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  1. Winning out

    Pretty confident he’s a dad too, but sure.
  2. Winning out

    With Brissett still in concussion protocol, this scenario appears unlikely.
  3. 5 Colts who are earning contract extensions

    I would include Brissett, TY, and Sheard on the list as people who deserve extensions. Even Hankins and Al Woods, definitely Woods. Most of these guys have 2-3 year deals, but all of them have been difference makers this year despite a terrible record.
  4. Desir and Hairston

    They are still young and make mistakes. Those mistakes should be cleaned up next year.
  5. Desir and Hairston

    Desir is still young and got a pick against Ben on one of the faster and taller receivers in the league of Martavis. I think he'll develop into someone really good next year. Could start over Wilson and that's fine with me. Imagine the depth of Melvin, Desir, Wilson, and Hairston.
  6. Assuming the Colts fire Chud next year...

    I'm not exactly familiar with all of the possible options, but Hue would be fine with me. If we can get anyone who has sense enough to install a quick-pass style offense to keep Luck standing up after the throw, I'll make them dinner. Beef stroganoff with a side of soup with angel hair noodles, herbs, and a hint of garlic. On the house. It it will help make our offensive line look capable in pass pro.
  7. What. A. Find. 5th round rookie CB who has stayed healthy most of the season and even more consistent in his play.
  8. A Torn Labrum Illustration (Ljuck's Injury)

    It's probably to show the extent of the tear, the tear would be the same regardless of exaggeration.
  9. Allen / Dorsett trades - mid season retrospective

    In the grand scheme of things, we have 3 young players on defense that all have potential (especially the DBs) to come out next year and show us something. Remember who we have on staff. Things should be much more manageable next year.
  10. A random question

    Yes, but then the edge rushers can just run right past the oline.
  11. Ryan Kelly

    Since they are just about the only one's doing any kind of research in regards to starts for ALL players, calling them 'crap' is unjustified and a bit shortsighted. They do this same evaluation technique on each player, every snap in every game, and based on their performance with their peers, they get ranked accordingly. Just my spiel on the matter.
  12. Chester Rodgers

    He had 6 receptions on 6 targets for 104 yards plus a TD and Brissett had a perfect passer rating when throwing his way. Starting last year, we've added some very key pieces to making a playoff run. This year we added a lot more, but Chester Rodgers and Ryan Kelly are huge for this offense, even Haeg, who played at RT without allowing a pressure (2 times I think this year per PFF). More work to do, but I like a lot of the young guys on our team.
  13. Worst Point Differential

    Nothing. Which is likely why nothing of the such will happen.
  14. suprise play

    At least the run game actually worked at some point rather than doing the same thing and it not working. Also, to be fair to the OC, he did get the dbs to bite on a run fake for Moncriefs TD, and maybe Chesters? Not sure if there was PA on his.