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  1. This is big. I knew the Colts were keeping things quiet with him but yeah, this isn't good. I hope he gets healthy but neck surgeries are no joke.
  2. Ballard's bringing in his guys. Raye was a big part of the last regime so I get Ballard wanting to move on for a fresh start. This also makes me very confident that Ballard's going to be watching our coaches closely.
  3. Yeah, I really like him but Wilson's going to be drawing a lot of flags his rookie season. It's the only reason I'm okay with the idea of Melvin starting.
  4. I remember seeing the UDFA LS from Duke tweet something like "so excited to be joining the Colts. Can't wait to be a part of the organization." I thought good luck making the team with Overton on the roster. I was wrong.
  5. Probably Parry or Woods. I like Hunt for ST and McGill is a good talent. Langford, depending on how his knee is holding up, could be an interesting choice.
  6. This is like one of those "unrealistic" mock drafts. Like Ballard said, patience. Guys just fell into our laps. Thinking more and more about our defense, he's just filling in a puzzle. Guys seem to really fit together. Good versatility in our DB's and LB's now.
  7. Ballard, from Holder, said he would possibly be put at nickel LB at times.
  8. Melvin. I like Wilson a lot but he's going to be a drawing lots of flags his rookie season.
  9. I was watching ESPN, would not recommend. Didn't realize it was on the Network. Trey Wingo, usually likeable, seemed to be forcing it. And Gruden seemed kind of weird most of the night. Not just during our pick, but sometimes he just seemed annoyed.
  10. So happy. Ballard was just talking about how important it is to get turnovers. His injury seems less worrisome on reading about it more as well. His tackling issues seem to be exaggerated too. Not that it's a strength but he can bring a guy down. This should be good for Luck too, having to go against that kind of playmaking ability in practice.
  11. I really like this guy. I've seen fans say they'd rather have one of the other OLB/DE prospects but he's much less raw than these other guys. A high floor guy, uses his hands well, isn't a liability in the run game, wants to get better.
  12. I'm not that high on Harris, just fyi, I don't care if he's gone by our pick. I just think he's our pick if he's there at 15. And I don't think we're trading down because I don't think a team is gonna be super excited about anybody left by the time we pick, especially with all the flags popping up on guys. It's much easier said than done. You're right on the Niners comment though, totally meant to say the Cardinals. Looking into that rumor I can't find anything though, just the Eagles one.
  13. Yeah, I agree. I think the Niners and even the Eagles are even rumored to have interest in him. If we get Harris it'll probably have to be without trading.
  14. I also think it's Charles Harris but I don't think they'll trade back to get him. I think they'll try though, but trading down will be difficult unless somebody like OJ is still on the board.
  15. On his pass rush comment. I still really think Charles Harris will be the 1st round pick, either in a trade back or at 15. I'm iffy on him at 15 but he's a 1st rounder or 2nd rounder at worst. The "Colts love Harris" rumor came out early on, much like the "Colts love Kelly" rumor, and both came from Matt Miller actually.

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