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  1. NannyMcafee

    Eric Ebron

    While I agree he has the potential I just see a lot of vontae attitude wise. No one expected to see vontae see the door but he was gone simply because of his attitude. (One might argue injury but I really doubt that’s why Ballard cut him) Im for giving ebron a chance. He just needs to work through some of his immaturity. I didnt mean he was just a stop gap filling in until we find his replacement. I just don’t think he will be around with us that long because of history showing his lack of effort. I hope I’m wrong. I can’t imagine living in Detroit. Could just have been his surrounding environment.
  2. NannyMcafee

    Eric Ebron

    Ebron is just here to fill in until we find a replacement through the draft. So maybe 2 years. He reminds me a lot of Vontae Davis. Production problems. Attitude problem. (While he was at Miami) If the colts make make the playoffs this year I see no trouble coming from Ebron, but if we miss the playoffs I expect him to unravel shortly thereafter. I could he completely wrong, and I hope I am. I’m all for people exceeding expectations. Out of all of Ballard’s FA signings this feels so, not Ballard.
  3. NannyMcafee

    What's your take on the Ravens QB situation?

    That isn’t the kind of QB I would want starting on my team. He should be able to motivate himself by this late stage of his career. It really shouldn’t take someone threatening his starting spot for him to play at a high level. We have all seen Flacco perform at a high level. He has the skill. He just doesn’t have the work ethic.
  4. Pretty good article so far on the way Ballard handles himself. I enjoyed the read.
  5. NannyMcafee

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    I’m ready for the offensive line to prove you wrong!
  6. NannyMcafee

    Ranked #32 -- I love it

    Colts have been underdogs for as long as I can remember. Beyond playing the worst in the NFL the colts have always been considered less than stellar. I have grown to like seeing the colts prove everyone wrong time and time again.
  7. According to the colts? Less that 4 YPC
  8. This is awesome. Draft a RB late and our run game should be set. People forget that Edge was drafted to the colts with an established offensive line. Get ready to see some major strides in the run game.
  9. Players like Quenton Nelson are the reason Ballard is saving back his cap space. We need to pay our guys, for a long line of excellence.
  10. All for this pick. If we would have fixed the line the last 3 years then this year we could have drafted that flashy skill player/defensive blue chip player. I guess I’m the next couple years.
  11. NannyMcafee

    Old fans compared to young fans.

    Tell me how does one know the difference between a younger fan and an older fan by his screen name? Unless they say their age no one really knows. Every year I am a year older. I have been a colts fan for neigh on 20 years. Does that make me an old colts fan? Or is it purely defined by age? The reason im asking is because I’m not sitting here at the age of 26, worrying about the colts QB situation. In fact all I can think about is the draft and how many picks we might aquire before our pick at 6.
  12. NannyMcafee

    Grigson’s Interview...

    AGREED. I didn’t see anything their that showed me the man took accountability for his mistakes. We all make mistakes. Some of us just do something about it.
  13. NannyMcafee

    Grigson’s Interview...

    Maybe instead of working on your relationship with the media you should work on your relationship with your staff and players.
  14. NannyMcafee

    Trade down prediction by Doyle? while he didn’t come right out and say he was predicting, I think he really believes this has a high probability. I would be ok with this.
  15. NannyMcafee

    Time for some "NASTY" players who bring the FEAR FACTOR...

    Kinda hard to find a hard hitting playing when you aren’t allowed to tackle anymore. It’s more like an aggressive version of two hand touch.