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  1. or d not as bad as you might think

    Bad secondary.. No rush... Bottom of the league defense this year. Again.
  2. Week One Colts vs. Rams Prediction Thread

    Colts - 6 Rams - 20
  3. Who Wins the AFC South?

    Titans or Texans. Leaning towards the titans. Then jags. Then Colts in last place. Colts are gonna be a garbage fire this year,unfortunately.
  4. Are the Colts tanking this year?

    I agree, your case is very intelligently put forward. I agree- 1.) The Colts organization suspects Luck is gonna miss some games... and despite what the fan boys here say, Luck is going to look rusty when he returns for a few games or maybe the whole season. (whole season being an extreme, but possible.) 2.) The Colts organization knew that without a healthy and well practiced Luck this season is gone... Doesn't matter if the defense plays like the 85' Bears or 15' Broncos. So, they allowed Pags to stay as the lame duck with the hope next year would bring some better replacement options. I disagree- 1.) I don't think not bringing in another qb means too much. Tolizen may look bad, but really how many backup qbs are available on the market that can fit into the schemes the rest of the Colts offense has been installing all off season? Available qbs this time of year are available for a reason.... They suck.... I think the Colts would rather have guys who suck that at least know the playbook. 2.) I don't know think the Colts are super worried about draft position. Teams like the Patriots show that having staff that can actually evaluate talent is much more important than your draft position. Although, I won't lie, tanking a season to get a top 5 draft pick to trade for a bunch of later round picks seems smart. Increases the chances your talent evaluators will actually pick somebody who can play. I am unsure - My feeble mind isn't smart enough to follow the ins and outs of cap space etc.... I have no clue what any of the new free agents contracts mean.
  5. Looking hard to tell which is gonna be worse this year... Colts defense or offense....
  6. Reports: Phillip Dorsett available for Trade

    Would love to see him traded or cut. Maybe Moncrief too eventually... if any team wants a receiver made of glass.....
  7. Because your predicting tolizen is gonna look better in the regular season? Looking like guaranteed 0-2 start.... Again....
  8. Ryan Kelly will miss part of season

    Phillip Dorsett breakout year maybe lol
  9. The misguided perception of this team

    Another year of Antonio Brown running circles around Vontae Davis... Lol.
  10. Ryan Kelly will miss part of season

    It's definitely looking like even going 8-8 this year is going to be a struggle.
  11. It's almost here......

    Personally I am too anxious about Lucks health and availability to be excited for the end of the offseason... Once the offseason ends and Luck still isn't throwing then we officially have a problem.
  12. Luck

    Luck to fans.... “They don’t need to have any concerns about their quarterback,” he said. “It’ll be all right http://www.upi.com/Sports_News/NFL/2017/06/14/Indianapolis-Colts-coach-Chuck-Pagano-No-timetable-on-Andrew-Luck-return-from-injury/4001497422366 Hmmmmm.....
  13. Luck

    http://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/colts-andrew-luck-recovering-from-slightly-torn-labrum/ What did he do to his shoulder then?
  14. Luck

    http://www.physiodc.com/managing-expectations-when-recovering-from-a-labral-repair/ First article I Googled cites 9 months to a 1 year to feel normal. Give it a read....
  15. Luck

    People are gonna say I am "freaking out" but I assume luck is gonna miss 3-6 games at this point. Not working out and not throwing as long as he has I bet he is gonna need some serious time to get back into playing shape... Assuming his surgically repaired shoulder isn't going to needed a follow up procedure or something... At least it's a rebuild year anyways.