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  1. Statement from Jim Irsay

  2. Statement from Jim Irsay

  3. Statement from Jim Irsay

    No. That is simply continuing to allow the inmates to run the asylum.
  4. Statement from Jim Irsay

    This isn't about "protesting" anything. This is an intentional in-your-face plan to anger the folks who make up the majority of game attendees, spend on jersey sales and pay the tax revenue that pays for stadiums. Other than commenting on this, I am completely off the NFL today. No TV, no NFL radio network, no score- watching on the internet. Means nothing to the fools on their knees, their arms-interlocked enablers, and their even-more-foolish team owners, I know. You all have a great day.
  5. Week 3: Callin 'em out

    #21. Get on the field...
  6. Interesting topic

    Actually, getting luck back and making a playoff run...
  7. Practice, Injuries, Stats, & More

    3rd game and Mack is already out.
  8. AFC South- This Week

    Good post. Think we need to talk about Brissett more than Luck, though. AL, I believe, will not play this season.
  9. Colts Are Home Underdog To Browns

    Could anything further define the fall of this team than to be underdogs - AT HOME - to the Cleveland Browns?
  10. Chuck Pagano Press Conference 9/20/17

    When Pagano utters that ridiculous statement, every media rep should turn their backs on him and walk away.
  11. Beth Mowins

    Well...the network certainly picked a great showcase for her talents...two 0-2 teams. LOL
  12. Doyel from INDYSTAR really lays into some Colts.....

    Most of the "Chuckstrong" gang are long gone. LIke I said in a post yesterday, #18 would have stopped this crap in its tracks.
  13. ...

  14. Possible Luck Update

    He is healthy. He just doesn't have his arm strength back, yet.
  15. Hypothetical scenario for Luck situation

    Bert's problem was cervical disc damage, IIRC.