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  1. life long

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I will say only this. Ballard has a plan. It will require time to build this way but I am becoming more optimistic. Being a huge under dog every game could be advantageous early if the squad is healthy this season.
  2. life long

    Frank Reich Mic’d Up

    I was talking about TB12 being that verbal out spoken leader like PM18. My point is every team needs a guy to get mad when people are giving up. Whether coach or player you better have a few guys who will yell if need be.A rally cry......If your coach is not very RAhRah you need players to be. Dungy and Billy B have had real great locker rooms. Peyton, Brady, and any great competitor in sports hates losing. They expect the best from their team mates. Give me a coach or player with passion for winning, over the guy scared to show his passion and competiveness. I love Dungy but I felt like we should've and could have done better if we weren't always so safe and passive as an franchise in those days. Playing it safe is smart but resting players when your team is rolling is not. Too many of those teams were often too soft imo not just on D, sorry just not how I was taught to play or compete. Lol sorry for rambling.
  3. life long

    Frank Reich Mic’d Up

    IMO a mix of both can definitely be a positive. If anything it starts with real football players. Hungry and driven players. I could care less how much a HC yells but every team needs "THAT". I think Dungy definitely benefited from those leaders in the locker room starting with #18. PM was never scared to set the tone with that fire in his gut. I think that guy up in NE has that fire too. A football organization is a huge band of brothers with every kind of character flaw. Sorry I just feel like many here still want the Dungy methodology applied just a tad too much. You can win many different ways... a current example is that team in Philly.
  4. life long

    May 16th, 2018: Day 500

    I had been referencing that video every time someone says how long they think it has been since he had picked up a football. Sports like everything is mostly mental. If his shoulder is good I personally am optimistic. Currently it's trendy to say he is done or be pessimistic..... and you know how this country and media can follow a trend right off the cliff.
  5. life long

    Malik Hooker Update

    Hooker? Or Luck...
  6. life long

    Never draft a Georgia Bulldog

    A programmer made the software. A programmer can crack the security. No security is impenetrable! Always keep in mind, anything digital can be digitally stolen...
  7. life long

    NFL Network Improvement

    He thought he was cool the moment he no longer had to wear his retainer. Btw I agree with MTC. It's not the worst channel to put on for a NFL fan. Specifically if you want the latest NFL news bright and early GMF is okay IMO ( no worse than ESPN), but only when I am too lazy to scan headlines online. I prefer FS1 myself.
  8. life long

    The Denver Broncos

    Their roster was better than the Colts last year as well..... But W's are the only thing that matters. I don't believe any team that is picking top 5 has a roster for winning now. Unless they draft a young Peyton somehow. Agreed that they got bigger names in the draft but no one can say Elway had a great draft until we see results. In my parts John has been criticized for flunking the draft repeatedly.... on offense at least.
  9. life long

    The Denver Broncos

    Broncos are my number 2 team but I see the Chargers and KC as bigger threats for the AFCW. Roster has improved yes..... But the coaching staff is Pagano-esque.... Btw I live in Denver (currently in Cozumel, MX on vacation ). Moved from Indy to CO in '13. So I hear tons of Broncos sport talk. Still I am not sold on the Broncos winning the division. I see the Colts having a similar ( if not better) record as the donkeys ....... IF Luck is healthy and plays all season.
  10. Well I hope they try to ease him into those types of drills. If they are doing that to him the first week of TC, they are asking for trouble. I would prefer a healthy but rusty Luck than another set back...
  11. life long

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    I fully expect secrecy and cliches, NFL teams try to keep as much info in house as possible.
  12. life long

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    His retirement press conference obviously.....
  13. life long

    Tyrod Taylor News (as it relates to the Colts)

    If so and the giants take Chubb we trade back hopefully for a kings ransom. I definetly don't want to go in the 20s. I really am waiting to see who we use this cap money for in FA. That will help us fans have an idea come the draft. Moves are being made left and right for mid to late round picks. We may miss our chance to grab a sought after player, if we are unwilling to part with a later pick. Especially if your scenario plays out, we could be in prime position to get even more top picks. That said, its a deep class at several position it seems; hopefully we can hit on more of our picks than in recent history. Even though I like what Ballard has done, last years draft left room for improvement IMO.
  14. life long

    Richard Sherman [Merge]

    Achilles injuries are a tough one, late season one at that. I doubt he can run right now.... let alone by camp. Who knows though
  15. life long

    Hilton's stats among Marv's and Reggie's

    Love all three guys. Marvin>Reggie>TY. But TY could years from now overtake Wayne in my eyes with a stellar Luck returning. WRs are reliant on QB play, as well as the teams offensive identity. Marvin obviously was very fortunate to play with Manning but both players complimented eachother. TY can still be the best of the three all time statistically, that reliant on things going great with Ballard and Reich...