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  1. Bulletin board material for TC. We seem to have plenty. I am fine going into the season as an underdog. Few are picking the colts to do well, besides some of us lol. Anything could happen, even a SB..... we will just have to wait and see. Plus the pff article still has us finishing ahead of the texans and jags. I think that is our floor. I dont see the titans being as great as the pundits think.
  2. Kerr is with the broncos now.
  3. Agreed. I was not very concerned, especially considering he was a one year starter. He will improve, and we did grab a seahawks front office guy. He may suggest something similar to the seahawks, to improve our guys tackling techniques.
  4. His problem from what I have read, was his poor angles and wrapping up.
  5. I doubt, and frankly do not want it to be this.......but for artistic difficulties sake it would the most difficult to depict peyton raising the lombardi smirking. That is an image that will stay with me. That said if I had to guess, it would be a highly statue-esque pose similar to him standing for the anthem.
  6. While I agree on Adams value last year, I think Butler showed he was more suited for FS than Adams. Adams was more of a hybrid, than a true FS IMO. I like the quote I recently read here along the lines of, we finally have the body types across the board for our 3-4 defense. If Hooker is not ready week 1 to start, I feel good about D-Buts back there....If his body can hold up. He gets hurt trying to blow people up sometimes.
  7. Please no major injuries! That said, our tackling has been awful. A change is needed. In a league of parody, we should emulate the seahawks in how they coach tackling. A few years ago, there was a video of how "progressive" their coaches are when it came to preaching a "tackling strike zone".
  8. Gotcha! Thank you.
  9. Could we not cut him?
  10. I would go with chuck realizing its a make or break kind of season. The gm should not tell the HC how hard to make the practices.
  11. Indeed most online forums are run by the completely biased trolls, who simply mock and name call those who disagree. Lol never venture to a pats forum for your own mental stability.
  12. I have had to get accounts on this forum since the 2000's. I have had at least 3 others accounts. In my younger years , i would seem to forget passwords and had far too many emails. So when i could no longer log in, I would just make a new account. Lol.
  13. Nice collection! I only have stitched manning and luck. Sadly I almost never wear my Luck jersey from how it fits and the tiny numbers. I do have a bunch of other colts gear though (hats, shirts, slippers, sweats, blankets, beanies, hoodies.) I hate shopping for clothes, but if its colts gear sign me up.

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