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  1. I expect this years FA will be much like last year. Young up and comers that can start. 99% of the stars on this team will be through the draft. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  2. OK, looks like we're drafting Nelson ...

    Looks like Ballard hoping to trade pick.
  3. Oh the other side of the coin. So is it heads or tails? No one knows...
  4. I just want some offensive line signings of above average talent. Hell I'd even take avg at this point. We have a franchise QB. I believe that if Ballard had any fear of not having Andrew for this season we would be more involved in FA. But having a franchise QB, takes a lot of pressure off. Also if you have a coach that can bring the best out in his players, there is really no reason not to mainly draft your players. He wants loyalty to the team, and that's through home grown guys as he puts it. I'm completely on board with this line of thinking. We have watched Grigson sign some players in FA, and 90% of them plain sucked on our team. I want ant to see us go back to drafting our team. We went to 2 SBs with that way of doing things. Having Frank bring back the no huddle offense, and speeding up the game will help the oline by leaps and bounds. The Colts FO, might not think we are that far off, on the oline, with a quick paced game. We will see.
  5. I like how you talk about Polian, and then turn around a quote him very subtly. Well done. Well done.
  6. Unless Andrew is throwing footballs, there really isn't anything new here...
  7. Long rebuild ahead

    The only reason we would have to trade Luck is if we CONTINUE to ignore fixing the oline. Otherwise this team is a playoff contender.
  8. Looking Back How Lucky Were We?

    Ugoh was a bust.
  9. I see the browns drafting Barkley, and possibly a QB at 4. But with signing a QB they may wait until next year to draft a QB.
  10. What happen to the expectations ?

    Andrew luck has the smarts. He's got the talent. He's just not a perfectionist.
  11. We don't need someone like Suh. Isn't he a dirty player? I know the locker room atmosphere means a lot to Ballard. I doubt he is interested.
  13. "The T.J. Green Project"

    Green is like a cheetah. He can run. That's about it.
  14. Looking forward to watching him play again...

    Andrew is clutch. That fumble recovery for a touchdown says it all. He's got IT.
  15. Ballard on the Herd

    So we should thank josh because Reich is better? So either way josh isn't very good. Works for me, hey josh, thanks for being a failure.