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  1. We'd have as much flopping as the NBA LOL could you imagine... "Pass interference, Offense #84; 10 yard penalty, automatic 4th down!"
  2. But it looks like they are allowing celebrations again, thank Jesus
  3. That, or just make offensive PI an automatic 4th down.. tired of pick plays
  4. on the night you guys decided to watch WWE
  5. Warriors in five. Lebrons been "resting" for over a month now.. he will be run like a dog in the finals..
  6. Over 40 years? That's great I only hear about Magic and Larry.. I saw Jordan's last shot with the bulls (snuck the game on in my room) I was in middle school when LeBron entered the league. He was talked up though for years as being the next big thing. I naturally rooted against him in the beginning for no good reason haha. I always thought Kobe was better basketball player. But I guess it's impossible to go up against a 6'8" 250 lbs. Tank of a man who can freakishly quick too. But that's just the thing, I just go along with the "best basketball player talk" but he's just physically gifted. But even last night watching Durrant, he's basically unguardable when he's locked in too.. Why isn't he best? Who can guard a 7 foot guard, who's a pure shooter?
  7. I cant agree with you anymore. HOnestly new england fans can start booking hotels in Minn. Lebron james will be in the finals next year. UConn women will start a new undefeated streak. Bama will be a lock for the championship, and Calipari will have 5 one and dones.
  8. Spurs are conceding.. Lenard out tonight. Both Warriors and Cavs will be undefeated June 1st
  9. This is going to be the most hyped Finals ever... the Cavs look unbeatable. GS will probably lose tonight, but I imagine if they win. Both teams bursting at the seems.. Whoever loses game one, it'll be a travesty for them (in the media's eyes)
  10. This is garbage. Not even watching. GS will probably lose tomorrow. Cavs wont loss untill finals. And will probably lose in 5
  11. Lol Thompson HAS to lead the league in Offensive boards.. geeze..
  12. I'm not understanding this.. how does this stop defenders? p.s. this just happened in the 90's??
  13. lol good luck.. at least your home. but good luck. Cooks returns to Burn
  14. Didnt Kareem have the nost ungaurdable shot ever?? I grew up watching shaq.. and i hated how unstoppable he was down low..
  15. lol well.. jumping the fence is outta the question. this is a fair question that I cannot answer

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