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  1. HOF19

    Old fans compared to young fans.

    Not every commenter . But I have seen most of which commenters reference the Baltimore Colts and the pre- Peyton INDY Colts fans .
  2. HOF19

    Old fans compared to young fans.

    That family member told me he had a good feeling about the NYG's future because of Gettelman (NYG's GM ) I feel exactly that way about Ballard......GO COLTS !
  3. A family member (NY Giants fan ) made me aware of difference of opinion on Giants board. Older Giants fans not as eager to draft a QB as younger fans .Younger fans seem unsure of their QB situation. It may just be me but I think I am seeing the same thing on this board (and with Colts fans I know ) older Colts fans seem to have more faith in Andrew than younger fans.....But maybe it is just me .
  4. Ballard has a real great opportunity here. Will be the longest amount of time in my life that I watch the second round .......GO COLTS !!!!!
  5. HOF19

    Colts host former Raiders OT Austin Howard

    Been waiting for 7 weeks for something worth commenting on . (Too much nonsense ) ( Not this board but the 11000 NFL rumors on the internet ) Signing this guy does seem like a worthwhile idea and here in my area of the world NY/NJ Media being envious of Colts situation in this Draft 2nd round amount of picks wise .
  6. I love it......I love it...........I............LOVE...........IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Which is totally OK with me.....As in he says NO to Ndamukong Suh.
  8. SNY Network ( a TV network here in NY Metro area that has a contract with the Jets to do a ton of Jets coverage ) Just spent 10 minutes specifically saying that even tho they have Bridgewater the on air studio guys still insist that the Jets trade up and they all said trade with the Colts and call the Colts ASAP .
  9. HOF19

    Colts FA - no news is good news

    Looks like Jets are getting Bridgewater. Doubt they will making a draft day trade now .
  10. Looks like Jets are getting Bridgewater. Doubt they will making a draft day trade now .
  11. That might just be good enough .
  12. I do see that the Jets have 2 picks in this drafts 2nd round.....I would need both of those ......And that is just a start of the conversation !!!!!....And their first round pick in this draft and .............
  13. With Cousins gone I am getting offer ideas of Jets basically giving away the store for our pick .
  14. SHHHH.....You we be told you are over-reacting .