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  1. I always rooted for foster. I forgot about him.
  2. Maybe if they keep trying they will have a product worth looking at.
  3. Say it ain't so hughie!
  4. Its getting done with Trent Richardsons.
  5. Peytons number was retired soon after he himself announced his own retirement. Also the statue is scheduled to be complete in this coming year.
  6. No rookie QB has won a SB. But I get your point.
  7. No but he's the first Andrew Luck.
  8. Well hello to you too Mr. Ballard. Looking forward to footing you on this year, and hopefully for years to come.
  9. I think the colts should remain patient and continue to do what they have been doing..
  10. Who was the last FA to sign a 7 year deal?
  11. I feel lamp maybe a bit underrated.
  12. I would be ok with drafting oline first if we can get a good starter. I feel the colts are one G away from having a solid oline.
  13. If anyone wants to watch it the full game is on YouTube right now...
  14. That game was magical. The other games, not so much. So to answer your question...... MAGIC
  15. Getting 2-3 potential stars on defense from this upcoming draft isn't unlikely. I like the depth signings as long as we draft well.

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