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  1. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    Its crazy, it always seems like its one step forward and two steps back with the oline. It looked at the start of the season like Constanzo-Mewhort-Kelly-Haeg-Clark was going to be a solid line but here we are with Clark gone backwards, Haeg no progressing much, Mewhort on IR. Good too seems like a bad injury. Very frustrating, the form and injuries we are getting, we've never had any consistency with this group.
  2. This is Marlon Macks world

    Is a serious weapon on this offense, especially as defenses get tired. Kid's got wheels. I honestly think any game now he going to hit a home run like all those times in USF, only if Chud/Pagano use him more.
  3. Colts Vs. 49ers Game Day Thread

    Mack has blistering pace.
  4. Colts Vs. 49ers Game Day Thread

    Chud and Pagano logic: Marlon Mack is causing chaos with his pace and elusiveness, playing a major part in our last TD drive. Ok, lets bench him for the rest of the game.
  5. Colts Vs. 49ers Game Day Thread

    Defense, particularly the dline is getting tired. This is dangerous because we are still weak in coverage, as bad as Hoyer is.
  6. Colts Vs. 49ers Game Day Thread

    Colts are a horribly managed team. Just terrible coaching.
  7. Vontae Davis

    Love Vontae and what he has given to our franchise. He still has alot to give too. But unfortunately i dont see him resigned due to his injuries and form (in terms playing 9mil pa good).
  8. Is it time to move on from Hilton?

    It was only last year Hilton topped the league in receiving yards. Him and Luck have a telepathic understanding. Would not be a good move for me.
  9. Week 3: Callin 'em out

    Moncrief and Constanzo, two players who have been starters now for a few years and were well below their best last weekend.
  10. Practice, Injuries, Stats, & More

    I wouldn't start Green. Play Hairston on the outside, put Butler in the slot.
  11. A Colt is nominated for NFL Rookie of the Week!

    One thing I liked about Malik Hooker's performance, yes the int was good to see if a little gifted, but he tackling was physical and effective. If this part of his game has become solid, we are genuinely looking like we have an all round high quality FS.
  12. Colts Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread

    Donte wont be getting a new contract playing like this
  13. Colts Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread

    Brissett has been good but the receivers have let him down ironically.
  14. Colts Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread

    Love Butler, but I don't want to see anybody else but Malik at FS from now on. Period.
  15. Colts Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread

    Rigoberto has been good to be fair to the kid.