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  1. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    It is pretty fun to see AL get so excited about winning against the Jags, and even more importantly... bringing us to 8-8 because we all would be sooooooo upset had we gone 7-9... thank you much for that AL. Much better than preparing for surgery so one can get a head start on recovery... Thats just me tho
  2. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Don't forget Luck... surely you meant to add him right? The others should go before mini camp next year.... oh and I fixed your typo for you
  3. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    I know... in fact I said the same thing to my wife just a few minutes ago. I am beginning to wonder if they knew all along this season would be tough to get him on the field. I don't understand why they can't just come out and say what the "setback" is/ was and what the plan is.
  4. In the most eloquent way that I can be condescending .... are you serious?
  5. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    LOL, Well by all means do not let me interfere.... carry on y'all ... One question.... who is the meat and who is the bun?
  6. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Yeah lets play them. I want to see them come into their own and figure out if they have it or if they are a "fringe" player. Why wait till next year at this point, what does that do... And yeah, why would Pagano's input or needs matter at this point. I can't even hardly listen to his crap anymore, hard to imagine being a player and having to listen to it day in and day out.... and then after games ... put yourself in a players position.... "we gotta just keep grinding"..... ehh I don't even want to type anymore about it.. Blah I was not in favor of letting him go, but at this point I don't care if it is the Monday after the last game or tomorrow at sunrise.... he has to go. (Im on your side btw)
  7. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Im guessing not. Only because if we are judging him on improved performance he has gone backwards if anything.... he has had enough time to prove his worth. This regime needs to be recycled. Fan opinion does matter in the long run and it has been a marathon
  8. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Chuck Pagano just farted
  9. Kaepernick Files A Grievance Against The NFL

    So you are saying that if someone such as the Colts signed him and he started winning games (like the ones we have recently lost) and he did as he said and stood up for the Anthem that people wouldn't soon forget all about it? That is what I meant by sidestepping it. Problem is, like I said earlier, he isn't good enough to ensure that is what would happen. So it is without doubt a huge risk... if his talent was better it would go away. Remove his name and insert Aaron Rogers with all else being equal I bet it is a different outcome.
  10. I didn't read every single post, but I have not seen Sean Payton mentioned... is that deal dead? I have mixed thoughts on it. I suppose I could get used to it if things turned around quickly and I see good decisions, but NO has been .... meh good here and there so not sure its a good call. Thoughts? I like the Harbaugh project. If he is willing I agree, cut the check and lets go! He is quirky but I think he would make an immediate impact. Big question is does he get along with Ballard or does Ballard have to go? If so, I don't see Jim doing that deal. I don't know anything about Taub other than what has been said here. Feels risky to me. I would be okay with Gruden. JMV has some conviction about the possibility along with Bob Kravitz who reminds me of a stick in the mud but whatever, he does get it right now and then.
  11. 85-22

    Totally unacceptable
  12. 85-22

    Well they do.... But when they go in at halftime Chuck stops at the vending machine to get a bag of chips and only has 45 cents. So he starts asking the other coaches if they have a nickel that he can borrow. By the time he gets one and goes back to the vending machine and eats his chips on the way to the meeting room..... its time to go back out to the field.
  13. "Post game thoughts? Most consistent group? What needs to change?" I don't want to start a conversation about a coaching change and I am against it during the season... even coordinators. But....... Most consistent group: The incompetent coaching staff. Same old issues. What needs to change?: All coaches not named Vince. Our defense played well enough to win (despite the stupid zone coverage and Tampa 2 crap). Our offense scored enough first half points to win, but all the three and out series put our defense at a disadvantage and frankly gassed them. There were some bad plays sure but we still played well enough to win. And Tennessee was just begging to lose this one. Why the hell were we not blitzing a demobilized QB? Why, again, is it so hard to come out after half with something other than some sort of a plan of playing not to lose instead of playing to win. I think our game plans are pretty predictable and our in game and halftime adjustments are ineffective (if there are in fact adjustments, its hard to tell). In short, our coaches are horrible at putting our playmakers in position to make plays. They pretty much suck at exploiting opposition weaknesses and our team has to overcome their mistakes and what is worse is they have to overcome coaching schemes and decisions. And that is every stinking game. This team is better than its record. A competent staff might have lost one of the games this year if any. As far as the players.... no heart of a champion type attitude and too many stupid mistakes as in drops, penalties and missed assignments. SMH