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  1. TomDiggs

    Mychal Kendricks released

    Absolutely. Would love to see him in the fold here. He would be a solid nickel guy and could pretty much play any of the 3 LB spots. He has mostly played WLB and SLB recently I believe. But I know he came in as an inside LB too. Would definitely be a solid addition if we decided to pursue him.
  2. TomDiggs

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    All i can think of with this is that we essentially brought in two guys at the same time for one of two reasons: 1) to have them in at the same time to see them essentially side by side and see if one of them was a better fit than the other in terms of their answers, wants, etc 2) to see if one of them blinks when knowing there is competition in the building and takes a below market deal Honestly I was skeptical w all the recent visits in thinking that the Vaccaro and Boston and now Breeland visits were done to just gather info and kick the tires on guys. Basically find out what they are about and then see if they are willing to come in at our number after they linger longer and longer. Austin Howard visited and left without a deal only to sign w us after the draft when the dust settled. This could be so that if these guys are willing to sign bargain deals, we know what we need to know so we can pounce or it can be to simply have profiles on these guys and their fit based on their visit, interviews, interactions, etc in the event that injuries happen or guys like Geathers, Hooker, etc have health issues that require acquiring another vet down the line.
  3. TomDiggs

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Absolutely. I enjoy really any set of rankings for entertainment and conversation purposes. I just have grown to dislike PFF more and more because people are starting to use them as gospel and as the end-all be-all of rankings to say how good a player is or isn't. Some of that is on the NFL, though. They started using PFF rankings in their intros on primetime games where they show how a guy ranks at his position during his intro using the PFF system. My biggest issue is a lot of times the "eye test" doesn't coincide with the PFF ranking. I can sit there and say "Player A had a good game" or "Player B had a great season" and then when i check their rankings it basically says what I saw was wrong and that some other guy (sometimes even on the same team) vastly outperformed Player A or B. I know that's how it goes with subjective rankings, but still it can be frustrating. Either way, in terms of Breeland, I feel comfortable at least saying that I feel he would be the best CB on our roster if we did sign him. That we be based on just my opinion and no actual rankings or metrics. But i would feel better w him in the fold for sure.
  4. TomDiggs

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Additional stuff on Breeland rankings for folks asking. I hate PFF rankings, but they are something to simply nonsense and start conversations about so people often quote them. Interesting that Bleacher Report (another ranking I am not super fond of most times) had Breeland as the 21st best outside Corner Edit: My bad. Didn't see that SM posted this before. Sorry for the duplicate. Must have posted while I was responding.
  5. TomDiggs

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I am sure he is referencing the typical PFF rankings PFF had Breeland ranked 54th amongst CBs last year and graded him as a 79.0 or an "Average" player. I'm sure that is what he is likely referencing.
  6. TomDiggs

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    That pretty much what I would expect too. DJ Hayden got 3 years and $19M I'd much rather have Breeland. So I could definitely see him landing in that ballpark. Now to answer the other question, is a CB in our new system worth $6-$8M a year? That is hard to say. Sure, we don't put as much of an emphasis on man-to-man skills in a zone defense. But we still need active corners who can cover and tackle and who can move quickly enough to actively cover their zones and get some takeaways. There are almost 30 (28 to be exact) CBs making an average annual salary of at least $6M and 23 making $8M annually. So basically Breeland deserves that kind of money if he is a top-25 CB in the NFL. Is he? I am not sure. I would definitely feel better closer to $6M than $8M. But w our cap room that is being a bit nit-picky. If the contract is structured in the typical Ballard way w all the guarantees in the first year or so, then let the annual number be whatever makes Breeland happy. If we can get out of it after a year or two if he isn't excellent then who cares?
  7. TomDiggs

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Oh agreed. And not saying they're one in the same. Just saying that the first initial wave of signings, guys tend to get the best money they can. And when Grant's deal fell through he had to settle for a lot less. I wonder how much less Breeland will end up settling for now compared to his 3 year, $24M deal at an $8M annual salary.
  8. TomDiggs

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I'd love to land Breeland but I always hate when we have a visit and then a guy is already heading somewhere else afterwards. typically we won't get in to a bidding war over a guy, especially this late in the game. With the cap room we have and the fact that signing now do not impact comp picks for next year, I'd love to see us sign him. Ryan Grant only got 1 year and $5M from us after the Ravens backed out of his 4 year $29M deal. I wonder what Breeland will get from us or someone after his 3 year $24M deal was torn up. I'd be happy w a one year deal in the $5-$6M range or a longer term contract in the range of 3 years and $20M which would be around what DJ Hayden got when signing w Jacksonville.
  9. TomDiggs

