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  1. TJ Green released? (Speculation)

    Please make this Green experiment end.
  2. Hankins Released

    Woods is next to be jettisoned.
  3. Hankins Released

    Ballard: We are switching to a 4/3 defense, are you in or are you out? Hankins: I'm out.
  4. Pondering Ballard's Draft Philosophy

    How soon everyone forgets what happens when a GM blows cap money wildly on the free agent market. See Grigson's tenure in Indianapolis.
  5. Meh, some posters on here are straight jacket worthy before they put ten toes over a 7 story balcony. You are right about discussing it though.
  6. Free Agency Good Colts News Thread

    It's a good thing I read this thread before I started a 'go fund me' account on facebook and try to keep Moncrief in house.
  7. Colts FA - no news is good news

    Thanks for bringing up Cory Simon's name, almost forgot about that piece of dog lawn furniture.
  8. Free Agency Good Colts News Thread

    Whoa whoa whoa wait! 10 million a year for Moncrief? That isn't exactly good news but it sure is hilarious news.
  9. Colts announce 4 rights have been tendered

    Vujnovich? Didn't he rate last of all offensive linemen last year?
  10. I was typing when you posted, our views are very similar.
  11. I agree with your Luck assessment, but Grigson tried to win quickly with bold FA moves and look where he ran the the dirt.
  12. I for one believe Ballard is doing his job the right way, very similar to what Belichick is doing in NE. He has a plan and a vision but most people want instant gratification.
  13. I have a novel idea. Why don't fans wait 3 or 4 years and let Ballard do his job and see the direction the franchise is going before going all mental.