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  1. Steelers will eat Tolzien up next week!
  2. You know Chuck may actually be coaching Morris a little, trying to motivate him by demoting him behind Walker? He definitely chopped the most wood tonight!
  3. Great throw and catch...Morris should see more playing time!
  4. Well next week we'll see extended play by the starters for both could get very ugly!
  5. That was still a very nice drive by Morris, he definitely looked better than Walker tonight!
  6. He does right now....Walker was horrible tonight!
  7. Terrible throw by Morris!
  8. Really tough holding call on the Colts offense that killed a drive, and a really helpful hands to the face that just about gave Dallas that score....oh well, Ed Hochuli has taught his boy well!
  9. Hopefully it doesn't matter who the backup QB is this season!
  10. I think some of guys are being to hard on Walker, he played better than Tolzien last week and will still get a couple more possessions. I like this kid a lot!
  11. This guy can do it all!
  12. Oh my...please Luck get well quick, I want to see you and Marlon Mack in there together!
  13. We have some nice young talent in the defensive secondary...that is something positive!
  14. Jeff Locke may have just won the punting job!

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