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  1. Ya agree, due to need CB went with a LB then a RB, my only concern was that Hunt was assessed with a rating that was too low OR that need superseded the objective of drafting a "Better Player". I'm still very excited for Mack's future, and think if Barkley is selected by us (extremely unlikely) that we'll have one of the best RB tandems in the League, but I can't imagine any Colts fan would want to make the same selections in this past draft if Hunt wins the MVP or leads the League in all-purpose yards, etc. My point is that RBs are considered a dime a dozen so one can wait till later to select one, but difference makers like David Johnson & Kareem Hunt's are rare, organization changers and I hope that CB can make sure to draft those guys whenever they are available to draft, instead of passing them by. "One can never have too many playmakers" [The reason I was such an advocate for Hunt (early in the draft) was that he excels at making people miss, agility, and pass catching, despite whatever 40-time was. Sounds a lot like David Johnson, Le'Veon Bell, and The Edge. And then I wanted to select Cohen (late) because he possesses a Rare trait that separates him from others in the League (which is something CB seeks out) but again passed on a potential playmaker. I KNOW the organization NEEDS OL but if we select the Best Player in Round 1 next year and it's not a lineman then it would be the right pick. So I'm fine it's at RB or wherever that player plays.] in 2012, I believe one of the best selections of the Draft occurred when two quarterbacks were drafted by the Colts and also by washington. Literally. two qaurterbacks were drafted by each the Colts and washington, in the same draft when Luck went Number 1 and Griffin went Number two. I applaud each team for that because it shows that depth is important and that it's important to have a backup (in case it hits the fan). Because of injuries... Indy had to make a trade just to get a decent QB to fill in for Luck. whilewashington had Cousins on the roster from 2012, I think they are "more than glad" that they made that choice, so it goes to show that NEED is not everything, but GOOD players improve the team. So I hope the lesson has been learned about "where" a player should be drafted.
  2. I'm with ya there. I was banging on the table for Kareem Hunt (over Marlon Mack) & I'm pretty sure I was the ONLY poster praising Tarik Cohen. Damn did I miss that one!
  3. AGREE! I hope it's not true, but it sounds like just another piece of wood to add to the burning garbage fire that was his "Top-15" draft stock!
  4. In addition, to the diluted test & combine incident & character concern & whether not he knows X's & O's, there is a concern medically about his shoulder healing & concussions with Foster. *He may be the "faller" of this year's class. 2nd Round is a possibility. Honestly, if it came down to taking ILB Foster or OLB WIlliams from Alabama, I'd still go with Foster. It simple. Foster - Never failed a drug test, in College. Touted as a leader in the locker room & on the field Plays on all 3 Downs. Is a lumberjack, cause he brings the wood for a living Williams - Failed multiple drug tests. Is under concern for smoking cigarettes Plays against the Pass, exclusively. Imbibes in Marijuana If Foster is there in the 2nd, whichever team drafts him is getting a Top-5 talent & a great STEAL. That is the only reason he may still go in the first; he's too good to pass up, if his story checks out & his medical does as well.
  5. FINALLY see that another poster sees the BIGGER Picture! WE may get him in the 2nd It's understandable why you'd be happy with this news. 1. HIs diluted test knocks him out of the "top 15" or 1st round completely, which makes me feel better about trading back from #15, if CB makes decides to acquire more picks. So the whole combine incident & diluted test may be a Blessing in disguise for Us. - He falls, We pick him up! 2. If he was SICK, then in Indy, it explains the "underweight" concern many had when he weighed-in. Also being sick w/ diarrhea, nausea, and having to eliminate frequently in a hospital, a place where they make you "hurry up & wait", is more than enough to AGITATE me on the eve of an extremely important job interview. - He was sick of waiting & sick of being SICK, then someone pushed his button 3. Our new GM does his HW. Because CB will block the outside noise and do the due diligence that is required to vet a person, I believe CB would know whether or not Foster's story checks out, if he can be counted on to lead this Team, and if he can be trusted as a representative of the organization in the community. - I hope so, that he gets picked here & then goes to issue a personal apology to that staffer Big Picture: the potential of Foster falling has exponential potential to help Us BTM! We can land two 1st round talents in by 2nd Round or more if you make the "right trades" & get lucky. What I'd be in favor of is selecting a Wilson or another CB with a trade to the bottom of the 1st & acquiring another 2nd, then taking Foster and another CB or BPA, etc. If CB didn't just sign another LB, I'd be for taking Reddick in the 1st and Foster in the 2nd, if Foster checks out. Essentially, the possibilities are HOPEFUL.