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  1. 4% price increase to Sunday Ticket

    Incrementalism...12 bucks here, 5, bucks there, 10 bucks over yonder...pretty soon, you're talking real money. :^)
  2. The Film Room: Saquon Barkley

    Barkley will be gone (NY). No need to even worry about him. Build the O-Line.
  3. What realisticly are our expectations for the upcoming season?

    Coach Reich will have to bring the receiving unit to heel from day 1.
  4. Retired Numbers.

    Lol. He's a modest man. 13 years as the anchor of the Colts offensive line...six-time pro-bowler, twice an All-Pro...like I said -- he merits consideration.
  5. Retired Numbers.

  6. Retired Numbers.

    Only #88 for certain. Jones was great, but not long enough...Saturday merits discussion.
  7. So here’s something crazy(rumor)

  8. Would you like to see the Colts sign Malcom Butler?

    Yeah. Let's sign a guy who was basically benched by his head coach...FOR THE SUPER BOWL. :^)
  9. So.....this is THE plan? (merge)

    Is it possible to do that?
  10. So.....this is THE plan? (merge)

    So, if Reich is hired (and that would be a good hire)...Really, only 2-3 days are lost -- if he's happy with the asst. hires.
  11. So.....this is THE plan? (merge)

    No. I think the Colts GM believed he was dealing with honorable men. He wasn't. Lesson learned. No further carping, whining or trolling required.
  12. So.....this is THE plan? (merge)

    Good lord.
  13. Should we really keep McDaniels hires?

    So, the new head coach comes in with the understanding that the Colts are honoring these contracts and if, after he works with them for a season - it doesn't gel - changes can be made.
  14. Shunning is still a thing!

    MODs...All mention of the former coaching candidate should be banned. He needs to be erased from all Colts-related discussion. TABOO.