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  1. Bill Belichick hasn’t been a LIFETIME special teams coach like Toub has been... He progressed to Linebackers coach & then defensive coordinator then a head coach. When is Toub gonna progress to being anything other than a specials teams coach? Why does he get to make the jump all the way to head coach? That’s a major leap of faith to take after the Grigson/Pagano debacle... People hate on McDaniels but the guy has earned another shot as a head coach. He’s progressed from QB Coach, to Offensive coordinator, to Head Coach. Like Belichick, he failed in his first HC attempt & had to work his way back up through the ranks. Now he’s back as OC & ready for a 2nd opportunity like Bill got with the Patriots. I can’t for the life of me understand why people don’t want the winningest QB Coach/OC to come in here and work closely with our once in a generation QB (Andrew Luck)??? This is a guy that can teach Luck some of the GOAT’s (I hate to say that) secrets & habits and I believe, because of his pedigree, Luck would trust him. Get him & a guy like Greg Schiano in here to run the defense & we’ll be competing for the division & conference next year. I truly believe that.
  2. Color Rush unis

    Colts jerseys looked GREAT tonight!!! I loved the look. They should be worn a few times a year from here on out.
  3. We “still have” Chud running our offense. So, I’d say on O we need new coaches & a new offense altogether. Start there then let the new staff figure who fits the new scheme & who we need to let go.
  4. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    I bet they miss Coughlin now...
  5. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Nobody can ever replicate Belichick but you can mimic his attention to detail. The way he lives & breathes the game. Always scheming. Always gameplanning. Always tweaking. Looking for an advantage. That’s the kind of football mind we need. Be it on offense or defense. I just don’t get that from Chuck. That he’s a football savant in that way. And surrounds himself with like minded coaches. And the clapping thing when they trot off... That’s a good one. Touché. I’m glad we can have a respectful debate about all of this. No over the top nonsense. Just Colts fan talking about their team. Thanks blubomber.
  6. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    I understand what you’re saying and I’m not advocating for Irsay to listen to us. But if he still thinks Chuck is the answer, then his decision making may actually be worse than the fans... And that too is big trouble for the organization. And I agree we should let Ballard pick his own coach.
  7. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    I did say he failed. And I did say our division is no longer weak. Thus Chuck can no longer get those 6 wins to pad his stats. He’s having to earn them all through game planning and preparation now and he’s failing. And lack of talent and injuries are excuses. We had leads in many games this year. Call the right plays and we win those and Chuck could have a case for retention without the need for excuses. Chuck & staff have no idea how to game plan and make in game adjustments and we get outcoached far to regularly now. Luck isn’t here to bail us out. It’s on Chuck and his staff and none are proving up to the task... They occasionally have a good gameplan but more often than not it’s only for a half without any adjustments ready. Or it’s 2-3 times a year like the Titans, Vikings, & Jets games last year... I’m tired of being mediocre & using talent as an excuse. It’s coaching that’s the problem.
  8. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    McDaniels failed in his first try. So did Belichick. He deserves a chance more than or at least as much as Chuck does... Sure Chuck went 11-5 riding Luck’s coattails through the worst division in football. Then 8-8 without him & him injured. McDaniels went 8-8 with Jay Cutler... Give him Luck & a weak division & I believe he could match what Chuck has done. Regardless, he was young then & has learned from his mistakes. Give me him & Schiano as DC or Bowles if the Jets fire him and we’ll be a playoff team next year with Luck & better than 3 wins this season with JB. The Rams & Eagles are proof that it can be so... Just not for us with Chuck as HC. He can’t get those easy 6 divisions wins to boost his record anymore... Reality has caught up with him. And it’s time Irsay realizes it... JB could have been running McDaniels’ system this year (a system he knows) & Luck could have been studying it. Ready to hit the ground running next year and taking over for Brady as the best QB in the AFC next year. Which is where his talent was taking him & I truly believe that is/was a strong possibility for us with McDaniels at the helm...
  9. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    I never had as much anger for Dungy. Dungy was a teacher. I had more anger for Polian for primarily building half a team & forcing Dungy to work with scraps or constantly coach up & get the most out of lesser talent. Every linebacker that got good we let walk. And when I was referring to Belichick, I was talking about hearing him mic’d up instructing his players on the sideline. It’s not as much motivation but more of what to look for or how to play a certain look. That’s teaching. That’s x’s & o’s stuff. And the Patriots draft low every year. So it’s not ALL talent. It’s coaching. They improve guys. They educate them. Then they empower them. Half of the Patriots players you’ve never heard of or where they came from. But the Patriots put their players in the best positions to succeed and get the most out of them. I can’t say the same for us.
  10. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    When you’ve hired Grigson & Chuck. Then refused to admit your mistake & doubled down & retained Grigson & Chuck. Then did it again by retaining Chuck again, maybe he needs to start listening to the fans or whomever because maybe just maybe he’s not making the most sound decisions at this time and his judgment isn’t better... And I don’t understand how you aren’t worried about the future of this team watching incompetent gameplans, poor drafts, getting blown out a couple times a year. So us sticking to that same status quo doesn’t worry you??? You’ve seen enough from Chuck to believe that he, Chud, & Monachino will bring us a Super Bowl? I don’t. Bringing in Ballard seems like a step in the right direction. But why tie his hands with Chuck & his staff? If the plan was to let Chuck guide us to a top 5 pick and then dump him then I stand corrected.
  11. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    I would have taken McDaniels. Regardless, if he had fired Grigs & Chuck immediately we could have went after McVey, McDaniels, maybe even reached out to Shanahan. My point was by hesitating we lost. But by bringing in a new coach and system, we may have still struggled this year but players could have taken this year to learn a new system. Even Luck could have been in the playbook while not playing. Now, they’ll all have to wait until next year to learn the new system. So that could actually negatively affect us next year. So the problem could actually compound itself. That’s what bad organizations do and my fear is we’re regressing back to that. And bringing back Chuck next year (for continuity or fear of making the change and having to learn a new system) is basically throwing bad money at a lost cause. It’s time for a change. I’m no fan of Gruden. So in my opinion Irsay chasing Gruden was him going for style over substance. I’m really beginning to question Irsay’s decision making. I just hope we get it right this offseason because I do believe that with the right coaches we’ll be highly competitive and be right back contending for AFC supremacy.
  12. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    I think that’s how Irsay was thinking last year when he brought Chuck back. The fans pay the bills. So he needs to be trying to make them happy. And if he still thinks that Chuck is the answer, then it may be time to question Irsay’s competence. The MAJORITY of his fan base has seen enough even if he hasn’t. And another season of a half empty stadium and fans booing and leaving early in the 4th quarter should be unacceptable. Much more unacceptable than firing Chuck and his staff (when most people in the world think they have earned those walking papers anyway).
  13. Best Way to Describe the 2017 Colts

