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  1. Dude is a warrior and works hard but he was put in at right guard last year because we had no one else!
  2. I absolutely love this pick and ecstatic he fell to us. Walker is going to be great
  3. Haeg is a good back up tackle. He is not starter caliber at tackle and certainly not guard. He is too puny. Swenke will be starting right guard, Haeg back up tackle. If Fat man from Mars Hill ( D Good) doesn't up his game, he might not make the roster. Ballard has no connection to him unlike the scrub Grigson so his spot on team not guaranteed. Colts have lots of new faces and few spots on team are locked down
  4. I concur. He has had injuries and all that weight playing a collision sport....in addition to being slow and ineffective in space, I fear he will be chronically injured. Sadly I bet in 3 years he is not even in the league. I hope I'm wrong as we need o-line depth, Quality depth
  5. I love this pick and thought he would go sooner in the draft
  6. Seems like a good dude with heart but he is too big and slow. Wasted pick. We need to solidify the offensive line but there were better choices in round 4. This is the only head scratching pick,of the draft. Solid job by Ballard but round 4 on an overweight guy who can work in space to protect the franchise quarterback?
  7. Boom love it.
  8. Good Lord this guy has off the field issues and injury concerns. I wouldn't pick him in the first round. Florida linebacker better choice
  9. I'm not willing to gamble with the health of our franchise player Andrew Luck. I'm not saying o-line round one but you gotta pick guard or tackle early
  10. We need to pick up,an offensive lineman early. Not round one but before round 4. Those who say otherwise ignore Luck having two surgeries in two years and low ranked line #25. Haeg is not a starter, Mewhort has been banged up and Coz not a great left tackle.
  11. Legend I agree with you 100%. A great pass rush more important and we need someone who can get after opposing teams QB

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