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  1. Andrew to return in week 6?

    The idea this team is 'bad' is laughable. We haven't even seen our best players on the field through our first 2 games and "fans" are already trashing their favorite team. What a year
  2. Practice, Injuries, Stats, & More

    I see you play Madden...
  3. AFC South- This Week

    Their injuries keep stacking up
  4. TY guarantees Colts win in browns game.

    We haven't "stooped", our starting franchise quarterback is out.
  5. Ballard turning things around

    Sheard to me seems like a run stopper, but he was brought in for pass rush purposes. Just my view on the matter.
  6. AFC South- This Week

    Jags are more likely to beat the Ravens than any of our division winning their games. The Ravens are not a very good team. They do have a solid defense so they have a good chance with Bortles at QB.
  7. Joe Haeg

    Had our receivers been getting open his few mistakes would've been overlooked. Brisett had to hold the ball for at least 5 seconds on those plays because literally everyone was staying covered. Just like last time a backup QB was in, our receivers disappeared. They should be held more accountable.
  8. Good Brissett Breakdown on StampedeBlue

    Chandler Jones is one of the best rushers in the NFL. It isn't surprising Castanzo struggled.
  9. Colts Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread

    They do already have Garropolo. Edelman went down so they needed a WR.
  10. Colts Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread

    We have to admit, penalties are much better than last year. Bad timing, but only one tonight.
  11. The Jaguars ran all over us last year week 17 with Corey Grant so that's "where all this talk is coming from." Name at any point last year where our run defense held a back to 2.1 ypc on 19 rushes. Add to that 33 rushes for 65 yards. There are none. Run defense is most definitely improved whereas our secondary is still garbage without Davis on the field. The rookies still have a chance to make an impact, but it doesn't look good there.
  12. Another Wasted Season

    This year they don't look so good
  13. Looking for answers

    Let's not forget who we are missing besides Luck: Vontae Davis, Erik Swoope, Clayton Geathers, Ryan Kelly. All of the 5 named players are huge impacts for this team. Imagine another team without their franchise QB, stud corner and safety, deep TE threat, and starting safety, who has in the box talent. We have improved I believe, our secondary needs time to improve, and that may not be this year sadly. I still will be on this ride the whole rest of the 16 weeks of the regular season
  14. Jacoby Brissett Must Start in Week 2

    He's probably evaluating whether the coaching staff is capable of making their own decisions to see if he wants to fire them or not. I think this week was a clear indication the staff is clueless to what needs to be done