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  1. looks like he passed our physical but is taking more visits. Likely because he aren’t offering him anywhere near that 4 yrs $29M that the ravens yanked away from him.
  2. Pouncey?

    I’d enjoy having him. Have to get him out of San Diego without a deal first and get him to visit.
  3. nice move for the Bucs. Curry gets to still get paid despite getting cut for having a salary in the same range.
  4. OK, looks like we're drafting Nelson ...

    I’m gonna put this out there for everyone right now: if you think that that we are trading back (I do) then stop thinking we are getting Nelson. Nelson could go before we pick. He could go between 3-5. This whole “offensive guards never go in the top 5 and rarely in the top 10. The position is just not valued that highly” has been thrown out the window in free agency. If you used to think that then think again. Seriously. The truth is staring all of us in the face. How many RBs got $8M+ ? How many skill position guys or pass rushers so far this offseason? I know some will say there was a lack of talent there. But don’t even kid yourself. There’s a lack of talent this free agent cycle at interior offensive line and ppl are paying a ton to grab any competent player. If Nelson grades out as the best or second best prospect in the draft and a potential all-pro then that means he’s a guy with a $10-$13M value based on this offseason. The only guys landing more are QBs for the most part. So I would fully expect the QBs to take priority and then Nelson and Chubb. Possibly even in that order. There is is a paradigm shift staring us right in the face. Hopefully folks (including our front office) learn and keep up w the times.
  5. solid value too. Hard to believe Arizona wanted him to go that low. Sounds like he did what melvin did to us. Took less to go somewhere else and not have to go back to his old organization
  6. 1 year deal Division keeps getting stronger.
  7. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    You are right on point if we are trying to move fast. Which all our fans are whining for us to do. The only way the second and third tier guys come down in price is when they’ve lingered for awhile and aren’t getting what they want and then settle for smaller one year deals. This is yet another challenge for us. Because we aren’t competing right away so we don’t want one year guys. We want them below market value for multiple years. You dont get that on name guys or young up and coming guys. You get it on guys w question marks. Or guys that are totally unproven. So I believe you’re right. If we want a pouncey or a Pugh we will have to pay 9-10M a year for them to get them right away and keep them out of everyone else’s hands.
  8. Jensen to Bucs

    We tried. Hard to fault the team for not wanting to pay him as the leagues highest paid center. That said even the ravens knew this is what it was going to be for him. They said he’d end up as the leagues highest paid center. And the going rate for that was $10.4M annually. So it’s back to the drawing board.
  9. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Really wanted him. Knew we’d have to pay. And said once he crept past $10M a year I’d get hesitant. But all along it made sense for him to go between 9-11M. He got the higher end of that. Good for him. Bad for us. Now we need to see if pouncey or Pugh is an option. I can see why tampa was confident when he left. W how frugal Ballard is they made this offer and probably knew the colts wouldn’t beat it despite having the cash to do so.
  10. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    He gone 4 years $42M to the Bucs got his 10.5M to become the highest paid center in the league
  11. Craaaazy money. I think this might make him a top-5 paid corner now. That’s nuts. I don’t blame us for not going after him and for not paying corners in general. Sure up the line w guys who can push the pocket and help lesser know guys like Melvin was and Desir was last year. Crazy money. Good for Fuller.
  12. Quincy Wilson #1?

    Love it and love the confidence. Play w a chip on your shoulder young man
  13. Just saw some sweets saying the same and some members posted in the other Melvin thread. Makes sense now. We had a ton of money. He asked for the world. We said no. He went elsewhere and took less to not have to come back here for less than he had asked for. Oh well.
  14. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    Now thiiiiiiis makes some sense. Basically "I played for you for peanuts and played well. Now pay me. You have over $70M. I want what is coming to me" And when we said no he was willing to go elsewhere for less. But would not take that lesser amount from us.