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  1. I like your draft too CR91. I think maybe a good slot corner would be good, I'm hoping we take Kazee or Jourdan Lewis in the 3rd (Davis, Conley and Lewis would be sick). Another thing, there;s proably going to be a really good TE available in the 4th so I'd be taking someone like Kittle or Hodges.
  2. Where would Reuben Foster's best position on a defense like the Colts? He plays like a MIKE, with the body of a WILL imo.
  3. Thanks for this, Valpo.
  4. So looking after resignings and accounting for the draft, were looking at about 20mil to spend on new FAs in 2018. Not that much, probably enough to get one quality starter.
  5. Didn't Donte say he would help look after Zurlon Tipton's child when his life was sadly taken.. Love Donte, he is a terrific person, and a darn good football player too!
  6. Anthony Walker Jr is a guy I like at MLB, that we can pick up with one of our 4th round picks.
  7. I like the fact were young on tge line too. Anderson and Hankins are our 2 best players on dline and they're just 25, Ridgeway is coming on very strong too and he is only a baby at 22. TY McGill is just 24 too and can create good interior pressure. Also, I think we will see a continual effort from Ballard to improve group, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Colts take a DE with one of 4th round picks. I think there's great potential with this group.
  8. Run stopping lost us making the playoffs, when the Texans ran it down our throats in LOS, the biggest game of our season. With Hankins, a fit Anderson and Langford, Simon and Sheard at OLB, and Id expect a high draft pick at ILB, we should see a clear improvement on run D. Ballard always said 'its all about your fronts'. He is backing his statement up. This is a statement of intent.
  9. Ballard in an interview last week said he didn't know enough about him to make a judgement. Conflicting..
  10. Found it very insightful, thanks. Thought it was interesting that he went to live with Marcus Peters and his family for a day and a half to figure the guy out, before being comfortable drafting him. I have a good feeling about Ballard, I think he is the type of person that goes to great length and detail when making decisions. He seems very trustworthy.
  11. I think Pre-FA I would have had a pass rusher, as the draft is deep in CB's. Then Ballard signed 3 OLB's so I think right now, it would be more beneficial for the Colts to find a top CB than Edge Rusher. The only thing is, if Lattimore is already taken, is there a CB worth his value to be picked at #15? There's certainly a lot between 20-50.
  12. Me too, I think they will have positive impacts as well. I though Bulter and Geathers were our best playmakers on D last year, and I think Ted will be looking to put them in positions when they can continue to make plays.
  13. Yeah good interview. He kind of cleared up a two rumors anyway.. Butler will be playing safety, only going back to the slot if needed. (That means Ballard is/will be actively looking for a slot CB. He is definitely looking at a hybrid role for Geathers in terms of interchanging between SS and Will LB. Good news I think. Seems to be working very closely with Ballard with regards to molding the defense.
  14. He could have his own specific role in the roster, as that big bodied wide receiver you can go to for short yardage. We don't have any WR that can do that, except maybe Moncrief, but he doesn't play physical. I think it could be trouble for Chester Rodgers, although that would be unfair as Rodgers was reliable.
  15. They signing Kiko Alonso last year in the FA. Alonso at Mike and Brown at Will would be a good LB duo.

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