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  1. Where was Jeremy McNichols and Kareem Hunt and that list? Thanks man
  2. Dam he went to high school?? I change my mind we need him!!! I can't believe he went to high school bro thats crazy fam.
  3. His ball skills are NOT elite by any means. Elite is Christian McCaffery and maybe Joe Mixon. He's and average route runner with good hands, not great. He's quicker then fast and has elite burst but I don't think he's very dynamic in the open field. Fumblitis with shoulder injuries on top of his small frame. Pile on the off field stuff and that's a wrap for me, especially when we have 3-5 bigger needs no thanks.
  4. No they really dont, not anymore anyways. Idc what they mock Chris Ballard is our GM and I'm confident we won't take him. He is IMO, McCaffery probably goes before him.
  5. Yes you read right over rated over hyped all that. What does his teams success have anything to do with him as an individual prospect. He's not a QB wins are not a trait for a RB. How many good D does the ACC even have? Clemson, Louisville.....not impressed. Fournette was in the SEC, McCaffery was in the PAC 12 both are better conferences. None of that even matters, I explained why I dont like him in the post above.
  6. He's probably the 3rd best back in the class maybe even 4th if you include Joe Mixon but we clearly have different opinions. I can't see him having that much of an impact wherever he goes, he's not Zeke or Fournette he's going to get limited touches in the NFL just like Jamaal Charles. 15-20 carries 5-10 catches and pray he doesn't CONTINUE to get hurt. Injuries are already a lingering problem for him. And tbh I don't think he's that special, he's fast but doesn't have breath taking speed, he's not very elusive and isn't crafty in the open field, and he's hands are OK at best concentration drops get the best if him. Even if he did make our O top 3, our D is still 30th. OL still 25th.
  7. Hahahahaha thats a good one
  8. We all morn with you pal. Colts nation is behind you brother stay strong!
  9. Aaaaa so he's just a normal dunce, I see. I always thought he was his son even back in the day when he was on NFL Network, I mean why else is this guy on TV he's a boring monotone *.
  10. Hahahaha ohhh that was too perfect!!
  11. Wow Mike that was such an ignorant tweet!! No wonder your an analysist and your daddy was the one winning SBs. Ruben is still a top 25 pick I'll put money on it Lombardi!!
  12. No one will agree with you here. No disrespect but real Colts fans would hate to see Dalvin Cook and I'd bet all the money I own we don't take him. Good player tho, just super overrated IMO
  13. If we can keep it within the top 20 I'm all for it. If foster or Reddick are still available then take them. If not trade back to TB or Den probably looking for McCaffery/Howard/Cook and take Jarrad Davis. Get an extra 3 and 5 and have 9 picks in the first 5 rounds.
  14. Randy had like 5 previous failed drug tested. Not the same situation
  15. I'm guessing he weighed 295 at some point early on, maybe as a sophomore? But then really added weight and yes I also saw he reportedly got up to 347 during the season. Just looking at the guy on film they should now he's not 295

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