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  1. I think Dorsett has just as good or better hands than Moncrief. I like Moncrief more, but he body catches way too much. Dorsett seems like a good kid too, so I hope he can put it together.
  2. That blue lambo though...
  3. I don't think he's getting cut this year. Ballard says he likes what Gore brings to the locker room and he is someone that can help teach the younger backs we have. When Gore leaves, I'll really miss him. I love his character and his love for the game. Also a very respectful player. Someone the young guys in the locker room can look up to.
  4. There is no way Scam Newton should be higher than Luck. I'm pretty sure Cam had more pick 6's than Bortles this year, and that's saying a lot
  5. Good to hear Quincy Wilsons injury doesn't seem too bad. We really can't lose corners this year like we did last year.
  6. This should be great. Now they can hold on to more players longer to make more precise evaluations. Maybe this will raise the talent level slightly overall in the NFL?
  7. If Quan Bray returns, then he does.
  8. Not cut this year, I meant letting him move on next year since this is his contract year. Sorry about that.
  9. Here's some highlights of Crossan just in case you haven't already seen them. Personally, I think Crossan makes the roster or at least the practice squad. He has some elusiveness to go with decent speed and power running, similar to Varga. If he can just get better as the year goes on, (assuming he stays with us) next year I see him as our 3rd back behind Turbin and Mack since I feel Gore will be let go. Thoughts on Crossan? Edit: Also, if Crossan does make it, I think Ferguson would be let go. Not unreasonable since Mack is basically a better version of him.
  10. I never heard he was behind schedule. If it's true, then there is some concern, but he was expected by training camp right? I can't see him being too far behind and I'm with you on crossing my fingers. No Andrew, playoffs are a long shot.
  11. I really hope Anderson can get back to what he was his rookie year, because it seemed like he was in on every play. Elite or above average play from him will be key for our pass rush and run D this year. Prayers with him on his knee and that it's back to normal.
  12. The doctors said all is well, and I can trust them. They wouldn't lie, and Andrew looks happy and fine. As long as we don't rush him back, which Ballard has stressed they won't, he should be fine as he is rehabbing and strengthening it daily.
  13. I think we have a great chance of going 6-0 again in our division, which would almost guarantee a playoff position. Each team and why: Titans: Tennessee hasn't beaten us since 2011, so that says a lot. Though Mariota is good, and their defense is solid, they never have an answer for Luck and Mariota plays poorly against us. I think we sweep them again, with them being the hardest team in our division. Jaguars: Blake Bortles is 'getting better', but I don't believe in him, nor should Jags fans, since his best stat is more pick 6's than wins. Their defense was 6th last year, and it will be better, but even if it is, it can't be much better. Fournette will be scary, but their offensive line is still poor, and our loss last year was because of a slow start on offense, and a 4th and 1 drop. Doesn't get much closer than that. Going 2-0 with our defense potentially top 20 and an offensive line that has gotten better won't be as difficult as it was last year, going 1-1. Texans- The Texans defense is still good, don't get me wrong, but you don't just replace your #1 corner. Bouye left for Jacksonville as we know and Wilfork retired, so their defense will regress. Desean Watson is a rookie qb that can win, but that was college and mostly off of his running ability. His passing is questionable IMO and I don't think he will make that great of an impact his first year, but it will be more impactful than Oswieler. The Titans have surpassed the Texans in this division on paper and I don't think the Texans will make a return to the playoffs this year. 2-0 vs the Texans may be more of a mental hurdle, but both games last year were determined by one possession, and let's not forget the INT to Allen as he fell down. 4-2 or better in the division will almost guarantee a playoff spot unless the 2 losses are a sweep by one team and the other teams we play are mediocre at best besides Pittsburgh. My prediction for our record is 11-5, with losses to Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Texans, Broncos and the Seahawks. And on Lucks injury: we all know how much he loves football, he has a flip phone for God sake. He is taking care of himself and doing all he can to rehab and get better. Geathers was placed on IR and has had a lot of time to recover as well. I think both will be healthy and ready to go, and we just have to pray no injury happens in camp or any other time. Also, let's play that this football season comes fast, because $$$$ I miss it.
  14. This is now the most pointless and irrelevant thread on this forum. Delete, Delete, Delete!!1!

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