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  1. He should like this post for humour
  2. Thats very informative so i appreciate that but i still believe as he hasnt failed a test prior hes worth that small risk for a hopefully future all pro
  3. If win loss statistics cant prove someones at least decent i dont know where you get off thinking you know someones bad.
  4. Look at that incapable of any actual statement. Here i was hoping for intelligent responses so maybe if i was wrong i could learn, instead i got yours if you can even deign it to be a response.
  5. They wont and cant. Pagano may not be legendary but hes damn sure better than most and hes proven it. Im not happy with 8 and 8 either proverbial inevitable pagano hater but i realize dont get rid of what you have until you know the replacememts better.
  6. He claims it could be due to food poisoning. He didnt fail a single test in college. I am inclined to believe him wed be stupid to gamble and hope he falls to the second round take him at 15 ballard.
  7. Yeah but even though he was as close as anyone there was still a chance he wouldnt pan out so i still give credit.
  8. Other: luck
  9. Im just being cautious with my hopes here lol. Believe me i want it to pan out but all to many times do free agents not pan out.
  10. Not sure im a fan of this. Im hoping he doesnt turn out like another art jones. If he does then we could be going on that grigson spiral for the rest of lucks career.
  11. The squirrel was the mvp
  12. I wouldnt be mad if we took McCaffery, are thwre other players? Definetly. However, McCaffery would give andrew help he hasnt had in a long time if ever
  13. I see a meme party. I wanna play too.
  14. 1:Aaron Rodgers 2: Russell Wilson 3:Big Ben 4: Andrew Luck 5: Matt Ryan
  15. Wish i knew how to link off mobile but its one thing i was waiting for... its per rapsheet

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