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  1. I hope he is! I also hope he returns to his old self soon because itw just not the reliability at the least (say what you will of the rest) that the colts got out of him pre-paycheck
  2. I did forgrt about the AZ game so theres thats but the titans game he got lucky and had a fumble recalled and couldnt catch when it was needed most.
  3. He hasnt had a good game all season man.
  4. I love Doyle as a player but his play lately has been garbage, in a qhat have you done for me lately league hes fumbled almost every time hes got the ball and caught it this season.
  5. How many yards will fournette have.

    Hell have 31 until 4th quarter when he goes up to 140
  6. Itd be different if it was one game but its been every single game hes been in. I argue that our te play was probably better last week when he had a concussion. This was reminiscent of allen
  7. Imma start calling him dumble cause this was pathetic (yeah i know he doesnt care but what else can I do)
  8. Colts @ Titans Monday Night Football Game Thread

    Who got injured, I hope its not too bad
  9. Update on Luck

    No hes been with them since they landed not when they arrived cant you read?/s
  10. Do you guys think

    If pagano knew how to coach two halves wed be respectable?
  11. I really question Pagano and our staff

    I thiught peoe hated that he couldnt plan for the first half apparently but that we eaited till halftime to come from behind.
  12. Good and Bad from Browns game..

    Hes talking about some using their first amendment rights and kneeling.
  13. Robert Mathis Hired by Colts

    If pagano gets fired is mathis going to be fired as well?