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  1. What will a rape kit prove if she willingly had sex with him? I do hope more info comes out before the draft, hopefully positive. If it is then there's a great chance the Colt's take him. Chris Ballard is an open minded guy, he will get as much knowledge on the situation as possible and make the right decision.
  2. I'm sorry, what? You DONT use judgment??? Thats just ridiculous. Chris Ballard said it best himself, you dont but the character issue guys in a box and label them all the same. You do your due diligence on all of them and make your own analysis of the situation and the individual prospect. I'd bet CB has his guys working none stop to figure out as many details as possible. If you take this kid off your board completely your passing up on a potential pro bowl talent. Dont tell me there's other corners just as good on day 2 because they're aren't. But blindly making assumptions would be the dumbest thing a team could do
  3. Tankersly is going to be heavily penalized in the NFL. Unless he cleans it up, but even when he's on the receiver's hip he has that habbit of tugging the jersey or holding an arm.
  4. Fabian missed time, tore his ACL early in his UCLA career and is still is a freak athlete. Amazing size, speed, and a perfect scheme fit. Great in press man with great mirror technique and strong hand usage. Doesn't have the production but has good ball skills. IF Sidney falls to #46 he seriously have to consider taking him. A torn Achilles is far from a death sentence in this day and age. On top of that Sidney Jones doesn't rely on his athletic ability to be a great corner, he uses his great technique with his feet and hands, his plus arm length, and his instincts that are better then any other corner in this class. Even if he's a step slower, which I honestly doubt with his mentality, he still could be a top 10 CB in this league I really believe that. Then take Griffin or maybe Conley in the 3rd and they play #2 until Sidney comes back. I know you want Dorian in the 3rd, Id love that too but I've got to be honest I dont think hell be there. NFL scouts see what you and I see, he's probably gone by the end of the 2nd at the lastest.
  5. First calm down there guy. Second that is such a dramatic take on the situation. No we dont know all the details and NFL GMs probably dont have all the answers either but Conley has a side to this story. If him, his agent, and his lawyer present a strong case that he is innocent I'd be 100% on board if he fell to the 3rd round. No they dont have along time to do it, but for the sake of this kids future they better work over time to be able to provide teams evidence. If they cant then I'm with you, but I personally think from what I've read that this is a money grubbing gold digger. I trust Chris Ballard anyways, he's already proven to me he's a wise man with good judgment and he hasn't even had his first draft yet.
  6. Fabian Monreau? Sidney Jones?
  7. Dumbazz
  8. Its he's there in the 2nd by all means, I'm not making him my #1 pick. He's not a guarantee, yes he seems to be healing very well but that just begins the rehab process. He won't be ready to play at the beginning of this year and maybe the whole year. If he's at #46 fantastic if not take another stud CB who will be sitting there. Fabian Monreau, Chodibe Awuzie, hell I wouldn't be mad if we took Gareon Conley in the 2nd as long as we know enough about his incident. Sidney's my top guy but the world will not end if he's gone.
  9. Winner!! made my life
  10. We talking rape here!! Idk if he did it or not and I won't assume he's guilty but theres no way he's even visible on our board through days 1-2. On day 3 I'm listening. Idk if enough information can come out in time for a team to draft him any earlier.
  11. I definitely dont mind taking 2 corners, I guess I could get on board with Conley and Jones with the first 2 picks. Our grades on edge rushers are far apart. Ejuan Price is the highest rated IMO out of the 3 I mentioned and I'm not 100% confident he makes it to that spot. If he was 6'2 6'3 he'd be a day 1 pick but he's 5'11. Pro ready technique, great burst 1.64 10 yard, and functional strength throughout his entire frame. No he'll never be a 3 down player but he's a day 1 pass rush specialist who impacts our team this year. Wise either plays the 5 tech or takes a year or 2 to learn how to play standing up. Jo Jo Mathis only falls here because of his injury. What I love about him is that he's used this time off to work on his body and he's becoming a freak. Not the best athlete but can bend the corner well, uses his hands as well as any other edge in this class, and has the ability to drop into shallow zones. Phillips is just an explosive athlete with potential.
  12. I want to!! I'm out here in Southern Cali but I got to know the ticket prices first
  13. Regular mock is really good except Malik McDowell. Make that Foster and that's a dream draft for me.
  14. I'm really starting to like James conner more and more. Needs to be more consistent with his patience, but flashed it on occasion. He's a professional tackle breaker and with another year of full recovery he'll play much faster then he ran. If he could drop like 5 pounds he can be a serious talent and should be available in the late 4th.
  15. They dont have a 2nd round pick
  16. Which hopefully doesn't happen! I think its either Williams or Lattimore at #5. And Conley/White or Davis/Ross at #18.
  17. We have 7 picks in the first 5 rounds. Ex. Foster 1 Monreau 2 Lewis/Sutton 3. Your logic for passing a better talent for in your opinion a bigger need is very flawed
  18. Thank God your name is not Chris Ballard. Take a pass rusher, we have 7 picks in the first 5 rounds if you didn't know in a edge class thats pretty nice. Corner at #46 in the 2nd will have great value. Your really sleeping on Jabaal Sheard and Jon Simon but we will add an edge just not round 1. Foster is the best talent IF he falls to 15 which I still don't think happens.
  19. Can say that either way. Foster 1 Monreau 2 Jordan Lewis 3. Hankins is great but he's not all-pro.
  20. If only this corner class was deep. Like deepest in the last 10 years. Sigh, I can only dream
  21. These ppl are ridiculous. Im 100% with you, Foster IF he falls to us is the biggest no brainer pick since Andrew Luck. Chris Ballard is a wise man, I'm confident he'll make the right decision.
  22. Ohh got you, soo which signing did it for you? The career sub package player Sean Spence or the career special teamer Jon Bostic? Silly rabbit
  23. How do you pass Foster and then give him to the Titans. I seriously doubt we pass on Foster, we had him in on a visit AFTER the combine. Im confident in Chris Ballard, you not so much.

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