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  1. "highest paid player" only lasts one season.. who's gonna be next? Teddy Bridgwater?
  2. 2:12 left in the 3rd?! Get thee behind me satan!
  3. ooohhh Satan.. I never wanna see this again.. I still cant believe it
  4. "This isn't rest of the NFL , those drops matter here. Fixed it for ya Bill. New England is the other place in the land where players don't fumble, throw interceptions, jump offsides, hold, drop a pass, sneeze cough or * without asking. We don't strive for perfection. We just happen to be perfection.
  5. man that feels like such a short period. I've seen highlights of the mini sky hook.. how tf do you even shoot that? And why don't we still see that now?
  6. man.. how long did he play? way before my time
  7. quick get jr in to chuck threes
  8. If I'm the cavs.. I give it to jr smith anywhere on the court and tell him to heave.. it'll go in promise
  9. The amount of open threes the cavs get..smfh.. play zone!
  10. F Jr smith
  11. Lol okay.. cavs are coming back from 0-3.. its done. All these great comebacks in sports..
  12. Lol cavs iso ball
  13. Foul foul foul
  14. All the warriors know how to do is foul

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