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  1. Yeah I think there might be a busted spring somewhere along the line
  2. I had a lot of respect for him during his time at OSU. I was even hoping there was a chance he could fall to us somehow. Sorry, but if it is in fact true I think his NFL privileges should be taken away. Don't give me the second chance argument. If you want a second chance policy then put them in some sort of rehab if you must, but there are plenty of players that don't beat on women or kids. The NFL does not "owe" them anything at all, and they certainly are not babysitters. Would a law firm hire someone who has a history of beating on women, gun violence or other felonious behavior? Something similar? How about an architect or engineer or project manager? Or more importantly a teacher, should they get a second chance? I know domestic violence isn't usually a felony, but it can head that direction if left unchecked. Football is entertainment, and for players it is a privilege and an awesome opportunity to get paid very well to perform doing something they love doing. It can be a generational financial change for their families. They know what is at stake (and they do) so behave accordingly; or join all others who decide the standards and morals and LAW isn't for them.
  3. Very good late friend of mine had a similar job in the Indy area (North). Thanks for the info
  4. What do you do for a living? If you don't want to disclose that information it won't hurt my feelings (can always PM).... just curious.
  5. LOL Has to be. Pitching has been nothing short of lackluster all year. It is hard to believe that the SAME guys were so damn good last year..... could say the same about hitting too. I saw your post the other day about runners left on base and that is absolutely the difference (offensively) this year. So add the LOB % and mediocre pitching and you get what we have been seeing lately. Real head scratcher how it can turn around in one year and stay that way. I get a "slump" but that isn't what this is.
  6. What is up with that....... gawd awful
  7. Donte, Philip, Hooker, dot dot dot- etc etc etc.... same lump of crap every freakin year. Get your * on the field And no, you are just frustrated and worn with injuries holding back our Colts like a lot of us are. It sucks, but it will get better. It will get better because Ballard will build our team with quality backups once he has his starters in place. THEN when someone really good goes down it isn't such a drop-off in talent that we can still win. It does get old though. And the guys thinking they will sit out over bumps and bruises may find themselves moving on down the road. I don't think there is going to be a lot of tolerance for missing time over typical to moderate injuries.... at least that is the feeling I am getting.
  8. Damn man, I was listening to it on my way home from South Dayton (Im an hour North). I started listening when they batted around and went up 8-0. I gave up but kept listening and stopped around the time Happ homered, maybe 1/2 inning more. Just checked in.................... I CANT BELIEVE IT IS TIED
  9. The derailed argument about Pagano has gone beyond discussion of opinions and is leaning more in the direction of poop on a garden tractor wheel that keeps turning and turning while you mow- constant stink. So tired of this whole argument about Chuck. We have Chuck for the year- period.... he will not be dismissed during the season, it is not Jim's way and it won't happen. Can we just watch the season play out and evaluate him again at the end of this year? I get fed up with him too at times, but this nonsense of wanting him fired is so old.... let it go for now. Welcome to revisit it after the season. It takes all of the coaches working together to get it done and with the personnel we have had on the field in the past few years it would be tough for any coaching staff to produce much more than what we have seen. The Colts won a lot of games, they were never close to a SB since Luck was drafted. Sure some coaching modifications and decisions may have resulted in a few more wins, but the roster is what it is and has been and it is not a championship roster. They are just now starting to undo the roster mistakes and relationship dysfunction that was perpetuated by Ryan Grigson. It is not going to change over night. You have to let Jim do the deciding and trust he will make the right decision. We have CB and I think we all agree that he is doing a good job so far. Guess what, if they waste Luck's career away then that is their decision and right to do so, not ours. However, I don't think for even a minute that Jim Irsay or any of the others that make decisions about this team want to waste Andrew's career. They are fully aware of the urgency of building a team before the decline of Andrew Luck starts to set in. If Ballard and Irsay decide at the END of this year that coaching is an issue then they will make a change. If they think it is worth another year to continue allowing the coaching staff to continue with their philosophy that includes a roster more representative of what Chris Ballard wants then that is what happens..... I promise you that Jim and Chris want to win as much as any of us do. My God, leave it be.
  10. I agree with you Blueblood23.... it is not all that hard, in fact it is pretty cut and dry..... let it go!
  11. Chuck should dress to look like your avatar and mimic that stance when players come off the field after bonehead plays..... on a serious note your policy is probably the best approach. Football really is a mentality and toughness game though as we all know and we have lacked that for a bit...
  12. There are a lot of trees that need chopped down before we clear an area large enough for that stadium
  13. I thought he did fine, particularly given his draft status and that most didn't/ don't have high expectations of him. I am of the opinion he may be one of those diamond in the rough type players.... we'll see, its early.
  14. You forgot "but dint"... my football (and wrestling ) coach in HS said it all the time. He would say why didn't you ______???.... after your response his would be.... "you woulda, you coulda and you SHOULDA.... but you dint" and then the evil eye would burn you to the ground, lol. He was a good sized man and played NT semi-pro.... would demand your respect questions or challenges were not necessary.
  15. And I meant to add that so thank you!! We will never really know what the situation was in the past in that regard, I am a bit suspicious though

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