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  1. I say we just #LeaveItUpToChris
  2. What position? Linebacker I'm guessing?
  3. I pretty much agree here. Pass rush has improved with the likes of Simon and Sheard, but our biggest ILB addition is who, Sean Spence. My biggest Draft needs are CB, ILB, OLB, S. I have ILB after CB because at least we have added some new pieces at ILB while none at corner, and I'm definitely not confident with Melvin at CB2 for 60 minutes a game.
  4. I couldn't give you an exact number, but if Haeg is the weak link, then the O-line is pretty solid because I thought Haeg was pretty good for a 4th rounder
  5. Seems realistic, hopefully it works out for us
  6. Same here. If we only allowed 13 sacks in the last 8 games, what would that turn into with a Forrest protecting Luck?
  7. Hmm, wasn't aware he made rankings, but that would be intriguing.
  8. No QB's top 25. Notable Rankings: Forrest Lamp, 8th Derek Barnett, 12th Haason Reddick, 13th Gareon Conley, 16th Since mentioned recently, TJ Watt came in at 44th
  9. Apart from 2 fully intact Achilles tendons . Best one-liner I've heard today
  10. Understandable, but our defense will, IMO, be at least in the top 20 assuming we get at least a starting corner (Conley) and another pass rusher. This is also contingent on our new players understanding the scheme, but I'm confident
  11. Although Frank Gore is a beast, I'm pretty sure Luck is actually faster than Gore. A faster back may have had a breakaway.
  12. Conley is definitely my want for round 1
  13. Kiper needs to get off a few things.... particularly thinks related to this day...
  14. With Hankins and a healthy Langford and Anderson, and a decent LB corp, I promise he will have a tough time breaking 80

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