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  1. Colts defense is getting better. No, really.

    I think aside from the obvious needs, I think the defense could really do with is an elite talent, particularly in the front seven where a constantly disruptive player would make a huge difference. I think it's one of Ballard's biggest challenges as a GM, is to find that blue chip talent, along with fixing the oline, etc.
  2. Demario Davis is one player I would be really hopeful of signing. A proper athletic WILL that excels in space and coverage, he would give us a solution to a problem we have had with ILB's who are poor in coverage. A player like Cameron Smith could then be available in the 3rd round of the draft and that would give us an excellent and balanced starting ILB duo. One of Pugh or (preferably) Powell would be an excellent pick up too. Draft, say Connor Williams and the right side of the offensive line is shored up. 2 free agents that probably wouldn't cost a huge amount but would be quality starters.
  3. This is good news! Hopefully we will be able to see Clayton get back to playing well this season and most importantly have a long and sucessful career here in Indy. Big fan of his, thought he had an excellent 2nd year last year.
  4. Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    If Hooker was on the field he would have got there quick enough to make that play, Bulter doesnt have the same range.
  5. How many above avg guys do we have on D?

    I say right now above average guys would be Anderson, Simon, Hankins and Hooker. Last season we had Geathers too, so hopefully he can return to his 2016 form in the future. Hooker can become a high quality starter if he stays injury free. Average starters for me are Sheard, Woods and this year so far Melvin. I'm not a big fan of Fairley as others, he is just ok for me, more like a backup. Hunt could be an average starter. Everyone else is below average. We don't have a high quality or elite talent. Bostic and Morrison are very poor quality starters and investment next of season at LB is absolutely critical. The draft is good for LBs thankfully.
  6. Vontae Davis receiving trade interest from 2 teams

    Why the hell would we want to trade Henry Andrerson? Jeez he is one of the few solid pieces on this defense, just on a 3rd round rookie contract. Must be bull. I'm for trading Vontae and getting whatever value we can get. I'd take a 5th round pick tbh at this stage unfortunately.
  7. Why Quincy Wilson isn't playing

    I think its probably more to do with Quincy finding playing in a zone defense difficult because he has spent his whole life playing man. Then his ST ability, or lack of, is compounding it. Either way he has to be activated, he is at least definitely better than Milton and he will never improve or develop if he doesn't play. Also he did play well in his only game, that should merit him active for the next game.
  8. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Terrible, incompetent, humiliating.
  9. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    I really hope Hooker is ok.
  10. Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Two questions for our DB expert Head Coach. How is Wilson not better than Milton? Why does your coverage package include a 5'11'' safety on a 6'6'' tight end 1 on 1?
  11. 2018 Free Agent Class

    An idea, if we want to add a quality day 1 offensive lineman, could be to trade Jacoby Brissett to a team. Although I would prefer to get a high pick for him.
  12. game changers

    Of our 8 wins last year, 2 of those wins came from game defining plays by Clayton Geathers. His forced fumble on Hunter Henry versus the Chargers and his 4th down stop on Demarco Murray versus the Titans. The injury is a disaster for him as he was becoming a quality stater at SS for us.
  13. Jacoby Brissett and His Future

    It's a tricky one because in order to get the most out of him, ie. a high draft pick, we need to trade him when he is at his most impressive. That time probably comes in the next offseason. Ideally we would like to have him around for next season but if Luck plays 16 games we wont be able to trade him for that much. Ballard might have to just risk it and trade him this offseason, get a 2nd round pick (I think that's the best he will be worth), and rely on Luck being fully healthy next year. JB is just about in the top 30 QB's in this league with the upside of being around the 20th best (maybe a bit more better).
  14. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    Its crazy, it always seems like its one step forward and two steps back with the oline. It looked at the start of the season like Constanzo-Mewhort-Kelly-Haeg-Clark was going to be a solid line but here we are with Clark gone backwards, Haeg no progressing much, Mewhort on IR. Good too seems like a bad injury. Very frustrating, the form and injuries we are getting, we've never had any consistency with this group.
  15. This is Marlon Macks world

    Is a serious weapon on this offense, especially as defenses get tired. Kid's got wheels. I honestly think any game now he going to hit a home run like all those times in USF, only if Chud/Pagano use him more.