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  1. LilPooh2400

    Colts select Braden Smith OG at 37

    I think D Bond can play the G position!!! What y'all think?
  2. LilPooh2400

    Who’s our #2

  3. Nelson Landry and Oliver
  4. They don't talk about him much.. I like him though big back who would complaint Mack nicely!!!
  5. LilPooh2400

    Can Dalton Crossan be a more successful Tyler Varga?

    He look like a man amongst boys out there.. I hope he make the team and be a game changer that we've been lacking for so long!!!
  6. LilPooh2400

    Who do you think our sleeper pick is?

    Walker Jr. and Grover Stewart.... Stewart look like a beast and with some focus and motivation walker jr.can be one of the best lbs we ever had!!