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  1. I don’t think so. I don’t think the Rockets are that good. I just think the Warriors have let them off the hook
  2. I know the media will portray it as losing Kevin Love. But the Cavs are better without him
  3. We have to hope the Warriors win tomorrow night. Because the Rockets wouldn’t beat the Cavs
  4. Pacers need to make a splash that is heard around the NBA. Go get Kawhi Leonard. And this East Finals, maybe the Celtics have a chance. And Jayson Tatum is the X Factor
  5. This series was over before it began
  6. What changed the game was Victor starting the 4th quarter on the bench. That should’ve never happened. Raptors won’t beat the Cavs
  7. I can’t believe they called LeQueen for that offensive foul. It clearly was though. Elbow to Sabonis
  8. LeQueen gets the goaltending call. Figures
  9. How Victor started the quarter on the bench is beyond me
  10. Why was Victor on the bench to begin the quarter? No benefit whatsoever to that
  11. LeQueen to the rescue! At least that’s how the media will spin it
  12. 59-58 Pacers. It all comes down to Victor. He’s got to make plays for this team to win. Shouldn’t come out the rest of the game
  13. Victor can’t come out the rest of the game
  14. Pacers might be toast. Victor needs to play almost every minute from here on out
  15. Pacers are the better team. There’s no doubt about that. But the Cavs have LeBron. And that’s the difference