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  1. Then suddenly, it's December and ... :^)
  2. A prime example of sports/news media looking in any direction to fill the 24-hour cycle. No matter how ridiculous.
  3. Supe - great post (as usual) - but I prefer... "whistle to whistle." :^)
  4. Not Indy-related, but interesting (at least to me), nonetheless. An acquaintance, from SC, at work is a relative of former Colt (59-65 and 67-68) Alex Hawkins. He brought me an autographed card of Hawkins from 1967 when he was with the Falcons before going back to the Colts, and a publicity photo of him when he was a broadcaster for CBS. It's unsigned as Hawkins is unable to. The Wikipedia entry isn't very long, but contains some humorous (or not) insight that sheds light on another former player possibly suffering from CTE. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Hawkins
  5. https://playoffpredictors.com/football/nfl/?L=IwhMLUvcz+bCkps2utC2dtizHbfFSA05A-GLU41BXe+IjCm2iRaqr97+uko9yRZCS4dgQA Wishful thinking?
  6. Yes...a snake pit or some such.
  7. I have a "Johnny Unitas" beer stein. Too bad it was made in an Asian country...Johnny U. looks decidedly Asian on it. LOL
  8. Last season, I posted that it looked like Andrew didn't really read defenses the way Colt's fans had been accustomed to over recent years. Thanks for the affirmation. :^)
  9. Who?
  10. Stranger things have happened.
  11. Better...
  12. How many Colts staffers will be playing the role of "the Turk" on that busy day?
  13. My expectation is to give my 2017 season expectations after exhibition game #3, when we know whom survived training camp and preseason without debilitating injury. Any discussion prior to that is simply filling time.

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