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  1. This should be in the newspaper. I'm not kidding, you should try to publish this
  2. Also, screen passes with an experienced MLB like Cushing most likely covering the RB was another reason it was stupid on 4th and 1. Just run a quick pass, rollout pass, pitch play, etc. Screens on short distance are *ic since the one catching is already behind the line of scrimmage. On top of that, the defense is planning on a short pass, so they are either going to blitz up the middle or man up. I really hope we can beat the Texans because tbh, I'm tired of losing to them.
  3. This series is where a speed back would have changed the drive. We didn't have one then obviously (although I think Jordan Todman should've seen more reps as one) but now with Mack that will be different. I agree the play calling is questionable sometimes in key moments, but Chud should only get better with experience with our offense and if not, he will have to go. A lot is on the coaches this year, especially O coaches since Luck still hasn't thrown.
  4. Joel "The Process" Imbeid.... Andrew "The Process" Luck.... hopefully this is just overcaution, but I would be lying if I didn't say it's worrying Luck isn't at least throwing a few balls a day.
  5. Because I'm pretty sure Tom Brady and Roethlisberger alone have more Super Bowls than all the NFC current qbs combined.
  6. And it's still better than the nfc.
  7. We will be one of the most competitive divisions this year. I would put money on it.
  8. Definitely a good back. Nice signing.
  9. I think Dorsett has just as good or better hands than Moncrief. I like Moncrief more, but he body catches way too much. Dorsett seems like a good kid too, so I hope he can put it together.
  10. That blue lambo though...
  11. I don't think he's getting cut this year. Ballard says he likes what Gore brings to the locker room and he is someone that can help teach the younger backs we have. When Gore leaves, I'll really miss him. I love his character and his love for the game. Also a very respectful player. Someone the young guys in the locker room can look up to.
  12. There is no way Scam Newton should be higher than Luck. I'm pretty sure Cam had more pick 6's than Bortles this year, and that's saying a lot
  13. Good to hear Quincy Wilsons injury doesn't seem too bad. We really can't lose corners this year like we did last year.
  14. This should be great. Now they can hold on to more players longer to make more precise evaluations. Maybe this will raise the talent level slightly overall in the NFL?
  15. If Quan Bray returns, then he does.

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