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  1. Win a Playoff game We do that then it was a successful season. Anything short of a win in the "Final" season is equivalent to & mired in the mediocre middle of the pack teams picking Draft picks in the teens and early twentys. Let's prove we're back on track to reaching a Conference Title game sometime before the end of this decade.
  2. @15 I'm pretty cool with the idea of selecting any Defender who can rush the passer, cover receivers, or play sideline-to-sideline. As much as I covet a TE like Njoku for Luck, I'm against selecting an offensive player this high in this Draft. And many of the Offensive players I like, but I LOVE the Defenders this year & We NEED one of them to BTM! Simple List: No offensive player is thrilling for us right now & no McDowell Thrilled With: A Cover Corner A Sack Artist/ edge player that creates pressure A Sideline to Sideline LBer Meh: Reached for OLine All-star RB that can't play defense like Troy Brown did in the slot Abhor: McDowell (especially after Ballard preached about culture in a locker room, as he's reading about the Cubs) As crazy as it may sound, I believe R. Foster would be a great player to bring in to change the culture, but I still prefer Haason to lead the speedy, youth revolution Ballard & Pagano are promoting.
  3. 'You don't put rims on a Hoopty' No, we shouldn't be more open to Drafting an RB in the 1st (to improve upon last season's porous Defense) as the roster does not, currently, call for or support that notion. We do not possess the leverage to draft a luxury, when our D could not generate pressure & Luck could not stay healthy (due to an under-performing OLine). In his inaugural offseason as Our GM, Ballard addressed questions about FA with a "build within" answer, THEN in response to last year's lackluster roster, he signed a *Record number of FAs to Indy, with only 1 being an OLinemen. Heck he brought in two TEs and one of them is known for playing College Basketball. Ballard greatly values the trenches, as was seen in his Free Agent interests & the Hankins signing $$$, so if he brings in a whole bunch of players and JUST 1 is an OLineman... then expect a Lineman to be drafted this year. Furthermore, if he wanted to bolster the OLine he had the $$$ and opportunity to do so, yet didn't go after a Day 1 plug & play starter on a Pro Bowl level; he brought in a veteran to supply competition & depth. Clearly, he's not seeing our line on par with "the boys", so he knows better than to put nice rims on a hoopty. By addressing this question, we have been open enough, but should not be any more than that unless: that 1st round RB can take angles like Ray Lewis, hit like Bob, and cover like Deion then its best that the FO address RB later in the Draft or sometime in next years. - As much as I like some of the RBs in this class, I prefer to start Gore this season, as he can rush for one more 1,000 yard stint & then draft a rookie from next year's class after this young, competition OLine gets more experience playing together. That's how Atlanta got to the SB w/ a prolific Offense, they're boys were the same starting 5. And We don't know exactly who or WHAT we have yet.
  4. NFL 2017 Easiest Strength of Schedule - Indianapolis Colts Not bad, a "weak" strength of schedule should help this young Team reach the playoffs. "PLAYOFFS!?!" - Jim Mora just saw the 2017 schedule & had to speculate. I feel that this is a "+10 win" schedule, but We don't know if We're a 10 win Team. After next Saturday We'll have a more of an idea. Honestly: Last year's Team could have easily won 10 games if it was stronger at closing out some games. So it doesn't matter how easy or tough a schedule is cause... We still have to Play the games!
  5. You play to win the game... The Championship Game!
  6. AGREE! I hope it's not true, but it sounds like just another piece of wood to add to the burning garbage fire that was his "Top-15" draft stock!
  7. In addition, to the diluted test & combine incident & character concern & whether not he knows X's & O's, there is a concern medically about his shoulder healing & concussions with Foster. *He may be the "faller" of this year's class. 2nd Round is a possibility. Honestly, if it came down to taking ILB Foster or OLB WIlliams from Alabama, I'd still go with Foster. It simple. Foster - Never failed a drug test, in College. Touted as a leader in the locker room & on the field Plays on all 3 Downs. Is a lumberjack, cause he brings the wood for a living Williams - Failed multiple drug tests. Is under concern for smoking cigarettes Plays against the Pass, exclusively. Imbibes in Marijuana If Foster is there in the 2nd, whichever team drafts him is getting a Top-5 talent & a great STEAL. That is the only reason he may still go in the first; he's too good to pass up, if his story checks out & his medical does as well.
