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  1. I wouldn't take what crazycolt has to say to heart... He throws a fit every time someone has a different opinion than him....
  2. Id like to see him in more of a position made for him. Use him in special teams, field goal blocks, 3 safety sets, and as a blitzer. Instead of complaining about how bad he is let's use him to his strengths instead of his weaknesses.
  3. I think we will seeing as to how many injuries come across the d-line
  4. That's real comforting to hear right after the draft!
  5. Yeah well you would probably be complaining no matter who we picked... I love this pick, Ballard is having an amazing draft!
  6. No..... Just no....
  7. I think we are going to start seeing green in a nickel cb type role next year
  8. Love it love it love it!
  9. Oh sorry I forgot no one is allowed to have a different opinion than you...
  10. He seems more like a Tim tebow. Great in college but not really an asset in the nfl
  11. In my opinion I think he's more of a second round option than a first
  12. You can tell when the offseason Is slow when there have been 5 of these "offseason readings"
  13. Is it really Adams last year?

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