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  1. Luck says in Peter King interview that...

    It's a different thread(LOL same thread) but i am going to want my metaphorical 5 bucks. I knew you would have this take, no matter what Luck said! Not to say you are incorrect, to be clear.
  2. Luck says in Peter King interview that...

    NCF will be here soon to point out Luck has been wrong before....(pointing out Luck was sure he would play at some point last year) Bet 5 bucks!
  3. Brian Cushing to be released by texans

    I can see them shopping Watt soon. The real face of the franchise...
  4. Brian Cushing to be released by texans

    Same! After watching that Hard Knocks it just reminded me of a stereotypical jock bully. I bet someone he went to high school with got tormented by that jerk! I would hate to have to root for him, even if he was wearing the shoe!
  5. Brian Cushing to be released by texans

    While i agree we don't need choir boys. That guy is a jerk. Reich said he wants a close locker room. I dont see him being a possible signing for several reasons, unless he took a cheap 1 year deal. I doubt he signs such a contract being over 30 and as well as this likely being his last contract.
  6. Brian Cushing to be released by texans

    He is not a good person or locker room guy i have heard. We want high character guys to represent the Colts.
  7. Chris Ballard

    Not to be rude but how can he have corrected any mistake he may have made so far? He has only has had his first complete offseason/season. This offseason/season will shed light on if he truly has done that I believe.
  8. Chris Ballard

    More than zero.
  9. Andrew Norwell

    Derp. Lol exactly. Yet again thank you....
  10. Andrew Norwell

    Thank you for the good info and insight. I live in Bronco land now and I believe they used the transition tag on their Rb last year. I also think if I was the skins, I would have hit Kirk with the non exclusive tag originally or at the very least the second time. I mean 2 extra 1st rounders, plus clearly they were never true believers of him. Thanks again!
  11. Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    Agreed but that guy you mentioned wasnt a top 3 pick was he? And obviously most of us know we are not a real threat for a SB next year... So maybe grab that difference maker on the D line in the following years draft? Or maybe sign a good FA, maybe we can find this years Melvin ( a pass rushing equivalent) and he will be someone who no one is excited for when he is signed just like Melvin.
  12. Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    Same can be said for Chubb. He did not look as dominant as Barkley did against similar/lesser competition.... IMO.
  13. Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    Besides Barkley focus the draft on D, our GMs supposed specialty. Use FA for o line and other needs. Plus Penn St did not have a great o line either, which IMO is why Saquon would often bounce outside to get in space. He also knew he could not afford to go down so i understand him not inviting unnecessary contact.
  14. Andrew Norwell

    Is there really any benefit to the current team using anything but the exclusive tag? Or particular rules that specify when and what tag must be used?
  15. Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    I think with the switch to a 4-3 will allow us not to need a fantastic D line. We have decent pieces already. That defense is more about how well you cover. It also is a simple defense comparatively, which is why Polian/Ballard are such fans of it. You can potentially find late round gems like Mathis right? You can find talent for a 4-3 zone easier than a 3-4 man coverage defense IMO.