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  1. I just thought about this.. last team to respresent AFC superbowl not named colts, pats, broncos, steelers, (manning, brady, big ben) ravens... the freaking Raiders... lol never ends
  2. This is gonna be fun!! *rubbing hands together*
  3. Welcome.. we have the best fans I promise. Rumor has it, back in 2007 we were so loud that Tom Brady couldn't communicate with his WR's. They actually thought we "Piped in crowd noise"
  4. "Private" Funeral.. The dude was laid to rest at a funeral home 2 miles from my house. Nobody would've expected he was there.. except for the barricade of police and secret service checking ID's just to get near the street.. Sad story, and little ole Bristol here gets no attention ever. If he was acting this weird for days nobody asked him what was going on?
  5. That game was over before it was really started. I can't wait for Lonzo Ball to take over a game like Curry last night
  6. You're telling me. The Clippers have some bad luck. Griff and Paul are made of glass.. The Warriors are very "unhealthy" right now they are getting hit hard when it counts the most, but you'd never know that from the court. The Bulls have 2 more games in Boston so they'll win those (since the home team can't win) Poor Russ. Big leads in all 4 games.. can't hang on. I thought before the playoffs started, the Grizzles were gonna wear down the spurs, when the spurs get past them, they won't have enough to take out the Rockets. Raptors and bucks will keep alternating wins. And the Wizards will take out the hawks these next two games.
  7. We should be able to start off 6-1 or 5-2.. but when we're 3-4... I'll say that's about right
  8. lol if it wasn't for Flacco we are seriously going back to Rich Gannon on '03.. just sick
  9. dit-freaking-to
  10. lol this is great, complete opposites!
  11. Ayyee, this was a pretty cool thread. Hope I'm not too late to join. I feel very blessed to have been so many place growing up an Air Force brat. So my list isn't very "exciting/cool" 1. See Grand Canyon 2. Go to an NBA game 3. Take a cruise to the Caribbean
  12. Peyton Manning (obviously) Michael Phelps Wardell Stephen Curry (since that 08 Davidson run; plus growing up playing ball I was always too short to mess with the paint, so his game is basically mine just 1,000 times better) Reggie Wayne ( I love Marvin.. but there's just something about Reggie) Andrew Luck (obviously)
  13. hey look the first season over is the cavs.. no LeBron and co get more rest!! wow
  14. Then what's to stop anyone from saying Kawhi is better than Lebron?

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