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  1. I dont see why not. Still Aiken is no slouch either. I see a real competition brewing. Moncriefs #2 spot is certainly up for grabs as well.
  2. Hopefully, he will reclaim his top 10 position after this year. For that to happen he may have to win MVP. A tall order but IMO even with an improved D he will still have to be stellar. Which i am a believer that 2015 was an anomaly and his 2016 season has been under rated by the pundits.
  3. For one, who knows. Still I am troubled due to the reports in january that he would be throwing in three months. From what i have read that is not currently the case, hopefully he is rehabbing more than has been reported. Which is what i would expect from any NFL team.
  4. They can affect the play more but it wont show up on the stat sheet. Sadly all linemen get lost in a modern sports world obsessed with stats. I liked the tape of the udfa we signed for K/P. He was also given the most money of all our udfa's. I would not sleep on the kid. Locke is coming off a sub-par year as well. Anything can happen IMO.
  5. Exactly, I am suprised the falcons didnt get more votes....
  6. I too voted falcons. The seahawks call was not that bad. It was Russells mistake not the play caller if he quickly threw that away they still have timeouts and more downs. The falcons however had a WHOLE HALF of awful decisions. Which led to the pats winning a SB they had no business being in by the 4th. At least the seahawks had to score and put it all on their qb. The falcons failed in every phase of the game after halftime. Has to be #1 IMO.
  7. Agreed if woods is kept on it will be at the expense of parry and/or hunt. They each have their specific niche on the D line, with woods IMO being most capable against the run as a backup to Hankins. I love a good preseason dog fight. Steel sharpens steel lol paganoism 101. Any real competition on defense is a welcomed change. The colts are becoming the underdogs in the perspective of the media. Now it is time to quiet the naysayers *fans included*.... GO COLTS!!!
  8. Not saying its unheard of to break out late but he is about 30. To say his best football is ahead of him is not the wording i would have used.
  9. I love the double move routes as well. Sadly those are the long developing route variety that Luck tries to hit too often. Still could you really blame the guy? Look at our defensive stats the last few years. Its called reality. He knows wins are very reliant on himself with a defense giving up points in a flash. This team is far more balanced now and we will have a great season despite pundit predictions.... GO COLTS!
  10. I think he will be successful IF we use hooker over top on his side, rather than helping vontae. Vontae has already been vocal about what he is hoping to bring this season. I am imagining a lot of vontae locking his guy down, so we can shift the defense to play to more guys strengths'. I think the trio of Sheard, Spence, and Simon will be as important as any other moves we made on defense. *draftees and Hankins*
  11. Mathis to coach pass rushers. Lets get wayne for the wrs. Then lets get manning to be oc or qb coach
  12. We are definetly the underdogs media wide in the afcs. I hope that makes this whole franchise hungry, thowing jet fuel on a wild fire. Hopefully that becomes a paganoism this season when we set the league on fire!
  13. That also worries me, which is why i was on the get a new coach train, once grigs was fired. Still i see many people talking about lucks poor consistancy over the past two seasons. Conveniently forgetting that he played most of those seasons with a shoulder injury. Some speculated he injured the shoulder in preseason of '15. Hopefully with that corrected we will see a Luck more congruent with the guy we saw progressing dramatically in '14.
  14. Correct, draft evasion.
  15. Probably more similar to your chargers game day experience, than baseball. Had season tickets since 2001 and usually at best the rally towels or possibly a colts logo sign. In my experience no shirts, hats, etc.... but to be fair the last game i went to was den@indy in '15. Gave up the season tickets when i moved out of state.

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