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  1. Smoke317

    Media Session: Interviews/Pressers

    Damn it feels good to have Luck back in the fold. Just to hear him speak so positively and confidently. You can really tell he’s happy to have Reich as his coach. I truly feel Luck is gonna pick back up where he left off before the injury. In fact, I think he’s gonna be even better than ever. And I can’t wait...
  2. Smoke317

    Colts Minicamp 6/13/2018

    I noticed that Doyel said, in his article about Luck & the coaching staff, that Haeg has been slotted in as 4th string... Is that good (we’ve got a lot of great young talent on the OL) or bad (Haeg has regressed and is/was never that good to begin with)? Do you guys think he’ll make the final roster and how do you guys feel if he doesn’t?
  3. Smoke317

    Simple question. How do you not take Courtland Sutton?

    We should take Deon Cain
  4. Be even better if we can get Davenport or Edmunds at 12 and still get guard Will Hernandez at 22...
  5. Smoke317

    Colts Updates, New Uniforms, & More 4/9/18

    I wish we would come with a "real" new or alternate jersey (loved the all blue color rush's last year). If we're gonna celebrate 35 years here in Indy, why not create some new Indy traditions... Like a new jersey design. Add something to it. Anything. I love the jerseys but they're basically the same ones from Baltimore. Let's get an Indy version for our next dynasty. We can always go back to the classics as a throwback.
  6. Smoke317

    Colts sign Matt Slauson

    How does this signing compare and contrast to the Herremans signing a couple years ago? Is Slauson much younger? Does he have more left in the tank? Is he just flat out better? Not asking to be snide or anything. Just an honest explanation from someone maybe a little more informed on Slauson than I am...
  7. This thread has ventured deep into fantasy land... Well let me join in on the insanities... Like Steam said up thread, I could see Belichick hyping up Chubb for 1 of 2 reasons: to get others (Giants) to draft him before we can or he doesn’t actually think he’s that great and may believe others (Davenport or Landry) will ultimately be better and hopes we take his “approval of Chubb” to the bank and draft him rather than the other two. If the latter scenario is the correct one, my money would be on Landry as the player he doesn’t want us to get... He’s been playing right in Belichick’s backyard at B.C. And Bill probably has seen a lot of that kid... I do not believe he’s trying to get a player to hold out.
  8. Smoke317

    Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    Damn that sucks. Good read though. Sounds like Luck may be better off going the rehab route & only attempting the bicep surgery as a last option... I hope his career isn’t ruined. He’s a joy to watch ball out.
  9. Smoke317

    Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    How long is the recovery time for the bicep repair? Generally speaking...
  10. Smoke317

    Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    My issues is we had a surgeon come out last year saying Luck could need the bicep surgery... Why in the heck do we keep waiting until the last minute to do these things? Why did we let Luck play that meaningless game against Jax 2 seasons ago & not get an early jump on the surgery? Why didn’t we get an early jump on this “bicep” surgery if one is needed? If it turns out he does need the bicep procedure, I’m really gonna be upset with the franchise. Time to start being proactive instead of reactive. Early rather than late.
  11. Thanks SW1. That’s just a tough catch when the ball is dropping and you’re running across the field... If it’s chest or even should high, you can snag it and never lose a step. When it’s dropping you can't just snag it like normal without going to the ground. So you basically try to bend down and just try to squeeze it with both arms but you don’t have your body to block it like with a normal body catch and your momentum is carrying you perpendicular to the ball... I think Pierre made the same catch against the Jets but it was chest high and he could run after the catch. Pierre had good hands but I think both Reggie and Marvin would have caught the one in the Super Bowl. Reggie would have had the awareness to just go down and make the catch and sacrifice the yac. Marv would have caught it and rolled out like Pierre was supposed to do because Marv had hands only rivaled by Cris Carter...
  12. That drop on that deep in in the Super Bowl was a killer. But Pierre definitely has had a good career. That deep in is actually a difficult catch to make. Most guys don’t know how to position your hands to catch it and if it’s a little lower guys try to basket catch it and it eats em up. Moncrief and I think TY both dropped the same kind of pass this year... Oh and don’t forget that pass usually brings you right back into a waiting safety which will make you take your eyes off the ball for a half second.
  13. Smoke317

    Retired Numbers.

    Saturday gets no discussion before Wayne, Freeney, James, or Mathis & probably Vinny too & Glenn... Jeff belongs at the top of the next group that includes Sanders, Brackett, Clark, Diem, & probably Addai. If any one from the first group doesn’t get their number retired, then Jeff shouldn’t either.
  14. Smoke317

    Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    I think all 4 teams in the conference championships were ranked in the top 10 defenses. And 3 of them were top 5. Defense still matters most. It was a defensive play the sealed the deal for the Eagles. I’d like to see our D get elite. Luck has already shown he can run a top 10 O with the likes of Trent Richardson on the team...