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  1. I guess he just looks shorter next to everyone else on game day.
  2. I just don't see it, I think I'm the only one here but watching his 2016 tape I can't see him being a Mike. Even with that extra weight and muscle he still struggled to shed blocks and be a physical presence over the middle. I think he's a much better player at a lower weight flowing backside using the athletic ability he didnt show in 16 but did in 15. If I had to guess I'd say he was playing at 240-245 last year and he didnt look good on the field.
  3. Morrison is a Mike but like I said he's 5'11 230. He's a Mike in a Wills body. What makes ppl think A Walk is a MLB I dont get it? Have you watched his film? He's very suspect at the POA, doesn't shed blocks well, and he's undersized for the middle. He's better playing at 235 and using his athletic ability instead of keeping all that bulk when he doesn't even play physical. And he's a plus in coverage, he's got Will written all over him
  4. A Walk is not a Mike. He doesn't shed blocks well enough to play strong side and he's not ideal size. His playing weight should be around 235. Let him be a Will where he's more natural and where he can use his athletic ability to evade blocks and flow backside instead of taking on guards inside the hole. Not a big fan of Morrison, he's ganna have to earn his spot this off season Bostic is also here.
  5. Yea he had a tendency to lunge at WRs on the line but when he maintains balance and doesn't over commit to his punch he has a great back pedal with a nice hip flip. I think these are things that are very coachable, plus he has a guy like Vontae who has great press tech.
  6. Hooker can play hash to sideline from release point, he's got them both my dude! I'm hoping for big things out of Sheard, Spence will have a strong competition with A Walk Jr for the Will spot, and Simon will start this year but I think Basham will be hot on his heels come 2018.
  7. Our depth is almost all at the WILL spot. Yes Morrison played Mike last year, but at 5'11 230 he's not a true MLB. Our only real Mike is Jon Bostic. That being said, I still think Anthony Walker Jr. starts at the WILL over Speance and Jackson.
  8. NO Corey Clement.
  9. My round 5 dream pick. Great in the nickel, he's coming from Houstons bail zone scheme which makes you wonder how he'd translate to a press man scheme, but his skill set matches what we look for in our corners. Also has return ability
  10. Fine me later!!!!! Hahaha Yea I might get blocked for a day but its cool
  11. If i was him I would do that, but I think he's trying for a comeback. CB must know his agent pretty well and Jamaal for that matter. If he's comfortable with Charles's knee then so am I
  12. Plenty of RBs left. Give a F if hes "unique" if he's a good back were going to take him.
  13. Unfortunately he was drafted by the Steelers last night. Good for him tho, stays in his home town. Just sucks he won't see much of the field behind Bell
  14. Hunt went late to KC yesterday.

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