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  1. I personally thought his first game against Tennessee was his best of the season and top 5 maybe top 3 of his career. I went down to watch that game in person. Sweet seats in the lower bowl. Luck came out blazing. It was clear from the beginning there was an emphasis on getting the ball out quickly. And boy did he ever. 3 step drops. 5 step drops. Ball coming out on time. Throwing to spots and hitting receivers as soon as they came out of their breaks. Back should fades... Near perfection. Plus I think Doyle dropped a TD just before halftime or he may have flirted with a perfect rating. Was well worth the trip down to see Luck put on a clinic...
  2. You may be right CF. I don't remember the entirety of his quote. He may have indeed taken a veiled shot at Peyton. I do remember there was a lot of uproar. The PTI duo and Skip Bayless still use that as reasons to hate on our franchise.
  3. Thanks masnerj. And to be clear, I don't have a problem with Ballard firing whomever. I think he should be able to build and mold the organization as he sees fit. I had read an article on Mack and it sounded like our scout Jamie Moore was really high on him since his freshman year.
  4. Thanks SDak. And I do believe it. I don't think Ballard is shallow enough to just fire people for no reason but I do feel it's his right to bring in the people that he wants. And I figure it's probably easier to keep regional scouts in place unless they're just flagrantly misjudging talent. Thanks again for the find though.
  5. Does anybody know if we kept the scout who helped us "find/pick" Marlon Mack? There was an interesting article on him and how he's been around through like 2 or 3 different Colts regimes. I can't find it anymore though. Was wondering if he survived the purge?
  6. Varga had a lot of potential to be our 3rd down back. He had some nice moves. I feel sorry for the guy. He was definitely on his way to having a nice NFL career. If we would have let him go, the Patriots would have been all over him just from what he showed in preseason. His
  7. Ok. I think I see what you're saying about some people being critical just for the sake of it. And I see how that can come across as redundant, but I see nothing wrong with calling out past players for past performances. Now I'm not saying it should be harped on but mentioning it feels like fair game to me. Some people do just jump on and say something negative without providing any context to their posts and that can come across as being petty and spiteful just to be spiteful. But most of the people who post on here are thoughtful and opionated and usually bring some substance or reasoning with their posts. I for one get upset about Trent & Werner because I remain frustrated about going to the AFC championship game without our 2 previous first round picks even being active because they weren't good enough. I'm willing to bet that has never happened before. So it's frustrating to think of how the fortunes of this organization may have changed if you replace just those 2 with quality players. Could we have already been in and won a Super Bowl or two? It's definitely possible. We were certainly trending in that direction. But I don't come on here every day or hardly ever just bringing up Trent, Werner, or other past players, so that's why I was confused. Now, I think I get what you're saying though. Some may just jump on to be negative and I agree that can seem redundant. But I have no problem with mentioning past players and their failures if it relates to a topic.
  8. I can't remember exactly what Irsay said but was his disappointment in only winning 1 Super Bowl a knock on Peyton or was it a knock on Polian for building the team so offensively overloaded??? As GREAT as Peyton was, imagine how many championships we would have won with a defensively overloaded team with Peyton running the O & Dungy running the D??? I'd guess 4 or 5 at least. After the Reggie Wayne pick in 2001, we should have never used another first on offense unless it was a NEED at OLine. And every draft should have been defense focused like this year's. And that includes #44 whom I loved. We still could have had gotten Jason Witten (a top 5 all time TE & a former Volunteer who Peyton would have made great music with as well) with our 2nd round pick that year. And could have had peanut Tillman with our first. A CB who arguably put up a Hall of Fame career playing in a cover 2 system in Chicago. Ironically a system that we ran... As great as Polian was at bringing us into legitimacy, he left a lot of meat on the bones. And don't even get me started on giving away a chance at perfection... So in closing I think Irsay was dissing Polian and not Peyton. And admitting that we in some ways failed Peyton by not capitalizing on his greatness by ironically relying on it too much...
