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  1. DaveA1102

    Things I love (and hate) about the NFL

    Great topic @coltsfeva. Enjoyed thinking about this. Love: The coverage. As a football (soccer) fan, there is no equivalent to Redzone and that is such a brilliant way to watch the games. Also an easy way to get friends/family involved in watching as they struggle to watch a full game on its own from an outside perspective. The detail. You could spend hours analysing one play, with the amount of people involved in key areas. So much substance in everything that happens on the field (well expect that fake punt thing Pagano ran!) Tony Romo. He brings so much to the table in terms of entertainment and knowledge, makes every game he commentates on more interesting and hopefully more like him enter the booth in the coming years. Playing in all conditions. Some of the snow games can be brutal to watch (perfect example was the Bills game) but they are such a great spectacle. The parity. Again, linking back to soccer, teams can buy their way to the top but the salary cap gives all teams hope for the future with draft stock. The only risk IMO is the ever increasing salary cap limit. Hate: Over the top analysts. People who just have hot takes to get their names out there on twitter. The off-season. Why does it have to be so long! I am not sure what the answer is as more games means more likely injuries before post-season, but this time of year is so dull! Maybe more games and more bye-weeks to compensate? The Patriots. Because, well, you know.
  2. DaveA1102

    Things I love (and hate) about the NFL

    Try being across the pond! Games ending at 4am are not good if you plan on being productive the next day!
  3. DaveA1102

    Colts Recap

    One thing I have found interesting is the lack of coverage on Quenton Nelson. For him being such a high profile pick (in terms of perceived positional value vs draft spot), there has been hardly anything on any platform, local or national. IMO, this can only be a good thing. I know the pads are not on and that the real analysis will begin when training camp kicks off, but the fact we have heard nothing can only be good when he has been LG for the 1's this whole period. The only thing I did hear was (from memory) Frank Reich talking about him realising how tough it is going to be in this league. He mentioned about how he went against a double team on the D-Line and Reich said something like "and he just didn't move an inch. He is used to pushing through people, including double teams, but he just went nowhere". Reich described it as a eureka type of moment for the jump in talent he will face, and that those are great for rookies.
  4. DaveA1102

    Kind words from Gil Brandt about Malik Hooker

    I would love to see a long term partnership with Geathers and Hooker. Both, in my opinion, very strong at their position and skill sets that really compliment each other. I would say we are a bit shallow in terms of depth, which is why I was a bit surprised we haven't brought in one of the free agents we had visiting, but still time I guess. I am encouraged by Hooker but I found it hard to truly evaluate him last year as I never had faith in the system/coaching and so this is an encouraging read.
  5. DaveA1102

    Take The Colts Out Of The Picture For This

    I agree James, very exciting times for the AFC South. All four teams have a high ceiling, and I would say (barring injuries) Titans have the lowest floor as I am just not sure about Vrabel.
  6. DaveA1102

    Take The Colts Out Of The Picture For This

    Jags have to be favorites here, no doubt for me. Watson looked great last year but opposition teams now have tape on him and a lot of his game was mobility and we don't know how much that has been affected with the injury. Biggest issue for me, that O-line might be the worst in the nfl.
  7. DaveA1102

    Top 10 Current Colts

    It's a really interesting question and one that would be great to revisit come the end of the season, or even week 8, and see where we stand in terms of opinions at that point. In terms of your list, it's a really solid attempt and I can't find much fault in what is there (although it's obviously all opinions based). I would perhaps take out Sanchez and have Sheard sneak into the top 10 but I think this list could change significantly week to week next year. Would potentially swap Doyle and Kelly too but, aside from that, I like it.
  8. DaveA1102

    Rodney Harrison on nbc sports radio

    It's maybe my pessimistic side but I think the division could be really strong this year, or at a minimum, 2 out of 3 teams being very strong. I actually don't see games where we will be big underdogs outwith the div aside from pats and eagles. Only issue I have is 5 of first 8 games on the road and so might be tough creating momentum before we played 5 of 6 division games in 2nd half of the schedule. I am definitely excited for this year though, real prospect of an improved team, not that we could be much worse!
  9. DaveA1102

    The Colts running game

    I actually think Turbin could be a big part also. Has been highly talked about by Reich and I think they see him as more than just a 3rd down back. Exciting times.
  10. DaveA1102

    Rodney Harrison on nbc sports radio

    With Luck back, I see 6 wins as our floor.
  11. DaveA1102

    Post OTAs 53 man roster

    Also Krishawn Hogan. A good problem to have I guess in terms of trying to fit guys we want into the roster.
  12. Really good shout. A few people mentioning Mack being overlooked but Turbin falls into that category more than Mack for me and he seems to be liked by the coaching staff and getting most of the reps:
  13. DaveA1102

    Ed Dodds named Assistant General Manager

    Didn't know much about Dodds but seems like a highly thought of person in the industry. The more quality people we have at important positions the better.
  14. DaveA1102

    Sanchez makes All-Under 25 Team (NFL.com)

    Also interesting to think what Ballard/Reich would say they want the identity to be going forward. Based on acquisitions and drafting would likely be something like "Young and Fast". Seems every position is predicated on speed and don't think we have a single position group that you wouldn't describe as having most of their career ahead.
  15. DaveA1102

    Sanchez makes All-Under 25 Team (NFL.com)

    That is some team! Only potential weak link for me is Goff (Wentz only turned 25 in December and he would be a lock otherwise). Hard to tell but I really wonder how Goff would have played in 2017 without McVay in his ear before every play.