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  1. Wish i knew how to link off mobile but its one thing i was waiting for... its per rapsheet
  2. I never said anything about him fact i was aware of the statistics...i simply was asking about the making adjustments at the line so im not quite sure where you are coming from.
  3. As i mentioned to the other guys been a weird few years for me so as things settle down im getting back into it loke the younger me wayching peyton did.
  4. Had a weird few years so ive been out of the loop so im rewatching some things etc. Now that life is settling down a little for me :). I can see what youre saying there as far as the amswer goes.
  5. I had never seen the kc vs ind wild card game before a few hours ago and in that game you see luvk dorecting from the pocket and controlling the field. Fro. What ive seen currentpy that doesnt happen anymore. Why and is there any hope that comes back.
  6. If its on 1070 the fan just use iheartradio to tune in
  7. This actually makes me sad, dwayne allen isnt bad and is a decent to good blocker...i suppose it depends on whats done with the cap room amd new pick spot but i liked da
  8. Ryan Kelly for absolutely dominating and being so good he plays both center and rg at the same time
  9. Jerrell Freeman is who i got. Not bad
  10. If for some ungodly reason i get the urge to read this id likely just steal it. I'm sure brady understands cheating to get ahead. Hell his entire career is built off that.
  11. I agree
  12. Moncrief bb Mewhort bb Dorsett incomplete Anderson bb Geathers jag Perry and good jag
  13. Agreed glad to know im not the only one
  14. Hes good but anyone that has to cheat to get ahead at any point in your career will always be garbage to me.
  15. I am sorry i didnt see that post or i would have commented, i was away for a few weeks as every topic was seemingly the same stuff over and over. So not all of us dont understand that.

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