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  1. Me too, I think they will have positive impacts as well. I though Bulter and Geathers were our best playmakers on D last year, and I think Ted will be looking to put them in positions when they can continue to make plays.
  2. Yeah good interview. He kind of cleared up a two rumors anyway.. Butler will be playing safety, only going back to the slot if needed. (That means Ballard is/will be actively looking for a slot CB. He is definitely looking at a hybrid role for Geathers in terms of interchanging between SS and Will LB. Good news I think. Seems to be working very closely with Ballard with regards to molding the defense.
  3. He could have his own specific role in the roster, as that big bodied wide receiver you can go to for short yardage. We don't have any WR that can do that, except maybe Moncrief, but he doesn't play physical. I think it could be trouble for Chester Rodgers, although that would be unfair as Rodgers was reliable.
  4. They signing Kiko Alonso last year in the FA. Alonso at Mike and Brown at Will would be a good LB duo.
  5. Probably the thing I like most about Ballard and this signing is he actually is looking at guys that can cover at ILB. Under Grigson none of our ILB's (DQ, Morrison, McNary, Irving, Freeman, Jackson, Moore) were noted for being good in space and in coverage. TE's just abused us.
  6. Id say unlikely now as Spence is a WILL ILB, just like Brown. We could still sign him too but I think Ballard is probably finished with FA LBer's.
  7. If Sidney Jones drops to the 3rd, we could look a trading back a couple of places in round one of the draft and pick up an extra 3rd. Then go something like 1st Reddick ilb 2nd Willis olb 3rd Jones cb 4th Justin Evans fs. Then use our 3 4th round picks on a RB, CB and NT. 5th on a TE.
  8. Has Zach Brown actaully visited Indy or will he? Or is it just ideal speculation?
  9. We need more than just that, we need to get a Free Safety, a nickel, a Nose Tackle, another ILB (but maybe not as a starter), a 2nd choice TE and depth at guard (personally I think we could do with a true slot reciever but never mind). It's just not likely all these holes plus the ones you have mentioned will be fixed in two years if Ballard doesn't invest in the FA. Its going to be a long term project no matter which way you look at it.
  10. I think Colts fans have no choice but to wait a couple of years. When a GM says he is going to build through the draft, it takes years. And our roster needs alot of rebuilding, its very talent deficient.
  11. Agreed, I think his offers are something along the lines of: ALT -> 1yr/6mil MIA -> 1yr/8mil IND -> 3yrs/30mil (about 12g) JAX -> maybe the same as the Colts, but probably no offer as it makes no sense for them to sign him, never mind on a big contract. I think the Colts might be able to work something out this week and sign him on a two year contact at like 2yrs/22mil.
  12. Its more whether Ballard is willing to take him on for just one year. Ballard has a view of developing a young defense, with a long term view, so signing Poe for one year is a waste in his eyes. I'm hoping Ballard can convince him for 2 year deal at least, but to attract Poe to sign it would cost probably 11mil a year. Its a tricky one for CB.
  13. For all Zach Brown lovers (which includes me ).
  14. Yeah I saw that. Over the cap have the Dophins at 21mil cap space, and they have highest paid defensive tackle in the NFL on 19mil a year. I don't see the Dolphins as a suitor.
  15. I think Poe will be a Colt. I think Poe is a sitting duck there for Ballard if he wants him. But I think the reason Ballard is waiting is that he wants to get a better deal after Poe goes to the meetings. He knows Jax dont really want him and Atl cant afford him. After tomorrow Ballard, will be in the stronger negotiating position than he was last Sunday and will be able to get a better deal than what would have been possible 2 days ago. Ballard knows how to play this game, he has his principles with regards to the free agency and wont give out stupid more Poe will be a Colt, or else he gets a ridiculous amount of money off someone else. The latter for me is unlikely.

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