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  1. Tailback Damien Williams to visit Colts Tuesday

    If we aren’t drafting Barkley, then I really don’t think we need to draft a running back at all. Barkley is just a talent you don’t pass up. I think Mack could be as good as any of these backs in the draft. Williams could definitely be a good compliment to Mack though
  2. How does he win though? We went 4-12 last year with no big names
  3. Honestly I’d take McGlinchey and Hernandez
  4. I really thing our guy is Nelson
  5. Here is my crazy..bold prediction:

    It seems to me that someone got poked in the soft spot a little to much...
  6. Hankins Released

    SO as of now what does our starting d-line look like?
  7. Hankins Released

    I’ve been seeing hurst fall as far as the 4th round in some mocks
  8. Hankins Released

    Who cares? It’s not like we spend any of it
  9. Hankins Released

    What the hell is going on?
  10. Honestly I think we could get both #1s and both #2s. The bills might be desperate enough to do this if Allen,Rosen or mayfield are still available.
  11. Let Tampa have him. Obviously CB is that In love with Chubb. If he was we would have stayed at #3
  12. I think we will trade back again! That #6 spot is going to be very valuable one the draft hits #1 Browns go Darnold #2 giants go Barkley #3 jets go mayfield (they love him I have no idea why) #4 browns go Fitzpatrick #5 Broncos go Rosen that means when our pick is ready Josh Allen will still be available and with how desperate the bills are at qb they are going to pay what ever we want in order to move up and take him. we could be swimming in picks this season!
  13. I personally think Edmunds is going to be better than chubb
  14. I think we actually could hav gotten more if we waited until the draft to trade back but either great haul