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  1. Not sure what getting a guy on what will likely be a one year deal does for a team in rebuild mode like the Colts.
  2. I hope they pay Jack. Allen got paid fat cash and he has stone hands.
  3. Art Jones just isn't a good player... I guess he won't hurt the Colts badly as a backup... But I wish we had a backup that had a chance of developing into a good player... Art is only gonna get worse with age, and he is already pretty bad and never available.
  4. So your telling me my D'Qwell Jackson jersey is worthless now... Lol. Too bad. Gonna miss him.
  5. JMV had Chris Ballard on his show today at 5pm. Here is a link for those that would like to listen to it. https://m.soundcloud.com/1070-the-fan-1/0206-ballard-jmv
  6. Dan D bag is the worst sports talk jockey in Indiana. It makes no sense how he gets the noon to 3 pm slot. 1070 should just fire the old D bag and have Grady and Big Joe and Jmv split his segment up.
  7. Thank God!!!!
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if chucky and his agents leaked this rumor to force Irsays hand to come out in public to either support or dumb him.
  9. Grigson will blow the draft pick... We know this... Why does it matter if he wastes a round 13 pick or a round 18?(or an extra pick if he trades down) He is still gonna waste the pick. I would rather see the Colts beat the jags.
  10. And I quote from the Indy star... "And in one 24-day period last spring, Irsay got 400 tablets of OxyContin: four prescriptions of 100 40-milligram tablets each, records show." http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2014/03/17/from-the-archives-jim-irsay-prescription-drug-problem-is-nothing-new/6528287/ Who knows what kinda conclusions ol Jimmy comes up with after watching games. Is he even conscious for all of them. Lol
  11. Grigson will draft another DROPsett.... You know this...
  12. Didn't Allen allow the strip sack on Luck today... I am thinking Allen is trash no matter where he plays.
  13. It doesn't matter what play was called. Losers lose.... And the Colts team is filled with Losers.
  14. No changes are coming anytime soon. Irsay is part of the problem, not a solution to any problem. Eventually people will stop coming to watch a trash ball team like the Colts, and when the stadium is empty and the Colts are even a bigger joke in the nfl then they are now... Maybe then irsay will think of his financial investment and find a coaching staff that can win consistently or at least win the horrendous Afc south.
  15. I don't know if the Colts statisticaly can still make the playoffs, but I think we all know that they are done.

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