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  1. Since JB has been brought up a little here in the past few posts... Just wondering if I am the only one, but when he makes his 5-7 step drops he almost becomes a statue. His feet plant and do not move at all. He seems to be watching whomever he intends to throw to and that is all. Its like he has no intention of looking elsewhere..... is it just me? Then if a rusher gets close he basically has to get his feet moving again which allows the rusher to be able to catch up with him.... I don't know. It just seems like that is basic QB play and I can understand it when you are getting used to the speed of the NFL, but how many weeks does that take? You would think the coaches would be pointing it out to him and there would be some improvement. Just a thought. Maybe they have brought it up and it is more than he can handle at this point in time.... some say he is NFL starter capable, but I have my doubts.
  2. Early Christmas Gift from NCF to you!

    I struggle a bit with color blindness, but the red sure stuck out- and there is plenty of it. Thanks NCF
  3. The 2 point conversion penalty

    He sure did say that... and it probably was, but they DIDN'T call it on the TD and they were very late calling it on the conversion... total crap! In a game like that one, where the ref's judgement is impeded by the weather (first downs, out of bounds so on and so on) and the fact they didn't call it on the TD is a reflection of very bad refereeing. Its not like the players were moving at light-speed in that game. They should not be able to decide a game and they did on that one.
  4. He is probably in search of a pimp at this point to get him back on track financially...
  5. I have just heard the saying go "no news is good news"... so I was getting at ... without news at this point in his recovery/ rehab might be "bad news", hopefully not .... confuses me too though, lol.... no worries. I know you know what I know is the point... to make it more clear and easier to understand for everyone else reading this.
  6. I sure hope not..... long way off yet, but this may be one of those situations where no news isn't necessarily good news.
  7. Calling our offense pedestrian is being very kind... anemic, pedestrian and horrible are all "soft" descriptions. Regardless of how we decide to label the offense, it is unfortunate that we lose for the same reasons every single freaking week (order is insignificant) but here: 1. Mistakes (missed assignments) or penalties during crucial moments of the game. That is all three phases ST, O, D 2. Allowing too many big plays. For crying out loud..... How many 3rd and across the country plays have we given up to allow the other team to maintain possession? Just demoralizing as a fan (can't imagine how it feels to be on that defense during those situations) .. and likely comedic as a fan of other teams. 3. and last but not least, inability to overcome poor coaching...... on all levels and aspects of the game - just horrible and no longer forgivable. What is really sad is how much Andrew Luck has done to hide some of these issues over the years, yet no one really wants to label him as elite; nor have many (including our own front office) admitted how much he has done to accomplish that. PM did the same damn thing. He just had a hand full of better players and much better coaching to help him out.
  8. Or without a good OLine or a better than average to great defense.... geez Why are we doing this?
  9. Do you have a busted spring?
  10. Indy - Buffalo Game

    Sorry, just saw this. My bad. It was a very good team. It is my belief that we were out coached that SB.
  11. Indy - Buffalo Game

    Think so... I don't remember the order for sure but I believe it was those two teams.

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      Johnny Cash is the best. His work is timeless, poignant, & always relevant no matter what decade we are in. "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash." Yes, you most certainly are. A friend to preachers, pimps, prostitutes, & politicians as well as the downtrodden. Love the Man In Black. 


      You're a good man RR7. I wish your pop was still around too. Just so I could have the pleasure of meeting him or at least hearing entertaining stories about him anyway. My condolences RR7. 

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      You know how much I revere Rainbow man. 



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      Oops! My bad. I put Rainbow in the wrong status update. My apologies Cash. LOL! 


      Cash would lay down a spectacular cover though. We both know that. 

  13. Indy - Buffalo Game

    I remember. Seems like there was at least one more that needed some stat padding. We marched down the field and scored like hot knife in butter and got everyone their stats then sat them. Stupid. Probably could have blown that game open in one half, sat everyone in the second and still won.
  14. Saw a report Ron Meyer has passed away .

    I loved old Ted. Don't get me wrong from earlier posts in this thread, I liked Meyer too. Ted was the man though in those days. My only issue with RM is he cheated and got caught. At least he wasn't hiring hookers for the boys to get them to come to school, or otherwise, lol... oops (as far as we know ) The 30/30 was on again last night. I recorded it so I can watch it tonight... that was some team he had at SMU
  15. Steelers Ryan Shazier my not play again (BR)

    Yeah, its sad. Spine injury and football really don't compliment each other much.