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  1. You're relying on the oline remaining this cocnistent or getting better. I don't have faith in ifs. Which is why I want lamp in round 1. There re is a TON of defensive depth in the draft to help this team tremendously. Draft lamp, keep luck safe, get back to controlling TOP and lets go to the SB.
  2. Again? It did benefit peyton tremendously. But to act like Peyton would have endured the beating Andrew has is crazy. Drafting Luck has benefited us as much as letting Peyton go benefited him. Yeah we don't have a SB, but you think we would have one with Peyton? It took Peyton almost 10 years to get to a SB with us. We don't have near as good of a defense as the broncos. Or the running game. I don't think we missed out. I'm still a Peyton fan. Love the guy. But the colts are first for me. I can can see where you're coming from though.
  3. So a guy makes a comment and you read too much into it and assume things about irsay. Sounds like you're too loyal to Peyton Mannings feelings. If you like what Ballard is doing by going young and cutting players, then you really got your feelings hurt based off of fandom. Its not like irsay didn't want Peyton to win a SB. There is a good reason to take Andrew in that spot. Peyton just retired 2 seasons ago, and their aren't any QB worthy players like Andrew in the time span of the last 4 years. Take Andrew. Stop holding a grudge over spilt milk.
  4. I don't like always playing division opponent in last game of year. Mix it up.
  5. If selecting lamp at 15 means no more surgery for luck it's well worth it.
  6. Signing Hankins has to make everyone feel better. I have a feeling our first pick will be lamp. Without Hankins that probably wouldn't be so, but since we have him it just seems fitting to go Lamp round 1.
  7. There is nothing that can help you right now other than her but I'm sorry for your loss.
  8. Looks like Ballard is doing what he said he'd do. Get some of the old era guys in here to get that winning atmosphere back.
  9. Of course. Hankins is the worst DT in the league.
  10. Thats against one of the worst lines in the league
  11. The colts have won FA with where this team was before hand compared to the rest of the league. We have gotten younger while not losing talent. I'm having a hard time seeing our defense not being in the top 15 this year.
  12. Biggest FA signing since good ole Adam Vini was signed IMO. Seeing the Dline as a strength is such a strange idea. Hopefully an idea that comes to pass.
  13. For some reason I feel last years defense was worse than 06 D.
  14. I tend to research players after the colts select them. Sometimes our colts choose people I never heard of. Obviously you hear a lot of names and learn a lot before the draft. But it's mainly hype until draft is over.
  15. The comparison made was raw talent. Not style.

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