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  1. Josh McDaniels' name came up there... Maybe that's where Volin got this 'scoop', started digging more after hearing a bit about it or something..
  2. A Few Late Thoughts on Tonight's Game....

    Eagles Dline is too good. They should shred the so-called Oline of Giants. Redskins have probably too much talent on offense and can score enough points to win the Giants. I think Giants have good shot against the Cards but can't see them beating Eagles and Skins.
  3. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    This right here.
  4. We had a high pick in '98 and '12.. and both drafts had one the best prospect of any draft... I think we've had it pretty good when it comes to high picks and superstar availability
  6. Browns Fire GM

    Well, he's already in their building.. just need to promote him.
  7. Browns Fire GM

    How they have handled the QB situation has been disastrous and it's not like their terrible QBs have very good weapons either. But Sashi Brown nailed most of his picks and more than half of them look like solid players. This disaster is probably more on Hue than Brown.
  8. Does Eli make it into the HoF?

    Team award. Justin Tuck was the real MVP of 2007, though but yeah. And zero All-Pros (how many of those are there in HOF?). Even Donovan McNabb was a 6 time Pro Bowler. He was good for a long time in a passing era. He was good for a long time in a passing era. None of those awards/stats tell me that Eli was an elite player at his position.
  9. Does Eli make it into the HoF?

    I don't think he should but he probably will. He belongs in the Hall of Very Good. He had the longevity but was never considered the best player at his position, not even top3 and maybe not even top 5. Wasn't even the best player on his own team for much of his career. Is he a Hall of Famer if Asante Samuel makes that catch/Tyree doesn't make that helmet catch and/or Manningham catch?
  10. Eli Manning benched

    If Eli is traded next offseason but before the draft, the team acquiring him would have him at about 10M cap hit for 2018 and 17M for 2019.
  11. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    Last season was his best season, or at least comparable to his 2014 season. Either he's always sucked or hasn't sucked since his original shoulder injury. Not really injury prone either, since he's only had two major injuries. Borderline miracle with the line he's had, his style of play and not avoiding hits/not sliding when taking off.
  12. Stampede Blues article

    His clock management does suck but that is also true for a lot of coaches,except many coaches don't have the same ability as Andy Reid when it comes to playdesign and exploiting weaknesses on defenses.. He's probably at least part of the reason for their downfall but the biggest reason is at QB. He has yet to have a losing season in KC with Alex Smith and thrice in four years has pulled double digit wins. I have hard time believing that a better coach then Reid would become available.
  13. Eli Manning benched

    Tom Brady lost 2 Super Bowls to a guy who is getting benched for Geno Smith. Peyton > Brady.
  14. Sheldon Richardson

    I'd pass on this guy. He's talented but has had quite a bit on and off-field issues that it's way too risky to sign him to a big contract IMO.
  15. He was pretty good last year. Nice size too.