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  1. Gore, Turbin and Mack make the cut and Crossan goes to the practice squad. I didn't write it clearly.
  2. This is Gore's last season. The RB stable should be Gore, Turbin, Mack and Crossan on the practice squad while Ferguson getting cut.
  3. Practice squad and Gore isn't getting cut LOL.
  4. Easily Pete Carol. I walked through the house cussing like a lunatic for 5 minutes straight with that bone head play call.....5 minutes is a very long time cussing while not taking a breath.
  5. If he is better than Booger McFarland then we have something.
  6. It drives me crazy the way Pagano praises players before they even have earned their keep. He is an eclipse, he takes up the whole locker room, a rolling ball of butcher knives. It appears certain players are entitled to a roster spot before they even play the first pre-season game.
  7. Pagano and Chud don't understand the concept of a 'move the chains' offense. It's chunk play or bust with those two.
  8. I vote for top D. Give Luck a very good offensive line and let him figure out how to score with less talent around him. Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer did it and they aren't half the QB Luck is.
  9. That was the mistake made by the previous GMs thought process of offense and skill players first. They built teams to sell tickets and Ballard is building to win titles.
  10. You could lump both Polians in the 'not getting it' group.
  11. I was on the Lamp bandwagon but Ballard made the right choice in Hooker. Safeties like him don't grow on trees.
  12. This way of doing it netted the Pats 5 titles to our 1 in the same time period. Glad we are moving to a 'not too nice' way of building a team.
  13. Unfortunately if Ballard is going to preach competition then some heads are going to roll. You can bet the 53 that make the team will be motivated and hungry or their job will be in jeopardy.
  14. Very good point, maybe we can get some kind of a pressure up the middle with our much upgraded D linemen and our injured guys getting back on the field. With a push up the middle it would make it easier for the linebackers to get to the QB with the big fatties not being an after thought. It also doesn't hurt having younger and faster legs in the defensive backfield.
  15. Obvious choice no one thought of. Agreed 100%

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