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  1. ColtsBlitz

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    I agree because Ballard wouldn’t say ‘he has a chip on his shoulder and is going to prove a lot of people wrong’ if he didn’t expect Luck to be ready for the start of the 2018 season. And he’s throwing weighted balls. Those are heavier than footballs. The workload of throwing a lot in practice shouldn’t be overbearing by any means. He’s gonna be as ready as he can be come August
  2. ColtsBlitz

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    What?? We allowed 10 sacks vs one team. LMAO, I thought the video analysis was off to begin with since he had Nelson lower than Smith. His ‘athleticism’ will not make him better than Nelson and Nelson is the better athlete anyway. He has more bend and better setup than Smith does, speed does not equal athleticism. I’m not coming at you, but the YouTuber for his awful evaluation. Our offensive line was awful last year and Nelson should be in the high 80 range. Not 70s
  3. ColtsBlitz

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    If our defense is as good as I think it is, we can get a wild card spot or even win the division, but we need to show we can beat the Jaguars and the Texans at full strength. The Titans I’m not worried about because they barely beat us last year and we were garbage.
  4. ColtsBlitz

    Quenton Nelson

    Mind reader :O
  5. ColtsBlitz

    Name one team

    49ers in Kansas City out I think the bills are a decent miss option too
  6. ColtsBlitz

    May 16th, 2018: Day 500

    It’s Luck though, so the rust will wear off rather quickly.
  7. ColtsBlitz

    Former Colt Kelvin Hayden engaged

    Good for him! The age gap is a bit different, but I’m glad he’s happy!
  8. ColtsBlitz

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/11/2018

    thought this was worth posting
  9. It’s EA though... They’re gonna find some way to screw it up D:
  10. ColtsBlitz

    Andrew Luck is Dr. Dre

    The whole article described in 5 words: Writer: “Is Luck Dr. Dre?” Grant: “Yeh”
  11. ColtsBlitz

    2017 & 2018 Rebuild (Years 1 & 2)

    I kinda came at it narrow minded on the fact this is based on how athletic the players we drafted are. Ballard found leaders and yes, football players. I’m actually really excited about this draft class, but I try to withhold it in order to reduce disappointment should they not work out. The fact that they are athletic sets them up better for success, so cherrio!
  12. ColtsBlitz

    52nd pick: Indianapolis Colts select DE Kemoko Turay

    Now I know for next year I suppose! XD
  13. ColtsBlitz

    2017 & 2018 Rebuild (Years 1 & 2)

    Okay, I’m not trying to be pessimistic, but an athlete is not a football player. There are millions of athletes in the world. There are very few professional football players comparatively. I do like the fact that Ballard is going after athletic leaders though, it is a sign that that’s what he wants here and we need leaders among this young group of men that form the Indianapolis Colts
  14. ColtsBlitz

    Doesn't It Feel Wonderful?

    If our rookies on defense are really good, then we are already super bowl contenders assuming our offense returns to its former glory.