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  1. 1. Luck 2. Hilton 3. Mewhort 4. Davis 5. Hooker
  2. Im expecting a drastic improvent in the run defense. Hankins finally gives us a good NT while a fit Anderson and Langford should form a much more solid d-line than what weve had in the last few years. Futhermore I think Simon and Sheard will set a solid edge against the run also. Against pass plays, alot will come down to Vontae's health and Wilson's transition to the pros. If both those work out this season for us, it would be massive, becuase were going to be limited in getting after the qb. Spence being a natural WILL who is good in space, will be a valuable player for us in coverage, again the type of player we have been missing. I think finishing 20th would be a good improvement.
  3. The kid is going to be special.
  4. Hopefully our oline can develop into a serious weapon long term. Jack Mewhort, Joe Haeg, Ryan Kelly, Le'Raven Clark, Zach Banner are all under 25, and have still a lot of room for improvement. There is still more left in Costanzo too. I like that Ballard has prioritized building between the lines. He gets it, Grigson didn't.
  5. I thought Chris Muller had a decent chance.
  6. Wilson was my favourite. Think he will fix the glaring CB2 need we have had the last few years and form a good duo with Vontae.
  7. Last year, he and Chester Rodgers were neck and neck in the pre season games for that last WR spot on the playing roster. Tevaun was unlucky in the end to be fair, he probably a better WR than Bray, its just Bray is the KR/PR.
  8. Dalton Crossan's measures: 4.46 40, 6.84 3-cone, 4.06 shuttle, 35" vert, 10-2 broad at 5-11, 204 Pretty impressive. I hope we get to see this guy in preseason, looks very shifty on tape and has good receiving skills. It would be good to get a talented feature back on the roster, Ferguson was disappointing last year.
  9. DE: Langford NT: Hankins DT: Anderson SAM: Simon MIKE: Walker Jr. WILL: Jackson EDGE: Sheard CB: Wilson SS: Geathers FS: Hooker CB: Davis Slot: Butler Basham to be rotating regularly with Sheard. Ridgeway to play on 3rd downs.
  10. This is a breakdown of all the draft grades of all the main media outlets. On average we got a B+. We ranked 7th. I though it was pretty interesting. Not always you see Cleveland at the top!
  11. It would be good if we could get something like what Atlanta has with Coleman and Freeman. Mack to play the Freeman role and then get a physical running back next year. I'm pretty sure Coleman and Freeman weren't taken in the early rounds either.
  12. It will be interesting to see where will will take a running back. May have to go higher next year and take one in the 2nd or 3rd. But it looks like it going to be a decent class again. Further upgrading of the LB corps will be required next year. Nickel corner too.
  13. Quincy Wilson. The kid is only 20 years old. That's so young for a cut throat position like corner back. If he has a good first season, like he could be a very very special player, with a huge ceiling. Were only at the very start of his bell curve. Got great ball skills also.
  14. I think the number will deep on how much pressure we get on qbs, so it may not be very high for this year. I still expect him to ball anyway.
  15. Me too, thought he was excellent at the Super Bowl. Big, fast, aggressive player, I'm hoping for a double digit sack season.

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