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  1. Most impactful new Colt

    1. Hankins 2. Wilson 3. Mack
  2. Stanford v Rice

    First game of the NCAAF season being played here in Sydney. Secured a ticket on the 40yrd line. Looking forward so much to seeing the Cardinals play (wonder if they could bring #12 back for the 1 game)
  3. GM Candidates, including Jimmy Raye (merge)

    Regardless of who gets the job, we need to run a poll for how long will it be before people call for him to be sacked.
  4. Jack Doyle

    Aren't we expecting to have in excess of $50-60m cap space next season anyway. TE play is more than just catching the ball--Allen has been our best blocking TE this season
  5. Chuck Pagano the Next Marvin Lewis?

    I've always felt that coaches get too much blame for losses, and too much credit for wins. Even here, people will acknowledge that our roster has a lot of holes in it, yet everyone wants to blame the coaches when we get beat. Many blame the coach for the poor starts--apparently it's Chuck Pagano's fault that professional footballers getting paid millions can't get themselves up for a game. We are one of the worst teams in the League for drops--apparently it's Chuck Pagano's fault that professional footballers getting paid millions can't hold onto the ball when it's thrown in their direction. Last season, we were without our franchise QB for most of the year, our O-line was a total wipeout, and the world was about to end. We may have a worse record this year than last, yet the signs are positive. The O-line is young and promising. Luck needs to be a bit more selective--having to punt or tossing the ball out of bounds are not the worst thing you can do. Doyle and Swoope are very promising TE, and hopefully our WR group can improve. We do need a solid young RB to backup up replace Gore down the track. We have huge holes on Defence, but that should be addressed in the off-season. Geathers and Green are promising Safeties--hopefully Davis can stay fit. We desperately need to address pass rush (especially with Mathis retiring), and again, the draft gives plenty of options in that area.
  6. Have to keep Gore--draft a young RB to work behind Gore and Turbin and learn from the experience
  7. Will FA's want to come here next year?

    Did them a great deal of good on the field too (not)
  8. Phillip Dorsett

    Ironically, everyone was saying the new coaching bought in last off-season would turn everything around. Now, because certain players can't hold onto the ball, we see the coaches getting the blame. The Colts have one of the worst records in the League for dropping the ball--that's not the fault of the coaches
  9. Let us be honest.

    We experienced unexpected success in Andrew Luck's first 2 seasons, and that set in the minds of everyone the idea of a win now attitude instead of trying to build for the future. That win now attitude failed mainly because of Luck's injuries, and we quickly discovered that there was very little else in the ranks. Since then, management has taken a change of tack. The O-line is improving rapidly, and will be even better next season. The D-line is also improving. There will always be areas where improvement is needed--pass rush needs to be addressed. As bad as many believe this team is, we haven't gone from a 15-1 season, and SB appearance last year to 6-9 so far this season and not even make the playoffs
  10. Grigson and Clark

    Have to love it when all the experts here get it wrong
  11. How did Clark play today?

    3 rookies at C, RG @ RT. Really worried pre game, but the whole O-line was terrific today. Was as perfect a whole team performance as you could hope for.
  12. This is the most disgusted I've ever been...

    Was well worth getting up early on my day off to watch today's game.