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  1. ALL MLB 2017 Cubs Repeat ?

    I've gotta get to bed though. Work at 4 in the morning. One more day
  2. ALL MLB 2017 Cubs Repeat ?

    Might get old time baseball with a Dodgers-Yankees WS. I'd be down with that
  3. ALL MLB 2017 Cubs Repeat ?

    Cubs will be a threat every season for the next so many years. They're too talented not to be in the picture. But this is awesome right now
  4. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    I don't know why this organization kept hyping him up to be back relatively soon. Why did they keep lying about it? Ridiculous
  5. ALL MLB 2017 Cubs Repeat ?

    Yankees with a four run 8th inning and win 6-4. Series now 2-2. Oh boy it's getting good
  6. Rockets-Warriors will be too late for me. Have to be at work at 4. I'll definitely watch the highlights tomorrow though
  7. I've even gotta give LeBron props. I know crazy right? But in all seriousness, he was underneath the basket when that happened. He went over there to Hayward and consoled him when put on the stretcher. Good sportsmanship
  8. You're correct in saying it was Kyrie with tears in the huddle. It's just terrible. You know it's bad when the whole arena is just in shock and disbelief. And players from both teams just stunned and amazed at what they saw. I don't know if the Celtics will recover at all this season. Maybe they'll rally for Hayward. I have no idea. It's just awful in every sense of the word
  9. There's no way on God's green earth the Celtics win tonight. I don't know how they can recover from that. It's gruesome. It's awful. It's horrendous. Such a shame. I really wonder why God lets a terrible thing like this happen
  10. Hayward with a gruesome injury. Such a shame
  11. New England (-9.5) at NY Jets (10-15-17)

    Moral of the story: Hold the ball like it's a newborn baby down around the goal line
  12. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    He's better than the backup. That in itself makes it tougher tomorrow night