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  1. But we haven't done an overhaul. We got new scouts and a new GM. The coaching staff has remained largely intact other than a few minor tweaks. I think people are acting like this is a complete do-over from 2012 but it just simply isn't. the Colts have kept the players that lead this team through the wins that we have had, and gotten younger/faster everywhere else. I guess we just have to let their play do the talking. But if the colts go 7-9 next year I will be shocked.
  2. Seriously, PFF has lost focus on the fact that we have added an anchor on the defensive line in Hankins. That ALONE, makes this defense better, yet some how we are worse? Not very focused PFF, not very focused at all.
  3. I think it will be hard for this team to do worse than last year.
  4. He was drafted in 2009 come to think of it. I had completely forgotten that Pat made a SB appearance.
  5. Man, remember the good ole days when we pondered on whether or not Peyton would get a statue. Well now those moments are here, and I do miss the good ole days. They can't last forever though! Still a great day to be a Colts fan.
  6. Dominant
  7. Yeah it's Jack Scott and Jack Newhort.
  8. It was me.
  9. The time table is 6 to 9 months. The way things are being handled is no different than any other player/team. I think its way too early to be worried.
  10. Loving the fact that Hankins was signed too. I'm so stoked to see this unit on the field.
  11. Aww man it's that one fan.
  12. I think Hankins maybe rubbing off on Jim a little too much.
  13. You cant talk him up! We all know how he really is.
  14. Doyle has a real problem, and it's going to spill onto the playing field. Something has to be done! Someone needs to talk to him!
  15. Go Colts!

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