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  1. Yeah. No way LeBron loses tonight, and CP3 is out tomorrow
  2. Yeah exactly, They just need to get the curry draymond pick and roll going and open up spacing.
  3. Definitely, the Rockets were only playing 7 as it is.. CP3 has been huge this series. And if Dre comes back you're adding a wing defender and loser a ball handler. Not a good combo for them. Good think Houston squeeked out game 4 and 5
  4. Oh yeah, last years Cavs offense is probably better than these Rockets. But the defense was nowhere close. Everyone says you can't get into a track meet with GS you WILL lose. The Rockets tried. Now they are dribbling the air out of the ball and playing hard defense, something those Cavs couldn't do, they tried to get into a track meet. But you're completely right. Cavs or Celtics don't stand a chance. If the Rockets make it they will clean sweep both teams they way they have played in this WCF
  5. Chrisaaron1023

    2018 Colts Road Games

    I'm trying to go to either the Pats game or Jets.. they are right after each other in Oct so weather shouldn't be an issue. Probably go for cheaper and whichever has a shuttle to take me there
  6. Chrisaaron1023

    Chargers Hunter Henry tears ACL in first day of OTA's

    I'd really like to see the knee injuries to head injuries comparison..
  7. Chrisaaron1023

    Chargers Hunter Henry tears ACL in first day of OTA's

    And it begins..
  8. The Rockets Defense is real though.. GS gets NOTHING easy.. there are all right there. Love, Kyrie, and Korver all suck Capela, Tucker (the Lebron stopper) and Gordon are very good defensively in this round at least.
  9. lol looney had 4 fouls in the 1st half! not used to the mins
  10. very interesting.. rockets with home court again.. Iggy def missed
  11. yeah steph needs to initiate the offense. i know durant can score on anyone.. but they are unstoppable when steph gets going
  12. Gerald Green is cousins with JR smith eh? Not a very high basketball IQ