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  1. Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    Damn that sucks. Good read though. Sounds like Luck may be better off going the rehab route & only attempting the bicep surgery as a last option... I hope his career isn’t ruined. He’s a joy to watch ball out.
  2. Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    How long is the recovery time for the bicep repair? Generally speaking...
  3. Tweet about Luck's bicep 2-16-18

    My issues is we had a surgeon come out last year saying Luck could need the bicep surgery... Why in the heck do we keep waiting until the last minute to do these things? Why did we let Luck play that meaningless game against Jax 2 seasons ago & not get an early jump on the surgery? Why didn’t we get an early jump on this “bicep” surgery if one is needed? If it turns out he does need the bicep procedure, I’m really gonna be upset with the franchise. Time to start being proactive instead of reactive. Early rather than late.
  4. Thanks SW1. That’s just a tough catch when the ball is dropping and you’re running across the field... If it’s chest or even should high, you can snag it and never lose a step. When it’s dropping you can't just snag it like normal without going to the ground. So you basically try to bend down and just try to squeeze it with both arms but you don’t have your body to block it like with a normal body catch and your momentum is carrying you perpendicular to the ball... I think Pierre made the same catch against the Jets but it was chest high and he could run after the catch. Pierre had good hands but I think both Reggie and Marvin would have caught the one in the Super Bowl. Reggie would have had the awareness to just go down and make the catch and sacrifice the yac. Marv would have caught it and rolled out like Pierre was supposed to do because Marv had hands only rivaled by Cris Carter...
  5. That drop on that deep in in the Super Bowl was a killer. But Pierre definitely has had a good career. That deep in is actually a difficult catch to make. Most guys don’t know how to position your hands to catch it and if it’s a little lower guys try to basket catch it and it eats em up. Moncrief and I think TY both dropped the same kind of pass this year... Oh and don’t forget that pass usually brings you right back into a waiting safety which will make you take your eyes off the ball for a half second.
  6. Retired Numbers.

    Saturday gets no discussion before Wayne, Freeney, James, or Mathis & probably Vinny too & Glenn... Jeff belongs at the top of the next group that includes Sanders, Brackett, Clark, Diem, & probably Addai. If any one from the first group doesn’t get their number retired, then Jeff shouldn’t either.
  7. Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    I think all 4 teams in the conference championships were ranked in the top 10 defenses. And 3 of them were top 5. Defense still matters most. It was a defensive play the sealed the deal for the Eagles. I’d like to see our D get elite. Luck has already shown he can run a top 10 O with the likes of Trent Richardson on the team...
  8. Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    And the Browns curse will rear its head. Barkley will be only average & one of those teams will move up and take the stud QB the Browns passed on & they wind up with the bust QB... How else could that scenario play out for Cleveland???
  9. I like the way you’re thinking. Excellent post. And that scenario would definitely cement Ballard as one heckuva GM who’s gotten the best of Belichick... You’d have the Allen & Dorsett trades. Followed by stealing his most prized assistant and then trading Brissett back to him... The possibilities are tantalizing.
  10. ST Coordinator Joe Judge coming with McDaniels

    They’ll promote from within. Also, I hear Greg Schiano could get the DC job. He was who I expected McDaniels to bring in as DC... I guess Greg is still tight with Bill.
  11. Dave Toub’s assistants

    We’ve really got some odd folks on this forum... Some of the silliest topics one could imagine...
  12. McD has not let Patriots know he is leaving (Rumor)

    That’s probably why Belichick is quietly steaming. Trading Garoppolo was very foolish. I think had they kept him, I could see a scenario where McDaniels might have stayed to take over the reigns... Only problem with that scenario is Belichick probably would have coached for another decade with Jimmy G, getting most of the credit while McDaniels got very little.
  13. McD has not let Patriots know he is leaving (Rumor)

    Yeah. Gotta put that stop gap coach in there first to take the blame for the obvious regression to the mean.
  14. McD has not let Patriots know he is leaving (Rumor)

    I got a separated shoulder on a play like that. Shaking and baking and getting blindsided and planted on my shoulder... It’s those hits you don’t see that hurt the most.
  15. McD has not let Patriots know he is leaving (Rumor)

    You never want to be the coach to follow a LEGEND... That would be quite foolish. Has there ever been a coach to follow a LEGEND who matched the previous success?