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  1. My belief why Dorsett is misused is because Luck doesn't have confidence in anyone not named TY or Doyle. A QB will not look someone's way if the hands aren't sound, which is why Doyle was resigned and Aiken was brought in. Just trying to read Ballards mind on this.
  2. The only thing winning the last game of the season last year did was push us back to the 15th draft pick this year.
  3. We agree that our TE squad aren't world beaters but Ballard already stated that if two BPA are available then he would pick for the biggest need position. There is going to be a ton of talent of varying positions at pick 15 and this is why a TE probably won't be picked in our first round. We can find a decent TE in UDFA if he isn't on the team already.
  4. We have out TE position set for next season, I just hope we don't use a draft pick on a TE regardless of being the BPA.
  5. Progress in every aspect of the team from last year. offense, defense, lines, lbers, secondary and special teams.....and Luck making better decisions. I'm not asking for much just progress over last year.
  6. A rotator cuff injury for someone who is about to make a living tackling with his shoulders isn't a good thing.
  7. Sorry for your loss
  8. I didn't realize it was photoshoped? Luck in the huddle: "Someone help me tie my cape....ok, I'm going to hand the ball off then you fumble at the goal line, I will then pick it off of the turf and fly into the end zone for a touchdown, on the count of three break"
  9. He could have opted for Griffin so I gotta Give him that one.
  10. Grigson signed a few gems but even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. I would go with Luck, TY and Davis.
  11. Put Hankins in front of sheard and Turbin in the mix for the resigned players but I agree for the most part.
  12. Packer fans are down to earth and not overly cocky like some fan bases so it's not hard to pull for them in a game that doesn't involve the Colts.
  13. If Ballard goes defense then BPA but if he goes offense then Lamp all the way. A RB in the first round would be a Grigsonesque soft pick and would raise an eyebrow If he is really serious about building the lines and defense.
  14. Ballard has plugged a lot of holes or at least put in a solid effort to do so this off season. I kinda side with Carlos and believe he may be finished with free agents until undrafted free agency after the draft. Am I the only one stoked to see what Ballard does in the draft and with UDFA?
  15. Compared to free agent signings in the past A+++++++

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