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  1. Miss ya man...

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    2. southwest1


      On the dare to be different front, checkout these German fellas doing a Jamaican version of the Police classic "So Lonely." 



      I gotta say this cover is intriguing & like nothing I have ever heard before. They need a horn section--A couple of trumpets & at least 1 trombone to pull this number off. Not bad as a Reggae knockoff though. 

    3. southwest1


      Toto always makes my day flow more smoothly man. It's a little rough around the edges, but still decent. The drummer & the keyboard player are off on their tempo & pacing, which prevents this number from being excellent I'm afraid.


      Still, as far as open mic night is concerned, it's raw, fresh, & an admirable version nevertheless...



      The band is called The Running Mates. Major props to anybody who straps on an instrument, steps on a stage, & let's themselves be vulnerable opening themselves up to scrutiny & criticism from the masses. Bravo! 

    4. southwest1


      Whatever is going down in your life at the moment BR-549, always remember these eternal words of wisdom from Kansas: "Carry On My Wayward Son"...


      I sincerely hope all is well my friend. 



      The guitarist extraordinaire is a man named Martin Miller BTW. 

  2. BR-549

    Rest In Peace, Edwin Jackson

    Edwin had a lot of promise as far as I am concerned. He for sure had the drive and the athletic ability to lay it on people... I loved the way he played and how viciously he hit. I was really looking forward to his development and watching him mature. Had high hopes of him becoming a really good LB for us. Because of one poor (better words that are not allowed here) decision those things will not happen now. And more importantly his family lost a loved one regardless of how he ever turned out as a pro football player. A tragedy without question, no other way to put it. It was a sad day for Colts fans and a nightmare come true for Edwin's family. Very classy of Jim Irsay to step up and provide funeral services for Edwin and his friend. Those are the type of things that make Jim a great owner - he cares. R.I.P. Edwin Jackson
  3. BR-549

    Can the Colts get draft picks?

    Not "before" but rather FOR JM... or, by his direction
  4. BR-549

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    You mean like Luck... as in bad Luck, as in No Luck.. Andrew that is
  5. BR-549

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Can we swear.... for one day only? J/K,,,, what a complete joke. I don't blame anyone on our side, this is all on Josh. Complete punk
  6. BR-549

    2017-2018 NCAA Basketball

    I have a friend I went to school with that is an administrator at the high school level. Anyway, he is like 6-1 athletic frame so he isn't small. He was able to get a photo of Haas standing next to him. Haas put his arm around the guys neck for the photo.... his hand is huge compared to my friends body, would easily cover his entire face... and speaking of faces... Haas's face is the size of my buds torso, lol. The dude is a giant. Its a shame he really can't even play to his ability because the refs call foul every time he moves.
  7. Just trying to get through the rest of Monday..

    Enjoy friends..


    Add if you like



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    2. BR-549
    3. coltsfansince65


      I saw them back then. Both with Frampton & then with Clem Clemson. They put on a great show.

      I still think Steve Marriot was the best front man ever.

    4. southwest1


      I like it when TV hosts take time to get to know a band before they play instead of after the number is over @Coltsfansince65 especially drummers because they rarely get any love, props, or recognition for their talents largely because no one can see them on stage given the enormous size of kits & cymbals now. 


      Glad you enjoyed seeing Humble Pie live. 

  8. I hope Josh is as into his job as Ian is into his work here...



    1. BR-549


      Ha ha... just thought of it, I bet ya him and Joe Cocker were separated from the him after birth much like Pagano and Grigson... Ha... oh, bad joke, sorry.

    2. southwest1


      Did someone say Joe Cocker? 


      Can I leave my hat on or is the magic gone already? It figures. LOL! 



      One of the best front men to see live I kid you not. 

    3. southwest1


      Hey, here comes Kevin Arnold [A 'Wonder Years" joke.] Where's Winnie Cooper man? Very easy on the eyes, but I digress. 



      Seriously folks, Joe is the man.

  9. One of my favorites by these iconic dudes...




    1. southwest1


      I love the intro to 'Closer To The Heart" it's so hypnotic & soothing like a trance. 

    2. southwest1


      Canadian bands are always fantastic. Must be something in the water up there. 


    1. southwest1


      With tracks like this blaring through boom box speakers [Yes, I said boom box] any chore like painting a fence is much more enjoyable & less of a burden for Tom or anybody else. 


      You can never go wrong with a classic. Well done BR-549! 


    1. TheRustonRifle#7


      That was the first concert I ever saw and I was!

  12. Come and get it.... 



    1. southwest1


      All that running water made me wanna use the bathroom, but I came right back & listened. Too much information? Ha! Ha! My bad. Good stuff!

  13. BR-549

    Holder's in New England trying to get info on McDaniels

    Im thinking its very possible. Jax has steadily improved all year... not by leaps and bounds but enough. If it wasn't for the QB they would likely be the favorite. With the current odds I would have to take the Jags....