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  1. 2014 Cowboys had healthy Romo as QB. 2015 it was mostly Matt Cassel/Brandon Weeden. 2016 Dak Prescott who had one of the best rookie years for QB ever.
  2. Rams might finish above the 9ers. 49ers are still badly lacking talent. However, Rams don't have an offensive line or receiving threats. Solid WR#2 in Rob Woods, good gadget player in Tavon Austin and whatever Tyler Higbee will be (probably not much). They don't have much cap space or draft picks. Damn they really screwed it up after '12 with those assets they got from RG3 trade. Chargers don't have oline, questionable coaching staff (could be good.. could be bad) but at least they have some good talent all over the roster. Plus a high pick. I'd guess they finish dead last and pick someone like Fournette at the draft (even trade up to get him). Because, Chargers.
  3. We'll see in 5-10 years which pick would've been more helpful for their defense (and overall). Ramsey or Zeke.
  4. I just checked NFLs official document on this. As diluted sample isn't that rare, and in Olympic sports testing it happens quite often and isn't punished in anyway; but in NFL drug testing program, the criteria is very low so if one has that dilute sample, it's probably because some sort of diuretic/masking agent has been used. Being very sick is another option but not sure that's the case here.
  5. Bernard is; Hill is not excep in goal line situations.. Also UFA in a year. Bengals operate in weird ways too, lol.
  6. I don't think this signing should/will have any impact on Colts draft plans.
  7. Thanks. Funny enough, Smart was top 3 in my short list for this pick, at the time you took him.
  8. Chicago Bears select Joe Mathis, EDGE, Washington PM'd Jags and Jared Cisneros.
  9. I think Gase is way too high. First thing I'd change.
  10. I lost 20 pounds or so in couple of months after labrum surgery, and I'm a lot smaller than Luck. My weight was back to normal about 6 months or so after the injury, same with strength level except the operated shoulder. Full strength to shoulder took few more months after that. I mainly agree with Horse Shoe Heaven about the timeline, could go bit faster though.
  11. With the 117th pick, Chicago Bears select Isaiah Ford, WR, Virginia Tech Please inform the next GM.
  12. With the 111th pick, Chicago Bears select Corn Elder, CB, Miami PM'd jseg18 and the Rams.
  13. My first option would be to trade down but I'm not opposed to selecting him either. There might be a good chance that he's by far the best player available at 15. If the trade down options aren't good enough, I'd take him. And I want to trade down more because of the depth of the draft, there should be plenty of good options available at 2nd round, and not sure there's that big difference between pick at 15 and early 20s (if there is, just take the guy.. OJ Howard arguably is that). Only positions I'd completely rule out at 1st are QB and RB. I'm open to picking offensive player, though the preference is on D.

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