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  1. Been waiting since we missed the playoffs. At least from this point on, until camp there will be plenty to talk about with a new rookie class. That time of year signals the new year for us fans with minicamps and otas. Its always fun hearing who is impressing and imagining roles and levels of success for those young colts.
  2. The same defensive players had just turned in the worst defense in colts history. You are right, he did turn their careers around. To be serious though, i like a lot of the young guys we have on D. I think we will do well this year. Oddly enough i am more optimistic than paganos supporters.
  3. Why do all the pagano supporters give him a pass on his own player aquisition and development. He is not a bad coach but many say he was not giving quality players. As if, any head coaches in the NFL do not have tons of roster control. He is mediocre. IMO his 3-4 is bland and predictable. He also has made poor scheme decisions for the talent he aquired. Grigson has become his scapegoat. I hope he succeeds as a colts fan. If anything Luck will just "will" this team to wins easier with this improved roster.
  4. Well 2 games a year they should sport the retro. It would be great IMO. Even though i like the retro blue helmet more.
  5. So how do other teams get to wear their throwback uniforms that include an alternate helmet. I would assume they could put any logo on those new helmets.
  6. I personally doubt TJ makes it that long. I have seen him mocked late first round. If he does fall in our lap 2nd round, I would love the pick up. Also, take BPA CB!!!
  7. So are you of the belief that, championships in the NFL are won by mostly one player?
  8. To imply something, means you did not have to say exactly that. No arguement there, but you did say Romo has absolutely no value. Which when on the field, he clearly does have value. Some even think he could be the difference for a SB push for qb needy teams.
  9. Romo definetly has value to a team that is a QB away. This Romo hate sounds like steven a smith rhetoric. Finding a QB who can put up numbers constitantly in the NFL is not as easy to come by as you are implying.
  10. I for one hate the color rush jerseys. As for those who hate the all white away uniform, y'all are crazy. It is a classic look. If anything, I think we need atleast 2 games a year with our retro helmets. I like the all blue helmet.
  11. Since we already signed mingo, why not grab jordan? It would have to be for vet. min. + minimal incentives.
  12. I do not want to come off rude but how much coaching does a punter really need? I always assumed that position was directly talent based.
  13. His mechanics are fine. He just needs to realize, he has to keep the D off balance with mixing in quick throws more often.

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