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  1. We've been pretty active in FA and its been hit and miss so far. Some can really impact this roster and others are for competition and 1 year flyers. I like that we haven't hurt ourselves with terrible long term contracts, but I think impactful defenders are still out there that we can definitely afford. Johnathan Hankins is reportedly getting closer to finally caving in and re signing to a cheaper contract with NY. With NT being such a big need, why not go after him and possibly get him for a great deal. I'd say 3 yr UP TO 24 mil Zach Brown is reportedly choosing between Oakland and Miami. He's looking for a deal at only 6 mil per. That would be such a steal, if I was Ballard I'd sneak in and offer him a 3 yr UP TO 21 mil. Mychal Kendricks is not a FA but is openly on the trade market. Philly wants a 5th this year, but with no action maybe we could give them a 5 or 6 next year. His contract is very good, pretty cheap and could be easily replaced because we dont give up much to get him. What do the fans think we should do with this money? I personally dont see the value in saving so much when we have so many holes to fill.
  2. I'm not too sure over the cap and sport track have two different amounts but Yea your probably right. I'd guess after cutting Art its a Lil over 20 tho maybe like 22-23. How much exactly would roll over tho? I'm sure not the full amount and there are quality options at big needs rn in FA. Just my thinking
  3. Sacks aren't always telling. Houstons pass rush is better then that # says. Same about Oakland they didn't play great last year but they have 2 guys who constantly get pressure.
  4. We would take Hassan. Dalvin is not even the impressive athlete everyone made him out to be. Won't be surprised if McCaffery goes before him.
  5. Would be nice to go after Hankins, after saving 5 mil from cutting Art it would make a lot of sense. If we draft one its gotta be Stevie T out of USC. But take that 5 mil slap 3 more on top and we have Hankins... I'm just saying
  6. If only we had an OC who knew this. I'm hoping Kamar Aiken can be a difference, great route running and possession WR. Does his best work in short to intermediate and can create space. I feel its a combination of too many deep routes and WRs not creating enough space to create a throwing window.
  7. I mean Lattimore if he fell. Idk I like Humphreys upside but his ball skills are suspect. I'd take advantage of the depth possibly go back to back cbs rounds 2-3.
  8. I really like this. Idk if Lamp falls tho the comp to Zach Martin is real. Also you think Stevie T can fall to the 5th? He's short and a 25 year old rookie but he's an ideal NT. I'd take him with a 4 if we had to
  9. Take him with a 4 and its still a steal. But I'm with you my favorite mid round back poor mans Christian McCaffery
  10. Yea I mean he's not Aaron Rodgers but like I said he doesn't have a hitch or any other flaw in his throwing motion slowing him down. I think a split second longer then a very few some, its really a non issue IMO. He needs to have confidence in himself and his WRs and let it fly and stop hesitating. OL will improve whether we roll with these young guys or we address it. Kamar Aiken might just be the difference, possession WR that runs great routes. He lives in the short to intermediate routes and has a nack for creating space, something we dont have outside TY who will be doubled all year. We will see hopefully Andrew comes back 100% and we show progression this year.
  11. His release is fluid with no wasted movements, keeps it high and turns his entire body into it to generate more velocity. His throwing motion is beautiful, its never been his issue and never will be. His problem is all mental, he tries to do too much and waits for a WR to get open instead of moving on in his progression or throwing the ball away.
  12. That's a coincidence, Jack Mewhort if healthy would've been even better
  13. I'd rather we wait til the 2nd and add another defensive player or maybe a guard. I also hope we take 2 corners because all we have is Vontae.
  14. Do they have every game so I can watch him against Oakland and Jacksonville?
  15. Good stat! I love Lamp but I'd obviously rather go D. Either way I won't be mad
  16. 100% what Philbin says goes. I do hope I'm wrong your right so we can go D round 1.
  17. Such a smooth athlete. Shows why he could really Play LT someday. This was his best game by far against good competition. I think one video in particular shows why hes a year maybe two away. When he gets bull rushed by Hunter, he never re anchors and just gets walked back to the QB. He never shoots his hands back inside to regain leverage. I really like Clark and maybe he beats out Haeg this year at RT, but it wouldnt discourage me from taking Lamp. Where did you find these videos?
  18. Clark has the sky he has no ceiling, but he's still not ready to play full time RT at the level we need him to rn. Haeg was solid at RG, but he was much better at RT because he pass blocks so well and he's pretty weak inside at the POA. We could roll with them into 2017 and hope they've improved enough through the off season or we could upgrade one spot and let them make each other better for the other spot.