  9. I'm a little confused here. Can an example be given as to what exactly the OP is referring??? I don't go out of my way to demean or personally trash anybody but I know that I have said bad things about the play or coaching of Trent, Werner, Chuck, Chud, Grigs, Pep, McNary, Cribbs, Ferguson and many others on here. So are we suggesting that I was wrong for criticizing their performances or is it the manner in which I/we criticize them??? As a diehard Colts fan, who's invested my hard earned time and money into the organization, I feel that I have a right to criticize them. Now I'm not gonna go onto their personal twitter accounts and belittle them or stalk them to put them down. But I should be able to say their performance was terrible. As was the case for many of the names I mentioned last paragraph. And just because they were a former Colt I shouldn't have to praise them. I appreciate them for playing for my favorite team and I cheered for and believed (even though that was a lost cause in the case of some) in them when they wore the horseshoe. But am I wrong when I say Trent sucked as running back for us? Or Werner may have been the worst first round pick we've had since the team's moved to Indy? Are we not allowed to criticize or is it the ones who appear to criticize just to be hateful and don't attach reasoning to their statements? Somebody help me get a better understanding on what exactly we're discussing in this topic. I sure typed a lot not to know huh?
  10. I personally don't think he should have been brought in as anything other than a D.C. In the first place. But he's gonna have this year to prove me and many others wrong. With what I've seen Ballard do with the draft and free agency, I've got a feeling that we are gonna shine this year. And I think we're gonna discover that the true weak link was Grigson all along. He tried too much to be Polian (all controlling) after such a successful first year and it created a toxic environment within the organization. I really want McDaniels and Ballard leading this Colts dynasty into the future but I think Chuck (the survivor) will somehow find a way to remain. And if this team makes deep playoff runs every year and wins championships under Chuck then I'll have to give him his credit. And I'm ok with admitting I was wrong. But if we continue to regress this coming year and our offense remains helter skelter and Chuck and Chud make boneheaded moves like playing Ferguson over Turbin, then he needs to get the axe and he can take his boy Chud with him. Then let's go get McDaniels and get this dynasty rolling. My sleeper pick is Urban Meyer or at least using the possibility of him to lure Jim Harbaugh back. Lol. Any of those 3 would work for me.
  11. I was SCREAMING last year for Gore & Turbin to be used in a committee. Notice that I didn't mention Ferguson. This year I want a 3 man timeshare with Gore, Turbin, & Mack. If Mack starts breaking off big runs early in the season, I can see him taking the job later in the season. Unless Father Time jumps up and grabs Gore, he'll remain our number 2 back at the worst and Turbin will get relegated to strictly short yardage just out of respect for Gore. But if it turns out he's lost it, this could be his last rodeo. I honestly think Gore just wants to win now and he would be happy to work in a timeshare with Turbin & Mack if it means success and a deep playoff run. Whoever has the hot hand you roll with. But I will say, Gore is one of the most natural running backs I've ever seen. His balance, vision, and pad level on runs are still great even at his advanced age for an NFL running back. I really hope some of his abilities could rub off on Mack. And I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Gore take Mack under his wing and prepare him for the NFL. One Florida born running back to another. This could really be a perfect scenario for Gore, Mack, & the Organization as a whole.
  12. No need to try to sugarcoat it. That statement makes no sense. If your defense improves, it means they get more stops and your offense gets more opportunities. Thus Luck will be on the field more...
  13. I don't get what people saw in Morrison. He may have made a play or two in the last few games of the season after D-Jax suspension but I don't remember much of him but him being slow and taking "false steps" and often being out of position on plays. At least I saw Edwin Jackson show a burst and make some hits that I haven't seen since Bob Sanders was around. I bet Ballard remembers the hit he put on Alex Smith last year... I know I do. Unless Morrison has improved IMMENSELY, he should not be starting and I'm questioning whether he belongs on the roster at all.
  14. Our defense will be called The Blue Steal (Steele). Hooker will lead the transformation to us ranking near the top of the league at forcing turnovers. It's something that Ballard emphasizes and it's fitting. I've been wanting that name for a long time. The time is coming. BLUE STEAL!!!!!!
  15. Ballard may not have drafted him but he certainly checks off the boxes for what he likes in draft picks. Great size and great speed and great athleticism. The key one that we don't know fully yet is can he catch the ball??? If he shows that he can catch the ball, I see Ballard keeping him and letting him continue to develop. I think the the big thing that he lacks (as opposed to Hooker) is natural instincts. Hooker sees it, trusts his eyes and instincts and goes. Thus he's in position early to make plays on the ball. Green was indeed thinking too much last year and was often slow to react and was thus trailing and chasing plays last year. I don't know if that can be coached up or not. He's most certainly not afraid of contact. I think his future may ultimately be as a SS. If he can learn to be physical at the point of attack like Wilson, his coverage of TE's would improve drastically. I hope he's paying attention at camp this year because it's some guys on the roster who's traits he should be trying to emulate (Wilson's physicality at the line, Hooker & Butler's anticipation, and the way Geathers takes the proper angles and still makes big hits but with composure). Our coaches need to be emphasizing these things to him.

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