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  1. QB: Brady HB: Bell FB: Juszczyk (all-around), DiMarco (pure run blocking) WR: Antonio Brown TE: Gronk LT: Joe Thomas, HM: Tyron Smith LG: Osemele C: Frederick RG: Yanda, HM: Martin RT: This is a tough one.. Can't decide between Marcus Gilbert, Mitchell Schwartz and Ryan Schraeder. NT: Damon Harrison 4-3 Base DT: Aaron Donald DE: Khalil Mack MLB: Luke Kuechly OLB: Sean Lee, HM: Jamie Collins, KJ Wright 3-4 Base DE: Watt OLB: Von Miller ILB: Hightower or Mosley.. Outside CB: Trufant, Peterson, Sherman.. can't decide, lot of good options. Slot CB: Harris Jr. FS: Earl Thomas SS: Eric Berry HM: Reshad Jones
  2. No one from AFC west should get A- but from NFC west, 49ers have pretty strong case.
  3. That would be my pick too. I don't think any other team has underachieved as much in the past few years. They have questionmarks at LB, S, OL and HC, along with Rivers late game meltdowns but if Lynn proves out to be at least average coach, I think they are fairly serious threat. That's one stacked division they play in though and rough schedule.
  4. Call me a homer but I think we have small but decisive edge to win the division. But games aren't played on paper. Could have couple of freak losses that ruin the season. Injuries. Maybe Bortles developes into elite quart.. no sorry, can't say that with a straight face. Texans have stacked defense, solid offensive weapons but question-marks at QB and offensive line. Jags are the same. I'd like Jags chances more even if they had someone like Alex Smith at QB. Solid game manager. Fournette can get yards and their defense should be pretty damn good. Overall, I like what the Titans have been doing under Robinson but not completely sold on them yet. They could surprisse if their younger players take big steps.
  5. And hadn't been such a headcase outside of NE. But there were certainly more than 79 players that were better last year than Blount.
  6. None. He doesn't deserve them. The more people talk about this (or anything else he says), the more he got what he wanted.
  7. This. While I don't think Dallas oline is as good at run blocking as they are at pass blocking and Zeke last years was the best RB even ignoring olines, Zeke was in lot better situation than what Fournette is entering into, though I like Fournette more than Zeke. Don't see him having the same impact.
  8. I'd agree with this, except I lean more on the pass rusher (NFL GMs seem to agree since those guys get the biggest mone after QBs) and I value interior pass rush as more even more than edge rush. It's harder for QB to evade pass rush coming directly at his face. Corner at #4 unless we are talking about elite safety with range like Earl Thomas (hopefully Hooker in couple of years too). Maybe LB like Kuechly or Willis.
  9. Ha, didn't meant to that. I like the kid and he has great physical tools.
  10. Probably combination of these factors I've gathered: - Ran against fairly light boxes quite often compared to many other RBs in the class. - High fumble rate. - Bounces runs too eagerly to the outside, even when there is no need. - Hasn't had much success running the ball between the tackles. - Boom/bust: lot of big runs but also lot of runs that end up in negative yards or gains of less than couple of yards. - Share of team carries declined each year.
  11. At this point, I think Darnold is the real deal. Don't like Rosen as much as Jackson and Darnold. Bum throwing shoulder, not as physically talented as the other two and probably has football character issues.
  12. I agree with the above, not really need for Blount at his age with those 4 versatile RBs they have. 3 of them were extended/signed for beyond this season too, so it's pretty unlikely that any of the would be cut to make room for Blount (not that any player is safe with the Pats, ever). And the 4th guy, Dion Lewis, might be the most talented of the group but with his injury issues and relatively short track record, he probably has more value for the Pats than the others.
  13. Browns didn't even meet Gilbert before drafting him.
  14. Decker is pretty damn intriguing hire. Though I find it interesting/funny that their 1st round picks in 2014 were Manziel and Justin Gilbert.
