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  1. Luck 4 president

    Old fans compared to young fans.

    There are only a handful of colts fans in general who think we should trade Luck. You’d have to take a poll with people reporting their age, but I bet you’d find no correlation. Im 25 and I have complete faith in Luck and CB, however if I was a giants fan I would want a QB this draft. Comparing Eli and Luck’s situations is apples to oranges.
  2. Luck 4 president

    Khan offers to buy Wembley

    They’d have to get approval from the nfl
  3. I don’t think Allen will be a success, but who cares what he said when he was a kid. If you’re a GM and you pass on someone because of something they said back in HS then you’re a terrible GM.
  4. Luck 4 president

    Why not Minkah?

    There’s a big difference between outside corner and slot corner. Fitzpatrick is a hybrid SS and slot corner. He is very versatile but if I wanted secondary at that spot I would take Denzel Ward to be an outside corner.
  5. Luck 4 president

    Packers looking to trade up

    Lol if they wanted to move into the top 10 they’d need to give their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and maybe next year’s 2nd. It’s hysterical that the article suggested using their 5ths 6ths and 7ths as trade bait lol.
  6. Luck 4 president

    Browns Shopping #4 Pick

    Dorsey is smart. If they get the right offer they’d be stupid to turn it down.
  7. Luck 4 president

    What do we do at edge?

    I say we stick with what we have if we don’t land Chubb. We have too many other needs at positions with good talent in the draft. If we can fix our Guards and LBs, which are both very strong this year, then it will be a success. We can improve in sacks with a new LB core and a stud DT. Sheard is good but the other side is a question mark.
  8. Ya I just think Darnold will struggle with turnovers, Allen will struggle with consistency. While Rosen may not put up impressive numbers each week, I think he will at least be a decent game manager. He’s safe with the ball, played in a pro style offense, has a good arm, and makes good decisions.
  9. Here’s a summary from PFF: He’s as good as it gets as a run blocking tackle prospect, but isn’t great in pass protection. He’s not elite but definitely worth a 1st rounder just for his high floor in the run game. He also comes from a pro-style offense where he played both tackle positions which boosts his value
  10. Ya I agree. Getting a 2019 first could pay huge dividends if the team we trade with does terrible. Look at the browns and Texans trade from last year that landed them the #4 pick this year.
  11. Sean Payton said something like he wouldn’t be surprised if all the QBs from this class were busts. imo I think Rosen and Mayfield are the safer picks of the 4
  12. 4 QBs, Chubb, Nelson, and Barkley are all almost a guarantee to go top 10. Smith, Edmunds, Ward, Fitzpatrick, James, Vea will be the next ones off the board imo. So 2 from that list will for sure be there at 12.
  13. There’s a difference between all these “NFL Experts” and pro scouts/GMs. These “experts” are not good talent evaluators like you said and just copy each other. Good pro scouts won’t even look at these mock drafts and make their own boards based off thousands of hours of film and scouting.
  14. This would be a great draft. The first 7 would all start given the current state of our roster. We get a top 2 LB (Edmunds) and maybe the best coverage LB who can play any LB position (Warner). Williams and price would both start day 1. Landry is the best pure pass rusher and would likely start day 1 unless Basham/Autry outplay him. Davis would probably be our #1 CB opposite Quincy. Penny will start in a committe with Mack, but I think Penny can be our primary back. Lazard may even start as a WR3.