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  1. Finball

    The NYGs

    Those two haven't been in full health in their games against the Pats, at least the last couple of years.
  2. Finball

    Guards drafted

    Pats have nailed most of their top picks when it comes to oline. Having the best OL coach in the game helps too. Hopefully we nailed those picks so we don't have to invest that high resources on OL for a while.
  3. Finball

    Name one team

    Bills, Panthers miss it, Chargers, Packers make it.
  4. Not advocating bringing in Fleener but teams have different standards for medicals. Otherwise Brees would be in Miami and Grant in Baltimore.
  5. Jets do play one team twice that is pretty hard to root for..
  6. Finball

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    Put ''40-Yard Dash SimulCam'' on Youtube/Google and see for yourself. 0.14 is a lot.
  7. And KK Short, Kyle Long, Desmond Trufant, Darius Slay, Jamie Collins, Travis Kelce, Jordan Reed, Keenan Allen, Travis Frederick etc. There were plenty of good players. It's just that the top picks sucked.
  8. Raptors have such a mentally weak team. Pathetic.
  9. Finball

    Ok, this is getting out hand...

    Yes but that's where the issue may lie. Reid thinks he should get something like what Jefferson got last year (10M per year long-term). But he is offered around or just above what other safeties have gotten this offseason (5-6M). Reid thinks he's being low-balled because of the anthem issue. GMs don't see safeties in general as that valuable/they seem them as more easily replacable and that's why safeties, including Reid, aren't getting big bucks. I'm just speculating here but that may be the case. Reid and/or his agent may overrate his own ability and/or value of the safeties in general. As Reid arguably isn't that caliber of a player that a guy like Jefferson is. Jefferson's price was also driven up by weak safety market. Reid does have concussion history too which may explain why 9ers are/were unwilling to commit long-term. They might not see S as that valuable position or Reid as that valuable player for their scheme which they changed last year. We cut Hankins and he's still unsigned and he's legitimately good player and was one of our better defensive players last year.
  10. Finball

    Ok, this is getting out hand...

    Reid has been more vocal than almost anyone, though. 49ers offered him an extension (I think 1 yr deal at around 8M) but he declined. 49ers are also relatively well set at safety.
  11. Finball

    Ok, this is getting out hand...

    The part about him not being good football player, or you using sacks or tackles to prove that he's not. I think he's a good football player (relatively better S than Kaep is QB) but not good enough to outweigh the potential distraction he can bring (at least for the amoung of money he was asking), along with safety position being devalued by most of the league this offseason. Vaccaro, Branch and Boston are still unsigned too and all of them are starting caliber safeties.
  12. Finball

    Ok, this is getting out hand...

    Tackles do show if LB is involved in the game but not in what way (positve or negative). Paul Poszlusny was up there among the tackle leaders for most of his career. Just way too many of them were on pass completions he shouldn't have allowed or tackling the RB way too late. Kam Chancellor has 2 sacks his whole career. None since 2012. Patrick Chung has 1 since 2012. Pass rushing isn't very important quality for a DB.
  13. Finball

    Ok, this is getting out hand...

    Tackles aren't a good measure of a player talent/performance. It can often indicate that player allowed a completion that he shouldn't have.
  14. Finball

    Ok, this is getting out hand...

    That's still ongoing, right? Not that it matters here. This won't probably go anywhere. Weaker case than with Kaepernick.
  15. Finball

    Ranked #32 -- I love it

    Who you pick and how they fit your scheme matters but where you pick matters a ton too (except for the Browns, lol).