en a football forum ill equipped
  7. so when this team goes 3&out on multiple drives en a row who's that on ... our defense needs major improvement but as the supposed 'strength' of the team how about sustaining a drive or two to help the weakest link ... I can tell by how you're ok w certain circumstances, mediocre sits well w yu. none of which we've been subjected to for the last 4/5 years is that of a winning culture. Hence why these decisions Chris Ballard have been making are so predictable.
  8. ok lol I never challenged your allegiance, the Browns have fans too ... yu think our offense is acceptable when it's clearly flawed schematically ... we barely score on the Patriots & Steelers while teams like the Jags & Texans dictate to us
  9. this is my problem w ppl that have strong opinions but can't evenkeep in context the guidelines we're referring ...clearly i mean your standards as a fan
  10. you're one that looks at numbers & doesn't watch how we get put en a box by good teams ... I notice your low standards
  11. I side w Allen slightly, our offense looks primitive at points ... Andrew Luck runs a 4.6 40, 'supposedly' one of the most cerebral to play the position & still hasn't been given the reigns. If we don't incorporate some quick hitting patterns & just show ability to stress a defense horizontally as well as vertically (less of this wrks for me) Idk what to think anymore. long story short ... ughhhh Chud get it together
  12. you've had time to watch tv today surely yu have time to back up your claim ... unless you're Mayock or yu name those 10 safeties the only thing ignorant here is your unmitigated opinion
  13. *waits* for "10" ... 6'3" safeties, 210lbs, running sub 4.3 40s
  14. give me 10 safeties 6'3" 210 sub 4.3 40
  15. no im not looking at exact numbers but if Doyle's projected to get 6-7mm per then that adds up to what ?? hmmm. So I stand where, if Allen weren't here id hesitantly give jack that deal but that still doesn't mean he's worth it. the situation would just be optimum. at this point I'd rather let 1 or the other go develop Swoope and invest that money elsewhere 'Anywhere Else' *

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