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  1. With a great coach and solid culture, any headcase can become a valued asset to a team... That being said, we have Chuck Pagano, so I guess that's a no for me
  2. Patriots offense... meh?

    You just named 11 skill players who are all expected to contribute for them this year. Most teams don't even have 6 who are worth mentioning....
  3. Colts sign Hankins

    What it boils down to is what you think he's capable of, and that is honestly anyone's guess. I don't think he's being brought here to be just a situational run stuffer. He's even said as much in his first address to Colts media. We run a hybrid and he has played in a 4-3 front most of his career, which means he has versatility at the very least. We're not paying him 30 mil over 3 years if Ballard thinks he's just a situational run stuffer. I'm being cautiously optimistic about it. For what the Colts think he's capable of, I don't think this was a bad contract. That all comes down to our ability to scout players for our scheme and the coaches to utilize the player correctly. If anything, I'm more worried whether or not this coaching staff can get the most out of any of the players Ballard brings in
  4. Colts sign Hankins

    I guess that's a matter of opinion. I feel like the option of a quick out is the difference between an ok contract and a horrible contract. 10 mil locked over 3 years is way worse than 10 mil up front in one year with the option to abort. There's no such thing as a bargain signing in free agency for starting caliber talent. Is 10 mil for one year really that much more egregious than 8 mil? That's what Poe got, and you could argue he's got more red flags than Hankins did, plus Hankins is 2 years younger. 2 million dollars difference amounts to one mid level free agency signing. That's not even Greg Toler money (who was horrible here)
  5. Phil Simms vs Romo

    Phil Simms was about as entertaining as watching paint dry. I'll never forget his horrible attempts at humor in the madden franchise as a commentator. I'm more surprised it took this long to replace him
  6. Colts sign Hankins

    I don't understand the criticism for this signing. 30 mil is a big contract but the bulk of the gauranteed money is in the first year. He's a young player with upside and a proven (recent) history as a quality starter. You're not going to sign anyone worth anything for peanuts in free agency. NYG wanted him back and offered similar money stretched out over 4 years. I think this is a calculated risk we had to take. NT has long been an issue for this team and if we didn't attempt to address it in free agency, it would only create another draft need. You can't run any variation of the 3-4 front without an adequate NT in the middle. This wasn't an Albert Haynesworth level overpay, and depending how successful he is in our system, it might turn out to be a steal. Good signing, in my opinion