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  1. dodsworth

    The Colts running game

    The best offensive line we have had in years, along with a competent coaching staff will do wonders for the running game and offense in general.
  2. dodsworth

    Rodney Harrison on nbc sports radio

    Rodney Harrison's Patriots days of winning titles are over. Last year was the end of their title runs. Brady is in his 40's and the seams in the locker room are unraveling. The Colt's arrow is pointing up and the Pat's is pointing down.
  3. Ebron and Braden Smith. Ebron has been getting a lot of touches thus far in practice.
  4. Holdout flakes. They are missing valuable time on the field as rookies.
  5. dodsworth

    Are we going to a RPO system.

    The good thing about the RPO system is that Belicheck won't be able to cheat, even if he video tapes or not.
  6. dodsworth

    Are we going to a RPO system.

    Watching the metamorphosis of this offense this year is going to be a pleasant thing to behold.
  7. Whoever started this thread had to know it would be a divided war on which side to stand.
  8. Great guy but a horrible coach. Colts football will now be watchable again.
  9. dodsworth

    Nunez-Roches a Sleeper?

    We need 8 starting caliber D linemen so I hope he can back up his words and be a force.
  10. dodsworth

    Polian/Dungy vs Ballard/Reich defense

    So you are saying there will be no Keyonta Dawsons on the interior of the D line? Seriously though, if Ballard can field faster linebackers than the Dungy teams then The NFL should be put on notice. His defense would swarm like bees.
  11. dodsworth

    Polian/Dungy vs Ballard/Reich defense

    Polian used his 1st rd picks on offense more often than not. Ballard used his 1st pick on offense but a trench player. Polian liked his skill offensive skill players in the 1st which I disagreed with him on that. I agree with Ballard's personnel approach so far.
  12. The Dungy defense was about the bend but don't break theory, so what will be the difference with Reich's defense compared to Dungy's? Reich want's a platoon of defensive linemen to keep them fresh. Will this be the difference between both coaches and the effectiveness of their defenses?
  13. dodsworth

    #2 receiver

    He flourished playing with Peyton Manning like a lot of receivers over the years. After he left Denver, he was mediocre at best. Hard pass.
  14. dodsworth

    Eric Ebron

    Ebron seems to be getting a lot of focus during OTAs per Stampede Blue article. Reich appears to like his new toy.