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  1. I knew I remembered a real sports ep with House. Updated op
  2. I don't think he's worked with him in the past. He's in So Cal. Luck seemed to rehab in Indy last yr.
  3. Seems like there is a lot of throwing movements without a football.
  4. GusFring

    Andrew Luck is freaking ripped

    That's not Andrew
  5. GusFring

    Some love for the Colts by Cowherd

    This is true. Most people seem to poop on Luck. Cowherd actually gets criticized for still believing in Andrew. Me personally, I'm going to need to see what an Andree Luck throw looks like present day.
  6. GusFring

    Luck is Throwing Clarification. He's throwing smaller footballs to work on his mechanics. Apparently his strength is adequate now.
  7. GusFring

    Luck is Throwing

    Maybe Ballard wants to be cautious. I find this interesting though
  8. GusFring

    New OL observation

    Denzelle Good is a beast when healthy.
  9. You could have a legit running game with that tandem keeping safeties worried all gm
  10. GusFring

    Trade down again and take McGlinchy

    Defense. Stop ignoring the defense
  11. Have you all seen how deep guard is this draft? With all of the defensive talent, why on earth would you take Nelson?
  12. Now the Giants are considering Chubb. Just saying