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  1. Colts Vs. Broncos Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    Is that implying a scripted game? Or just that is what to expect...?
  2. Eli Manning benched

    A very unfitting end to such a valiant streak. Eli had a qbr in the 80s. He was not the sole reasons for the losses. Smith and Webb likely will do worse. Shame on the Giants and respect to Eli for taking the demotion with class like Peyton had done as well.
  3. Failure to Close

    Odd and indeed... pun worthy.
  4. Polian had a similar ideology. Use high picks on skill players and build the rest of the team with scraps. Those systems are reliant on great individual play, not the best team play sadly.
  5. Is our defense as bad as rankings and stats say?

    Coaching goes a long way.... At the end of games if the Colts have a lead, everyone can tell they stop bringing pressure and get conservative. We bring 5-6 rusher's majority of the game, then at the end of games we rush 2-4 defender's. It kills me.... A lot of our yards and points are given up at these times including before halftime. Coaching. Coaching. Coaching. We have the size and strength.
  6. brissetts ranking

    I concur
  7. Hookers Website Up!

    Definetly too early for apparel.... He was a one year starter in college and did not even play half a season in the NFL. I am a fan of his and his future as a player but this seems premature. At least he has confidence that he will make a name for himself, i suppose...
  8. Colts texans predictions

    Todays game is winnable. I for one do not think any team tanks. They are banged up at key positions just like the colts. No game day thread yet so i will post here.... GO COLTS!!!
  9. Thoughts on titles for Ryan Grigsons autobiography

    No disagreement there. Same could be said about Polians lasting effects. Its funny but it is definitely still kicking him while he is down. After Pagano is fired I can finally start to let go of those frustrations go as well. At which point I will have the same sentiment, talk trash at first but begin the healing process lol and move passed it.
  10. Thoughts on titles for Ryan Grigsons autobiography

    Lol ok. Comparing our current head coach to a guy who was fired. Just saying, at least the Pagano threads are relevant. Again i said i had no problem with the thread. It just makes more sense to me to address the current problem in the building. Not trying to argue but apparently you took acception to my opinion. Apologies. Good day sir!
  11. Thoughts on titles for Ryan Grigsons autobiography

    Dont get me wrong i found it all very funny. I just think we are only beating this drum because of the current state of things. If anything we should be blaming Pagano at this point. Obviously Grigson did a bad job. He was fired, and i dont believe in kicking someone when they are down. I dont think it should be locked. Again it was funny, obviously i read them and do not wish to ignore a thread. I am allowed to have an opinion. That opinion is we can play the blame game all day when it comes to poor organizational decisions. End of the day lets focus on who is currently fueling this dumpster fire. Maybe a thread of Paganos post firing press conference. Or his autobiography " Chopping Wood with Bowling Balls and Butcher Knives: Dont grit"
  12. Thoughts on titles for Ryan Grigsons autobiography

    Agreed. Lets start threads bashing on any and all ex colts who under performed... I can see the humor but it is sad to see us as fans lowering ourselves to that level. He is gone. Never focus on the past, focus only on the present and future. Obviously as fans having little to root for, its understandable we are still looking to blame. IMO there is plenty in the present to complain about. After Pagano is fired, he will likely be mentioned here for years to come as well. Unless we turn it around quick and start winning again. Winning can cure all in sports. Lets hope those days are closer than they currently appear.
  13. AFC South title: Jaguars or Titans?

    Have to say Jags, that D is unreal. Yet it depends if Marcus starts playing better. I definitely would take Mariotta over Bortles. Both teams need a ring... But honestly I cant picture either team making it to the sb. Anything is possible.... who knows maybe the colts magically run the table and make the playoffs.
  14. Colts Working Out Multiple QB's Per Report

    Brissett is taking a beating. We dont want Tolzien out there again.
  15. On a positive note from yesterday's game

    He was decent his feet look lost a time or two. My game balls go to Doyle and Anderson. Kelly played well, Haeg had the worst outing of any of the o linemen yesterday. Side note, do not tade TY or Anderson!!! Trade Davis or even Gore. Even thoigh Gore has played well, he deserves a chance for a ring. Send him to SEA. Maybe for a bench defender and a 7th?