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  1. We'll see what Pagano can do this year
  2. Well hell yeah. Him and Vontae are gonna be the CB's
  3. I have a feeling Mack is gonna be good
  4. Honestly, the Colts organization could be thinking the same thing
  5. Major Injuries almost always occur for the Colts. Kelly is a bad loss because he protects the QB. And Andrew coming off surgery, I want someone I can trust to keep him healthy. Next man up is cliche for the Colts
  6. Yeah a team would have to be really desperate to trade for him. He was such a bad pick. But I hope he can contribute for the Colts
  7. Dorsett better have a good season for his sake or he'll be gone. Honestly, I think Natson could be more valuable than him. Just have to wait and see
  8. I wouldn't be surprised at all. I'm expecting it. Pacers will play their best game of the season that night. No way they're gonna let PG come back and win
  9. He had game. I'm interested to see him the rest of the pre-season
  10. You have to try to throw the ball down the field. My problem with Andrew though is that he tries it too much. I still think the Colts offense would be better suited to adapt to a shorter passing game plan
  11. Natson could be more of a threat than Dorsett. He was just a bad pick
  12. If it were between Fitzpatrick and Bradford, I'd take the latter. No doubt about it
  13. I wouldn't want Fitzpatrick at all

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