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  1. Indy1996

    4-3 Field General

    Anthony walker jr has been taking 1st team reps at MIKE since OTA
  2. Indy1996

    Height, Weight, and Position updates

    He isnt gonna start Mike cuz thats where Anthony walker has been taking 1st team snaps at
  3. Indy1996

    John Simon on the trading block?

    Did you here me say mike no i said Anthony walker didn't i yea so i still got it right
  4. Indy1996

    John Simon on the trading block?

    No cuz our MLB is darius leonard or anythony walker
  5. Indy1996

    #2 receiver

    Let me remind you grant or rogers didn't prove there are starting wrs i rather have cain and fountain cuz rogers only had 1 good game in his carrer and that was against steelers tbh and grant is only really a #4 wr tbh he isnt worth as a starter
  6. Indy1996

    OTAs 5/24

    Andrew was on the field if you looked at all the pictures
  7. I say hines leonard skai moore and deon cain tbh they all could be legit starters cuz deon cain could easily take the #2 wr spot he has been nasty at OTA's so far same for hines and skai moore
  8. Indy1996

    Eric Ebron

    The qb was philp walker not wheeler
  9. Indy1996

    Colts OTAs 5/22/2018

    He isnt using lacrosse balls he is using weight balls
  10. Indy1996

    Linebacker Jenga

    They have talent at LB what are you saying and sam is only gonna play 25 snaps a game anyway we have darius Leonard Matthew adams Anthony walker etc
  11. Indy1996

    OURLADS projected colts depth chart

    Right whoever made it must been delusional cuz kemoko is DE not LB like and some of the guys they have there are not even on the team anymore tbh and Morrison isnt gonna start anyway cuz Mike is gonna probably be Anthony Walker jr tbh
  12. Indy1996

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    People like you need to shutup tbh your so dumb tbh
  13. Indy1996

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    Morrison isnt even good he cant cover and this is tsmpa 2 you got to know how to cover morrision is getting cut no doubt
  14. Indy1996

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    He is definitely not a starter at guard js
  15. Indy1996

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    Hell no Morrison is terrible bro are you high he cant cover or rush for anything