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  1. I'd like to know what it is he is looking at....and what happened to it after the picture was taken!
  2. On the other hand, how would you like to have that guy waiting for you in the locker room after a loss! Just staring at you, not saying anything, just studying you, looking for your weaknesses!
  3. Sorry, I don't entirely buy what is being said....sure you interview Raye but if he is an improvement, why didn't he do this last season? I think he has someone else in mind and I am not convinced he still isn't holding out hope for Manning!
  4. Maybe Irsay will will be ask by the league to make the greatest PC move in NFL history....hire the first Female coach! Who's out there? I like Suzy Kolber and Sage Steele!
  5. I don't know why all of you guys want to get rid of Chuck and Grigs so bad...all we need to do is chop some more wood, execute better, and let #12 be #12!
  6. But if you were looking for an excuse to keep can't hurt! I'd love to see Peyton as our GM and let him decide!
  7. I will say that Bill Polian seemed almost giddy on the radio with Lamey this afternoon...he may know something!
  8. I don't think he would make them any better....just my opinion!
  9. Jags fans on Twitter saying they'll take Chuck if the Colts fire him...guess they want to stay the Jags we know and love!
  10. Who are you George Costanza? Depending on how old you are whether you will get that or not!
  11. Jax always makes these long FGs on the Colts! Jinxed him!
  12. Turbin is a tough guy...great #2 or #3 back!
  13. So did we have 3 rookies last year too...why does a 5th year coach have 3 rookies on the OL if no team has ever had a winning record. Make a trade or bring in some veterans but don't set yourself up for failure every year and expect fans to make excuses for you! Go Robert!
  14. Jag coach just dropped an F bomb...can't say I blame him!

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