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  1. I understand it's not easy to accomplish. Especially with the lack of practice time for O lineman and the freaks of nature coming off the edge these days. Plus teams are throwing it more than ever. But Peyton & Ben (missed game or two to injury maybe) have gotten below 20 in these past few years. Carr did it last year. Eli was around that mark. I think you need a good line and a great scheme to consistently flirt with getting below 20 but it can be accomplished. But it I see what you're saying. 25 isn't a bad number at all in today's NFL. So I stand corrected. I'll settle for 25 sacks allowed. That will still probably be the fewest Luck has taken in a season. And compared to 41, it is a drastic improvement. But we should be shooting for above average.
  2. I want that number below 20. But considering our line is still maturing, 25 isn't terrible. And it is much better than 41. Lol. But I still want below 20. Even if we have to go to a quicker hitting passing attack to accomplish it. We've seen too many hits, sacks, and injuries on Luck. Feels like he's already endured a career's worth. And he's as big and tough as they come... I want to be in the top 5 for fewest sacks allowed per season. Hopefully for the rest of his career. He deserves it. The body can only take so much punishment and so many injuries before it starts to give out. Luck is on that path and we need to correct it now before it's too late.
  3. I agree. Our pass rush has been the worst I can remember. And our linebacking corps was easily the weakest unit on the team. We definitely need improvement on both sides of the ball. Our D is much farther away than our O. That's why our O is more frustrating to me. With the offensive weapons we have, we should never show up looking unprepared. Even with a terrible defense we should should be able to win our terrible division. But not with a terrible defense, too inconsistent offense, and injured Luck. A bad defense, inconsistent offense, and healthy Luck is good enough to win the South. A good defense, consistent offense, & healthy Luck and we're serious contenders... 3 out 3 isn't likely. But 2 out of those 3 scenarios happening (healthy Luck being a must lol) and we're back on the track where we were after deflategate.
  4. Well Chud gotta gameplan better and our offense can't go 3 and out for entire first halfs either. That would help our time of possession too. I'll take both of those scenarios happening.
  5. 25 sacks is A LOT Ghost. Way too many to be considered a good number. I'd like to see the rest happen though.
  6. I hate to agree with you because I'm Indy born and raised and a diehard Colts fan, but our fans can be very stiff and boring. Not nearly as much as they used to be, but I remember when I first moved to the lower level and the majority of fans down their were old and stiff. I was afraid to cheer loud and offend their high class sensibilities... Lol. Luckily a younger generation is leading the charge now and I think it's time for the "Indianapolis" Colts to take on their own identity and we can start with some new uniforms. We need something younger and modern. Hell a little change would go a long way from what we have now. I think Luck looked damn good in that black and red Stanford alternate. He'd look just as good in a black and royal Colts alternate. Let's make it happen. I will be buying an authentic one the first day they're available.
  7. Keep your head up LJ. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
  8. Yeah we're probably stuck with him. Like I said earlier, I don't hate the guy. In fact, he's easily our best blocking tight end. So I don't mind him staying, but he should never be in on 3rd down over Doyle. Maybe not even Swoope if he continues to improve. Strictly early down usage.
  9. Probably not a lot of value but he could be included in a package. I think a team would rather have a solid player like Allen over say next year's 4th or this year's 5th or something like that. Especially a team like the Bengals who want to get back on track immediately and are trying to win now. I'm just wishing and praying. Lol.
  10. I don't hate Allen either. I just don't trust him in catching the ball consistently. He really looks like a guy who fights the ball when catching. Not smooth and natural at all. He's really hit or miss. At times he looks extremely solid and other time he blows routine plays... I've just had enough of the Allen roller coaster ride of inconsistency and unavailability...
  11. He's a good character guy and I think he'll be solid in a run heavy offense... He's not the worst tight end in the game and his blocking is solid... Hey I'm just trying to get this guy outta here before we're in the middle of a crucial drive next year and Chud opts to have Allen on the field and he drops a key 3rd or 4th down reception. Stay positive and somebody might take him... Please???
  12. They "probably" wouldn't but Eifert is even more injury prone than Allen. Allen is the better blocker and maybe they'd like to get back to being more of a physical running team. I'd definitely be trying to include Allen in a draft day deal. Whether it's Cincy or elsewhere.
  13. Maybe now we include Dwayne Allen in that package deal to move up to the bengals pick in the first?
  14. I think CMac got a chance to be something very special. I think you're looking at an athlete that can be used all over the field. Like a Swiss Army knife. Imagine the mismatches you're looking at when you go empty on 3rd down with him lined up at RB. I also think he can be good enough to immediately become a Julian Edelman type receiver if used properly. Catches and yac. With game breaking, take it to the house ability. To be honest I'd rather us take him at 15 or trade back and get him later over letting him go to the Patriots. Because if he goes to New England, Brady will be playing 3-4 more years and trying to put two more titles on his resume with this kid. McDaniels and Brady will kill the league with this kid. So I say trade back a few places and draft CMac and stack an extra pick that can be used for our defense. Used this kid in a timeshare with Gore or Turbin or whomever. Let this kid get 10 carries and at least 10 targets either out the backfield or as a wideout and we should have a top 3 offense next year and be a playoff team. Add a few solid pieces on D later in the draft and through free agency and we could really threaten. And if not, then fire Chuck and Get McDaniels in here and let's get this dynasty up and running. To start our dynasty, we've got to end their dynasty. What better way than to steal their OC (some believe potential successor to BB) & a player you know he'd use to really dominate? We missed out on getting Josh McDaniels this offseason, don't compound that by missing out on this kid too. We'll get the coach next year.

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