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  1. I've been skeptical of Kamara, not that I trust this rating completely but yeah, interesting to see this.
  2. Pagano that high isn't too out there, I'd put him at around 15 or so though. This post reminded me. I really, really thought we were going to fire Pagano and hire Gase last offseason. I thought it made too much sense. Dolphins got a potentially great coach.
  3. Well, I've been looking for a reason to turn my opinion around on Harris. Brandt's ranking helps there. I just have a feeling it's going to be Harris. His ranking of Lamp and Bolles is also interesting.
  4. I used to be sort of against drafting Lamp, but looking at the prospects who will likely be available at our pick, I think he's easily one of the guys with the highest ceiling/highest floor. I'm all about the safe pick for our 1st rounder. I've cooled down on a lot of defensive prospects around our area. Reddick, Harris, Barnett. I like some other guys though, basically I'm just not too hyped on the LB's/DL at 15.
  5. I liked his comments about judging Pagano beyond W's and L's. I know some people hate the "We win because of Luck" narrative, but the fact is we rely heavily on Luck to pull out a lot of games. Otherwise we usually have to hope and pray the other team doesn't make a comeback. This upcoming season is all about 4 quarters IMO. How well we're able to show up and compete for the whole game.
  6. While he hasn't signed yet, this is one guy I haven't gotten my hopes up for at all. We only heard that Brown and the Colts talked. Nothing about continued talks or even a visit. Ballard seems largely done chasing down the bigger names.
  7. Aiken doesn't seem like a returner, too big and I don't think he's very fast, never returned in his pro career. Could be somewhere on the ST though. I think Dorsett or Rogers is going to have to be the returner.
  8. Just draft a couple CB's, get some UDFA's, and see who takes it. If you think about it it wouldn't be much different from most other years anyways. We usually get so decimated there that we end up seeing guys we've almost never heard of.
  9. Kamar Aiken was pretty solid but had a down year. He's big too. Makes me wonder about those rumors that CB doesn't want to re-sign Moncrief. Aiken's not good enough to be a no. 2 guy though.
  10. Melvin's also almost 28. I like him enough but I think it's time to start looking for somebody who can play opposite Vontae, and with his injuries piling up recently, possibly somebody who can one day compete with Vontae. Good draft class for that.
  11. Oh, on that I agree.
  12. Or it's a subtle shot at NE and how strict their LB's duties are. I've always read that NE's scheme requires their LB's to really fill an assortment of roles, this would also make sense with the rumored freelancing he did.
  13. Yeah, I could see that. And even if it's not 100%, I could see it just being like it was last season for him, just kind of a minor situation, discomfort that comes and goes, that he can still play through.
  14. Huh. I don't know about you all but the fact that he wants a 1 year deal and that we were rumored to want him long term, the only team to specifically have been rumored to want him long term as far as rumors go. I don't care too much one way or the other if we get him, especially on just one year. I know, it's fair and he wants to be able to hit the open market again if he proves his worth. But I don't really want for Ballard, or selfishly us as fans, to go through another Poe FA tour.
  15. Yeah, he was also drafted a round later than what I originally remembered. Thought he was a 1st rounder for some reason.

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