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  1. Yes yes yes.... I think so too, I just really want us to get our defense going. What is the stat, something like 23-2 when we hold other teams to <21 points.... Nothing more fun than watching a really good offense, but our defense is so depleted. Much better now but still needs work. So to your point, I am perfectly fine with the offensive guys you named too.
  2. I am no one but I would be fine with him. Everyone in the draft can be picked apart, hell they are only a few years removed from HS. The letter he wrote is nice and all, but it is just his sales pitch, although he does seem motivated within his words in the letter and on the field. We can't get lost in the idea that whoever we draft is going to make an instant difference and realize that they all will need time to develop. Doesn't mean there won't be some exciting play and results at times, just that all of them will need a lot of coaching (hope we have the right people for that). Even Myles will need some tuning up. Lucky for us this is, according to the pros, a deep draft which makes me feel like it would be pretty hard to make a bad pick.... barring something completely stupid. I really just hope it is defense.... I mean it has to be right?
  3. I agree and they should. He has been in the league long enough that this isn't one of those "Im only a kid and I am allowed mistakes type" situations. He knows right from wrong at this point.... he is a grown damn man and the things he did are unacceptable... he is also a pro athlete making a lot of money and representing our team. So, whatever Roger Goodall decides is good with me.
  4. I know it well... grew up fairly close (near Kirklin) and worked out of Lebanon (or as some say "Lebdon") for a few years..... I don't mind the town, but like you say there are some things that happened there I would rather not discuss.... oh and if a fistfight is what you are looking for one can be had about anywhere in town, particularly ____'s Pub, lol Funny couple of posts Malakai432
  5. I don't know the whole deal, but it seems like that is an expensive option. I guess they have the capitol though.... that is for now at least which is what is important.
  6. So has anyone figured out the point of the Brock Osweiler situation then? Any news, or even a whiff of reasoning behind it? I am fine with it as I could care less about the Browns (even though my wife is a Browns fan ), but there has been little to no information since the trade/ deal..... suppose they have some leverage for a trade perhaps this weekend?... or something of the sort in mind?... I would hope, or maybe their intention of using him is as a backup.... who knows with them. And picking either QB (Watson or Trubisky) as the number one overall is laughable as far as I am concerned. But, like you say... law of averages would suggest that they get it right at some point, lol.
  7. Right... And until we can win against teams like Pittsburgh and NE or make them work (as in having multiple personnel they have to game plan for) to beat us then we are not serious contenders.
  8. Should have worded that better.... I just meant that he is the best LB I remember us having for a while, not so much what he was or was not expected to be. Thanks for reminding me of that nonetheless.
  9. I sure hope so... we never really have had a top rated LB... last one I remember is Gary Brackett (I might be wrong). He was energetic and a good hitter, but not top LB in my opinion.
  10. Jimmy G: Tom, when are you going to retire so I can play? Tom B: You don't have to worry about it Jimmy... I am going to live forever!
  11. True... Thanks. It is also not only a test for drugs etc, but a judgement and discipline test.

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