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  1. DaveA1102

    Too much time between the end of the season and the draft?

    I would like to see the draft sooner but the problem will be that the teams will never agree to it. People like Belichik will always say they are already too far behind other teams in terms of research if they go deep into the playoffs (nice problem to have) and so there will always be the rhetoric that they need as much time as possible to evaluate, etc.
  2. DaveA1102

    Edmunds and McGlinchey

    Out of interest, with Landry still on the board at 22, is McGlinchey a better fit? I only ask because I know Matt Danely on Stampede Blue likes Landry and there seem to be more good options for offensive line in round 2 than there are pass rushers.
  3. DaveA1102

    Predict a 1st Round Trade

    Its an interesting thought, but Ballard preaches having "premium players" on the roster and he defined that as being players the opposition needs to plan for on a Monday before the game. Outside of the QB, is there anyone other than TY that will have teams adjusting their standard game plan? I don't see one and so would think its unlikely TY goes.
  4. Feels to me like its trending towards Roquan Smith.
  5. DaveA1102

    Predict a 1st Round Trade

    I don't have specifics but was interesting hearing Matt Danely on Stampede Blue podcast talk about the option to trade back with the Bills (Colts getting Ballard's usual 35% "profit") and then bunching some maybe the 22nd and a couple of other picks to get back up into the top 15/20. This would mean, off the back of our number 3 pick, we got a good amount of second rounders and, in addition, still get 2 of the top 15 players in the draft (maybe land a duo like Edmunds and Landry?). A very interesting scenario and one I would love to see.
  6. DaveA1102

    any podcasts or youtube channel that you guys recommend?

    Chopping Wood did a podcast this last week on the draft. I like Holder but he busts my sarcasm detector every time I listen!
  7. DaveA1102

    Colts Draft News

    My plan is to record it, then get up early to watch it tomorrow morning so I don't see spoilers during the day. Will get brownie points from my wife for getting up early with the baby and might just not mention I will be watching the draft also!
  8. DaveA1102

    Khan offers to buy Wembley

    This is a really interesting development. The NFL also invested in Tottenham's new stadium (opening this year) having an NFL field under their pitch (which can be rolled away) so seems interesting to have two stadiums heavily linked to NFL. Also NFL has a 10 year agreement to have games at the Tottenham stadium. At the outset, looked to me like Khan was buying this as a "home" ground for the Jags, but came out strongly against them moving. Maybe a ground share option is coming. Interesting also to note that Khan owns a team in London as well (Fulham) but never mentioned them in his press release. All in all, good news for me hoping to see more of my Colts!
  9. DaveA1102


    Not sure where in Scotland you are my friend but there aint no sun where I am! Might be worth a look at "Touchdown Trips". I follow them on twitter and they specialise in trips from the UK that coincide with games and they get the tickets for you as well as part of the package. Hope you get them!
  10. DaveA1102

    Colts Voluntary Minicamp 4/24

    Concussions always a point of concern and a bit worrying Kelly's concussion lasted until into the off-season. Luck and Kelly being healthy and back to their best would mean the world to this franchise.
  11. DaveA1102

    Players I Want To Hate... But Just Can't

    Great post, although I have to disagree with Brady being in there. There may be a tinge of jealousy in there somewhere, but man that guy annoys me!
  12. My first mock draft. GM for the jags. Welcome any feedback as just tried to match needs with players based on a bit of research. Round one 29. D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland Round two 29 (61) Chukumwura Okafor, OT, Western Michigan Round three 29 (93). Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma Round four 29 (129). Mark Walton Miami (FL) RBF
  13. Extra bold? They take a kicker.
  14. DaveA1102

    Chris Ballard Pre-Draft Presser 4/20/18

    I was honestly about to post the exact same thing! How about dinner and drinks for four......with Ballard, McAfee and Peyton as the other participants?!