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  1. Royals-White Sox 2-2 going to the bottom of the 4th inning
  2. Rockets up 51-44 at halftime. I know the MVP voting is for the regular season, but the winner of this series is gonna win the MVP. And it's gonna be The Beard
  3. Yeah I know that Dish, DirecTV and U-Verse have CSN Chicago
  4. Down here at my Dad's in Bloomington, he has Xfinity which doesn't carry CSN Chicago. Up in Martinsville at my Mom's place, she has DirecTV which carries CSN Chicago. It's kind of a dilemma
  5. Royals up 2-1 going to the bottom of the 3rd inning
  6. It's like I mentioned before, they've had way too many games that they've had to play comeback. That's not gonna work throughout an entire season
  7. Considering they were 6-7, I would consider 12-8 to be alright
  8. Yep I've got Rays-Orioles on MLBN as well. Cubs-Pirates on WNDY. Switching back and forth between those, Thunder-Rockets and Smackdown
  9. It's not far fetched to think that at all. Women hold grudges
  10. Absolutely true. When it comes to a situation between a man and a woman, the man is almost always thought to be the guilty party. It's ridiculous but that's just fact
  11. Maybe Ballard will pull a rabbit out of his hat. One never knows though
  12. I definitely didn't expect the Grizzlies to win both games at home. And I hope the Jazz win because not only are they a good team with solid players, but I hate the Clippers with an extreme passion. Trash organization that is overhyped every year
  13. Grigson's draft last year wasn't bad. He got some guys that will be good contributors. On this upcoming draft, Malik Hooker is really good. He was a star at Ohio State. He would definitely help. Garson Conley was also really good at Ohio State. I would love either of those picks
  14. I would still take him. I won't believe the story for a second until credible news says otherwise
  15. This 1st round pick is essential. This pick will tell us if Ballard really does have a great plan in mind. I think he does but Thursday will tell us for sure

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