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  1. If anything that was the blueprint going forward when we turned to our backups (mainly MH). I have read from multiple sources, Luck has the most put on him to run an offense, compared to all other NFL qbs. They went with a more traditional WC system when Hasselbeck was in, which was stated by another poster Pep ran at Stanford.
  2. It is good news to me. Getting the stability back is more important long term. If I was a Panther fan, I would be a little concerned with how quick Cam started throwing. He is becoming known as a guy who rushes back from injury too quickly IMO. I prefer the patient route the Colts are taking.
  3. Keep these coming Superman! Your breakdowns are always spot on. Sometimes I feel some die hard fans know more than some current NFL coaches and staffers. Spending your whole life loving your hobby can nearly turn you into an expert. Case in point, Superman. As well as many of our moderators.
  4. Of course!!!
  5. At least it is looking like a fully healthy Anderson for the season.... *knocks on wood*
  6. Agreed, body fat percentage has been proven to be a better indicator than BMI.
  7. Tell that to the Jags lol
  8. Why? It seemed relevant to me... Topics for debate is what sports fan forums are about, right?
  9. Agreed, with both prior poster's.
  10. Who would you have as the #1 HC in afcs?
  11. NFL website HC power rankings. Obviously BB is #1. Pagano is ahead of every HC in AFCS. Any thoughts? Personally I would put Bill O'Brian #1. Debate can be made for pags as 2-3. I believe he has held this team back with his approach late in games in prior seasons. I expect him to play to win more this season. Instead of playing not to lose. Which IMO cost us several games late last season. Feel free to chime in on the whole list. Our position on the list was shocking to me frankly, but I am not a huge Pagano supporter... Still I think we will be better than many here think. Barring major unforseen injuries. Agree or disagree with Pagano's place on the list? Other HC's? Nfl pundits? Discuss....
  12. Bulletin board material for TC. We seem to have plenty. I am fine going into the season as an underdog. Few are picking the colts to do well, besides some of us lol. Anything could happen, even a SB..... we will just have to wait and see. Plus the pff article still has us finishing ahead of the texans and jags. I think that is our floor. I dont see the titans being as great as the pundits think.
  13. Kerr is with the broncos now.

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