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  1. Maybe the Colts will play like a hammer instead of the nail this season.
  2. 10 wins minimum.
  3. Imagine what they could rank if they could shore up the 3 and outs.
  4. Sometimes less is more in some cases so a simpler offense can't be a bad thing sometimes. The offense wasn't quite as bad as our defense last season but is far from being as efficient as it could be. 3 and outs were tough to watch last year, let's hope there is more chain moving this season.
  5. He has a slight advantage by knowing Chuds system in his second season over the new guys but did he make enough progress in the off-season is the big question. Our 4th rb will most likely shine on special teams to be able to make the roster whether it's Michael, Ferguson, Crossan or some other udfa that stands out in pre-season. Its going to be interesting to watch.
  6. This is a make or break year for Ferguson. If he doesn't make the cut on our team then his nfl days are most likely over.
  7. Turbin is similar to Jack Doyle. Just does his job quietly and produces.
  8. Reasons for not going 8-8. Starting players coming back healthy 'for now', 2nd season under monachino defensive leadership, offensive line gelling, defensive acquisitions in the off-season and player's urgency to perform at a high level with the new GM watching every snap. 10-6/11--5 record at worst.
  9. This goes against what Ballard is preaching. The starting linemen are feeling pretty entitled about now.
  10. Very few safeties in the history of the NFL blew up players like Bob did much less Geathers. Dungy said he had to take Sanders out of practice because he didn't know how to slow down his hitting mentality, even on his own teamates.
  11. I couldn't be a bigger fan of Mathis but his communication skills kinda suck
  12. It wouldnt let me delete my post
  13. .
  14. Ballard continues with his competition theory. I myself would have been fine with the rb stable of Gore, Turbin, Mack and possibly Crossan but Ballard thought otherwise. I like his aggressiveness.
  15. That would make sense if he was speaking of the defense. A ton of players on offense appear to be locked in.

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