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  1. His mechanics are fine. He just needs to realize, he has to keep the D off balance with mixing in quick throws more often.
  2. About half the posts were pun filled quips of the new guys name. Camp body at worst, back up at best.
  3. I agree those charges seem extreme if revis' account is somewhat accurate. I figure it should be a misdemeanor if no ones face was broken. Getting knocked out seems fair for essentially stalking someone.
  4. Titans , colts, eagles, and buccs would be worth watching. They have about to same draw as a team with luck, considering they have high pick qbs. We shall see but i will take a wild guess and say philly gets it due to their market amongst other factors.
  5. The use of the word "great" in your opinion is very debateable....
  6. I hope we do get picked. Chucks coach speak will be at an epic level. I predict I will be extremely entertained! If chosen....
  7. Just another guy.
  8. Words cant describe the pain im feeling with this one. As if pats fans werent annoying enough already......the offseason will be as painful as ever now.
  9. If hes cheap and rotational, maybe. If we can do better via FA or the draft, IMO do it. I would much rather the team avoids resigning walden. He had a solid year obviously, but it was a contract year and he is no spring chicken. I just want some talent on the edges. He fits the david parry mold. Does everything he can but definetly not a game changer. If cheap i wont complain, as much.
  10. I hope we dont keep walden! Even if its cheap i want a different starter on the edge, while we have the money to make a change.
  11. I just hope it is not another art jones or gosder cherilus....
  12. Not exactly my favorite but luck did make a career long gallop with a pretty sweet sideline run! I also liked the game winner to ty vs bolts and the unscripted wildcat flea flicker to gore.
  13. What an eventful day it has been! Glad Irsay did not make a head scratching decision like York..... It may work out but i doubt it lol
  14. I doubt it, but it would be nice. Then maybe the colts make a move for shanahan.
  15. I just hope we dont trade down and take BPA. We have many needs, but BPA is proven for long term success. Everyone wants an extra pick, but I want us to utilize our draft position being this high.

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