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  1. LeBron will never be Jordan. It's that simple
  2. Be interesting to say the least
  3. We'd have as much flopping as the NBA
  4. This is pretty obvious but defensive penalties are much more harsh than offensive penalties. Illegal contact, 5 yard penalty, first down. Holding, 5 yard penalty, first down. Pass interference, spot of the foul penalty, first down. It really irritates me when it's 3rd and forever and a 5 yard penalty results in a first down. That needs to be changed
  5. Pretty impressive by the Nashville Predators. They deserve it too
  6. There should never be ties
  7. Ties are in pee wee sports. This is professional sports. Nothing should end in a tie
  8. What the Pacers need to do is get Gordon Hayward in FA. Add him to Teague, PG and Myles, maybe we have something
  9. You don't play a game to tie
  10. DL depth is very important for success. Need to get as much help as possible. I have faith that they will
  11. I wouldn't be opposed to it. But we won't need that until next fall
  12. Yeah the Penguins will win. They're not gonna lose two in a row to the Senators
  13. I can't speak for everyone else but I did lol. I watched the last 1:30. Best 1:30 of the entire playoffs. Well, behind anything Steph Curry does of course
  14. WTH? 106-106 with 30 seconds left. Holy crap

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