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  1. Such a smooth athlete. Shows why he could really Play LT someday. This was his best game by far against good competition. I think one video in particular shows why hes a year maybe two away. When he gets bull rushed by Hunter, he never re anchors and just gets walked back to the QB. He never shoots his hands back inside to regain leverage. I really like Clark and maybe he beats out Haeg this year at RT, but it wouldnt discourage me from taking Lamp. Where did you find these videos?
  2. Clark has the sky he has no ceiling, but he's still not ready to play full time RT at the level we need him to rn. Haeg was solid at RG, but he was much better at RT because he pass blocks so well and he's pretty weak inside at the POA. We could roll with them into 2017 and hope they've improved enough through the off season or we could upgrade one spot and let them make each other better for the other spot.
  3. Haven't heard of him, position?
  4. If we hypothetically draft Lamp tho, Clark competes with Haeg for RT and I have my money on Haeg. When exactly did we resign AC until 2019? Either way that gives another year for Clark to develop. He was decent in 3 games last year but he wasn't anything special and he definitely didn't lockdown any position. He has LT traits, but technique is still so raw. Philbin can develop him I'm confident in his coaching ability but not even he could have Clark ready by next year.
  5. They both looked a lot better towards the end of the year and I'd hope they're working hard this off season. I just think adding a stud RG, kicking out Haeg to where he's more natural, and creating a great battle at RT makes this O-line possibly top 10 in the league. I'm 100% with you our D needs a lot of help and I've been preaching D round 1 for a while, but the more I think about it Andrew's health is seriously at risk and its not worth taking the gamble on trying to develop guys that aren't ready yet but have potential. I would not reach on a OL prospect, but Lamp is no reach IMO he'd actually be a steal.
  6. Agreed, idk about Feeney slow footed and not a great athlete in space. Lamp or bust as far as OL this year for me. Clark is really a work in progress, he could be our best OL one day but idk if he's even ready to beat out Haeg in a competition at RT rn. Haeg is extremely versatile but I think he's best outside at RT where he can use his athleticism and stay away from guys who can over power him. Clark can play behind Costanzo all year and if AC isn't consistent we don't resign him and move on.
  7. Pressuring himself and being under pressure are two different things. I love his mentality, but he's also stated this is not a 1 year re build. Every need can not be added through the draft, we added two starting caliber edge players through FA so I think Ballard is going to give them a shot and draft else where.
  8. Sheard doesn't have impressive stats throughout his career but I do expect his production to be better then anything he's shown. With his talent and being a starter all 16 he might get close to 10+. John Simon will start this year, he can set the edge and be a factor in the run game as well as rush the passer. Exactly we have nothing at corner that's why I think we should draft 2. Yes we will all wait and see, but this is the direction I would take.
  9. Scwhenke is not making anyone sleep better at night, he adds competition in camp and that's why I like him. He mentioned both Haeg and Clark but also said the right side is no where near set. As much potential as Clark has he's not ready to rely on full time this year. I think Haeg probably beats him out and his traits suite a RT better then G. He's long with a beautiful pass set and can also move in open space in the run game. His weakness is that he's kinda weak. He's better at handling speed apose to strength. I didn't just assume I watched Lamps film and the Zach Martin comparison is immediately what you think of. If he's there I'd take him and finally end the punishment Andrew has been getting. I expect Costanzo to be much better in a contract year but if he sucks or plays inconsistent we can move on with LeRaven Clark.
  10. How is Ballard under pressure to preform we just hired him hahaha? If you expect Evey hole on this disgusting roster to be filled in 1 off season you'll be crying.
  11. I really do like Lamp, at first I didn't want to believe the Zach Martin comparison because IMO martin is the best G in the league rn. But I watch his film and he moves so well for a guy who packs such a strong punch. Cam Rob I do like but not at 15, he'll be a nice NFL guard but not a Pro Bowler like Lamp. Dont like Bolles at all. Ahkello is really nice, his scrawny frame scrays me in our press man scheme and he really doesn't tackle well. Awuzie can play inside and out and can guard quick twitch WRs and big bodied wide catch radius WRs. I think Stevie is a huge upgrade from Parry. He's a bigger body, 320, and he's also much better at sheding blocks. Parry gets driven back by double teams where Stevie fights to split and maintain gap integrity.
  12. I would but thats probably because I'm so high on him and think he's perfect for our scheme. Will he be the same player, usually young guys with today's surgical procedures can recover almost all the way if not fully. It is a risk, but were not winning the SB next year so why not build for the year after and for the future.
  13. I hear you man, I just think since we aren't competing for the Lombardi this year why not build for the future and take the most talented player. Yea the other guy plays day 1 but he's not the same talent Sidney is. I think I heard he could possibly be cleared some time through next year, idk if he falls out of the 3rd.
  14. Fair and it is a deep edge class but I feel with our FA moves 2 cbs became a bigger need plus BPA would lean towards more corners because its the deepest of any position.
  15. I dont think Edwin is the same athlete but yes Mychal is not good in coverage. 2 down backer but Sean Spence compliments him well.

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