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  1. I like Langford a lot but I don't think he makes the roster this year. Colts going young
  2. For past three years I've railed against Grigson and the coaches for allowing Andrew Luck to takes beatings. He has been hit more than any other QB due to crap offensive line and too long pass routes by Chud Offense plays. Shorter pass routes like Patriots employ and at least one or two more stud lineman needed. Otherwise it does not matter how much better our defense is because number 12 will be sitting on the sidelines due to another serious injury. if Luck is out, Colts are done. You really want average lineman protecting him?
  3. Boom I like your first mock better. Also, why am I freaking obsessed with this particular draft? Colts need to get this right. I do like Barnett in round one
  4. I don't think a first round pick should be used on an offensive lineman; However I strongly believe either the second or third round pick should be used. Without Andrew luck, this team will not win regardless of how good the defense is. Luck has taken an utter beating since coming here. This is completely unacceptable. We still have many questions on our offensive line including wondering if Jack Mewhort can stay healthy and who are right guard is going to be
  5. I agree Good needs to lose some pounds. He is not my definition of a Mauler. I'd actually pick up a starting guard in round 2 or 3. Other than one offensive lineman and perhaps running back, i go all defense in this draft
  6. I've repeatedly stated I do not believe Haeg is the answer at right guard. Luck is too important to risk it. Need a mauler there
  7. Great video thank you
  8. Ballard picks nose tackle with one of the 3 fourth round picks we have. If I'm wrong this post willl self-destruct
  9. Finally someone gets it! Luck's injuries piling up and he has been wrecked and beat down due to horrendous offensive line
  10. Man we need a hoss in the middle. I'm sure Ballard get true nose tackle somewhere in the draft. What round is this guy projected to go?
  11. This is the best mock I've seen. Great picks in every round
  12. The whole draft last year did not focus on offensive line. What was our 2nd round pick? We did pick up at least two good lineman last year. I am not saying offensive lineman should be picked in round 1 or more than one lineman taken in first 4 rounds. I am saying that the most important player, Andrew Luck, continually gets wrecked and our offensive line still needs work. Two surgeries for Luck in two years? C'MON MAN use your head!!! Round 1 should be defense but with Mewhorts history of injuries, uncertainty at right guard and right tackle position, that is 3 spots on the offensive line that has questions. If Luck goes down you can have 1985 Bears defense and Colts are not going to win a ring. Somewhere in round 2 or 3 if an quality offensive lineman chosen I wouldn't be upset. I would go all D in this draft for every pick except one running back and one offensive lineman.
  13. You are 100% incorrect
  14. Great picks there! I still want a nasty and tough guard somewhere in the draft

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