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  1. Who do you want as the next Colt's HC

    Good to see your sense of humor is non-existent. My choice would actually be Dave Shaw from Stanford. I for one was not a fan of McDaniels all along so I'm hoping that we can get it right this time.
  2. Who do you want as the next Colt's HC

    Peyton Manning
  3. Nathaniel Hackett

    This is a guy I think could be an interesting option for HC. As OC for the Jags--able to get a team to the AFC Championship with Blake Bortles at QB. And one out of left field for OC--Tony Romo---his ability to analyze what's happening on the field is pretty insightful.
  4. Most impactful new Colt

    1. Hankins 2. Wilson 3. Mack
  5. Stanford v Rice

    First game of the NCAAF season being played here in Sydney. Secured a ticket on the 40yrd line. Looking forward so much to seeing the Cardinals play (wonder if they could bring #12 back for the 1 game)