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  1. Would You?

    I like a team full of players I respect, the league can respect and my kids can look up to. josh Gordon hasn’t earned any respect and is one of the last people I want my kids to look up to.
  2. I don’t want a proven head coach. Every decent proven head coach is a head coach right now. If they aren’t a head coach at the moment there is a reason why! Why would we fire Chuck Pagano who “lead us to the afc championship” to hire someone else’s garbage and recently fired head coach? If we are going to wipe the slay clean and fire chuck then we need to find someone who can take us to the level chuck couldn’t, not hire someone else that couldn’t take his team to the next level either.
  3. Starting CBs

    With desir, Melvin, and Hairston all out who is starting at CB tonight?
  4. Do The Colts Need Another TE?

    I think Daniels, Williams, and Swoope will do very good complimenting Doyle next year
  5. With chuck possibly out the door who’s to say that we are still a 3-4 defense next year?
  6. Kelly Ruled Out

    I actually think we will win this week if petermen is the starter
  7. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    This guy! he is the stupidest ray of sunshine I’ve ever seen on here!
  8. Pagano has to go?

    I completely blame pagano! He needs to playing our guys to their strengths, put green in as a blitzer, stop sending sheard into coverage, get our oline on water boy duty! The patriots are not that talented of a team but they have a coach that knows how to use his players and how to manage the game. I wish chuck the best but I wish him gone too.
  9. I would like to see josh Allen In the 3rd round in case luck doesn’t come back
  10. 2018 QB Class

    I live in Wyoming and josh Allen is like a home town hero! Id love to see him do well
  11. If Barkley is available when we pick I’m all for it!
  12. Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    Melvin bullet, bob sanders, bethea, and Dallas Clark
  13. Former Colts Players We Miss Watching

    Diem retired, Glenn retired, Saturday went to Green Bay, lilja went to KC, Scott went to Tennessee. It's hard to imagine how 10 years ago we had this amazing line and now we have this...
  14. Colts Activate Clayton Geathers from PUP

    Does anyone know if good, swoope, and geathers are going to be active this week?
  15. Who am I?