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  1. Okay. He's getting a chance this year. I'm just sayin its funny that they had this competition again when they did this last year that's all. But new coach, new training, all that good stuff.
  2. Not put him in another competition with Paxton Lynch next year for the job
  3. You Smart ALEX
  4. Big piece of crap to scrap together.. Shocking how terrible the AFC is eh? Even with a barely groomed QB they are still better than 13 of the 16 teams in the conference hahaha. I'll make myself clear.. Are the BRONCOS going to have another QB competition next year? Better? All I'm saying is give the man a chance. Paxton Lynch didn't win last year, he didn't win this year, he won't win next year
  5. I don't know what it takes.. when I think of good (recent) coaches I think of: Bill Belichick Jim Harbaugh Bruce Arians Andy Reid so yeah.. whatever they have. IMO there aren't a lot of good coaches in the NFL which makes it so easy for one to dominate. Teams don't seem to give these guys a long enough to try.. after 3 seasons your out it seems. Well come to think of it that's all of America.. we want the best of the best and we want it now! Or we'll kick you to the curb and find someone else.
  6. One that wears a hoodie.. with cut off sleeves.. and everyone thinks is bats*it crazy..
  7. was this forum supposed to be written in 2016? Didn't Siemian start all 16 games last year because he won the QB competition? Or are we going to do this again next year too Broncos? Get your crap together.. there are only two real threats to the Champs in the AFC and you're one of them!
  8. exactly duh! that's funny though
  9. Lol funny this is, they are clearly the best team. They don't need any breaks (deflating footballs against the pee wee colts)
  10. you're right. absent minded
  11. Yes I do, we have Aliens all throughout America. I don't know about Extraterrestrials they could be idk I won't get caught up either way. lol
  12. wth does Reggie know??!! he only got to play with peyton manning, Curtis painter, and Andrew luck...I think he would know a thing or 2 about sucky backups..
  13. Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, Brandon Marshall (WR), and I'll know more naturally, after my fantasy draft.
  14. I get this a little... they were kinda lucky a lot last year. We will see. Carr has been lifted above Luck as far as young QB's.. so we'll see this year how the rraaaidas do

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