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  1. Colts now at top of Salary Cap list

    I really think we should try to get Kendricks off the Eagles. They have negative cap space and are trying to shop him. I'd say a relatively low pick, something like a 5th round pick would bring him here because they have no leverage and it's a good draft for off ball linebackers. He would only have a cap hit of $7.5mil a year.
  2. From Ballard: "It gives us a chance to really replenish our young talent and start building a core of young talent like we need to do.” Excited about the long term future of this franchise now. Im feeling hopeful.
  3. Colts Oline

    I think what really concerning now is there are very limited options left to strenghten our oline. Like it is quite simply untenable putting Luck out next year behind a line featuring the likes of Vuj, Clark, Haeg, Kalis. Our divisional rivals have Campell, Ngakoue, Fowler, Jackson, Casey, Orakpo, Watt, Mercilus, Clowney, etc. Heck Titans could sign Suh. Like Im not one to over exagerate, but to be frank, its actually dangerous to put Luck back out there behind that line with his injuries. And we have limited options at RB to take the pressure off him. Ballard simply has to find talent to reinforce that line and protect Luck, he just has to. Look at the end of the day, alot of us want Chubb in the first round, but right now getting a competent oline is the most pressing need, so Nelson may need to be the 1st round pick out of nessecity, and for the sake of prolonging to mid term future of this franchise. If Luck gets 47 sacks like Brissett did last year, it could be the last of him.
  4. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    He is following John Simon too. This is what it has come to, we are waiting so long for information, we are observing who he is following on twitter to get a clue! I think the longer this goes on for the less likely, but im hopeful.
  5. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    I dont understand why he wanted more from us.. like that makes little sense to me. Holder is saying waaay more, what are we talking like $10 million a year? It was here where he revived his career. This is frustrating. I can get over not handing out massive contracts to Norwell, Robinson, etc, but a 1 year $6.5 mil contract is perfectly reasonable... quite cheap in all honesty.
  6. CB Phillip Gaines to visit Colts

    I can understand this either. Himself and White were one of the top CB duos in the league last year. I mean EJ Gaines was rated the 13 best CB in the league last year by PFF. Would be a great pick up. Im not high on this Gaines though.
  7. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Feels alot like Poe last year. Hours of negiotations. Ballard is so steadfast in his contract valuations.
  8. Eric Ebron to visit Colts Sunday

    Would love to get him on a reasonable deal. A Doyle/Ebron combo gives us a nice mix of skillsets.
  9. This actually might be really good for us as the Eagles are reportely trying to dhop Michael Kendricks. Kendricks is exactly exactly the type of LB Ballard likes, fast and instinctive. He ran a 4.47 forty at the combine, he is an excellent player. He is only 27, PFF graded him 9th best LB in the NFL last year. A $7.6mil per year would be a great bit of buisness if Ballard could pull it off!
  10. Could be bad news for us (Chubb fans), they may choose Chubb over Barkley at 4th overall if we trade back.
  11. Which FA corner will we get

    EJ Gaines. PFF had him rated 13th best corner in the league last year. $8-9 million a year for him would be a great deal, he is just 26 years old. He is better than Melvin and younger. Quality starting CB.
  12. Hitchens to Chiefs

    Agreed, Walker is a player with alot of upside imo, as he is a smart footballer as well as having good athletism and physicality. He can be a solid piece at one of the LB spots.
  13. Hitchens to Chiefs

    Very fair point. Like Hooker and Kelly where solid first round picks but even still its unlikely they are going to command money into the mid million teens. I think its ok letting Hitchens go for that money but Norwell at $13mil and Robinson at $12 isnt unreasonable imo, and its affordable.
  14. Hitchens to Chiefs

    Chiefs are over paying by a good $2 million. Ballard seems like he is sticking strong to his guns about not overpaying. Not really surprising as he was quite reluctant to pay Hankins $10 million per year. Hopefully we can get some good player still but honestly I dont see Ballard handing out large contracts for any top level talent in this FA.
  15. Yeah that's fair. I guess for me, to pay an injury prone tackle $9.5mil alone is excessive, never mind the draft pick swaps. Foot and ankle injuries supporting a 300lbs man scare me. But as you say if he is healthy, he is probably going to be a solid piece for a poor Bengals oline. I'm sure a full medical was done anyway.