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  1. I dont live in indy but I am a fan cause I was born there despite little time spent there. I dont know any team i could get excited to watch other than the colts and yet I doubt id support the colts if they left.
  2. Unfortunately he no longer plays at that level and it goes against Ballard's free agency tendencies.
  3. I believe we have 1 or 2 assistant gms ourselvers remedy lol.
  4. As assistant gm per rappaport, sorry phone wont let me link.
  5. As assistant gm per rappaport, sorry phone wont let me link.
  6. Im more disheartened about bazzie i realllyyyy wanted to see how he did.
  7. So...he cant please you?
  8. They said specifically its not wins that they are judging pagano by. I feel like a lot of people are forgetting this convenient side of the coin cause they want him gone but ballards been true to everything else he said.
  9. Quality response my friend im glad at least someone was intelligent enough to discuss with me rather than merely insult me.
  10. You make a good point, perhaps my expectations were a bit off and ill temper them. I still want him to prove long run he was a better pick than allen surely that is not wrong?
  11. Not at all 5-8 meaning my expectation for someone supposedly hand and fist better than him would at least be 8
  12. I understand what salt is, because im not immature enough to stoop to slang to get my point across doesnt speak to the validity of your accusation. Also you can believe that about them but remember by the same token even grigsons drafts had believers like you and how often did that work out.
  13. Not really. Irritation with a draft i primarily dislike is not salt. I wamt the draft to turn out good but from top to bottom i dont like much.
  14. Better be close to or more than ten for us to have given up foster and allen
  15. I think dbuts will slide back to slot for us with geathers in box and hooker ranging with green only coming out in sub packages at least for our base defense.

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