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  1. Although I agree that ED was fun to watch and was really, really good, I too see him as a Ram and not a Colt.. Particularly after watching his "A Football Life". He didn't want to be here. He came because of Ron Meyer (whom I don't like) and was done as soon as he could be done. Faulk was awesome and I hated to see him go, but I understood so really he is a Ram to me too. Absolutely loved Edge and he is probably my favorite back of all the Colts and should be my pick as the best Colt RB of all time. However, I am going with a weird answer as it gave us a SB championship and that is the duo of Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes. Seems like that combination sort of pioneered the two back system we see today. Just my thoughts, plus it served the team better than any other.
  2. Seems reasonable. Not sure if this is the exact same injury/ repair AL has had, interesting none the less.
  3. Not to turn this into a lesson of morals thread, but I don't understand it (Mixon). When I was "young" I spent a lot of my weekends fighting in taverns or wherever I felt it needed to happen I guess. And I have been mad at my wife before... really mad but it never ever crossed my mind that I should physically harm her.... by grabbing, throwing or hitting... even with an open fist. I have also been upset with women (not my wife or girlfriend) that could probably use a little tightening up too, but it wasn't going to be me that did it. I would never be able to forgive myself for it and wouldn't expect a second chance. I was not on the cusp of being drafted, but I still wouldn't expect people to say "he was just a kid". Bottom line is I would love to have his talent on our team, but I just can't get passed what he did so no thanks.
  4. I bust out overtime you post that... Well, I personally think that was a pretty cool message. By no means did he have to put that message out... my thoughts are that he is genuine in his quest to not only put a good team on the field but to do it in a way that will unify the team with togetherness, and make one that can be a unit for more than just a few years. I hope he is able to do just that.
  5. It was a fantastic game. It was the first I had attended since moving to Ohio and the first ever in LOS. I was sitting beside a KC fan. We were trading off buying beers, lol. I was doing my best to be a good sport, but I was boiling inside. He never did throw any below the belt comments, but I could tell he wanted to. When the game was over he had a very very sour look on his face. I stood up (huge smile), shook his hand saying thanks for the beers and said "man that Luck is something else isn't he"? "Be safe driving home tomorrow"... It was epic. My answer is along with some others here... not too sure although I would like to see more "no-huddle" myself. I think we move the ball more methodically and efficiently when he is not thinking so much so to speak. He seems less worried about getting hit and most likely makes better decisions. This year will be interesting.
  6. Lol, Aint that the truth.
  7. Well, after posting that and re-reading it I probably should have worded it better. I don't dislike Reuben and that post makes it sound like I do dislike him. He just seems to need more work than I originally thought based on others comments, so finding someone more NFL ready would be my hope. Not to say I would be mad if we got took him at #15. Like you said he lays the wood once he decides to and thats a good thing. I watched the combine as much as I could when the LB and DL were drilling. I really liked Solomon Thomas (I know he isn't projected to fit 3-4). He looked extremely athletic and I would love to see him a Colt. I haven't seen much film on him, but I think he is going to be very good. Have seen Taco mocked to us and he looks okay, but again seemed slow off the snap when I watched his highlight reel. Some were moving and he was still in his stance. The Harris kid out of Missouri looks pretty good too. I think he may be worth taking a look at. Outside of those guys I would likely get a corner or S before RF. Obviously Hooker is awesome, but we won't see him. Sidney Jones perhaps....? Its good that this draft is so defensively deep as that is what we need most. I doubt we can make a bad decision tbh (Receiver at #15 would * me off, lol). My comment mostly lent itself to BPA and not draft because some have said RF is that good. I am confident that won't happen. I forgot about Reddick.... put him in that slot of before RF.
  8. I was watching some more of the scouting video.... he is a good linebacker but I now believe there are other (better) defensive personel that will be available at #15 that we should be focusing on. You can't draft name and to me that is what you would be doing if you draft this guy at 15.
  9. I agree, this scouting video does a pretty good job of showing his weaknesses.. He has a slow to commit reaction nearly every play. I wonder if he has issues seeing the play develop over the taller linemen or it is just his normal processing time. Meaning his hesitation is noticable. He does seem to finish well once he commits, just not sure of himself a lot of the time. Still a top notch player in my book. Just not a Kuechly comparable -as you point out.
  10. I usually try to clear my schedule during JMV's show when he is talking to RV. Normally pretty good, accurate information. Im with you!
  11. No apology necessary. All is good
  12. Not really, lol
  13. No it wasn't. The backup QB sidestepped an uncontrolled rush. The pass was on target enough to be caught. My thought of "pressure" is getting your hands on the QB, being in his face with your hands up blocking his vision, changing his direction, forcing him to back up, forcing him to throw off of his back foot etc. , none of which happened, just a quick sidestep. So my statement was true that better pressure would have changed the results of that play and many more for that matter. It was our main issue all last year. No pass rush which forced the secondary to play without mistakes or plays like that one happened. He may or may not have lost a step that contributed to his "down year" but he is still a good CB and with a solid pass rush he would be that much better. That is all I was trying to say I guess. We just have two different views of that play and thats okay too.
  14. Yes... that would be fun to watch

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