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  1. Yeah, people seem to get pretty defensive of their opinions during the offseason. Personally I can understand why somebody would think this team will go 12-4 and win the division or 8-8 and end up near the bottom of the division. Like you said, with a healthy Luck I think anything is possible. Then again, for the other side, I'm not completely sold on our coaching or the rest of the roster so I can totally see why people aren't high on this team.
  2. I took note of Chuck being harder on players during the preseason game, before his solid halftime comments and statements at his presser. So I'm happy about that. But yeah, I'm waiting for the regular season until I start making judgments of Chuck, whether he's improved or not. I'm looking for this team to stop the consistent slow starts, being able to play 4 good quarters of football, and not making crucial mistakes.
  3. Yeah plus it was mostly 2nd and 3rd stringers by then. None of those guys should see the field much in the regular season, or at least I hope not.
  4. Yeah. I'm not the most knowledgable when it comes to offensive line play but I zoned in on Banner and I thought he looked solid. By then most of the pressure was coming from up the middle or on the other side.
  5. I liked what I saw from Wilson for the most part. Although, is it just me or did he seem to get away with a couple plays that are flagged for DPI in most games? I thought the refs were pretty laid back on the lack of DPI/holding calls, which I won't complain about. Those are game changers and I'd be happy if the league is trying to not be flag happy on any little contact between DB's and WR's.
  6. I liked what I saw from quite a few guys. Natson was somebody I had no idea about, came away liking him. Pope was somebody I'd heard about but now I'm definitely a fan. Also was happy with Jackson, Hooker, and Wilson. I don't care how bad he apparently looks in practice, Morris is IMO the 2nd best quarterback on this team. One guy who totally disappointed me was Tevin Mitchell, had a really bad game.
  7. Yeah you very well could be right, maybe he's just not good. I think if he can ever get over the mental side of things he hsa a chance though. Which is a big if. Not trying to compare him to AV, but Vinatieri himself was almost cut by Parcells early in his career after a 1-4 FG performance and 3-7 through his first few games.
  8. A lot of kickers struggle early on in their NFL careers. I think he'll have a good career eventually. I think that extra roster spot is too valuable though, and he'd be picked off our PS pretty quickly with how NFL teams go through kickers.
  9. Yeah, I'm always looking for an excuse to post these FoxSports injury statistics. Vontae's caught a lot of "questionables" throughout the past few years, and mostly with lower body injuries which can really wind a CB's career down fast. It's a big year for him to prove that he can stay healthy.
  10. Hm, I think it depends. If he has a solid year but is dinged up consistently again, and if Wilson and Hairston do really well, I wouldn't be shocked to see Ballard let him go. If he plays well and stays healthy though then I think Ballard will at least try to bring him back. He could get big money.
  11. Well, I'll at least say those three things would be nice if we do lose more than 10 games. I'd rather us have a solid winning season and look consistently well coached doing it though.
  12. Yeah, is a bit strange. I don't know how Morris looks in practice but I always thought he looked pretty impressive in game time.
  13. Well that's good for Wilson. Is this the 2nd teams going at it?
  14. Good for Malik. Not too concerned about Quincy, because part of it sounds like Hairston is exceeding expectations. I do think Quincy's gonna struggle his rookie season though, he won't be able to use his physicality to the degree he did in college.
  15. Yeah, seemed pretty apparent Mack wouldn't play after he missed practice all week. He was one of the bigger reasons I was excited for this first game but oh well. Better to be safe.

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