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  1. I'd go with Philbin. Chud should go with or even before Pagano. Take Monachino too.
  2. Polian catered too much to the offensive side of the ball. Then that S.O.B. Threw perfection away in a home game that fans (myself included) had to drive through a snow storm to go see... I have never and will never forgive him for that. That's the most cowardly act I've seen in professional sports. Still hurts my heart that stain is on our franchise. Who gives away a chance at PERFECTION???
  3. They're out there though. I love Chuck as a person. Really seems like a good man. I would have brought him on as a D.C. at most. He had no business getting the HC job. I could have coached Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Haloti Ngata, & Terrell Suggs... He didn't teach them a damn thing... Ironically, Caldwell, the coach we let go (deserved less of the blame than Polian), now owns us... Won a Super Bowl and beat us en route to it with Pagano's old defense (sure didn't look like they missed him very much), ruined our home opener last year, & then embarrassed us again in our first preseason game... Now I don't want Caldwell back but the trend seems to be showing that Chuck is not the answer. He can't even beat the "yes man" coach we fired for him... Please Andrew come back & talk me off the cliff??? I love what Ballard is trying to do but I think it's all wasted on Chuck and his staff. Get em out of here.
  4. There's no reason why Luck shouldn't be running his own offense like Peyton was by now. He should be running hurry up whenever he damn well feels like it. He should never have to ask Chuck or Chud for much of anything. Dungy was smart enough to let Peyton work unless he had to make an executive decision. I feel like Luck isn't advancing like he should be at this stage. I'm sure the injuries are a factor but I don't think the coaches are helping him reach & maximize his potential. Irsay screwed up big time with Grigson & Pagano. It's really looking like it's time to completely end this era before we've wasted the greatest prospect since Elway & Peyton... No McDaniels or Shanahan & Wade Phillips for this year. No Harbaugh. It's feeling like our organization is at a crossroads. Texans, Titans, & Jags are threatening. It's very possible that we could drop to the bottom of our division for the next 7-10 years if we don't get this right.
  5. Exactly. Why is it that every other team can scheme guys open but it looks like our receivers have the hardest time creating separation??? It's really feeling like our coaching staff was just as responsible for our mediocrity as our last GM... Should have sent them packing & got a young offensive innovator in here to work with #12...
  6. Exactly. Trade him to the Cardinals or Saints and watch Arians or Payton put up numbers with him... I'm so sick of our coaching staff. There was always one thing we could count on here in Indy, and that was a dynamic offense. It's been getting more and more inconsistent the past few years. I'm sure Luck's injury has to be a factor but I think our coaching is the biggest problem. I'm a diehard fan. I think every year is our year. This is only the 2nd season in nearly the last 20 years where I'm having serious doubts about our ability to compete. Please Luck come back and prove me wrong for doubting the Horseshoe.
  7. Joseph Addai never started a game his rookie year yet led us in rushing. No need to force Mack onto the field either. Use Gore, Mack, & Turbin in a timeshare. Keep all 3 fresh for the stretch run at the end of the season & let Mack grow into the role. By the end of the year, he will have established himself as our lead back.
  8. I'd trade Chud for a $2 bill and a half eaten snickers bar. Get an innovative OC (a HC would be even better) in here. If Dorsett doesn't flourish under him, then trade him. As of now, I place the majority of blame on Chud & his helter skelter gameplans. It's been 3 years & we still have no offensive identity under this clown.
  9. To make matters worse, your trade destination for Luck would be the Patriots??? Why not send em TY, Vontae, Hooker, & Hankins while we're at it???
  10. Unfortunately Scott's resume says that he's started 3 games in his career & has never won any. He has twice as many interceptions as touchdowns... So you saying you think Tolzien can win a game for us in September is wishful thinking. No different than someone saying Morris or Walker can win a game for us in September. None of them have ever actually won an NFL game. I also heard Morris has looked terrible too. Maybe they'll all improve once we get into some live action (even if it's only preseason)??? Let's all hope Luck comes back sooner rather than later.
  11. I've heard that Tolzein has looked horrible. So all the talk that he's got the number 2 spot locked down just screams that our backup QB situation is trash. We're not going anywhere if Luck goes down. So bring in somebody at least with potential to get better.
  12. I personally thought his first game against Tennessee was his best of the season and top 5 maybe top 3 of his career. I went down to watch that game in person. Sweet seats in the lower bowl. Luck came out blazing. It was clear from the beginning there was an emphasis on getting the ball out quickly. And boy did he ever. 3 step drops. 5 step drops. Ball coming out on time. Throwing to spots and hitting receivers as soon as they came out of their breaks. Back should fades... Near perfection. Plus I think Doyle dropped a TD just before halftime or he may have flirted with a perfect rating. Was well worth the trip down to see Luck put on a clinic...
  13. You may be right CF. I don't remember the entirety of his quote. He may have indeed taken a veiled shot at Peyton. I do remember there was a lot of uproar. The PTI duo and Skip Bayless still use that as reasons to hate on our franchise.
  14. Thanks masnerj. And to be clear, I don't have a problem with Ballard firing whomever. I think he should be able to build and mold the organization as he sees fit. I had read an article on Mack and it sounded like our scout Jamie Moore was really high on him since his freshman year.
  15. Thanks SDak. And I do believe it. I don't think Ballard is shallow enough to just fire people for no reason but I do feel it's his right to bring in the people that he wants. And I figure it's probably easier to keep regional scouts in place unless they're just flagrantly misjudging talent. Thanks again for the find though.

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