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  1. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if it's either the bolded or possibly some of both. Also I imagine Luck/the Colts want to have something definitive to say when he speaks to the media after the season, so the quicker they figure out what's happening the better.
  2. Per Rotoworld...expect house cleaning at end of season

    Wouldn't be surprised if this guy is just parroting off of other rumors recently. Ballard liking Toub but Irsay wanting "sexier" hire, that's been probably the most assumed/reported thing this whole season in regards to the coaching situation.
  3. Wouldn't be too shocking if he does end up needing another surgery. Irsay did make sure to say "no surgery planned as of now." I'm probably just trying to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, but I think I'd be more surprised if he resumes throwing and just feels 100% again. The possibly good thing is that 3-6 month recovery time doesn't seem terribly long, even if it does go over a little bit.
  4. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    I like a lot of the prospects but I'd be pretty happy if we drafted Chubb. He's probably not gonna be a Von Miller, and he's not as great a prospect as Myles Garrett was although that's not really a knock on Chubb, but I think he'll be really solid. And pass rush is a position I'll take a really solid rookie at. I'd be just as happy with Nelson though, even if they say G isn't a great top 5 pick (if we pick there). Trading back for him would be great but that's easier said than done.
  5. Broncos at Colts

    Oh, definitely. Top 10 is a solid spot no matter what. Chubb, Fitzpatrick, Nelson, etc. So many good options.
  6. Broncos at Colts

    I get not really caring about it, it's a small difference on paper, but it's fun to think about the possibilites if we get the 2nd or 3rd pick as opposed to say the 5th or 6th pick. In years past, when people are talking about trading down from 15th-late 1st, sure, that I find ridiculous. But with these QB prospects, and how many QB needy teams there are...I'm not saying we'd get a king's ransom, but it's fun to think about trading back, getting Q. Nelson, and possibly even picking up an additional 1st next year too, along with whatever else we'd get.
  7. Broncos at Colts

    I think we'd have to get the 2nd pick to without a doubt have trade packages to choose from, because of Darnold and Rosen. Even then though, I think a team could be high enough on Lamar Jackson for us to get a nice haul too. Again, I don't particularly care, but it is the way it is.
  8. Broncos at Colts

    I think some are excited because if we get a top 3 pick there's more trade back potential. They want to possibly get a haul for Rosen/Darnold/whoever. But that changes a bit if we drop to let's say 5th or 6th. I'm not holding my breath or anything but I'm not gonna lie, higher we pick happier I'll be.
  9. Quincy Wilson played well

    Yeah, I remember thinking that he would struggle coming into the league particularly because he was such a physical CB in college. And yeah, it's crazy that he's only 21, so young for the NFL. And CB is IMO one of the hardest positions in the league. It's a relief that he'll have a few more years of experience in the league and only be 25.
  10. Quincy Wilson played well

    Yup, I'd say DB's probably have it the toughest out of any position in the snow (no fun for kickers either). Their position hinges so much on reacting, cutting.
  11. Quincy Wilson played well

    Count me as somebody who thinks Pagano/Ted are just playing guys who he thinks can help win. The only time I've ever considered him possibly playing favorites is when it comes to Green, mostly since it's been rumored that Chuck was infatuated with him even before the draft. It is interesting that he's been so adamant about keeping Wilson off the field though. Ever since Ballard talked about our young players' development and that being key for our coaching staff, I thought his best bet at keeping his job was to really show development in young guys who were struggling. Quincy Wilson would've been the perfect candidate, a DB (Pagano's specialty) who was struggling in practice, something Ballard no doubt would notice as he even talked at length about watching Chiefs' rookies practice for the first time. Then again it could be argued that he has helped with Hairston's transition.
  12. Pagano's Monday Presser.....

    Yeah. Pagano's record is solid on paper for sure but put some context to it, the record inside vs outside the at least gets debatable if his record is a little inflated.
  13. Broncos at Colts

    I'll watch, partly because these past few games have been nice and stress free. I'm not actively rooting for losses but I'm completely okay with it, excited about the possibility of a top 3 pick. The actual fun of still watching though is seeing the young guys develop. I'll be watching and hoping guys like Wilson, Basham, and Geathers can end on a solid stretch of play.
  14. Pagano's Monday Presser.....

    To be fair, a lot of the criticisms have to do with things other than just the record. Some criticism too much, but a lot of it is completely fair. So I think even if Irsay/Ballard do look at everything beyond just our W-L's, they still have a very reasonable case to let him go.
  15. From Kravitz' new piece: "And make no mistake, he’s lost elements of this locker room, players confiding in off-the-record asides that they are over Pagano and his game-day mishaps." I know some people hate Kravitz, and I get that he's kind of a shticky personality, but he's as respected a journalist there is in that locker room. Mathis even said as much, so it's not hard for me to believe certain players are telling him things like this off the record.