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  1. But the point is, the WR CANT catch the ball if there is pass interference. If that rule gets changed you will see CBs mugging the WR any given play.
  2. The only issue with that is defensive pass interference on an 80 yard bomb, or in the end zone. Who wouldn't take a 15 yard penalty to stop a catch like that?
  3. Lol out of all the years.
  4. Hoping Hankins can take the pressure off Hard Core Henry.
  5. Pags said that he wasn't calling that play intentionally. Lol
  6. That could quite possibly be true. But that's why this is a team sport. I think only Peyton could do what you're describing.
  7. Do you remember the playoff game vs the KC chiefs? Where luck grabbed a loose fumble and took it in for a TD? Is that the kind of superstar you're talking about? I think the reason it is an unpopular scenario is because it is a wrong scenario. I don't see someone like Scott Tolzian doing something like that. So that minimal difference would probably be the fact that Luck is a superstar and Tolzian is not.
  8. Peyton is the MVPAT. Most Valuable Player of All Time.
  9. With Peyton you at one time saw an offense running on all cylinders. They were a well oiled machine and feared by all in the NFL other than maybe 3 teams. Hopefully we can see the current offense get into that kind of thing. I have no doubt Andrew would look spectacular.
  10. Winning the SB with 2 different teams is a much larger scale than the same system your whole career. But I'll always find reasons to say Peyton is the better.
  11. As players, no, you can't compare them.
  12. You quoted my original point in having two back to back great QBs. I feel like we are losing sight of that.
  13. so maybe I am wrong. Still my point remains.
  14. I understand the back up aspect, but from my understanding Steve young was never truly a back up. He was never drafted to BE the back up. More of my point was aimed towards having two back to back good to great QBs for your team.
  15. Isnt andrew luck the next Steve young? So would that make Jimmy the next Andrew luck?

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