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Agreed 100% Dwight Freeney is my all-time favorite player and he was 6'1" Robert Mathis was "only" 6'2" Not saying Simon is as quick or fast as them. Just that if he fits the scheme and the coaches like what they see out of him, I don't care if he is 6'1" or 6'5".
  10. Howard isn't amazing but he is better than "just a guy". In his last 3 seasons (40 games) he has 11 total penalties (4 false starts, 4 holds) and has allowed 12.0 sacks. That comes out to an average of 4.4 penalties and 4.8 sacks per season based on a pro-rated 16 game schedule Compare that to: Good- 4.7 penalties, 4.7 sacks Haeg- 4.1 penalties, 6.5 sacks Basically (at the very worst), Howard is as good as or slightly better than Good and Haeg but he has done it for longer and has held those averages over a greater number of contests. If he had a similar year to last year where he only allowed 4 sacks on the season and committed 4 penalties on the year then I would be more than content with that out of a 16 game starter at RT. I know these numbers don't tell the whole story (i.e. pressures, etc). But considering we dont have many metrics to go off of for OL and we don't have full insight into what goes into a PFF grade or any other grade for OL, I just tried to get some context. Again, not saying Howard is amazing. Not saying he is even going to unseat Good or Haeg. But he is at least in the same ballpark with more experience. And considering Good's health history, I would not want to put all my eggs in his basket.
  11. Looks like we waived Isaiah Williams (G) when we brought in Howard. My bad- looks like Stitches posted it just as I did. Sorry for the duplicate response.
  12. TomDiggs

    What did we just do

    One of the pluses about Leonard is he has been a tackling machine and that he displayed some great coverage skills at the senior bowl from what's being said. Part of his scouting report stated "He's athletic enough to compete with backs and long enough to compete with tight ends in man coverage." I have only seen a little bit of him, but from everything out there he was essentially the best remaining off-ball LB.
  13. I love love love our Nelson pick. For folks saying stuff like "we shouldn't have taken a guard. there was better valuer elsewhere", I need to strongly disagree. There was no worthy pass rusher. Smith and Edmunds are playing LB spots that are not edge rushing LBs. Guys like that never go at pick 6 just like Guards don't go at 6. Last Guard in this range was Jonathan Cooper a few years back at 7. Non rush LBs typically go around 10 or so. Aaron Curry is the only top-5 one I can think of. Guys like Kuechly and Willis and such went around 9-11 or so. Smith went at 8. Edmunds hung around till what? 16. Many on this forum debated Smith vs Edmunds with most wanting Edmunds more (I preferred Smith for what it is worth). I think taking Nelson over Smith was the right move, but taking an OG or a WLB there isn't the typical value spots you go with pick 6. I think both would have met with criticism from a bunch of our fan base. Can't please everyone i guess. This mini run on interior OL going on at the bottom of the 1st is already thinning options. Hernandez and Wynn are there but it could dry up quickly. I get people being upset about taking an OL and not a sexy spot but between Nelson and Smith I would pick Nelson over and over personally.
  14. I am still holding out slight hope that we would take Nelson. I have a feeling it may be false hope, but I am hoping nonetheless. The way I see it, yes there is depth at interior OL. No there isn't ideal depth at pass rusher. But Chubb will likely be gone. I am not sure if the depth at LB is better than interior OL or on par. That said, Jonathan Cooper is the last OG (and only one in my memory) that went super high. I think he went 7th or so. And Nelson to me looks waaaaay better as a prospect. I like Smith and Edmunds. I am good with either of them. I think I slightly prefer Smith, but that is neither here no there. Either way, I cannot think of many non-rushing LBs that went in the top-6 or so. As i said in another thread i think the last one was maybe Aaron Curry. He looked like a can't miss generational prospect at the time and we know that did not work out well lol. I hope that we don't pass up Nelson for Smith or Edmunds. But currently all signs indicate we likely will. I wonder how much of that is smoke and mirrors in lying season and how much is true.
  15. I'd be very curious to see how things went if the top-5 picks in front of us went this way. With only Josh Allen left of the big 4 QBs, I could definitely see a team like Buffalo or Miami or Az trying to move up. And even falling back to 11-12 or so wouldn't be bad since we could still land a solid player like any of the those currently listed in their top-11 or even Minkah Fitzpatrick. If we stayed at 6 in that scenario, I would hope we just take Nelson. But I know the idea of taking a LB (that isn't a pass rusher) or an OG at pick 6 is a bit unconventional. Excited to see how this shakes out in 3 days