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  1. Our players would end up looking like 140 lb cross country runners by mid season.
  2. He wasn't the coach but he built teams to sell tickets instead of winning titles. His team's were soft and got bullied in the playoffs. Manning also masked His deficiencies much like he did mediocre receivers and offensive players around him.
  3. Only one Lombardi with many seasons as Manning as the QB at Indy. While the Broncos won a title with Manning in half of the time with defense and line play. Polian wasn't that great.
  4. I am looking for Ballard to be more successful than Polian because he understands the importance of solid lines and defense. Irsay looks to have hit a home run with this hire.
  5. I read where Pagano was frustrated about players going to the trainers for nicks, cuts, bumps and bruises and not playing through minimal injuries. Was Dorsett one of the guys he was referring to?
  6. If Luck can stay healthy long enough until Ballard can put a team around him then maybe he can eek out a title before he retires.
  7. Chuckisfrucked would be an awesome user name.
  8. When a team comes across a franchise qb, the first thing that should be done is to keep him healthy and protected. These picks are good but obviously not good enough. People will be sorely disappointed when we are looking to find a serviceable qb after having Manning and Luck.
  9. The constant injuries every year want to make me yell the F bomb consecutively ten times in a row and follow it up with ten more. Drives me totally to insanity.
  10. I agree completely with you and was very happy with Ballard's draft. Finding quality linemen is much easier than finding franchise quarterbacks. Luck won't make year ten if they don't figure out a solution soon.
  11. Backups quickly become starters with this teams injury history. the O line has historically been under par in Indy. Luck's health and longevity of his career shouldn't be in the hands of 5-7 draft picks. Dumpster diving for O linemen needs to stop. Minus the Kelly pick.
  12. And the first pick in the 2018 draft of the Indianapolis Colts is _____ insert top offensive lineman here.
  13. This may be the best thing for Green by being able to focus mainly the guy in front of him instead of the whole field. He should be able to stick to most receivers with his speed and height.
  14. It's really no different than any other season here but Ballard will most likely weed out often injured players and keep players that the team can count on for Sundays. I would be a little paranoid on this team if I couldn't stay healthy.

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