  19. Haven't heard of him, position?
  20. If we hypothetically draft Lamp tho, Clark competes with Haeg for RT and I have my money on Haeg. When exactly did we resign AC until 2019? Either way that gives another year for Clark to develop. He was decent in 3 games last year but he wasn't anything special and he definitely didn't lockdown any position. He has LT traits, but technique is still so raw. Philbin can develop him I'm confident in his coaching ability but not even he could have Clark ready by next year.
  21. They both looked a lot better towards the end of the year and I'd hope they're working hard this off season. I just think adding a stud RG, kicking out Haeg to where he's more natural, and creating a great battle at RT makes this O-line possibly top 10 in the league. I'm 100% with you our D needs a lot of help and I've been preaching D round 1 for a while, but the more I think about it Andrew's health is seriously at risk and its not worth taking the gamble on trying to develop guys that aren't ready yet but have potential. I would not reach on a OL prospect, but Lamp is no reach IMO he'd actually be a steal.
  22. Agreed, idk about Feeney slow footed and not a great athlete in space. Lamp or bust as far as OL this year for me. Clark is really a work in progress, he could be our best OL one day but idk if he's even ready to beat out Haeg in a competition at RT rn. Haeg is extremely versatile but I think he's best outside at RT where he can use his athleticism and stay away from guys who can over power him. Clark can play behind Costanzo all year and if AC isn't consistent we don't resign him and move on.
  23. Pressuring himself and being under pressure are two different things. I love his mentality, but he's also stated this is not a 1 year re build. Every need can not be added through the draft, we added two starting caliber edge players through FA so I think Ballard is going to give them a shot and draft else where.
  24. Round 1: Forrest Lamp. Very strong at the POA, plays with great leverage in the run game and uses hands to fit inside, not a mauler but has a mean streak and an attitude that sends a message to the defense. I know our defense is trash, but the more I think about it our D can be built in a year or two but Andrew can't take much damage for long. IMO Lamp is a special enough talent to pass on D in round 1 and solidify our O-line and potential make it a strength. Haeg vs Clark at RT makes them both better, Costanzo in a contract year better be more consistent or he may be replaced. Lamp or bust at 15, no other OL is worth the pick. Round 2: Chidobe Awuzie. Awuzie is a great athlete that has a smooth back pedal and can turn and run very well. Aggressive tackler, although he needs to learn to run through the ball carrier. Tends to get flat footed when pressing or breaking on a ball, but those things are coachable. Versatile to play outside but best in the slot. Round 3: Sidney Jones/Fabian Monreau. Sidney Jones is the perfect corner for our scheme. Probably the best man cover CB in this class. Has a nice punch with long arms and great footwork to mirror WRs. If medicals seem to be positive I wouldn't hesitate. Fabian Monreau is a great athlete who can break on the ball on create turn overs. He plays better in off man, something we dont do a lot. Round 4: Stevie Tui'kolovatu. The ideal NT in for our 3-4. Gap eater and penetrator, very strong punch at POA, uses hands really well to get hands off, violent on almost ever rep. 25 year old rookie and not prototype height for NT is why he lasts this long, but I think he starts for us year 1. Round 4: Jeremy McNichols. One of my favorite backs in the class. I think he can fall here because he is not the most complete of all the backs this year. Hes not a guy who can be your workhorse, but give him 10-15 carries target him 5 times in the pass game and let him return Kicks and he makes a huge impact on your team. Round 4: Eddie Jackson/John Johnson. Before Eddie Jackson broke his leg he was making a strong campaign to be a 1st round pick as the best FS in this years draft. The injury happened pretty early in the year and he will be looked past in such a deep S class. His Pro day will be very telling on how damaging the injury was, if he runs well this would be such a steal. Plus he gets to sit and rest another year, possibly playing sparingly. Alternative is John Johnson, former corner who has really nice ball skills for a safety. Didn't impress at the combine and elite NFL athletes might be a problem. Could be a potential starter or solid sub package/rotational player. 5th Round: TRADE-Mychal Kendricks. Yes I Cheated!! But this is all the Eagles want, if I was Chris Ballard I would've already done it but no rush just make it happen! Great start to re building our D and taking advantage of the corner depth. Risky picks with Jones and Jackson, but a team like us desperate for elite talent takes the chance. Lamp fills the final piece to our O-line because competition at RT gets super intense making the winner that much better. I definitely see the Zach Martin comparison and I wouldn't pass that up.
  25. Sheard doesn't have impressive stats throughout his career but I do expect his production to be better then anything he's shown. With his talent and being a starter all 16 he might get close to 10+. John Simon will start this year, he can set the edge and be a factor in the run game as well as rush the passer. Exactly we have nothing at corner that's why I think we should draft 2. Yes we will all wait and see, but this is the direction I would take.

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