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  1. That was my understanding too. Certainly thought he would be throwing now too. Maybe the staff is being overprotective with AL .... which I can understand if that is the case.
  2. +1
  3. Me too.. Comparatively speaking is Luck's injury considered more serious or generally the same type of injury/ surgery/ recovery as Cam's? I know he had a partially torn labrum vs Cam's torn rotator cuff and that people react differently to injury and treatment. Just curious of the seriousness of either and/ or the likelihood of re-injury.
  4. Painter.... what a doof....... I couldn't stand him (the QB not the person) when he was at Purdue, but for the Colts to sign him???? Wow, I never figured that one out.
  5. No doubt ... makes it even more sweet. I damn near cried when we got that SB (not really but you know what I mean, lol)
  6. Same here. I remember the buffalo game too. And it was pretty heavy snow as I remember. I want to say that we left our starters (offensive) in long enough for them to get a few records. Like Dallas Clark gets his 100th reception of the year and other best like that. All in the first quarter if I remember correctly.... then they pulled everyone. During that quarter they marched down the field and punched it in like they were playing the practice squad. They just made it look easy that year. I remember Bill Polian on the Colts radio show Monday after the game (Buffalo) explaining during his interview he that when he was with the Bills they played their starters in a meaningless game before the playoffs and it led to someone getting hurt... Bennett or Bruce Smith maybe?, sorry I forget, but an impact player nonetheless. Anyway, he said that he would never risk it again for a meaningless game. I was watching the "classic games" one day last week and it was the SB against New Orleans. We were working them over pretty good at first and then things came apart after the onside kick at halftime. Sean Payton said that Bill Parcels told him before the game that they would need to at least steal a possession and turn it into a score to win the game. As we know they did- X2. We had some very good teams from 2004-2009. I hope we are able to field some competitive teams while Luck is here. And I don't mean beat the Bengals in the wildcard game. Sorry for the extra long post.
  7. Been to Loogootee. We have a hunting cabin about 5 miles outside of Shoals. Back in the day we would go into Shoals or Loogootee to see what was happening on Friday or Saturday night. Nowadays we opt for an evening nap after dinner, lol.
  8. Right as you are coming into town (from all four directions) there is a sign that says "Pickard: do not sneeze, blink or yawn or risk missing town". Sorry
  9. Wrap it around a popsicle stick and then a dab of vaseline all wrapped in aluminum foil as emergency fire starter that will provide a dry surface (foil) to build the fire on. The vaseline burns a little longer as does the popsicle stick in case it is windy or snowing etc. I cary several of these in my pack while elk hunting in the back country of Colorado. Makes for a quick fire should I not be able to return to base camp at night.
  10. Yeah me too. That philosophy (resting/ protecting players) always peed me off. Not to mention we let the Jets into the playoffs by losing to them. We walked through that season and would have easily won those last two games..... We were out coached in that SB, we had the better roster IMO. Still sits in my craw!
  11. Saw that a while back... the guy played - all in and all heart!
  12. Been offline quite a bit working lately... I saw that on Fox Sports One the other day. So school me a little. Can they bring him back yet this year if his avg improves, or any improvement? I am not that familiar with how the farm systems and movement back and forth works. He went to triple A didn't he?
  13. Seems like a strange time of year to make that move to me....
  14. lol Always had to read from the prompter .....
  15. Exactly, just don't see a worse year... barring major injuries.

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