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  1. Five Weeks in a Row - Ahead in the 3rd Quarter

    Fire chuck! Fire chud! Fire the whole coaching staff
  2. This playcalling has to go ASAP

    I'm so freaking over chuck now! I want him fired! He has allowed us to blow every single lead we have made. I was one of the few who actually liked him after the last 2 years but now I just never want to see him on a colts sideline again...
  3. Update on Luck

    Or brissett is here to back up luck because, Obviously we are awful without luck! We needed a decent back up qb that wasn't going to break the bank and brissett fits that bill. If luck wasn't going to be back this year why would we keep him on the active roster? Why would he be throwing the ball in practice? Why would he say on multiple occasions that he is playing this year? Your going off of nonsense accusations that you have no evidence or real argument to support.
  4. Cornerback - Who Plays?

    I think so! Even though they have the 31st ranked pass defense
  5. Adam vinatieri

    Earlier this year I thought he was slowing down. But I can happily eat crow today
  6. This is Marlon Macks world

    Good bye frank gore
  7. Geathers update?

    It's just weird how little information there is on such a key player to our defense
  8. Geathers update?

    I haven't heard any news regarding his neck recovery. Is he healing? Will he be back at practice week 6? Is he returning to football at all?
  9. Roster Move OL Redmond Cut TE Krieger-Coble Signed

    I hope so! I had high hopes for him
  10. I think i have an amazing idea...

    It makes sense and it's a fun idea and I completely see where your coming from, but it's very unlikely. the whole team would need to adjust to thier 2 very different playing styles which is a lot to ask for from a team that struggle adjusting to 1 qb.
  11. I think i have an amazing idea...

    it's an idea I'll give you that!
  12. Deyshawn Boyd out for the season

    Well that sucks
  13. Deyshawn Boyd out for the season

    Better call back Austin Blythe
  14. Deyshawn Boyd out for the season

    Better call back Austin Blythe
  15. Ballard's work ethic

    The only bad one was Werner I think. when we got Richardson I was doing cartwheels over that trade, it didn't work out but he never really had a line in front of him either. And it's too early to tell with Dorset, I love brisset but I think we pulled the Dorset cord a little to early