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  1. Saints. 31st there too (Browns were 32nd). Also 29th in covering #1 WR. 9th in covering #2 WR. 12 th in covering other WRs.
  2. Yeah.. that was very disgusting and frustrating, all those missed tackles..
  3. According to Football Outsiders defensive efficiency ratings, Colts were the 2nd worst team in the NFL at covering RBs in the passing game.
  4. Yes, leverage is the biggest factor in getting paid.
  5. They have lot of needs and seem to love picking corners in the 1st. They could pick anyone, save for QB, TE, LB and maybe couple of other positions. OL would make a lot of sense though. Their drafts are probably more need based than for most teams since they don't use FA.
  6. I'd certainly have given him that deal over Timmons, especially as it's likely to have less GDT money.
  7. 2015, I think. Brandon Scherff. He was technically drafted as tackle but many had pegged him as a guard.
  8. If medicals check out (no long-term issues), I'd probably take him in the 2nd. Depends who else is out there.
  9. This is a tough one. Only one I probably wouldn't choose is NYG. Cutting it down even more, I guess I'd leave the Seahawks out. Money and opportunity counts. But it's pretty close with those 4. I guess it would come down to Indy or Cleveland for me, though the opportunity to start right away next to Navarro Bowman is pretty intriguing.
  10. Applies to Jaguars too, if Denard Robinson isn't re-signed. And Titans if Daimion Stafford isn't re-signed. Don't think Oakland, Buffalo, Miami and Cleveland have anyone left either (depending if some depth/special teamers aren't re-signed). I'd think that's a record, 4 years after the draft. We at least didn't have our 2nd as we traded it for Vontae who we still have.
  11. Pitta too. They didn't have Wallace either.
  12. Yeah, went off memory. Even more reason to keep the kid.
  13. I don't think very highly of Dorsett but I don't think he should be traded, nor do I think this signing means that Dorsett is gone. Dorsett doesn't have much trade value, nor does trading him save a lot of cap space. Might as well keep him and hope he breaks out, though I'm not expecting it. Aiken isn't similar player as Dorsett either. I'd like this signing even if we had 3 good receivers. Injuries happen.
  14. Seahawks play mostly pattern matching cover 3. Sherman's role is closer to man to man corner than typical zone corner. I'd rather go to the draft but not because I'd have doubts about Shermans abilities outside of Seattle.
  15. I don't like to use wins to evaluate individual players. I had Peyton as the best or 2nd best QB in the game (much higher than were I have Ryan) before Colts won the SB. He had one road PO win and 3 wins total before that year. I do agree that they benefited from weak schedule and I expect that offense to regress. Teams don't usually maintain historical performances from one year to next.

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