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  1. Darby is a man corner. McDermott likes to play zone. In Carolina last year as their DC, he had them play more zone than any other D in the league IIRC. Corners aren't as important there as the front 7 is. As seen how Carolina let Norman walk last year and Bills let Gilmore walk this year. Plus one has to give to get. Matthews is a solid #2 receiver.
  2. Jets are about middle of the pack in cap space, with 10+M. Chiefs had only couple of million. AND, Chiefs project to have negative cap space for next year, so they need to make some cuts to get under the cap for next year. Doable but they are still pretty tight. Jets are currently projected to have 4th most, with over 56M in cap space and save for Richardson, no UFAs worth big money.
  3. That would have to be very heavily based on incentives. Chiefs wouldn't cut him with their WR situation and the fact that he had just been present at their OTAs if there wasn't some significant issues. Chiefs have been pretty well run team under Reid and Dorsey too. But this was pretty costly for them. Lost a 3rd for tampering and about 23M for 1600 yards.
  4. Jags have one nasty defense, at least on paper. Good coach could coach that unit to a top 5 D IMO. I guess their season depends on how much or little Bortles screws up. Titans haven't improved enough to win the division but they are pretty well set up for the future IMO. Texans have pretty big questionmarks at QB. And oline.
  5. Yeah that has to play a role, especially if at least one DE is two-gapping in a 3-4, There small size and arm length could definitely be an issue. And actually, Bills (Kyle Williams), Titans (Casey) and Packers (Daniels), were using or going to use 3-4 as their base D in 2015, when Jarrett was drafted..
  6. Right now, maybe half of the top 15 (or so) interior defensive lineman are 6'1 or less and about 300 lbs or less and arm lenght of around 32 inches (Donald, Atkins, Casey, Daniels, Jarrett/Kyle Williams). Only Donald was a day one 1 pick or drafted in the first two rounds. Casey went in the 3rd round. No one else was picked in the top 100. I don't think there is an other position were so many top players share similar trait and most of them were picked late in the draft. Are teams that afraid of having a small team that they automatically give worse grade for smaller defensive lineman? If Aaron Donald, for example, had Geno Atkins besides him instead of Michael Brockers, would that line be as effective as one would expect just from the player talent level upgrade from Brockers to Atkins or even worse? I mean, Brockers is a good player but Atkins is on another level. And individually these players are great but would they work as well together on the same line? Not sure if it's as much about the size itself as these players can use it to their advantage in quickness and leverage but maybe two dlineman with short arms would create some issues? Just wondering why so many of them have fallen late in the draft. I understand that some teams want bigger, physical players (like BB, Parcells etc) but what about those teams that had already gotten steals later in the draft with small interior lineman would jump at the chance to select a player who had great tape and showed similar traits as their best defensive player. Like Grady Jarrett in 2015. Both the Bengals and Titans drafted a dlinemen in the 4th, Jarrett went with first pick in the 5th round Bengals pick was actually two picks before Jarrett was taken. Though the Bengals did take Billings last year and he might be next to Atkins but he was another 4th round pick. And Titans did draft Mike Martin to be their nose tackle a year after taking Casey but he didn't pan out. And I maybe haven't looked at closely enough at bust/success rate for smaller defensive lineman so these guys could be sort of outliers and teams just missed on these guys for other reasons.
  7. Jamar Taylor is also pretty good slot CB.
  8. I actually think his amateur scouting was pretty good. Teams average what, less than 2 starters oer draft? In 5 drafts, even ignoring the Luck pick we got Hilton Allen Fleener Mewhort Moncrief Anderson Geathers Kelly 8 starting caliber talents or better and we could add couple more to the list from the 2016 draft soon, And this is ignoring two 1sts and a 2nd that we used on Luck, stole Davis and blew on T-Rich. Team building, overall philosophy and pro scouting were the issues (along with people skills). The hits at the draft were all on the offensive side until 2015 and those two guys have struggled with injuries. Combined with poorly balanced drafts/success rate on picks (O vs D) and all the FA busts, the talent on D was pretty damn porous.
  9. It can be both. And IMO it was.
  10. Forgot, with Wade Phillips, Rams are switching to 3-4. Donald's role will probably stay pretty similar but he's not going to be 4-3 DT anymore. Donald had clear edge over other guys IMO but race for 2nd best was pretty tight. Suh, Atkins, Short and Cox all have solid case.
  11. Pretty interesting story from ESPN.
  12. FWIW, footballoutsiders had Luck with identical actual and adjusted interception rate.
  13. Wow, that franchise just can't catch a break.
  14. HM: honorable mention. Guards, I think, can usually play on both sides but prefer one side. Yanda spend a lot on LG this year but prefers RG, per his own words. Not sure as many tackles can do that. But Tyron Smith is such a freak that he probably could, even if it took a small adjustment period. Chancellor would be 3rd on my SS list. I avoided putting guys with short track record (1-2 years) on the list. That's why Landon Collins didn't end up on my SS list either. Peters has been as good ball hawks as any CB from day one but also got beat deep a bit too much on his rookie year. Last year he seemed to learn balancing between being aggressive on going for the ball and taking care of his man. Another year like that and he would be up there. CB and RT were the toughest because there is no Nnamdi or Revis-type who is clearly above other but lots of elite guys who are all very close to each other IMO. I was bit surprised at the relativel poor talent at 3-4 ILB. I'm sure Kuechly would be able to play it at about as high level as anyone in the past but current 3-4 off ball LBs don't really come close to the likes of Ray Lewis, Patrick Willis and peak NaVorro Bowman. Weakest top-end talent in the NFL IMO.
  15. QB: Brady HB: Bell FB: Juszczyk (all-around), DiMarco (pure run blocking) WR: Antonio Brown TE: Gronk LT: Joe Thomas, HM: Tyron Smith LG: Osemele C: Frederick RG: Yanda, HM: Martin RT: This is a tough one.. Can't decide between Marcus Gilbert, Mitchell Schwartz and Ryan Schraeder. NT: Damon Harrison 4-3 Base DT: Aaron Donald DE: Khalil Mack MLB: Luke Kuechly OLB: Sean Lee, HM: Jamie Collins, KJ Wright 3-4 Base DE: Watt OLB: Von Miller ILB: Hightower or Mosley.. Outside CB: Trufant, Peterson, Sherman.. can't decide, lot of good options. Slot CB: Harris Jr. FS: Earl Thomas SS: Eric Berry HM: Reshad Jones

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