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  1. So...training camp injuries aren't relevant. Interesting.
  2. Make that 153 hours, now, Supe...
  3. BTW - Foster didn't "just" fail a drug test. According to the reports - this occurred during the NFL Combine some two months ago.
  4. It might even be vacant...
  5. I like the relatively late bye.
  6. Escaping training camp with all expected starters intact...
  7. That's a lot of Super Bowls in one year... :^)
  8. That is a key part of the GM's job - finding "gems."
  9. Bingo
  10. And just where is Freeman these days???
  11. "With the fifteenth pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select Mitchell Trubiski, quarterback, University of North Carolina." <ducks>
  12. Sorry, Supe - was just casting some daylight in response to the comments about the Star writers work.

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