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  1. CB Joe Haden Cut

    That's the biggest concern thats why I'm not willing to have a bidding war with other teams. If they want to over pay be my guest. If he wants fair pay and a chance for a starting job come to Indy
  2. CB Joe Haden Cut

    Let them over pay for him then. Joe Haden has had 2 at best average years with injury concerns. Not everything they do is perfect, they gave us a 4th for Dwayne Allen, he's looking terrible in their camp while we took Marlon Mack
  3. CB Joe Haden Cut

    16 before or after the buffer?
  4. CB Joe Haden Cut

    I actually really like Culliver as a cover corner. Also has that swag you love to see in a corner, always barking and getting in WR heads. Not a good tackler and aging with injury history tho. And I'd take Joe Haden over him all day, but hey for the right price we can maybe have both!
  5. CB Joe Haden Cut

    Think its about 17 mil not 100 saw that in a tweet haha. Agreed on the price tho. The 1 year small pay deals I think have added up, but won't affect us next year witch is great
  6. CB Joe Haden Cut

    Cool was hoping somebody was talking about this already. I really like Joe Haden but no way am I breaking the bank for him. Injuries are killing us, but no need to be desperate. We can have a great off season next year if we don't panic and blow all our $ on aging vets. 5-7 mil 1 or 2 years and I'm happy AF!!
  7. Thoughts after game.

    Same guy who started against Dallas. Last name starts with a V. He and Denzell also flipped during the 1st team reps as well. Good to see we can have depth when healthy.
  8. Thoughts after game.

    We got that turnover on the 3rd or 4th play on the 1st drive. Ball was at the 50. Everything else you said I agree tho
  9. Jack Doyle Thrashes Vince Williams

    One that I'm sure your talking about was a whiff by the RG that we tried to make up for late. Denzell Good I think went reaching for a backer when he had a DT shoot right across his face
  10. Who do you think our sleeper pick is?

    I guess he just looks shorter next to everyone else on game day.
  11. Who do you think our sleeper pick is?

    I just don't see it, I think I'm the only one here but watching his 2016 tape I can't see him being a Mike. Even with that extra weight and muscle he still struggled to shed blocks and be a physical presence over the middle. I think he's a much better player at a lower weight flowing backside using the athletic ability he didnt show in 16 but did in 15. If I had to guess I'd say he was playing at 240-245 last year and he didnt look good on the field.
  12. Who do you think our sleeper pick is?

    Morrison is a Mike but like I said he's 5'11 230. He's a Mike in a Wills body. What makes ppl think A Walk is a MLB I dont get it? Have you watched his film? He's very suspect at the POA, doesn't shed blocks well, and he's undersized for the middle. He's better playing at 235 and using his athletic ability instead of keeping all that bulk when he doesn't even play physical. And he's a plus in coverage, he's got Will written all over him
  13. Who do you think our sleeper pick is?

    A Walk is not a Mike. He doesn't shed blocks well enough to play strong side and he's not ideal size. His playing weight should be around 235. Let him be a Will where he's more natural and where he can use his athletic ability to evade blocks and flow backside instead of taking on guards inside the hole. Not a big fan of Morrison, he's ganna have to earn his spot this off season Bostic is also here.
  14. Thoughts on Quincy Wilson ???

    Yea he had a tendency to lunge at WRs on the line but when he maintains balance and doesn't over commit to his punch he has a great back pedal with a nice hip flip. I think these are things that are very coachable, plus he has a guy like Vontae who has great press tech.