  15. With the awesome benefit of hindsight, and knowing that in this alternate reality these guys wouldn't be selected earlier than where they were originally picked I'd do the following; 2015 1st rounder; trade down with the Giants; acquire their 2nd (#40), 4th (#108) and 6th (#186) (Titans traded down at #33 and got 7th instead of 6th). Trade #40 to Carolina for #57, #89 and #201 (Rams originally made that trade with their #41). #57: Danielle Hunter, DE/OLB, LSU #65 (original trade down with the Bucs); trade down with Texans for #82, #152 and #229. #82: Jordan Hicks, LB, Texas #89: Trey Flowers, DE, Arkansas #93: trade with CLE for #111, #147 and #202 (original trade was with the Pats and they gave up their 7th but that that pick was little later so I think this could be done without giving up any other picks) #108: Clayton Geathers, S, UCF (Adrian Amos could also work) #109: Grady Jarrett, NT, Clemson #111: Josh Shaw, CB, USC #147: Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State #152: Torn between J.James, J.J Nelson, Uzomah and Tony Lippett. Won't matter much though. #166: D.J Alexander, LB, Oregon State #186: Trenton Brown, OT, Florida #201: Tyrell Williams, WR, Western Oregon #202: Eli Rogers, WR, Louisville #205: David Andrews, C, Georgia #207: David Irving, DE, Iowa State #229: La'el Collins, G, Louisiana State. #244: trade with Dallas for their 2016 6th (#178) With this crop, I'd assume the Colts would be drafting later that where they did draft originally. Let's say where Houston drafted, so make the playoffs instead of them but lose to KC. That means that Ryan Kelly goes to Washington as their GM indicated before the draft and won't trade down. Luckily we already have our center of future in David Andrews. With our 1st, I'd trade down with Denver so they can take Paxton Lynch and get their 1st (31), 3rd (#94) and 5th (#144), which is about equal per the trade value chart in drafttek (Denver made the same trade with Seattle for their #26 and didn't give up 4th). #31: Chris Jones, DT, Missisippi State #52: Cody Whitehair, G, Kansas State #85: trade with MIA: get their 6th (#186), and 2017 3rd and 4th. #94: Tavon Young, CB, Temple #119: Rashard Robinson, CB, LSU #144: Jordan Howard, RB, Indiana #159: Jatavis Brown, LB, Akron #178: Anthony Brown, CB, Purdue #186: Elandon Roberts, LB, Houston #243: Michael Pierce, DT, Samford So last years starting lineup would've been something like QB: Andrew Luck RB: Ajayi/Howard (along with Gore) TE: Doyle WR: Hilton, and 2 of T.Williams, Moncrief, Rogers OL: 5 of Castonzo, Mewhort, Andrews, Whitehair, T.Brown, Collins, Reitz OLBs: Danielle Hunter and Walden/Mathis/Flowers, maybe Irving too DEs: 2 of Jarrett/Jones/Pierce/Irving/Langford NT: Jarrett/Pierce LB: Hicks, Brown/Roberts/Ayers CB: 2/3 of Davis/Shaw/Young/Robinson/Brown S: Butler, Geathers/Adams One stacked and deep team. Also weakened the Patriots a lot, getting Flowers and Andrews. However Secondary is pretty young and inexperienced, especially CB which could've proven out to be a big issue last season. So I think this team makes the playoffs pretty easily but will lose to the Pats, sooner or later. And while there's some extra picks for 2017 (Miami's 3rd and 4th), Colts won't get Hooker so they wouldn't be as well set at safety. Can't have everything, lol. Taking Adrian Amos instead of Josh Shaw could provide more help at S but he's not great as single high S but there really weren't those in these two drafts, at least they haven't shown it show far. That's why I didn't take Landon Collins. While a great talent, he's not great in deep coverage, doing most of the damage close to LOS. And with Hicks, Geathers, Roberts and Brown, there isn't that big of a need for a box safety. Didn't take Kendricks as I see Hicks as pretty similar talent and that trade down brought the Colts either Flowers or Ajayi/Shaw/Williams via those extra picks. Now it's probably time to wake up from this fantasy though, lol.

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