  8. FINALLY see that another poster sees the BIGGER Picture! WE may get him in the 2nd It's understandable why you'd be happy with this news. 1. HIs diluted test knocks him out of the "top 15" or 1st round completely, which makes me feel better about trading back from #15, if CB makes decides to acquire more picks. So the whole combine incident & diluted test may be a Blessing in disguise for Us. - He falls, We pick him up! 2. If he was SICK, then in Indy, it explains the "underweight" concern many had when he weighed-in. Also being sick w/ diarrhea, nausea, and having to eliminate frequently in a hospital, a place where they make you "hurry up & wait", is more than enough to AGITATE me on the eve of an extremely important job interview. - He was sick of waiting & sick of being SICK, then someone pushed his button 3. Our new GM does his HW. Because CB will block the outside noise and do the due diligence that is required to vet a person, I believe CB would know whether or not Foster's story checks out, if he can be counted on to lead this Team, and if he can be trusted as a representative of the organization in the community. - I hope so, that he gets picked here & then goes to issue a personal apology to that staffer Big Picture: the potential of Foster falling has exponential potential to help Us BTM! We can land two 1st round talents in by 2nd Round or more if you make the "right trades" & get lucky. What I'd be in favor of is selecting a Wilson or another CB with a trade to the bottom of the 1st & acquiring another 2nd, then taking Foster and another CB or BPA, etc. If CB didn't just sign another LB, I'd be for taking Reddick in the 1st and Foster in the 2nd, if Foster checks out. Essentially, the possibilities are HOPEFUL.
  9. No, cause there will be a player available when We pick that has a higher grade/ is valued better than 15 when We pick at 15. ESPECIALLY, if, two QBs get picked before Us. It happens year-after-after that a "top ten" player falls in Round 1 and if that player is there, We should draft them. After reading the OLine article about the Colts OLIne, I don't feel so biased that I don't think We need to bring in another O-Lineman, but I agree with Mewhort that We have pieces that could protect Luck this year, but that depends on two young guys progressing from last season.
  10. Ya, agreed! I've heard that the BEST free agents to sign are... Your Own. Especially true when they are one of the League's best at their respective position.
  11. Not exactly either way. Yes, it could suck to have a player prove to be much greater value than their "prove-it" contract is valued at, and then they walk. BUT the cliches are true. "You can never have too many good players" - If we have 1-year players exceed their contractual value, then we probably have a damn good roster & Team that season and that's NEVER a bad thing! -The AZ Cardinals are notorious for finding players at the Fountain of Youth, i.e. Dwight Freeney. Another example: If you have a "Great" Backup QB, that's a blessing not a burden. If Luck's backup ends up being a Hall-of-Famer or Pro Bowl player, then I hope We play that guy or trade that guy so We can benefit from this value. "Mo Money, Mo Problems" - If We accrue too many player that exceed their contractual value/ become too expensive to retain then We're DOING IT RIGHT! We'd be signing the right people to make this team better, Build the Monster, and creating a haven for players to seek out in free agency thus making Indianapolis a premium destination. There are such things as a good problem to have; especially when its due to having too many solutions. Lastly, if We do not retain the services of these exceeding talents than We'll acquire compensatory picks! If We're lucky enough to receive 2 3rd round comp picks next year than I'd be thrilled, especially if We package those picks to get one of the premier RBs in next year's Draft.
  12. My thoughts and Prayers are with you now, brother. Peace be to your Family during this time and beyond. Words can't express how it feels, I found out after my Mentor passed away, but they can try & they can help. I'm ALWAYS here at least to listen, and as more than a Fan of Colts Nation but as a fellow Human travelling this journey of Life. I realized upon graduating College, that ALL of those who helped me get to that point in my Life were EVERYTHING for my Life, even though 3 members of my Family passed in a 2 year span it occurred to me... "We may not have much, but we have each other, and that's more than enough" Peace and Love, Peter
  13. It's not very hard to imagine what Polian would say about a player that lacks heart & desire, to play, listen, or cooperate with Coaches and be a leader in an organization. The kind of guy that "Leads from behind" and tells his teammates to not listen to coaches, gets Left Behind & Left Off of rosters. Having coached Div. 1 College Rugby for 4 seasons, I've seen hundreds of attitudes, skills, abilities, and personalities work day and day out, but the one type that I CAN'T WORK WITH is the "unwilling one". - Players like McDowell don't excel cause guys like Ray Lewis & Ronnie Lott give everything they have To Play and walk-on players give everything and more just sniff a blade a Grass! Watch Rudy, you'll see. Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!
  14. CB - Moreau CB - D. King CB - Sidney Jones (w/ the injury, still in the 2nd) CB - Wilson (he may drop to 2nd, a steal) DL - Adams (even after the Hankins signing, can play multiple positions on DLine) OLB - Willis
  15. There will be someone waiting for Friday to be picked in that group! #Day2PlayersAtTheDraft

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