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  1. How good was Nate Hairston?

    The 5th round rookie surprised me. I thought he did very well and here are his highlights to prove it. 2 sacks, 1INT, 1 safety are notable stats. He had 35 total tackles on the season.
  2. He’ll be expensive, but he was injured with an ACL. We can press that on him, make him prove he’s healthy. An incentive deal would be fair. Maybe 9-10 mil with 2 mil incentives.
  3. Hitchens is an upgrade. He’s no Sean Lee but he is a good pro.
  4. That’s some high school coaching game planning if I’ve ever seen it. What a poop show.
  5. If this is true it provides us the opportunity to start the rebuilding process up front. If fixing something that has been broken since forever is considered rebuilding
  6. I’d say Reggie Wayne was a consistent receiver he had but I could be wrong.
  7. Steven A Smith on Luck and the Colts

    That being said he is correct on all points. Teams know Andrew Luck is a game changer and the only one we have besides Hilton. Teams will blitz us like last year because our line is terrible and will hold that reputation until proven otherwise. I don’t agree with him that Luck once hit will cry like a kitten, he’s tough and we all know that. However we need to see Ballard bring in talented players in free agency and the draft. We should be very active in FA this year, at least spending money on a big name or 2, Norwell being a popular candidate. I’m for drafting Nelson after a trade back, that’s my #1 path that I see right now, but if we don’t take him, take Chubb. Then a round 2 RB, power back specifically or even Sony Michel, I like him. Basically this year we should have a few better things than in recent years: 1) better coaching staff 2)1st round high pick so... 2a) talented edge rusher 2b) talented running back 2c) talented guard 3) better offensive line overall 4) more uniform defense since they all have 1 yr experience with each other 5) Andrew Luck at QB Therefore there is no reason we shouldn’t have a winning season, unless mistakes are made or there are setbacks. I’m fairly optimistic.
  8. Doug Martin

    Nope. Fumbles at least 3 times a year and was injured just about all year last year or suspended, can’t remember which.
  9. MLB for the Redskins this year and obviously Cushing was a Texan. I believe Brown is a free agent and this is the situation for Cushing: I think investing in a MLB via FA isn’t such a bad idea.
  10. That rating is probably due to his 2 allowed TDs toward the end of the year. He had good coverage but just got out-caught. He tackled very well I thought.
  11. Hairston- excellent corner, particularly in the slot, one of the best in the draft class, 1 INT on the season, several lass breakups.

    I don’t need to reiterate what Ballard said again do I? It’s time to head to the google translator to see what ‘back on’ means.
  13. What should Ballard do?

    This can be used with Chubb in a similar game-changing context, like a strip sack against the Pats or a playoff team to win the game. Theoreticals are great, but I want to see combine performances and then BPA all day.
  14. What should Ballard do?

    Trade back value would be absolutely absurd: trade back, let someone take Barkley, get Chubb if all works out well. Take Nelson if he’s gone.