    Doomed from start... Irsay chasing Gruden & leaving us stuck with Chuck for another year rather than getting a new coach along with the GM & thus getting a head start on our future, no Luck... yeah. Doomed from the start ( and I’m talking offseason not game 1 which was a disaster in and of itself...).
  14. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    I just don’t think Irsay can risk the fan backlash by bringing Chuck back. NFL is already in a bit of a PR pickle. I can see a lot of fans leaving Lucas Oil & going to Banker’s Life. Yeah, Chuck keeps his players motivated in that they don’t quit playing but I don’t think that’s enough to bring him back. And if it is, then we’ve regressed back to being the early 90’s Colts... Ok with being average or below average. The best coaches are teachers. Watch tape of Belichick on the sideline. He’s always teaching. Always preparing & making adjustments. Chuck hasn’t shown me 1 sign that he is a great football mind & teacher. And his coordinators are pedestrian. So who’s gonna get the most out of our players? If Chuck is gonna be a “figurehead” HC then he needs creative teachers as coordinators. Yet his guys have gotten us blown out multiple times & our offensive game plans have been flat out OFFENSIVE to watch... It’s time to clean house and get the right coaching staff in here because Chuck had ridden Luck’s coattails and the worse division in football as far as he could. Now we’re seeing Chuck for what he truly is... A great man with a great heart that is a below average HC at the NFL level. I do think he’d make a great college coach though.
  15. Colts @ Bills Game Day Thread

    Hello. Very happy to be here.