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  1. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    Worst in sacks given up? Franchise player QB Luck out all season?welp let’s draft anything other then offensive lineman because the O line just had injuries, no other reason they were so bad. Sarcasm
  2. Offseason Mock 2.0

    Are you Daft? Do you even watch Football? Mewhort out all season and he missed significant time previous year. Love the guy but he likely is physically done with recurring knee issues.we don’t yet have Norwell or rookie Okorfor. Franchise QB out entire season, he has missed other season due to lacerated kidney. Jacoby repeatedly sacked this year. What is our offensive line ranked this year or last year? Good God man
  3. Offseason Mock 2.0

    I do agree with you about injuries and need for suitable back ups,however our starters on O-Line pedestrian at best
  4. Offseason Mock 2.0

    Crap. I don’t understand how anyone who has watched Colts formpast 4 years can not grasp that offensive line and protecting the quarterback paramount. One free agent and one rookie draft pick? A running back when your franchise quarterback and his backup get smashed and pummeled every Sunday? You coukd have Walter Payton and Barry Sanders but behind this line they will look average. This is a QB driven league and Colts can not keep their QB upright. Common Sense is lost with Joe Fan
  5. How to fix the colts for 2018

    Great post and spot on
  6. First 2018 Colt Mock

    Round 1:Offensive Line Rounds 2-7: More Offensive lineman Luck got wrecked for years.Career in jeapordy. Jacoby now getting mauled weekly. Have to focus on offensive line this off season as well as inside linebackers
  7. Le Raven Clark a Healthy Scratch

    New Colts Fan,brother this offensive line is getting Jacoby wrecked! As Hillary’s book title goes “what happened?”
  8. Offensive Line is Offensive

    New Colts fan, how does the crow taste? I’m not a new poster and have been on this forum for years- the offensive line is atrocious and you defending them zeros out all credibility. #clueless
  9. Offensive Line is Offensive

    My brothers I hate to say I told you so but.,,,, Last spring me and a few other me,bees were clamoring for offensive line picks early in the draft. Captain Obvious from Q95 fame could see Mewhort was going to have chronic knee issues, Joe Haeg lacked the horsepower, and Castonzo inconsistent. Franchise player 12 chronically hurt due in part to poor offensive line. So many holes to fill and games won or lost in the trenches. Colts have to focus on the offensive line next year or 12 will be out again. I want some mean and nasty dudes on that O-Line. Bad breath, spitting fire raw meat eating lineman
  10. Zach Banner is charasmatic and seems like a good dude. Because of this and his freakish size, many of us rooted for him and hoped he could get weight down and be stud right tackle. He may be on practice squad and eventually make an NFL roster but NFL requires speed and athleticism, Banner is limited. Hopefully our line continues to improve as I'm tired of seeing Luck in street clothes. I suspect Colts will be drafting O-Line early again next year
  11. Left Tackle competition

    Dude is a warrior and works hard but he was put in at right guard last year because we had no one else!
  12. I absolutely love this pick and ecstatic he fell to us. Walker is going to be great
  13. Left Tackle competition

    Haeg is a good back up tackle. He is not starter caliber at tackle and certainly not guard. He is too puny. Swenke will be starting right guard, Haeg back up tackle. If Fat man from Mars Hill ( D Good) doesn't up his game, he might not make the roster. Ballard has no connection to him unlike the scrub Grigson so his spot on team not guaranteed. Colts have lots of new faces and few spots on team are locked down
  14. Colts select Zach Banner, OL, USC (Merge)

    I concur. He has had injuries and all that weight playing a collision sport....in addition to being slow and ineffective in space, I fear he will be chronically injured. Sadly I bet in 3 years he is not even in the league. I hope I'm wrong as we need o-line depth, Quality depth
  15. I love this pick and thought he would go sooner in the draft