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  1. Loud and clear, Jim Carrey!
  2. They have zero obligation to tell us anything until roster spaces are finalized at the conclusion of the preseason. If he is going to miss week 1, announcing that now only helps the Rams...
  3. Agreed, I think given the chance he can silence his critics. Sadly we have not given a lot of opportunities and with Luck coming off injury and possibly ST starting games early , he may not have a lot of chances this season. Morris needs time with the first team for us to have a prayer stretching the field if #12 misses games. Luck likely will be rusty upon his return as well.
  4. Game Pass is worth it, especially if you can't always watch live. *I buy both* Mack looked special, against 2's and 3's. Morris continued being the colts best preseason qb, against 3's and cuts. Same with several others like Banner. For me, I want to see them rotate more guys in with the first team. We all know the third preseason game is the best barometer of early season struggles and strengths.
  5. Agreed, plus can you blame Ballard for anything so soon? Preseason is always ugly for the Colts.
  6. Cowboys are getting great push on oline... disappointing...
  7. I also believe a large factor overall is bad defenses knew not to blitz Peyton or he would make them pay. While Luck is constantly blitzed with a poor oline. Then factor in the 7 step drops and power run scheme. It makes sense to blitz the colts, knowing they may fail to properly adjust.
  8. Browns Colts Bills Chargers 49ers Saints Redskins Bears P.S. Colts win it all
  9. I am by no means a Pagano fan, but I think he feels the fire under him. He looks more composed on the sideline, so far in the preseason lol. I want to see him coach up guys as they come off the field after mistakes, argue with refs on calls, manage the clock, and make quicker adjustments. There is only one Belichick. When we let grigson go , I wanted pags gone too. He is here and still learning, as colts fans, let's always hope for success. I think this team could play better than we expect (reworked line, draft picks, & brand new defense), even with Luck possibly missing time. Who cares though? I am an optimist...
  10. Depends on what a bundle is? 9m? No thank you. 2-3m 1 yr deal for 4-9 games, depth, maybe a starting guard role.... I would be good with that.
  11. * Thanks for fixing the formatting on OP*
  12. I'm not far from blackhawk but I don't gamble. Unless you count $20 on fantasy football league.
  13. I remember those that were upset about selecting a center so high, saying they are the easiest to find later on. I am with krunk on this one. I obviously prefer Kelly to be out there, but I think Ballard will find a suitable replacement for the short term. Luck getting back affects our win loss record much more than losing Kelly. I just want our guys to heal quick and get on the field and represent the horseshoe. I may be alone on this but if this D and running game can step up in Luck or Kelly's absence, we can shock a lot of people late in the season. We do need to see our D win us games for once, hope it's this year!
  14. I want to watch cowboys o line vs our front seven. See if we have made any improvements...

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