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  1. Colts: Stats so far show promise for future.

    Looking at stats, it seems like we haven't been that bad covering WRs but backs and TEs have killed us. Footballoutsiders rank our pass D bottom 5 against them both. Matches the eye-test, ILBs can't cover and lack of Geathers hurts. Hooker usually plays single high and isn't matched up in man against backs or tight ends.
  2. The Browns: Worst Franchise of the last Decade?

    I think that trade had nothing to do with RG3. They just didn't believe in Wentz, whether it was right or wrong and believed the extra picks from the trade would help them more than having a QB they didn't want at #2 and a terrible roster. IIRC, Browns even fired scouts who wanted Wentz.
  3. Coughlin Jaguars 2.0

    Bortles had less than 100 yards of passing but his team won 30-9. I want D and running game that can do that, lol.
  4. Why isn't Vontae Davis in press man?

    Peterson is 2 years younger. And has always been the better athlete.
  5. ILB's are bad

    Telvin Smith, come on down..
  6. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    Benoit also said it in a Colts season preview article:
  7. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    Andy Benoit, who is one of the best media persons out there when it comes to evaluating film, thinks he's elite. And not just that, he talks tolot of executives and coaches around the league and said on one of the MMQB podcasts this past summer that no one in the NFL thinks of Luck as anything less than elite player.
  8. Green Bay (+ 2 1/2) at Dallas (10-8-17)

    I knew the Pack would win in regulation after the 'Boys scored their final TD with so much time on the clock.. what Aikman indicated too, heck Jerrah more or less said the same thing after the game. That fade to Bryant was so ridiculously stupid decision. Did Garrett forget how they lost in the divisonal round last year to the Packers?
  9. Imagine...

    Randall is probably a bust though. We don't likely get Hooker either if we had nailed those picks, this team would've made the playoffs comfortably.
  10. It will likely be very bad group. Quite possibly the worst O-line FA class this decade. Nate Solder is the only starting caliber tackle that has his contract expiring this year and he's been terrible so far to start the season. Mewhort, Pugh, Kline (from TEN), Omameh and Norwell are the only real starting caliber guards projected to be FAs that aren't over 30. Pugh is the only guy I'd rank in the top 20 among all guards in the NFL. Maybe Norwell if he has really good year.
  11. Indy vs Seattle Defensive Stats

    Seattle D gassed badly at the end. While I guess it's theoretically possible that Colts could control the TOP like the Titans did early on, this game is projected to have 30F less temperature. I think the almost 90 degree heat along with early offensive struggles were just too much on the Seahawks D at the end.
  12. NFL Rules on Targeting

    Yes, and played crucial role in covering James White in the AFCCG against the Pats. Broncos struggled mightily covering backs last year in the passing game without him.
  13. NFL Rules on Targeting

    No, he doesn't have history of anything like this and isn't known as a dirty player either. Other than being a former Bronco
  14. Manusky was well prepared for the game, Downing was not. Redskins had played a lot of man coverage in the first 2 games, against the Raiders they played mostly zone. On at least few occasions, Redskins D seemed to know what kind of play the Raiders O was running.
  15. AFC South- This Week

    Pretty good chance you are correct IMO. Seattle at Tennessee poses the biggest risk. Orakpo, Morgan and Casey are going to slaughter that so called 'offensive line' of the Seahawks. Wilson needs to run for his life and make good decisions and their D needs to stop the run in that game. Ravens will stop Fournette and will make Bortles try to beat them against their stout pass D.. We've seen that story before and know how it goes.. Texans and BoB are not going to beat the Pats at Foxborough.