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  1. Labrum Tear and Recovery

    Once it was clear he was going to miss 6wks, I have no clue why he was encouraged to throw.
  2. Luck visiting specialists

    If this surgery is really 9-12 months recovery, then why on earth did they ever say he was going to play this season? Seems like he shouldnt even start throwing till December or January. And just hopefully be ready for next season.
  3. Hilton Walks Out On Reporters

    I want Luck to have to answer some questions. What happened to the light at the end of the tunnel?
  4. D'Quell Jackson interviewed on GMFB today

    I doubt you'll ever find a player that says anything bad about Pagano. I remember Khaled Holmes was defending him after getting cut. Everyone love and respect the guy. Hopefully Ballard sees thru all this a fires him anyway.
  5. Tell Irsay to fire them. Or have his agent do it. If Peyton wanted Mora to stay, he would have stayed. I think he wanted him gone, as he should have. QB is the only position with leverage in the nfl.
  6. Or would he have pushed them out behind the scenes?
  7. Chris ballard was at Usc notre dame game

    He could have saw that Sam Darnold is no Andrew Luck from his couch at home.
  8. When a high profile athlete has surgery, the doctor is usually named. The guy I posted thought it was fishy as well.
  9. I didn't start 3. The site goofed
  10. If so, how has the media allowed this?
  11. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    If they planned on Luck sitting, then why trade for a competent backup. Tolzien would assure a top 2 pick of he started the yr.
  13. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Is it true he met with Dr Andrews recently?
  14. When you look into his injury, it's some scary statistics.