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  1. Natson showed some explosiveness, really is a brave style of returning the ball. He played like he really wanted a spot on the roster. Wilson as expected showed how raw he is but he has potential. Just a bit worried that it was a rookie he was against today, lets see how he gets on against a Terence Williams caliber of player next. Nobody in the passing game impressed me. Aiken started early on but made no impact. The front 7 on D did reasonably well, the defense was beaten in the passing game. The defensive line did well as a whole, as did Walker, Pound Cake and Spence. Very worried if we have to roll with Scott Tolzien for any game. He has been really erratic so far. Mitchel and Wylie in big trouble.
  2. 1/11 on 3rd down says it all. Actually it says a bit about the defense holding the team in the game in some respects. Oline depth looks really poor. Wylie having a difficult afternoon.
  3. Why is Malik Hooker playing SS?
  4. Aleays a strong part of Mcgills game. But Green did well too!
  5. Its really worrying just how substandard Tolzien is though.
  6. Nailed it. He was tight in coverage but clueless to locate the ball.
  7. Football is finally back!
  8. Le'Raven Clark for whatever amount of snaps he gets. I remember this time last year he got thrown into the deep end but all credit to him, he stuck at it and earn the RT position by the end of the year. I expect a marked improvement. Walker Jr. because I think he may have the most potential out of a mediocre ILB corps. Aiken, I think the is going to bring something different to the offense. I hope we see Wilson get alot of reps.
  9. Me too he can bring a different dimension to our attack.
  10. I think wrt Spence, Pagano's teams love physical run stopping ILBs. Spence is a true WILL that does his best work in space. I think he will eventually break into the starting line up once the see him in the preseason games.
  11. Interesting they have Hankins as the 3-tech DT. Was thinking he was going to be the nose. Is it more to do with Langford out or Woods' good form, or both?
  12. Losing Geathers would be a genuinely massive blow to the team. Of the safeties; Bulter, Green, Hooker and Farely, they are all more suited to the free safety role than strong safety. Also Ted Monachino spoke a couple of times during the off season how they were going to expand his role and line him up like as a dime line backer in certain situations. I think Ted would feel his loss to the defense big time, he sounded excited about what he can do with Clayton. Really hope he can come back soon, he is a good player.
  13. I think we win the AFC South, with a 10-6 record, so long as Luck is good to go for the start of the season. Looking at it objectively, we are clearly better on defense this season, than the 30th ranked defense last season. Our O-line should improve like it did by the end of last season. These improvements are not offset by losing any key players in the FA or to retirement (with the exception of Pat). So I expect our 8-8 record to be better. Yes the divisional rivals will improve, but we only won half our divisional games last year anyway, I would expect us to win no less than that amount this year. Remember our strength of schedule is one of the easiest in the league also. 10-6.
  14. His catch radius doesn't seem to have improved much anyway...
  15. Yeah I completely agree, but what is also important is that that Chudinski and Pagano stick with it, and not abandon the run game like we did in the home game against Houston last year. Also I think the TE we got from Seattle, Williams, it a very good blocker too. A good run game will keep our defense fresh also.

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