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  1. With a great coach and solid culture, any headcase can become a valued asset to a team... That being said, we have Chuck Pagano, so I guess that's a no for me
  2. Patriots offense... meh?

    You just named 11 skill players who are all expected to contribute for them this year. Most teams don't even have 6 who are worth mentioning....
  3. Colts sign Hankins

    What it boils down to is what you think he's capable of, and that is honestly anyone's guess. I don't think he's being brought here to be just a situational run stuffer. He's even said as much in his first address to Colts media. We run a hybrid and he has played in a 4-3 front most of his career, which means he has versatility at the very least. We're not paying him 30 mil over 3 years if Ballard thinks he's just a situational run stuffer. I'm being cautiously optimistic about it. For what the Colts think he's capable of, I don't think this was a bad contract. That all comes down to our ability to scout players for our scheme and the coaches to utilize the player correctly. If anything, I'm more worried whether or not this coaching staff can get the most out of any of the players Ballard brings in
  4. Colts sign Hankins

    I guess that's a matter of opinion. I feel like the option of a quick out is the difference between an ok contract and a horrible contract. 10 mil locked over 3 years is way worse than 10 mil up front in one year with the option to abort. There's no such thing as a bargain signing in free agency for starting caliber talent. Is 10 mil for one year really that much more egregious than 8 mil? That's what Poe got, and you could argue he's got more red flags than Hankins did, plus Hankins is 2 years younger. 2 million dollars difference amounts to one mid level free agency signing. That's not even Greg Toler money (who was horrible here)
  5. Phil Simms vs Romo

    Phil Simms was about as entertaining as watching paint dry. I'll never forget his horrible attempts at humor in the madden franchise as a commentator. I'm more surprised it took this long to replace him
  6. Colts sign Hankins

    I don't understand the criticism for this signing. 30 mil is a big contract but the bulk of the gauranteed money is in the first year. He's a young player with upside and a proven (recent) history as a quality starter. You're not going to sign anyone worth anything for peanuts in free agency. NYG wanted him back and offered similar money stretched out over 4 years. I think this is a calculated risk we had to take. NT has long been an issue for this team and if we didn't attempt to address it in free agency, it would only create another draft need. You can't run any variation of the 3-4 front without an adequate NT in the middle. This wasn't an Albert Haynesworth level overpay, and depending how successful he is in our system, it might turn out to be a steal. Good signing, in my opinion
  7. Aaron Rodgers is ridiculous

    No, their o-line is one of the best, in my opinion. They hold their blocks longer than most lines, even when Rodgers leaves the pocket. I'm starting to think that spin move, roll out throw is by design. If you watch that last throw again, the line let Dallas flood the right side and sealed it off backside, then pulled a linemen to protect out front while Rodgers spun to the left and made a ridiculous throw on the run. Rodgers makes them look good, but they also make him more effective at what he's best at. Even when he's in the pocket, there are times when he's just standing back there for 4-5 seconds without any pressure Also, a major hats off to their coaching staff, for being cutting edge on offense. The interchangeability of the offensive line, paired with the versatility of their backs and receivers is all a testament to McCarthy and staff. They're doing things that no other offense is able to do, and that takes wit and courage on the part of the coaching staff
  8. Andrew Luck is a throwback QB. Tough as nails but not cerebral, at all. It's obvious he hasn't had good coaching, at least in terms of being an efficient QB. I don't think he'll ever be as great as we're all hoping. 5 years into his career, he's still staring down receivers, doesn't have a grasp of what defenses are trying to do to him, and is still incapable of taking total ownership of the offense and the team. At a certain point, as an elite QB, you should have control of how the offense practices and be cleaning up any poor execution and timing from receivers through individual reps. Now maybe the coaches haven't given him that much command yet, but for someone who is being paid as the franchise, I expect Luck to be a perfectionist and take over, once he's mastered the scheme. He has some of the worst progression reads in the league, not exaggerating. It's easy to blame the OC, but people forget that he worked with a rookie Cam Newton and did some quality work there. Their offense never looked as stubbornly vertical as ours does (with 3 different OC in a 5 year span) The reason for that is because it's not the OC that are forcing things, it's Luck. Arians takes a major blame for that, as I feel his QB coaching in Luck's rookie season was very influential to the player he is today. Bottomline, the only way Luck lives up to his potential is if he's paired with someone who can rebuild him as a QB, similar to how Todd Hailey did Big Ben. Ben wasn't a fan of it at first, but only NOW is he universally regarded as an elite QB. Before Hailey, he was always considered a good QB playing with a dominant defense, that had a nak for making big plays in big moments (much like Eli) Luck needs a real teacher, not another enabler
  9. Jim Irsay appreciation thread

    I've thought about this for awhile now... and as much as I dislike Pagano and Grigson, I think Irsay showing constraint and not making a rush to judgement to fire anyone ACTUALLY makes us a more attractive landing spot for potential GMs and coaches next offseason. Irsay said this would be a rebuilding season, and if he cuts bait on this regime after just having handed out long-term extensions to both last off-season, it makes him look weak, impulsive and lacking of patience to let things play themselves out. What (good/great) coach or GM would want to walk into an organization where the owner has the reputation of chopping heads the moment things turn sour? The faith he is displaying (no matter how misguided it may be) in Pagano and Grigson, whether intentional or not, is sowing seeds for the future. Maybe the person(s) he is looking for is not ready to leave their current situation yet. It seems to me his uneagerness to make drastic change is more a consequence of promoting continuity. Some of the greatest coaches of all-time (Walsh, Belichick, Noll) had slow starts to their coaching careers, and while I'm certainly not suggesting Pagano is a future great in the making, the fact that Irsay is showing patience with him bodes well for us when it comes time to replace him. It makes the hiring pool that much deeper for us because we have an owner who is willing to give a coach/gm time to turn things around For as much hate as he is receiving lately for not making hasty decisions, I for one, DO appreciate the greatness he has helped cultivate in this franchise. He's having a rough go of it lately, but I still trust that he knows what he's doing at the end of the day
  10. Unhappy with the win against the Jags [Merge]

    Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty embarrassing watching Pagano hugging people on the sidelines and Luck jumping up and down like we just won the Super Bowl. I understand the sentimental aspect (being Robert Mathis' retirement game) but still... these guys look pathetic getting that excited for a meaningless win, against a below average opponent.... Guess it shouldn't surprise me, being that these are the same guys that hang AFC finalist banners in the rafters
  11. True... but his point has merit, Pagano is an enabler. Lack of accountability is our biggest cultural problem right now. That's why you see the same mistakes being made by players old and new, for 5 years straight. He's a player's coach, but it's at the point where it's to a fault now
  12. I don't really like any of them. All are overrated, in my opinion. Especially Gruden. Shannahan is a rich man's Jeff Fisher, still living off past glory nearly 20 years after the fact
  13. Ryan Grigson complaints (merge)

    The problem with Polian (Bill) is that he tries to force his son upon the organization. Chris Polian was primarily responsible for the poor drafts of the last 2-3 years of the Polian era here. If not for that fact, I would bring Bill back in a heartbeat. We need an experienced GM who can build a strong roster through the draft. Grigson's drafts are looking worse by the season. I almost can't even credit him for his first draft anymore. I remember Cordy Glenn being available right before the Fleener pick and I was livid when we passed on him. Now, Luck, Hilton and Moncrief are the only players on this roster that I would say were great draft picks at the time. Everyone else is average-to-below average. You just can't pair a poor roster with a guy who can't even scheme his way out of a paper bag. Pagano isn't the type to coach up players. X's ans O's are obviously not his forte