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  1. Hankins Released

    Hahaha we are hilarious
  2. Let's not forget

    lol I guess we're using the farm system
  3. No worried really.. not sure we're gonna be world beaters anyways this year; especially with the other 3 teams in the division really beefing up. But hey, at least we get our best player back!
  4. Wow.. this is incredibly sad for some reason.. I don't know why
  5. Broncos intend to sign Case Keenum on Wednesday

    Bahaha Case Keenum the first to go.. good job Broncos.
  6. Peyton is no longer 'Papa John'

    Imo outta all the chain pizzas I think papa John's tastes the best.. Pizza hut is straight garbage and Domino's hasn't been the same since the 90's
  7. Hilton's stats among Marv's and Reggie's

    Amen! I didn't think the numbers were that close. But hasn't TY lead the league a couple times in yards. I don't even know how haha. But i'm glad. We NEED a big WR on the other side.
  8. Looking forward to watching him play again...

    yes sir! TY is most excited lol
  9. Changes to DPI yardage?

    But defensive holding is automatically a first down. The offense should get penalized too
  10. Lots of former Colts want Barkley to be drafted

    I thought Mack was the new guy too.. shows how much i know lol
  11. Matt Forte...

    I didn't know that... unfortunately won't forget his first pro game
  12. Gore to play elsewhere

    Poor guy.. he chose us over the Eagles because he wanted to play with Luck? How many games did they actually play together?
  13. Mike Glennon to be released

    Too much money being flung around.. just my two cents
  14. Prayers to Jim Kelly

    -_- my God help him to thrive even in the midst of the storm.