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  1. Well, at least now celebratory groin thrusts and other such shenanigans have the commissioner's approval. I can't wait to see the foolishness erupt this coming season.
  2. Does this mean the cuts to 53 occur on the same approximate day in the sequence as always? Means more payroll $$ spent and a might busy final cut action for the coaches.
  3. http://www.stampedeblue.com/2017/5/22/15677134/heres-your-first-look-at-marlon-mack-in-a-colts-uniform
  4. Revisit this after training camp. Let's see how poorly the strength and conditioning staff does...injuries, injuries, injuries. :^]
  5. Easy...easy. Slow your roll, everyone.
  6. Let's revisit if/when he leaves training camp healthy. :^)
  7. Zach Banner
  8. Ah...thanks. I probably coulda done my own google search, eh? LOL
  9. Would expect Ballard to build the roster he wants, then hand the keys over to Pagano. If he doesn't produce...
  10. Should be saving ALL players from injury. LOL
  11. Is it this weekend (12 May'ish)?
  12. None of this matters until Pre-season game three is in the books - that's when we'll know who made it through camp and the practice games ... healthy.
  13. 'Cause...it's the off-season. :^)
  14. Trubisky...watch out.
  15. Listening to the live broadcast, all I came away with: They sure brought a Colts-hater on air. Absolutely blatant disrespect from him. Can't blame him, though - he was on a crap team his entire career.

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