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  1. Chris Ballard interview 11am ET

    all 4-3s aren’t the same Hankins is ok at best, not worth his price. if he was “way above avg” he would’ve fetched a 6th rounder minimum or idk, still been on the team
  2. Chris Ballard interview 11am ET

    hankins is Average what don’t y’all get
  3. TJ Green released? (Speculation)

    since his avi is still him in a Colts jersey i think it’s safe go say Green has a chip on his shoulder to prove his real worth ... Hooker/Green/Geathers/Wilson/Hairston
  4. The 2nd Rounders

    no yu dnt ... he plays rb
  5. Edmunds, Vander Esch, Leonard ... Jewell is a Pat Angerer 2.0
  6. Hankins Released

    its like ppl refuse to think logically. Ballard literally does everything he says he’s gonna do
  7. Hankins Released

    its simple really. A move towards a more aggressive, fast defense yields the release of the more slow/lumbering space eaters. Hankins is just another guy. Avg
  8. Hankins Released

    keep en mind he also wanted to give chuck what he needed for a complete evaluation. Insert Hankins
  9. Hankins Released

    feel like he was giving Chick what he needed while structurally enabling a out. so no Ballards’ still the GOAT
  10. Hankins Released

    like i said to start yu dnt have to agree w my premise but it’s obvious hankins is slow and not disruptive. yu can watch the games and see he doesn’t fit. Laugh all yu want but pff failed yu and my judgement of talent checks out
  11. Hankins Released

    i understand, just fascinated by that when im creating a scheme for madden, a guy i deemed a necessary fit was signed to my favorite team. i actually used him en a 34 as my LE
  12. Hankins Released

    yu dnt have to take my word for it but play madden and you’ll find out some gem type players en real life ... got board playing w the colts & started using the browns, saints then RAIDERS. the guy we just signed, Autry has unique traits that keep him on the field, no matter your scheme. Hankins is almost useless regardless what scheme yu use
  13. Hankins Released

    Not Special
  14. Hankins Released

    hankins is slow, not special, not needed
  15. CB Phillip Gaines to visit Colts

    we hated tim jennings