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  1. I still think Bostic will contribute more than a guy like Josh McNary did. McNary was a solid special teams guy. But Bostic can play special teams too. Maybe not as well. However, I fully expect Bostic to be light years better as a backup LB when compared to how terrible McNary was there. In the end I am most excited to see what Spence can do w a full compliment of snaps and excited to see how Walker progresses throughout the year.
  2. Very interesting choice. Buffalo is moving back towards a 4-3 from what i have read and already are stating that Ragland and Brown will compete at MLB with Brown likely going to Weak side if Ragland mans the middle and Ragland possibly going to strong side if Brown mans the middle. Wonder where Hodges fits there? If i were him i think I would have signed w the Giants and tried to take over in the middle there. Still, hopefully this works out for him.
  3. Fun topic. I'd mostly agree. Though I'd go: 1. Luck 2. Hilton 3. Vinatieri 4. Mewhort 5. Davis I really think Mewhort is a pro-bowler with All-Pro potential is a year away from getting Lang/Zeitler money after this season if he stays healthy. That's why I was really hoping we would lock him up long term before he stays healthy for 16 games and turns in a fantastic season.
  4. I think that is exactly what it is . Visiting Buff and then allegedly the NYG too. If you cannot find someone to pay you what you want, you go and visit everyone and see if someone, anyone will pay you. If not, then you take the 1 year deal that you feel either pays you best or gives you the best chance to land another big payday the following year. I would love to get Hodges, but i do not think we are going to be the team that pays him best. So he would have to come here based on the opportunity to play well and pad his future offers.
  5. Definitely excited about this. If the rumors are true and it really is $15.9M guaranteed and $10.5M in that first year, then even better. We can easily stomach the $10.5 this year and only owing $5.4M beyond year one if something doesn't work out well is actually pretty decent. If at the beginning of FA someone would have said "You can sign 28 year old Brandon Williams or you can sign 25 year old Johnathan Hankins for 60% of the overall contract value and under 50% of the guaranteed value" i would say Hankins would have been the no-brainer to me. I personally love the fact that it is NOT one of those 1 year deals and gives us a multi-year deal on a young and talented guy. i also love that it is not a 5 year deal like Williams got and basically gives us most or all of Hankins' prime years. Having him from age 25-27 is prime. And it works out well for him too. If he performs, he can still hit the streets for another big deal when he reaches Brandon Williams' age.
  6. I will say that CB's approach is different than what we are used to and that isn't necessarily bad. The one thing I think we all got spoiled with (and maybe one of the the only good things about that regime) was that when Grigson brought a guy in, he closed. It was rare that we brought in a guy or expressed actual interest in a guy and then didn't get them to sign on the dotted line. Now clearly most of the guys we inked back then did not live up to expectations. But, I will say that I was impressed w how most of those signings were structured in a way that it did not hurt us cap-wise. Think of all of the swings and misses and yet we are in a great cap situation now and even moving forward (even w Luck's big extension and T.Y.'s extension). I'll speak for myself in saying that my biggest disappointment this off-season has nothing to do w who we have and have not gone after. I am more-so disappointed that we have not closed as successfully on guys this year as we have in the past. Hopefully in that regard alone this year is an anomaly.
  7. I will say that I don't think Ayers has shown anything yet to lead me to believe he could make that transition, but you never know. One guy who did it recently (out of drastic need) was Clay Mathews a year or two ago for part of a season. When GB was taking big losses at ILB due to injury, I remember Clay playing there a lot out of necessity. He even did a decent job. But it was a total waste of his skill set and pass rushing prowess. Still some guys can make that switch. But few really should or can be successful when asked to (at least in a 3-4 that is).
  8. At the end of the day, I think most folks would think this is a draft best served to focus early and often on defense. Either a pass rusher or a corner or Foster or Reddick. That said, while I am not against taking an offensive lineman if it makes sense, this class isn't anything special. And if I were to take one I would be more inclined to go w Lamp and plug him in at RG. I think we have a few guys who can be serviceable at RT. Clark has worlds of potential and needs some experience to build. Haeg might be better suited at RG, but he can surely play RT for us. Good as well. So because of all of that, I would not be overly thrilled used the 15th overall spot on Ramczyk.
