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  1. Colt Overseas

    Eric Ebron

    I like the Ebron signing. Having an athletic recieving tight end paired with Jack Doyle's skill set have the potential to make a really dynamic duo. And also remember, Reich used his tight ends alot in Philly. I think he will fit in well here in Indy.
  2. Colt Overseas

    Linebacker Jenga

    I like Skai Moore too but for WILL, does he have the athleticism to run with tight ends? I thought he tested not so good, could be wrong. I think I prefer him at MIKE with a bit more weight added to his long frame. He could be a very good prospect, mentioned his instincts and reading of the game look really good. Very hard to teach that. Walker's first year acclimating to the pros will stand to him.
  3. Colt Overseas

    Linebacker Jenga

    There is a big opportunity for Walker to be a starter this year, despite not playing much at all last year. I think our LB corps looks like: SAM: Goode v Morrison for a starter spot with Adams as a developmental player. MIKE: Walker starting with Moore or Franklin to get a roster spot. One will lose out (I think Franklin). WILL: Leonard starts, George is the back up. It's a pity we couldn't add more established talent, but Ballard couldn't fix everything. We need a few players to really step up to the next level, particularly Walker I think.
  4. Colt Overseas

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Adams was lining up at SAM in the rookie mini camps according to George Bremer. This was something i predicted when we drafted him given his skillset.
  5. Our oline looks like its going to be huge next season lol.
  6. I liked the pick too. Ballard said that he was the clear 5th best linebacker and would not last until the 49th pick. And to be fair, he was right. Like after that, the next LBers picked were Nwosu, Werner and Baker (Carter is more a 3-4 OLB), and Leonard is a good level above them. I love Leonard's size and athletism at the WILL position and by all accounts he has high character and workrate. I think he is going to ball at that weakside cover linebacker position.
  7. Colt Overseas

    Doesn't It Feel Wonderful?

    The roster still needs alot of work but Ballard has us going in the right direction. In fairness on offense, we have most pieces and Im very much looking forward to seeing Luck in Reich's up tempo offense. I think we are only short a hard running RB, a big bodied WR2 and an RT. Im hoping Goid or Haeg can make it at RT. I like Grant and Cain but I feel they are more WR3 options. I think though with Luck, he will get the best out of them. We have quality TE options. Overall I think this offense can be top 10 in terms of production with a fit and well protected Luck. There's quite alot of work to do on D. I expect Ballard to continue to invest alot of draft capital on the dline next year (possibly round 1 given the talent that could declare for next year's draft). CB and LB we are thin on the ground for sure. We could really do with some young players becoming good starter, my hopes are for Walker Jr. and Wilson to have good years. I think next year Ballard invests hard on defense next year, not so much offense. We could have a good defense draft class so that would be helpful.
  8. Colt Overseas

    52nd pick: Indianapolis Colts select DE Kemoko Turay

    I've been watching more of kid from the Senior Bowl linemen drills and you can see why Ballard was impressed by him. One thing I really liked was Turay's bend. You combine that with his athleticism, get off and length, you have the raw essentials to make a really good pass rusher once you teach him how to use his hands better. I'm excited to see how he progresses here.
  9. Colt Overseas

    Our two 7th Round Linebackers....

    From Zaire's Franklin's tape vs Miami, I didn't love it to be honest. He needs to take better angles when going for the tackle. He is a quite lightweight in disengaging from blocks too. Hopefully he can do well here nonetheless, but he has quite along way to go I think. I guess that's why he is a 7th rounder. That said he is very quick though and plays with good hustle. Seems like a good character guy too. Haven't seen Adams yet.
  10. Colt Overseas

    Here's great info on Kemoko Turay at Senior Bowl

    When you watch his tape, it's not actually all that surprising at all. Now i've only seen his tape vs. OSU, Michigan and Washington, but you can see some of the things Ballard talks about; the first step, the athleticism, his length. It's kind of frustrating watching play for the Rutgers because the scheme he was in as an 3-4 EDGE, didn't allow him to rush the passer not nearly enough as he should have. But when he did, he genuinely looked really slippery and disruptive, and nearly always seemed to get pressure on the QB. Tackles really struggled with him 1 on 1. I think starting off, we should do what the Jags did with Ngakoue and get him on purely to rush the passer, because that what he is best doing. So Simon on 1st and 2nd down, Turay on 3rd down. He has a lot of refinement need with his hands and dipping and holding balance, but he has all the measurables and athleticism to get good at that. Im quite excited about him long term, but I think he needs to be stronger in taking on blocks against the run.
  11. Colt Overseas

    Colts Draft Matthew Adams LB Houston

    Kind of a sounds a bit like Anthony Hitchens.
  12. Colt Overseas

    Colts Draft Matthew Adams LB Houston

    Looks maybe like a SAM more than a MIKE?
  13. Colt Overseas

    Colts draft Clemson WR Deion Cain (Merge)

    Nice pick!
  14. Colt Overseas

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    I thought we could get more but I guess injuries and scheme fit held him back. I loved Anderson in the 3-4 base when healthy. Could be a great player for the Jets.
  15. Colt Overseas

    Colts draft Ole Miss RB Jordan Wilkins [Merge]

    I love this player. The kid is such a smooth runner, makes people miss with ease.