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  1. Yeah we're probably stuck with him. Like I said earlier, I don't hate the guy. In fact, he's easily our best blocking tight end. So I don't mind him staying, but he should never be in on 3rd down over Doyle. Maybe not even Swoope if he continues to improve. Strictly early down usage.
  2. Probably not a lot of value but he could be included in a package. I think a team would rather have a solid player like Allen over say next year's 4th or this year's 5th or something like that. Especially a team like the Bengals who want to get back on track immediately and are trying to win now. I'm just wishing and praying. Lol.
  3. I don't hate Allen either. I just don't trust him in catching the ball consistently. He really looks like a guy who fights the ball when catching. Not smooth and natural at all. He's really hit or miss. At times he looks extremely solid and other time he blows routine plays... I've just had enough of the Allen roller coaster ride of inconsistency and unavailability...
  4. He's a good character guy and I think he'll be solid in a run heavy offense... He's not the worst tight end in the game and his blocking is solid... Hey I'm just trying to get this guy outta here before we're in the middle of a crucial drive next year and Chud opts to have Allen on the field and he drops a key 3rd or 4th down reception. Stay positive and somebody might take him... Please???
  5. They "probably" wouldn't but Eifert is even more injury prone than Allen. Allen is the better blocker and maybe they'd like to get back to being more of a physical running team. I'd definitely be trying to include Allen in a draft day deal. Whether it's Cincy or elsewhere.
  6. Maybe now we include Dwayne Allen in that package deal to move up to the bengals pick in the first?
  7. I think CMac got a chance to be something very special. I think you're looking at an athlete that can be used all over the field. Like a Swiss Army knife. Imagine the mismatches you're looking at when you go empty on 3rd down with him lined up at RB. I also think he can be good enough to immediately become a Julian Edelman type receiver if used properly. Catches and yac. With game breaking, take it to the house ability. To be honest I'd rather us take him at 15 or trade back and get him later over letting him go to the Patriots. Because if he goes to New England, Brady will be playing 3-4 more years and trying to put two more titles on his resume with this kid. McDaniels and Brady will kill the league with this kid. So I say trade back a few places and draft CMac and stack an extra pick that can be used for our defense. Used this kid in a timeshare with Gore or Turbin or whomever. Let this kid get 10 carries and at least 10 targets either out the backfield or as a wideout and we should have a top 3 offense next year and be a playoff team. Add a few solid pieces on D later in the draft and through free agency and we could really threaten. And if not, then fire Chuck and Get McDaniels in here and let's get this dynasty up and running. To start our dynasty, we've got to end their dynasty. What better way than to steal their OC (some believe potential successor to BB) & a player you know he'd use to really dominate? We missed out on getting Josh McDaniels this offseason, don't compound that by missing out on this kid too. We'll get the coach next year.
  8. I'm all for bringing back Butler. He was easily our best playmaker in the secondary. Maybe Green can shadow him and learn some of Butler's intangibles on reading the QB and reacting and baiting him into throws. With his speed Green could be all world if he had Butler's instincts.
  9. Very true. His dependability and reliability can't be questioned. Especially compared to our other options. It's just that the aforementioned stat had Doyle way below anybody else. So it's almost like "extreme" short passes. But then again, that may be factoring in when he wasn't as featured an option and was catching more balls out of the backfield (spider 2 y banana). I like Doyle. Much better than Allen. He's got my trust. I just don't want to overpay for him. If this Indy kid can go get big money elsewhere to set his family up for life, I won't hold any ill will toward him. In fact I want him to get all he can. Damn shame we're stuck with Allen, who's probably the better athlete and blocker but I always end up holding my breath in dread when the ball is thrown his way. With Doyle, I know it's gonna be caught.
  10. There's no doubt I want Doyle making that catch. I don't trust Allen at all. Not on 4th down or 1st down. His hands are trash. And trust me, I'm not knocking Doyle. I want to keep him. Especially over Allen. Just asking if we're loving Doyle because he's a local success story and we're comparing his work to the unreliable Allen? If Doyle can go break the bank somewhere, I'll be happy for him and as a local kid I want nothing less than that for him. I just don't want us to overpay.
  11. Someone posted a very intriguing stat. Can't remember who it was but it basically said that Doyle had the highest reception rate of any "receiver" in the league who had a minimum amount of targets (I believe it was 100). But it also said that the distance of those targets was BY FAR the lowest in the league. Like maybe 4 yards or something. Now I love Doyle. Much more than I do Allen. But is Jack really as good as we think or is he just a product of easy targets and not as many difficult big play targets??? What you guys think?
  12. I actually think McDaniels did great while Shanahan choked. McD continued to spread the field and take advantage of his mismatches. Namely the backs and Bennett. While Shanahan took one of the most explosive and diverse offenses in league history and got too conservative trying to run the clock out the 2nd half... Stopped going to his backs and tight ends in the passing game to exploit matchups. And then you have first down on the Patriot 22 yard line (after a miracle catch by Julio that easily could have been intercepted) and you don't pound the ball and get that field goal to go up 10??? But you proceed to lose 20 plus yards in 5 plays to get knocked out of field goal range... What a choke job.
  13. I haven't been on the forum very long and I don't think we've ever interacted but judging from the outpouring of love, you were clearly a well liked and respected member. It's a shame when a life is lost, especially one so young. I just got out the hospital a couple weeks ago with a blood clot in my lung. I am fortunate to be alive. I spent the last couple weeks angry and feeling sad for myself. But now that I hear of your passing, I realize that all life is too short. Just make the most of the time we have while we're here. Sounds like you did just that brother. So while we cheer on the Colts from down here, we know you'll be cheering them on from up there in heaven. The Cubs got you a championship. The next one the Colts get will be for you brother. RIP Gavin. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Much love from one Colts fan to another.
  14. But that's exactly what was/is so frustrating about Chud. He showed the ability to run a quick hitting rhythmic passing attack with Hasselbeck and the other QB's last year. Even showed flashes of it in a few games this year with Luck. But he refuses to acknowledge the success of it and tailor our offense to be more consistently like that... And I had high hopes for Chud when he was coming in. I saw what he did with Newton. I heard about his usage of a zone blocking running scheme. I was excited. Then he gets here and our offense is just as hit or miss as it was under Pep. He puts players that aren't ready on the field (Ferguson). He makes us too TY reliant rather than getting our other weapons involved earlier. Building that chemistry and confidence between Luck and his weapons. Scheme these guys into the game more... I don't know if it's Chuck pushing his offensive philosophy on our coordinators or if it's Luck who's the problem. Regardless, I'm very disappointed and have been for years because I don't see Luck progressing to becoming the best QB in the game which I believe he has the potential to be. I've seen enough of Chuck and his OC's. Get Shanahan or McDaniels in here and watch our boy Luck take the league by storm starting next year. Because it's clear that no matter who the OC is, they will trend towards mediocrity just like the HC they work under... Whether it's Pep or Chud, they will always be mediocre because Chuck is mediocre... I truly believe a young and innovative, offensive mind that can teach Luck a more quick strike rhythmic offense is all this team needs to own the AFC South again. And that needs to start now. I'm tired of waiting on "next year" because under Pagano and his staff it'll always be "next year"...

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