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  1. In other words. Don't trust the Colts when it comes to injury information.
  2. Heres to Oline round one next year.
  3. I want to love green. But I have seen a lot of potential go no where. Hopefully he proves everyone wrong.
  4. Maybe it's just in practice.
  5. Completely agree. Maybe next year? Hopefully our list of needs won't be too great.
  6. Painter vs Tolzien... who wins?
  7. The colts need a quality backup QB, and have since Matt retired. I would be fine with drafting one next year. For now we have to deal with whoever makes the final cut.
  8. Career back up.
  9. I miss Jim Sorgi.
  10. Youre right. I was responding to others who are mentioning pagano.
  11. The lions out practiced us. To think they weren't going to out play is Sunday is ludicrous. This year I'm really going into things with no expectations. In all honesty, if pagano can't handle being HC then Ballard will give him his walking papers I have no doubt.
  12. Idk. There's no telling when he will not be able to handle the pressure again. Game 1? What about the AFCCG? Missing field goals loses you games. Is it worth the risk?
  13. Only a fan for 16 seasons. But regardless it has been a fun ride. Can't imagine liking any other team. I had no idea we had so many old fellows here! I only have 40 more seasons to catch up to your greatness!
  14. Davis can cover anyone in this league.
  15. Why does no one hate on the patriots division?

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