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  1. I'm not gonna lie. I like your possible outcome. Get Bradley, Crowder and Tatum for PG. Possibly sign Millsap and the starting unit wouldn't be bad. Bradley, Tatum, Millsap and Turner would be starters
  2. Not Pacers related but Chris Paul and Blake Griffin opted out and are now UFA's
  3. I HATE losing Artemi Panarin. I'd have rather kept him
  4. Like I've said, include Brandon Ingram and we have a deal
  5. I still wouldn't be convinced even with PG. But about getting the most for him, that's pretty much a reality now. There's no way he shouldn't have been traded at the deadline. It really sucks
  6. Actually, it was the 2nd round that Ohio State lost to Arizona that season. That doesn't prove your point but just stating a fact. D'Angelo was so bad that game and hasn't been anything since that time. The very same thing could happen to Lonzo
  7. I just don't think he's as good as advertised
  8. You're loving Lonzo for whatever reason. The guy is alright but you're making him out to be some savior riding in on a white horse. Lakers have absolutely no chance to be .500. And hell no on the playoffs. His dumb dad said that last night too. And that Zeus said that Lonzo would be a Lakers player. Good lord lol. And on D'Angelo, he'll be the lone bright spot for the Nets. That isn't saying much since they're so pathetic. Pretty much any player that goes to the Nets right now will disappear and fall into obscurity
  9. Lonzo will bust. Not only because of all the pressure on him with going to the Lakers but his dumb dad
  10. Just like the Suns are the UK of the West, the Pacers are the UCLA of the Midwest
  11. Are you * kidding me? Lakers get Thomas Bryant
  12. I always drink on Sunday's during football season. Drink all day starting at 1 lol. College football Saturday's too
  13. I love alcohol too much
  14. They're gonna beat Dak

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