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  1. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    Sounds a lot like bill belichick and Peyton Manning. It has worked out well for both organizations.
  2. ... On The Bright Side, However...

    Not having Andrew this year is exposing EVERYONE for how bad they truly are. You don't want a team to rely this much on their QB. Unfortuently 6 years after Peyton we still are.
  3. Robert turbin just broke his arm.

    So not every down, nor third down. Which down should we expect to see Mach then? I just want to make sure so that I can know EXACTLY when we will be running the ball with Mack.
  4. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    I could see the Colts being competitive vs TN if we stop the run.
  5. Our history of cornerbacks.....

    This is the perfect example of scheme and coaching and what it does for a players ability to succeed. Unfortunately a lot of our players are put in a position to fail. Yet have the ability to do good. Making a fish climb a tree.
  6. Update on Luck

    I will be as excited this off season as I was last off season. It's going to get very interesting.
  7. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    Yeah we probably will never know. Even if we hire a new staff, more players will be signed and drafted. A lot can change in an off season.
  8. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    I never claimed to know the cause of the Colts woes. I prefer to think it's a mixture of scheme, bad coaching, and unmotivated players. What I see and what others see are completely different. and no, that doesn't show he holds players accountable. Some players need more motivation over others, kind of like Reggie Wayne initially. I wont lie. I am biased against pagano. I'm sure I go a little over board in that area, but I still believe what I believe.
  9. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    Hank Baskett was playing for Jim Caldwell, and we all know that he was riding on Peyton the whole year. That was also during the SB where you need to have ultimate situational awareness. Which if the coach is telling you that then yeah that's not a very good coach now is it...? If the same player continues to make the same mistakes over and over, then you cut him plain and simple. I refuse to believe our players just lack the talent to make that catch 9-10 times. Guess what? Hank Baskett doesn't play in the NFL anymore. using someone without NFL talent to support what you're saying is just faulty logic. When Reggie Wayne came into the league he had a problem with dropping the ball. He had NFL talent, and the right coaches to help him secure that problem. I simply don't believe that our current staff, helps our current players in the same areas. I also dont believe this team is less talented than it was in 2012. What's the excuse there? It's a culture problem. It's a frame of mind. And if you don't take your leader seriously then you aren't going to have the right frame of mind come Sunday. And every Sunday, the colts continue to show the lack of mindset needed to be truly competitive. That doesn't include putting players in a position to succeed. Our scheme isn't doing that for our players. Especially on offense.
  10. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    I came to the conclusion long ago that we wouldn't agree with each other. Glad to see you have caught up.
  11. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    I agree. I don't care if you're a high school team if you're coached correctly and the other team isn't you're going to win 9 times out of 10. Every times the colts play the patriots it has to be a high scoring game to win. And also, 9 times out of 10 the colts shoot themselves in the foot and make stupid mistakes. That's coaching. Sorry buddy. Dropping the football, and throwing an interception isn't about talent. It's about focus. A focus this team just doesn't emphasize.
  12. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    You realize words mean things right? I never said that the Colts players were just as good. I said they're just as talented. Those 2 things are completely different from one another. You can have all the talent in the world but you can still suck. You need a good coach who can bring that out in your players. Im beginning to think you just like disagreeing with me. Do you wait in the weeds for opportunities to argue with me?
  13. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    I dont underatand why you keep talking to me. I have yet to agree with you. Do you like running in circles? Oh yeah... you don't like reading between the lines that say we don't agree with each other ever.
  14. PFF Analysis of Colts Performance

    The patriots group of players aren't more talented than the colts group of players. If you can tell me exactly how I'm wrong I'd love to hear it. But talent wise, it's just not a very big difference. The biggest difference is coaching. how many times have we seen teams make a run at the SB who are less talented? Being disciplined enough to not drop the ball, falls on the coaching staff. The can't have an Allstar at every position. If you could, you wouldn't really need a very good HC. But the facts say we can't have that so we need a competent head coach.