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  1. life long

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    I fully expect secrecy and cliches, NFL teams try to keep as much info in house as possible.
  2. life long

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    His retirement press conference obviously.....
  3. life long

    Tyrod Taylor News (as it relates to the Colts)

    If so and the giants take Chubb we trade back hopefully for a kings ransom. I definetly don't want to go in the 20s. I really am waiting to see who we use this cap money for in FA. That will help us fans have an idea come the draft. Moves are being made left and right for mid to late round picks. We may miss our chance to grab a sought after player, if we are unwilling to part with a later pick. Especially if your scenario plays out, we could be in prime position to get even more top picks. That said, its a deep class at several position it seems; hopefully we can hit on more of our picks than in recent history. Even though I like what Ballard has done, last years draft left room for improvement IMO.
  4. life long

    Richard Sherman [Merge]

    Achilles injuries are a tough one, late season one at that. I doubt he can run right now.... let alone by camp. Who knows though
  5. life long

    Hilton's stats among Marv's and Reggie's

    Love all three guys. Marvin>Reggie>TY. But TY could years from now overtake Wayne in my eyes with a stellar Luck returning. WRs are reliant on QB play, as well as the teams offensive identity. Marvin obviously was very fortunate to play with Manning but both players complimented eachother. TY can still be the best of the three all time statistically, that reliant on things going great with Ballard and Reich...
  6. life long

    Robert Quinn to Miami Did not seem to take much, a mid round pick and swapping a late pick. I would have took that deal but I don't know if Quinn's play has been declining.
  7. Fair enough, I can't force anyone to simplify such a complex scenario into just a flat out "who is better?". Obviously you feel the Colts would better themselves by not taking Barkley at 3, clearly I am on the opposite side of that coin. I know your stance well, you among many others have stated your reasoning very well. I just simply don't agree and think many of you are over thinking this whole process. Which I believe is why many hesitate on the Barkley vs. Chubb better football player question... Football is about people, everything does not always happen the way it should have. Sorry if I struck a nerve or annoyed btw.
  8. Lol why can't people from your camp just admit Barkley is the better player now, with the given information... You can still say we should draft Chubb, while thinking Barkley is better. It may be apples to oranges but decide. That is how the draft works as well....
  9. Agreed successful pass rusher often dont hit FA. Which is why we must turn over every stone in our search. Our franchise leader in sacks was not likely to achieve what he has done in his career. I also recall we had guys who constantly got pressure (Sheard), a lot of those pressures would be sacks if our coverage was less atrocious IMO. Hopefully all our guys get healthy (too many to list lol). If we can figure out how to cover better, pass rush may look a lot better for all we know. That to me is possible without any noteworthy additions at DE. I believe that is why we switched back to a 4-3. Easier to plug and play defenders. Coverage will be key in that defense.
  10. Just curious because I have asked several people on your side but rarely get a clear answer. Is Chubb better than Barkley? And/or will he be eventually? If you say yes to either then okay but if it is no, why not take the better player? And who are you reminding? No one here has any say who or how we draft, luckily. Positional needs are always a factor but I believe BPA comes first. Teams reach when they worry about positional needs. That is why the Browns have never had a QB, even though they draft one every year.
  11. You assume back up players are below avg always, but is it not possible the previous team had an embarrassment of riches at that position. Or just under utilized a player. Maybe scheme fit issues... Players can improve right? Sometimes a change of scenery is just as important. At least i am popular on this thread... Even if my opinions aren't. LOL
  12. Agreed. To attempt team building this way means you better be a good/great drafter and team builder. RG failed. Hopefully CB doesn't.
  13. Yes just not big named ones. Ballard signs back up players that he believes can be starters. Look at last years haul in FA.
  14. I never said good PRs. We will likely use a lot of rotations. Keep guys fresh for the 4th Quarter. Either way we will end up with a committee on DL or RB. I'd prefer a committee of pass rushers clearly.