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  1. Jags Release Allen Hurns

    Jags extended him before 2016 season. Would've cost about 3-4M to keep him for for '16 and '17 without the extension. Instead, it cost them 16M.
  2. Compensatory Draft Picks

    It changed and will change a lot over the next month and a half since there are quite a few FAs still out there that will be signed during that period.
  3. Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

  4. Compensatory Draft Picks

    That's estimation that Autry and Mingo will off-set. They usually get it pretty close to right but not close to 100%. Even if we sign players below 6M average salary, like two more Autry type-deals, we wouldn't be eligible for compensation picks. The cut-off salary for players who count into comp. pick formula can't be known yet but as of now, it's less than 2 million. If we sign 2 players who have average salary of more than 2 million and will have them on the roster for next season, we wouldn't be eligible for comp. picks. Which is why collecting comp. picks at this point of the rebuild (especially 4th and 5th) is a bad strategy. And it's not something CB seems to be planning since he's been after so many free agents. edit. In some cases NFL might still award them if the difference in salaries is very big. Like Moncrief at around 10M vs. FA around 2M. But we would need to keep the average salary low and not sign many FAs, like last year.
  5. I could stomach Ridley. He turns 24 this year and his tests were bad.
  6. Colts now at top of Salary Cap list

    If/as extra rollover money goes to Colts players, it's absolutely thrown away. Many of those players might not be even on Colts roster when the next CBA starts and the money could've been used to acquire useful players on even making Osweiler trades if nothing else. But we are long away from that as Colts still have 3 seasons to spend the money.
  7. Buffalo?

    You don't have CLE taking QB at #1 and you don't have them taking QB at #4 either? Browns not taking QB at #1 is possible I guess but highly unlikely. Them not taking QB with either of their top 4 picks.. That's just not going to happen.
  8. Buffalo?

    I think Buffalo would look to jump ahead of the Jets or at least Denver if they were to move up. It should be pretty much lock that 3 QBs are going in the top 5. CLE, NYJ and then whoever trades for #2, #4 or Denvers pick. Denver might pass on QB but if they get to choose for 2 of Rosen/Darnold/Mayfield/Allen, I don't think they will. It's possible that Buffalo still wants to trade up to our pick. Maybe their guy has fallen there. But I think there's a big dropoff after Nelson/Chubb, so I would want an outrageous price. Though maybe they are both gone to Broncos and Giants before our pick comes up.
  9. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    As of now, yes, but it's highly unlikely that Colts wouldn't be signing multiple players between now and early May, when the cut off date for signing players that count in comp pick pool is.
  10. I guess there's concern by teams that as Melvin turns 29 this year and hasn't had good season until now and it was cut short by an injury. He might have gotten longer term offers but wasn't happy with the money so he's banking on himself on a 1 yr deal.
  11. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    I haven't really been against what the Colts have done this offseason (or haven't done) but this one... don't like one bit.
  12. PFF and BR guys graded him as #56 and #57 guard in the NFL. Whole NFL didn't think much of him last year in FA when he signed 1yr, 3M deal.