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  1. Statement from the Indianapolis Colts Players

    It was a great ride. I have been a loyal fan since we won the World championship in 1958, but this is the end for me. I am still in shock that this organization would allow itself to become an active participant in the insidious ideology behind the disrepect of the flag and the nation, not to mention those who have served and and died in service to it.
  2. Good and Bad from Browns game..

    Coming away with a win was good, the shameful display by some of our players during the national anthem was very bad.
  3. Week 3: Callin 'em out

    Our wide receivers
  4. Coming to Indy

    Not what it used to be, kind of split into to two groups. Near where the old bean lot was. Bring us some of that good luck!bcfs58 go Colts!
  5. Calvin Pryor

    Has jville cut him yet? Maybe he can cause a problem in their locker room
  6. Happy Birthday #12/Practice Squad moves

    Happy birthday to us Andrew! I turned 67 today and I can't wait till you are back in the saddle playing winning football for the Horseshoe
  7. Anyone else excited?

    Ready to see what kind of team we are going to be, blocking,tackling, and .Running the ball. When Andrew is ready to return we should be holding our own
  8. YES! Gameday baby !!! Who to watch at 12cst ?

    Red Zone
  9. Calvin Pryor

    On second thought probably not
  10. Calvin Pryor

    Browns release former 1st round safety for fighting, should we look at this guy?
  11. TY McGill busted

    Good riddance
  12. Starting O-Line

    O line looks much better tonite, Haeg back on the left side Good getting it done at right gaurd. Is mewhort having problems with injury or just getting rest?
  13. My 61st Year Watching The Colts

    59 years for me, let's go Colts!
  14. Bears, Broncos, QBs

    Looks like the bears have found a QB, must be why they didn't stand pat and go after fournette
  15. Hey Colt fans

    Losing the championship to the pack in '65 on the field goal at the end of the game, that was actually missed was probably the worst for me. Winning the '58 championship still the greatest win. Thanks for asking