  9. There's still a bunch of guys w some potential out on the street that I'd love for us to make some small $, short terms offers to in hopes of landing some: Will Compton Gerald Hodges Sam Barrington Nickell Roby-Coleman Brandon Boykin Justin Gilbert TJ McDonald I know Hodges seems to be a forum favorite. I'd love to make a run at Compton, though. He is not anything spectacular. But he is still only 27 and has experience not just starting as an ILB in the 3-4, but also leading a defense and calling plays. I know he didn't "grade out" well as per places like PFF, but having watched him play he is still a guy I would want on my team. Barrington i had some hopes for when with GB and he never truly panned out. I wouldn't mind kicking the tires on him if Compton or Hodges were no goes. I know Roby-Coleman is another forum fave, but i also wouldn't mind seeing if Pagano and company couldn't squeeze some of the untapped potential out of either Boykin or Gilbert. Boykin was a heck of a slot guy in Philly initially and then he just seemed to struggle there and in Pitt lately. Gilbert would just be a guy I'd love to see what the staff could do with and if they could ever get him to reach any of that potential that made him a 1st round pick way back when. With re-signing Butler, safety is a bit less of a need. But McDonald is still young and experienced and I would love adding him and allowing Butler to help in the slot at times or allow Geathers to play in the box more if we went to a 3 Safety set, etc. I still hope we are not completely done w free agency and that we add a few pieces of the scrap heap as free agency winds down
  10. Agreed. Though i do think they probably thought Sean Spence for 1 year and $3M is better than Brown for 2 years and $12M. Since we did not get Minter and he went for 1 year and $4.5M, my guess would be that the Colts were looking all along for an ILB that would be willing to take a contract at the $3M a year range and Spence was the first to bite where Minter and Brown turned their nose up at that. Pure speculation, but connecting all the dots it does seem to make sense.
  11. We will not be getting Brown based on what we currently know. We know he "talked" with us. And then there was nothing after that. We know he visited Oakland and seemed offended by what they offered him. We know he just visited Miami and left without a deal and basically said he wasn't going to shut the door on them or even on Oakland but that he wanted to see if there were better offers out there. We know he fired his agent and hired new ones. At this point he is looking for the largest pay day possible. If he goes the 1 year route, he has to be targeting more than the $4.5M Minter got based on his Pro Bowl season, statistics, etc. I cannot see the Colts dropping $5-6M for 1 year on him when they just put out a 1 year deal for Spence. Sadly, I think the Brown ship has long sailed for us. Hope I am wrong.
  12. They grabbed Timmons already too. Thats a nice re-made LB corps if they get Brown as well.
  13. Im most excited to see what Simon can do with a full complement of snaps. He's been relentless in his sub role. I think he's gonna be a gem.
  14. I was thinking this a lot too. But i also think this is two-fold. CB is much more selective. And I think he is also being strict in setting his numbers. He wants a certain number of years at a minimum and he wants them at his price. I was hoping we would land some of these guys w some shorter term deals, but he wants the short term deals for the lesser talented guys or the older guys (i.e. Butler). I think most of the guys we all want are coming at values that CB wants locked in for multiple years and those guys are rightfully not wanting to lock in at discounted rates for multiple years. So i think our strategy has a disconnect w the market of the players we all want to get at the moment.
  15. Agreed that the valuation is off and that he may not fully compare to some of the guys listed. That said, WRs are getting paid this off-season. Sure Pryor and Jeffery took below market 1 year deals. But guys like Stills, Britt, heck even Thielen got paid. Those guys are making $8M a year for Britt and Stills and Thielen is getting $6m a year w incentives that could bump it to $9M. So the going rate for a decent WR is set at the $6-8M range. My guess is thats what a place like Sportstrac is seeing. I agree w you and others that I'd place Aiken's value more in the $4-5M range where guys like Kendall Wright signed. But if Markus Wheaton is worth 2 years and $11M then Aiken is probably worth around what Wheaton and Thielen got. Somewhere in the 2-3 years for $12-18M range.

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