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  1. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    If Luck is healthy, he definitely did this or something similar
  2. Why no Mangenius for DC?
  3. LOL at not being that good. If he gets McDaniels, we're screwed
  4. Frank Reich should get an interview. David Cutcliffe
  5. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    I honestly don't think they would tell a coaching candidate that.
  6. Penn State have a lot of big bodies
  7. If they pass on Rosen, they're *. He's a more athletic version of Eli.
  8. USC's Ronald Johnson is going to be good too. Point is, there will be some rb taken in rnd 2 or 3 that will be potential rookie of the yr. You pick Barkley when you already have an oline. We don't.
  9. Look at all of the capable runningbacks.
  10. Why would it be sarcasm? That would be awesome
  11. Imagine McDaniels with Mangini as dc.
  12. Why Saquon Barkley should be our 2nd or third pick

    Whoever the top left tackle is, draft that guy.
  13. Tom Cable...

    Lane Kiffin needs to be considered then.
  14. Andrew Luck to Address Media after Friday Practice